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"Suddenly I saw their bomb hatches open": from the memoirs of a Soviet pilot

"Suddenly I saw their bomb hatches open": from the memoirs of a Soviet pilot

Early summer morning. Soviet military airfield. Nice weather. Airplanes lined up. The chefs in the dining room are busy preparing for breakfast. Cadets sleep in tents. About two more hours before the rise. A group of planes appears in the sky. They walk steadily, approaching the airfield.

Nikolai Mayorov says in his memoirs that at first he even envied those pilots: how early they got up today - and immediately for the flights. But these pilots were not at all Soviet. It was early morning on June 22, 1941.

The Soviet serviceman notes in his notes that he saw with his own eyes how bomb bays open at an altitude of up to a thousand meters and bombs begin to fall out of there. In a few moments, the planes at the military airfield were already on fire.

The memoirs of Nikolai Mayorov tell about what happened in the sky in the first days and months of the war. German aviation in fact, she hosted the air, often acting as on a free hunt - choosing any aircraft as a target, including transports.

Dmitry Puchkov tells about the notes of a Soviet pilot who went missing in 1944 on his YouTube channel:

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  1. Don karleone
    Don karleone 17 October 2020 16: 24
    Strong people!!! A brave generation. Everlasting memory
    1. SID
      SID 22 October 2020 11: 47
      And nothing prevents us ...
  2. Mouse
    Mouse 17 October 2020 16: 37

    I'm not a hero, but I just love my homeland
    And with all my heart now I hurry seconds.
    I would fly and not just explode.
    I meet death, so that the enemy does not trample the Fatherland.

    They knocked us down, and the gunner is already dumb,
    But there was an order to stop at any cost.
    Only one of the crew survived
    Of all the cars, only I flew to the target.

    The engine is on, I say goodbye.
    Like a verdict, the altimeter runs to zero
    And the headset from the cry "Jump!" trembled
    But the battalion did not break through our encirclement.

    They burned everything that came across to them along the way.
    You can only find my village on the map.
    There are no living ones, and on the ruins of houses
    There is a trail of dead souls, not our words.

    Still breathing, palms crashed into the steering wheel.
    I ask myself, only I would not lose consciousness.
    I must live for at least a few minutes
    And take revenge without opening the parachute.

    I saw those crosses on tank armor.
    They are at their best as goals for me.
    Going down and on a piercing peak
    I'm already in a hurry to meet God in the distance.

    I crash into the smoke and the crash of the battle under the wing.
    Let others land on the airfield.
    And the bomb bay is empty: there is no point in opening it.
    I will take these bitches with me ...

    I'm not a hero ...
    It's a pity I don't know the author ...
    Great people of the Great country!
    1. Insurgent
      Insurgent 17 October 2020 17: 55
      Quote: Mouse
      I'm not a hero ...
      It's a pity I don't know the author ...
      Great people of the Great country!

      You have published the second part of the "I'm not a Hero" trilogy

      Here is the first, and a link to the third:

      Author: Akimov Yuri Evgenievich

      The first part of the trilogy "I am not a hero"

      "By screws!" And our IL attack aircraft takes off.
      All the shells are in place, the cartridges are on the ribbons,
      And land mines - a surprise of deadly intrigue -
      There will be those who are below, bury in "compliments".

      Artillery means the queen of the fields
      Well, here, above, the sky is ours by right.
      The roar of the engine - what could be dearer to the heart!
      We cleanse our native state from filth.

      Compassion for the enemy is a forbidden commodity.
      All doubts are driven into the barrel of a machine gun.
      Bombs are flying again, foreshadowing the nightmare
      And the enemy infantry flees in retreat.

      But the "bastards" came to intercept us.
      Let's see who wins, machine gunner - get down to business!
      A gap behind a gap, a projectile behind a shell,
      You just need to get away from someone else's sight.

      This time did not go away, hitting the side.
      The engine began to smoke and the instruments were broken.
      Unlucky to just get off like that, damn it
      And the escape routes are all blocked ...

      If only I could have time to reach their own,
      To patch up a little - and again to heaven!
      Only the Junkers are cutting our path again.
      He certainly will not offer any salt or bread.

      Here I woke up alone, now I am the "crew"
      And the gas tank flows, foreshadowing the fall.
      Turned back: there will be boarding for you,
      I will finish the "fire" baptism!

      To leave brightly, you need to live right
      In spite of everything, even though things are bad,
      After all, a worthy death has to be earned
      Let them recognize the pilots of the Soviet era!

      Driving charges into German metal
      With malice he looked at someone else's death.
      But now my turn has probably come
      And to the ground, accelerating, today I am flying ...

      Somewhere there, the battalion was surrounded.
      I will help you as much as I can, albeit with an explosion method ...
      Although I did not read everything, I saw and recognized -
      I will try to leave as beautifully as possible.

      I'm not a hero ...

      Ukraine, Nikolaev, December 4 - 5, 2017
      1. Living7111972
        Living7111972 19 October 2020 12: 52
        attack aircraft fights with a dive bomber, your deeds are wonderful, Lord
        1. Oprichnik
          Oprichnik 21 October 2020 00: 28
          Salavatu - This has happened repeatedly and with success. Many pilots of the Il-2 had shot down the Ju-87 and other enemy aircraft. Due to the lack of fighters, it happened that the Il-2 was sent to intercept the Ju-87. Data from the memoirs of pilots.
  3. ZEMCH
    ZEMCH 17 October 2020 18: 05
    One word - Heroes!
  4. phair
    phair 30 November 2020 12: 55
    Bow to the Heroes ...