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Has the S-300 been upgraded? Turkish press about the tests of the Greek anti-aircraft complex


Recent test launches of missiles from the S-400 air defense system have opened a debate about whether this air defense system poses a threat to the Greek air force and whether it can help Ankara really "lock" the Aegean Sea.

The failure of the Turkish S-400?

The Greek press claims that testing the operation of the anti-aircraft complex acquired from Russia ended in failure, since it failed to hit the targets intended for destruction.

So, the Pentapostagma edition asks the question why the Turkish Ministry of Defense has not yet published videos confirming the successful operation of the S-400. On this basis, it is concluded that the return of the air defense missile system from Sinop to Ankara was caused not by the desire to avoid US sanctions, dissatisfied with the acquisition and use of the Russian system, but by the desire to make appropriate "organizational conclusions."

The first military use of the S-400 missile defense system by the Turkish army failed due to Ankara's refusal to help Russian military specialists

- indicates the publication.

Modernization of the Greek S-300?

At the same time, the Greek military, apparently, remain optimistic about the effectiveness of the use of Russian long-range air defense systems, seeing in them a real means of countering air threats. So, against the background of the latest launches from the Turkish S-400, it was decided in Athens to test the complex of the previous generation S-300: the last launches from it in Greece were carried out seven years ago.

The intention of Athens to conduct test launches with the S-300 in service has already caused discontent in the Turkish media. Edition, publishing images of the Greek air defense system, fears that the modernization of its radar systems and launchers was carried out.

The reaction of the United States and NATO to the tests in question would be curious. Moreover, on the island of Crete, where the S-300 are currently located, there is a base of both the United States and NATO.

- writes the Turkish edition, hinting at the "persecution" organized by Washington against Ankara due to the acquisition of the S-400.

For our part, we note: it should be borne in mind that Athens purchased the S-300 back in 1997, when relations between the Russian Federation and the United States were relatively cold before a serious cooling. Since then, the development of a line of long-range air defense systems has made serious headway in Russia.

It remains unclear at this point whether Greece has purchased any upgrades from the Russian Federation for the S-300 system.

- the said Turkish edition writes.

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  1. Charik
    Charik 20 October 2020 05: 28
    Here are clowns, they don't like their Ska and vice versa
  2. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 20 October 2020 05: 30
    Well, the Turks and Greeks began to measure the air defense system, who is cooler!
    1. Nitarius
      Nitarius 20 October 2020 05: 51
      start))) we only benefit)) more advertising))
    2. askort154
      askort154 20 October 2020 06: 31
      Uncle lee Well, the Turks and Greeks began to measure the air defense system, who is cooler!

      And "Viagra" to them - from Russia crying ! hi
  3. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 20 October 2020 07: 09
    Some wrote that the trials were successful and the Turks were happy: 3 shots and three targets ... others - everything is bad !.
    1. Sly
      Sly 20 October 2020 07: 55
      Quote: Zaurbek
      Some wrote that the trials were successful and the Turks were happy: 3 shots and three targets ... others - everything is bad !.

      In war, as in war, incl. and informational.
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 20 October 2020 08: 04
        Moreover, the Turks did not shoot the Mediterranean ... and are silent. And these all know.
      2. ZEMCH
        ZEMCH 20 October 2020 12: 56
        Quote: Sly
        In war, as in war, incl. and informational.

        I absolutely agree with you wink
  4. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 20 October 2020 08: 47
    During the first fire test in Turkey, Russian-made S-400 air defense missiles hit three aerial targets, the system was purchased by Ankara in 2019, reported on October 16.

    The S-400 complex was tested near the city of Sinop in the north of the country, a source in military diplomatic circles told the Russian TASS news agency on Friday.

    "Three missiles of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system were launched. All of them successfully hit the intended targets," the source said.

    The TASS confirmation indicates that Russian specialists could be involved in the tests. The Turkish ministry did not report the missile launches.

    The target of the strike could be the Banshee unmanned targets, which were previously delivered to the test site along with the S-400 battery.
  5. Object.F7
    Object.F7 20 October 2020 09: 48
    The Turks did not provide video recordings, which means the tests have failed. Interesting logic :) Surface-to-air missiles have no TV channel, because they are not needed. Removing from another aircraft is dangerous and can interfere. It is not easy to shoot from the ground, because the target is in motion, you need to guess the interception point, and even high, besides the target is small. Radar data or debris on the ground can confirm defeat. How did the Greeks take it that they should share this information with them and prove something.
    1. Streamil
      Streamil 20 October 2020 14: 10
      There is no technical difficulty in placing a camera on the target ....
      Of course, the absence of a video does not mean failure, but the logic of the Greeks is clear. Any tests are done not only to check the performance of the product, but also to collect all possible information, and the video is also information. Also, tests are often a means of demonstrating capabilities to "opponents", and in this sense, the lack of video is also a little strange. Of course, under certain tests, information about the course and process is classified, but in this case it is meaningless ...
      1. Object.F7
        Object.F7 22 October 2020 00: 12
        Well, show me a video of Russian s-400 firing practice ... Not the moment of launching missiles, but hitting targets. I have never seen such a thing. According to your and the Greeks' logic, all launches are unsuccessful, since the vids do not show