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Century Anniversary of GLITs - Chkalov State Flight Test Center


The real elite not only aviation Russia, but also of all the domestic Armed Forces - test pilots. This profession is fraught with an incredible risk to life, because it is often necessary to pilot aircraft that are still in the development stage. But who if not them?

Russian aviation equipment is being tested at a special site. This is not just a testing center, but a whole research institution in the structure of the Russian Ministry of Defense. This is GLITS - the State Flight Test Center, named after the legendary Valery Chkalov.

In September 2020, GLITZ celebrated its 100th anniversary. During this time, the employees of the flight test center have done an incredible work in scale and significance. In general, over 400 years of its existence, about XNUMX types of aircraft have been tested at the center. Moreover, more than a hundred of them, for a number of reasons, were never put into service with the Russian Air Force (VKS) and the USSR Air Force.

The program "Military Acceptance" at the TK "Zvezda" tells about the work that is being done at the GLITs. Shown are unique footage from test areas and sites.

Video of the Zvezda TV channel:

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  1. Pete mitchell
    Pete mitchell 14 October 2020 19: 55
    All those involved with the holiday and a deep bow, in one word respect and respect
  2. ZEMCH
    ZEMCH 14 October 2020 20: 26
    Congratulations to everyone, Akhtubinsk, Kapustin Yar (Znamensk), Chkalovsky, Volsk !! All those involved, happy anniversary !!!
    1. Pete mitchell
      Pete mitchell 14 October 2020 20: 42
      Among the old-timers of the site there are those who served in GLITs, probably it will be inappropriate to voice the names - a separate congratulation on the anniversary, for many years drinks
      1. Ponchik78
        Ponchik78 16 October 2020 13: 52
        Although I'm not an old-timer, thanks anyway)))
        1. Pete mitchell
          Pete mitchell 16 October 2020 16: 53
          Quote: Pete Mitchell
          in a word respect and respect
  3. dmmyak40
    dmmyak40 14 October 2020 21: 11
    Happy Holidays! Good luck, happiness and health to the heroes of the day and their loved ones! More work and less emergency!
  4. RealPilot
    RealPilot 14 October 2020 22: 11
    Congratulations! good

    Happy flights, new heights, safe skies!
    Great mood and love for the profession, for this is not a job, but a vocation wink

    I can proudly say that I had to interact with the guys from GLITs in my previous work. Well done, I express my respect!
  5. likana
    likana 14 October 2020 23: 30
    I am proud, Akhtubinsk is my small homeland! Greetings and respect to fellow countrymen!
  6. Petro_tut
    Petro_tut 14 October 2020 23: 48
    As they say - clear sky and no bolt under the chassis hi
  7. Ponchik78
    Ponchik78 16 October 2020 14: 00
    Although I am not a tester, I also have some relation. He served in Akhtubinsk for a term. 96-98, winter. 5th government. Another hundred years of this glorious center !!!