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Several interviews with foreign volunteers in Donbass


History Donbass is being written before our eyes. And it is written not only by officials, but also by ordinary people, many of whom have defended their land, their homes.

And there is a special page in this story. It is associated with the arrival in Donbass of people from other states - often from those whose governments are hostile towards the Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics. Some people call such people foreign mercenaries, others - volunteers.

The story of the war correspondent Alexander Sladkov is about volunteers who joined the militia, and then the troops, LDNR. These are foreign citizens. Some came from the United States of America, some from Colombia. There are representatives of Afghanistan, Germany, and other countries who have decided that they can and should provide assistance to the Donbass, which is faced with arbitrariness and an attempt to impose will with artillery shells and bombs.

The channel "Sladkov +" presents an interview of Alexander Sladkov with foreign volunteers who were part of the LDNR troops. These are Abdullah from Afghanistan, Ruslan (Russell) from the USA, etc.

Alexander Sladkov:

Foreign volunteers want the whole world to know the truth about Novorossiya.

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  1. Lipchanin
    Lipchanin 8 October 2020 07: 54 New
    I personally know one who managed to fight on the one hand and on the other.
    As he says, access to the outskirts of the LDNR is closed forever.
    1. Insurgent
      Insurgent 8 October 2020 07: 58 New
      Several interviews with foreign volunteers in Donbass

      Rafi Jabar ("Abdula"), Afghan volunteer.

      There was a case, they carried him out of the place to the car, when he was brought to receive a monetary allowance. He was not from our company, it's just that the "dates" (financial service) are sometimes "hunted" in order to snatch the allowance as soon as possible. So his friends brought him to us, practically to the front line ...
      1. Lipchanin
        Lipchanin 8 October 2020 08: 00 New
        Quote: Insurgent
        The video does not show that the guy does not have both legs above the knees.

        Horrible. Where does he live now?
        1. Insurgent
          Insurgent 8 October 2020 08: 05 New
          Quote: Lipchanin
          Horrible. Where does he live now?

          What a horror, because he was blown up in his minefield, in fact in his rear ...

          And he definitely lives in Donetsk, and where and how specifically - request
    2. Livonetc
      Livonetc 8 October 2020 08: 01 New
      What did he mean?
      For him personally?
      1. Lipchanin
        Lipchanin 8 October 2020 08: 03 New
        Quote: Livonetc
        For him personally?

        Money. True, I did not say how much I brought, and I did not ask.
        After this conversation, I changed the apartment and did not see him again.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Egoza
    Egoza 8 October 2020 08: 08 New
    Yes, there were guys from Spain ... so they immediately said: "Once the USSR helped Spain to fight the fascists, now we are helping, because you also have fascism." And from France, and from Germany, and from Serbia ... albeit a little, but they were. And it's hard to call them mercenaries
    1. Insurgent
      Insurgent 8 October 2020 08: 25 New
      Quote: Egoza
      And from France

      They felt sorry for the French (there was a whole group), they were not sent to the front line with knowledge of the Russian level "0".

      There was an attempt to use them at one of the rather busy checkpoints, but they made such a crowd of cars and people there that it took a long time to "settle" ...

      Somehow the French did not "take root" with us ... We left home.
      Quote: Egoza
      and from Serbia

      With a Serb, as they say - "they sipped from one pot." A seasoned, purposeful people.
      Ready to die for an idea.
      1. Asad
        Asad 8 October 2020 19: 13 New
        In Kazakhstan, the other day, a guy was given 3 years for participating in the war on the side of the DPR.
  4. Same lech
    Same lech 8 October 2020 08: 26 New
    I am very afraid that the Ukrainian Armed Forces, following the example of Azerbaijan, will rush again into the attack on the LDNR ... again these guys will have to die in the hundreds.