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"Come to the port and you": Cambodian Prime Minister responded to US claims on the entry of Chinese ships to the Ream base


The US State Department released a message in which it expressed concern about the actions of the Cambodian authorities.

We are talking about the Ream naval base, which, according to Washington, the official Phnom Penh is preparing for transfer to the Chinese naval forces. The State Department says that Ream "may become another Chinese military base abroad." In particular, it points to two other Chinese facilities with military infrastructure - the base in Djibouti and the area of ​​the port of Gwadar (Pakistan), which Beijing itself calls a purely civilian project.

US State Department:

We express our concern that Cambodia is thereby damaging US-Cambodian cooperation, including in the area of ​​maritime security. The use of the Ream military base in the Gulf of Thailand by the Chinese military will negatively affect bilateral cooperation between Washington and Phnom Penh and will destabilize the Indo-Pacific region.

In the United States, they say that the PLA naval ships are already entering Ream.

Earlier, the Cambodian authorities decided to make the Ream base open to ships of different fleets. There ships can replenish supplies of fresh water, fuel, food.

The authorities of the Asian country expressed bewilderment as to why Washington decided to highlight the possibility of entering Ream by Chinese warships.

Against this background, the US State Department announced that they hope for the Cambodian Prime Minister to make the "right decision" on further cooperation with the United States and "on agreements to maintain the infrastructure in Ream by the United States."

Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen:

Our Ream base is also open to American ships. Come to the port and you. We cannot open the base for some and close it for others. This will create unnecessary tension in the Indo-Pacific region.
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  1. nPuBaTuP
    nPuBaTuP 15 October 2020 10: 28
    And again they are itching to ...
    So they do not strain the situation ... Only others
    1. Kostyar
      Kostyar 15 October 2020 11: 43
      They are already shaking, as it were, without agreement with "Them", with the chief executives ..... laughing
      1. nPuBaTuP
        nPuBaTuP 15 October 2020 11: 47
        More shit suits them
        1. Shurik70
          Shurik70 15 October 2020 21: 24
          Come to the port and you.

          Great answer!
  2. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 15 October 2020 10: 31
    Against this background, the US State Department said they hope for the Cambodian Prime Minister to make the "right decision" on further cooperation with the United States.
    Where is this Cambodia, and where is the United States, well, everywhere they stick their dirty nose.
  3. RealPilot
    RealPilot 15 October 2020 10: 58
    This is a balanced approach. And the correct rhetoric of the Cambodian authorities. good

    Rather than just "send", it's better to formally "invite"! tongue

    Yes ... The influence of the hegemon in the region is weakening!
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 October 2020 11: 16
    We express concern
    Your (American) concern is already across the throat of many countries and those who, prior to your "concern", were considered a sovereign country. With the stubbornness of a maniac, the United States wants to embrace the immensity and subjugate everything that exists to its will. I hope that sooner or later, but the time will come to collect stones.
    MARGADON 15 October 2020 11: 17
    Comrades Cambodians, we must understand the full depth of our depths.
  6. Prisoner
    Prisoner 15 October 2020 11: 31
    The prime minister answered well. He sent those concerned very diplomatically.
    1. Vladimir Mashkov
      Vladimir Mashkov 15 October 2020 16: 28
      I agree. Great answer! Sometimes impudent and impudent people can be so "put in a puddle" with an innocent look and response, which is much better than reciprocal rudeness!
  7. rocket757
    rocket757 15 October 2020 11: 34
    "exceptional" want exclusively everyone and everything!
  8. orionvitt
    orionvitt 15 October 2020 17: 25
    Even the authorities of a distant Asian country differ in their adequacy. Unlike the world's "carriers of democracy", whose roof is constantly leaking. Especially lately.