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Means of influence: mass communications

Means of influence: mass communicationsSpeaking about the means and methods of suggestion, it is impossible not to recall Gabriele Tarde, who first drew attention to the crucial role played by the press and the mass media in general, influencing people's minds and behavior. Further development of Tard served as the basis for the creation of the theory of mass communications.

Tarde has the idea that the development of communication tools from the invention of printing to newspapers, telegraph, etc. implemented as the development of increasingly advanced means of mass suggestion. One consequence of this process was the emergence of the newest stories a new, previously non-existent phenomenon - public opinion. Tarde believes (surprisingly for modern man) that in medieval Europe there was no consensus, because in small communities not united by the mass media, there were only single or fragmentary opinions and judgments, each of which was truly suffered and weighted. Later, when books appear, and then newspapers and magazines, it becomes possible to replicate ideas, opinions, and judgments, so that opinions that existed earlier in the form of fragments are combined.

Tarde believes that the opinion expressed by an individual becomes public, and then a thousandfold replicated, supplemented, corrected in the opinions of other people. It seems to be revisited and ruled until it acquires the appearance of a well-established, generally accepted view.

Tarde writes about two stages in the development of communication. The first is completed by the creation of writing, books and theater. The second is the advent of the press and the media in general. Moreover, each type of communication media forms its own type of mass. So verbal communication through conversation generates crowds. Written, printed, according to Tard, forms the public. Moreover, communication determines the type of leader. And if the crowd has leaders or “leaders,” as Lebon calls them, then the public has a new type of leader — a politician and publicist.

When a press appears, it surpasses all that existed before it in the strength and mass character of its action. If oral speech can affect hundreds, at most, thousands of people, introducing them into a hypnotic trance, then with the help of the printed word, this can be done with tens of millions of people.

Tarde writes: “... through all this diversity, something like a general law is seen: this is an ever-increasing gap between the number of leaders and the number of followers: 20 speakers or leaders of gentes (births - Latin) in ancient times ruled the city as 2000 citizens, by the way , the ratio of 1 to 100. And nowadays 20 journalists, sold or bought, sometimes manage 40 by millions of people; ratio of 1 to 200 000 ″ (quoted in Muscovite C, 1996, p. 251).

Journalists, therefore, according to Tard, are also hypnotist leaders. With the help of the media, they mass people, make each a member of an invisible, dispersed mass. The press replicates patterns of beliefs, beliefs, fashion, imposes opinions, inspires thoughts. It replicates and imposes behavior, and even lifestyle. Thoughts, words, actions of people, thanks to the media, are becoming universal, massive.

The most dramatic confirmation of this conclusion by the psychology of the masses is found in modern history, in cases of the so-called “Werther phenomenon”. It's about how widespread media coverage of suicide generates a wave of imitative suicides. The concept of "Werther's phenomenon" was introduced into social psychology by an American researcher David Phillips, who took the title from Johann von Goethe's book The Suffering of Young Werther. This book, where the protagonist Werther commits suicide, had a tremendous impact on readers. So huge that it caused a wave of suicides throughout Europe.

D. Phillips, studying suicide statistics in the US from 1947 to 1968, found that after publishing a story about suicide on the pages of newspapers over the next two months, suicide took place on 58 more cases than usual. R. Cialdini notes in this connection that every message of suicide killed 58 people who could continue to live (Cialdini R., 1999).

Phillips also found that the trend for suicide growth was mainly observed in the region where the initial case of self-killing was widely reported in the press. Moreover, such a pattern was manifested: the wider the publicity of suicide was, the greater was the number of subsequent imitative suicides. It is the imitative nature of suicide that should be emphasized, since the suicides that followed the publication were mainly committed by people who were at least similar to the suicide reported in the media - by age, sex, social group, etc. Thus, on the basis of the “Werther phenomenon” discovered by him, Phillips revealed a sad tendency: after the publication of information about suicide, certain people who look like suicides kill themselves only on the grounds that they begin to consider the idea of ​​suicide to be completely “legitimate” "," Normal "- because so do others, the same as he. Here we once again see confirmation of the action of both G. Tard’s law of imitation and his joint conclusion with Le Baron concerning the enormous pernicious influence of the media.

As a result of the activity of the media, mass culture and mass society arose, in modern terms. If in small communities of the past, Tarde believes, voices and opinions were weighed, in a mass society the votes are counted. The press thus led to the power of quantity, to the power of the masses, to the weakening of the influence of the intellect.

There are significant differences in the mechanisms of influence on the crowd and on the public. In a crowd gathered in one place, physical suggestion is carried out. Here the main role is played by the physical proximity of people: eye contact, bodies, voice sounds, breathing, smells, arousal transmitted through all, both verbal and non-verbal, communication channels. In short, a physical, literally, infection occurs in a crowd.

The media use purely psychological, mentalistic means of influence, creating common feelings, thoughts and opinions at a distance. And although sensory contamination in a crowd is more intense than the mental one with the public, public opinion can sometimes be more stable than the mood of the crowd. Although, on the other hand, Tarde especially emphasizes that the opinions of the public are also quite mobile and changeable. Based on this, he was the first to express the idea of ​​the necessity and possibility of research and the study of public opinion.

One of the factors contributing to the public's suggestibility is that the reader (and, we add, the listener and the viewer) is inspired and fascinated by the fact that at the same time hundreds of thousands or millions of other people are being read, listened to or watched, although he does not see and does not feel the presence of those who are affected by the media.

In addition, in a mass society, an individual is attracted by the opportunity to hold the same “like everyone else's” opinion, that is, not to have one’s own. It is enough to recall how we, in disputes, consider the argument to be the most weighty, that we do not speak out on our own behalf, do not communicate our opinion, but declare “on behalf of”. If there is support for the opinion of others, then a person begins to believe in his absolute rightness - after all, that's what everyone thinks. This is enough to feel complete confidence and consider yourself to be the bearer of ultimate truth. Let us once again recall the words of G. Lebon: in the mass, not the truth wins, but the majority.

It is important to note that the media form a habit or dependence similar to narcotic among consumers of their products (the public - according to Tardu). The beginning of this process put the press. Later, with the advent of radio and television (and today, with good reason, we can talk about the Internet), the process of forming public dependence on the media went more intensively and became more efficient. Modern media also form their masses, but the masses of a special kind. The members of these masses are divided, they do not form physical crowds, their connection is purely psychological. Therefore, such masses can be called psychological masses.

The man of mass society has lost the ability and need to develop his own opinion, to form his own attitudes. He is waiting for others to do it for him and for him. Then, ready-made opinions, thoughts, standards, and even cliché emotions, desires and needs are acquired by him through the media in the same way as other consumer goods are acquired. Moreover, the individual perceives and uses them as his own thoughts, opinions, attitudes, feelings and needs.

Thus, the media become the rulers of the "minds", a source of opinions, which are then expressed as a mass opinion. Therefore, Tarde considers, at first the power is owned by the media, but then the media begins to wield power. In mass society, therefore, the media gradually begins to take the place of traditional leaders. This is how G. Lebon describes this situation: “Newspapers run public opinion in the United States, but they themselves are managed by several financiers who send journalism from their offices. Their power is more destructive than the power of the most evil tyrants, because, firstly, it is nameless, and, secondly, because they are guided only by personal interests alien to the interests of the country ”(G. Lebon, 1995, p. 115). As an example of such an influence of the press, Lebon points out that the newspapers, having shaped the public opinion they needed, forced the US government to start a war with Spain at the end of the 19th century.

In this regard, G. Tarde expresses an interesting opinion that, contrary to the widespread conviction that the development of the media leads to the strengthening of democratic tendencies in society, a reverse process occurs. Namely: the influence and power of the media themselves is increasing. And, as a result, totalitarianism is growing, influence is polarized.

The fact is that the media do not give the public an opportunity to establish dialogical relations. They exercise a unidirectional effect on the reader, listener, viewer. And, therefore, those who own the means of communication or who work in them, they dictate their thoughts, attitudes, opinions to all consumers of information who are deprived of the opportunity to express their opinions, oppose or argue. They are doomed to passive perception of others' thoughts and opinions. Tarde notes on this occasion that the public only occasionally influences the journalist, while he himself influences her constantly. As a result, not democracy but media tyranny intensifies.

In addition, journalists impose far from the best examples of thoughts, opinions and morals to the public. With the help of the media, they destroy traditions, spoil the mores, break the very rational structure of society. Due to their activities, low-class passions are cultivated: envy, greed, depravity, selling out, vulgarity, superficiality, surrogates are replicated.

In addition, the development of the media and their monopolization leads to the scale of imitation and conformism. In accordance with the law of imitation, the leader-leader is now copied in tens and hundreds of millions of samples. There is a monopoly of authority, which is concentrated in a narrow circle of people, and in the end - in the person of one, the main leader.

Back in the late 19th century, Tarde predicted that, thanks to the development of the media, personification of authority and power, unprecedented in scale, would occur in the future, resulting in such monstrous tyrannical leaders, compared to which the grandest despots of the past would fade - Caesar, Napoleon, etc. How it is known that in the XX century this prophecy of G. Tarda repeatedly found its tragic confirmation.

The domination of the media leads to the fact that the power of the leaders increases incredibly, when authority is concentrated on one pole, and admiration - on the other. Of course, such a development is not fatal. An antidote to totalitarian tendencies is demonopolization and media competition. The monopoly on information always leads to such results that Tarde predicted and that humanity experienced in the 20th century.

Above, we have already said that Tarde, analyzing the development of the media, asserts that new leaders appear - publicists. S. Moscovici writes on this occasion that this is a type of politician who needs only telegenicity and a representative voice. Everything else: speech, “packaging” or image, etc. — will be made for him by journalists, lackeys and other attendants (Moskovichi S, 1996).
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  1. Delink
    Delink 11 August 2012 07: 53
    Of all the above, we can only filter the information presented by different media, and not succumb to their provocative articles. That is printed quite often and a lot.
    1. Rink
      Rink 11 August 2012 10: 22
      The mass media have long earned themselves the title of "mass disinformation". The harm they inflict in information wars is comparable to the consequences of a conventional war: the broken psyche of the vanquished, replaced systems of values ​​and morals, trained deserters and traitors behind enemy lines.
      1. Talleyrand
        Talleyrand 11 August 2012 12: 33
        The only remedy for the notorious "public opinion" imposed by the media is to have their own, but with this there are big problems. Few people have their own point of view, and do not strive to have.
        The example of suicides very faithfully characterizes our current media; any case of suicide, pedophilia, killing a baby by an insane mother, or the same Pussy, is immediately replicated by almost all means dozens of times a day, which, according to Tard's law, causes an imitative reaction. And who else wants to say that there is no other news, and the broadcast program is random , and is not controlled or ordered from one center! ..
        1. alexng
          alexng 11 August 2012 13: 31
          There is a very effective remedy against the media - this is to start using their own weapons and initiate a hunt for the privacy of journalists. And spread all the souls obtained by their Dr. RMO on the Internet. And then we’ll see whether they will speak out for freedom of speech or will they start asking for a censor ... angry
          1. Ymidge
            Ymidge 11 August 2012 14: 44
            Quote: alexneg
            And spread all the souls obtained by their Dr. RMO on the Internet.

            Scandals go only to their advantage, the rating goes off scale. Look at Ksyushad, everything is like water off a duck's back! The only remedy against the corrupt ones is money, or the fear of losing them. Money from these scumbags makes plasticine.
            1. Nose
              Nose 11 August 2012 15: 43
              A tantrum from my own beauty, even a binge is not a hindrance!
    2. alexng
      alexng 11 August 2012 13: 42
      Quote: Delink
      Of all the above, we can only filter the information presented by different media, ..

      Especially this
    3. Averias
      Averias 12 August 2012 09: 36
      What we are presented with the media and TV, I first divide by 90, and then what happened for another 50 and still so much mess remains.
  2. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 11 August 2012 08: 09
    The journalist is the most ancient profession laughing
    1. Nose
      Nose 11 August 2012 15: 47
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      The journalist is the most ancient profession

      No, all the same, the second oldest! .. First you need to go to the first ancient one, take a painting, and only then paint the whole process! wassat
      About the decline of morals, about the licentiousness of youth and about the inaction of the authorities, of course.
  3. John
    John 11 August 2012 08: 10
    the author probably finished psychology and writes a doctorate about the problem of conformism hi
  4. Ross
    11 August 2012 09: 18
    With the advent of the media, a person has forgotten how to think independently, confusing his own with the suggestion. This is the danger of the media.
  5. Temnik
    Temnik 11 August 2012 10: 44
    Throw out the TV and do not buy newspapers! Be prudent!
    1. tan0472
      tan0472 11 August 2012 12: 48
      The Internet is brainwashing no worse than TV. Especially if you are not interested in alternative information. An example is my relative, a Russian woman (Tyumen, 30, higher education, no TV, active Internet user) According to her (2 years ago) it is not possible to live in Russia (for example, people are captured in broad daylight on the streets and taken away in an unknown direction). Would leave, but finances do not allow. A year ago (with surprise) - it turns out that in some areas there are serious programs to help young families (and this is in a fascist state where people groan under the fifth dictatorship). Clinic in one word.
      1. Averias
        Averias 12 August 2012 09: 44
        Oh, as I understand you and totally agree. The people so blindly believe in the Internet - already terrible. Sincerely believing that the Internet is only the truth and only the truth and nothing but the truth. Having read the nonsense - they begin to bear such nonsense, from laughter already a tantrum happens. An attempt to convince is useless, the answer follows - WELL I READ ON THE INTERNET. Everything, tryndets, the Internet is the crown of purity, truth and ethics. And an attempt to direct to another resource, where it is written as it really is, is perceived with hostility. Conclusion - a person hears and reads what goes in unison with his inner worldview. He sees and hears only what he likes.
    2. alexng
      alexng 11 August 2012 13: 32
      Quote: Temnik
      Throw out the TV and do not buy newspapers! Be prudent!

      Yeah! And stick around on the Internet?
    3. Kaa
      Kaa 11 August 2012 14: 26

      And - God forbid you - do not read Soviet newspapers until lunchtime. Patients who do not read newspapers feel great. Those whom I specifically forced to read Pravda lost weight. But there are no others. - Don't read any!
      Bulgakov, Mikhail Afanasevich
      1. Ymidge
        Ymidge 11 August 2012 14: 50
        You never thought that it was Professor Preobrazhensky, a Moscow student, that is, a graduate of Moscow University, a hotbed of liberalism in Russia, who created Sharikov !.
        In my opinion, Bulgakov wanted to say that Abyrvalga is a product of liberal intellectuals, that is, they don’t know what they are doing, they create, and then they devour them. , in life, everything is different ...
        1. Kaa
          Kaa 11 August 2012 16: 05
          Quote: Ymyj
          in life, everything is different.

          I agree, as said Shura Balaganov (a similar representative) one hundred percent! But the technologies for generating such "typuses" have moved from laboratories to politics: "Information warfare is the use and management of information in order to obtain competitive information to ensure superiority over the enemy. Information warfare can include the collection of tactical information, ensuring the security of one's own information resources, disseminating propaganda or disinformation to demoralize the enemy and the population, undermining the quality of the enemy's information and preventing the enemy from collecting information.Information is often carried out in conjunction with cyber and psychological warfare in order to broaden the coverage of targets, using electronic warfare and network technologies.In the report of the American corporation "Rand" MR-661-0SD "Strategic Information Warfare. A new face of War" (1996 p) first appeared the term - "strategic information war (information confrontation)", which was defined as a war using the state global information war space and infrastructure for conducting strategic military operations and strengthening influence on its own information resource. Analyzing the structure of news broadcasting, MEP Giulietto Chiesa noted the paradoxical lack of real information in modern media. “How much real information we get from the TV screen,” said the European politician. - 7-8%! But only. The rest of the time - 90% - entertainment and advertising ”. “There is a massive fooling of people through modern television,” says Giulietto Chieso. - Over the past 50-60 years, we have been transformed from thinking people into dumb consumers. And in this sense, the situation in the West is even worse than in Russia. "
          1. Bismarck
            Bismarck 11 August 2012 18: 40
            Quote: Kaa
            Over the past 50-60 years, we have been transformed from thinking people into stupid consumers.

            That's how it is, but it seems to me that the one to whom God gave the ability to think will not become a dumb consumer, he will rebel! stop
            1. Kaa
              Kaa 11 August 2012 20: 34
              Quote: Bismarck
              the one to whom God gave the ability to think

              Back in the camps during the Korean War, it was found that only up to 5% of prisoners are capable of meaningful actions, and when they are isolated, all excesses cease. Subsequently, psychologists confirmed this fact in civilized conditions, and most importantly, on primates! Ergo, if these 5%, no, do not need to be isolated, they will get a piece a little fatter than the rest and will be satisfied with their existence, then 95% of the remaining will just be " stupid consumers. " This is done in almost all countries, and only a few refuse (deliberately, due to the cultivation of beliefs, stubbornness, finally) from such "collaboration" with manipulators. And here we are discussing "corruption at all levels", "corrupt journalism", governments that do not meet national interests. Pure psychophysiology and nothing more! what
              1. Sherlock
                Sherlock 11 August 2012 21: 11
                But there is still greed! They don’t buy everyone. Plus, for greed, it’s blat, children, relatives, friends, singers, they take strangers who weren’t assigned to them, and this is already an imbalance. There’s no duromer either! Because this pyramid, from time to time, and turns over like an hourglass.
                1. Kaa
                  Kaa 11 August 2012 22: 52
                  Quote: Sherlock
                  But there is still greed!

                  To one degree or another, greed is present in all 100% of individuals. Do you know an animal that, if possible, make a reserve, accurately calculate it and not stock up on excess? This is the law of the jungle, dear Sherlock, tomorrow a successful hunt may not happen. The same is present in man - because he, although highly organized, is also an animal. And then he is drawn in by a phenomenon familiar even in Ancient Greece - hedonism - a passion for pleasure, in different ways - hery, vodka, grass, girls, boys ... pah. And during the upheaval of a public (and indeed any) pyramid, cataclysms of revolution occur, for example. And the task of these 5% is not to allow the pyramid to grow into a likeness of the Tower of Babel, then all the cranes ++++ stop
  6. segamegament
    segamegament 11 August 2012 12: 07
    TV is evil!
    1. alexng
      alexng 11 August 2012 13: 39
      Especially corrupt - orange.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 12 August 2012 10: 32
        Quote: alexneg
        Especially corrupt - orange.

        And in my opinion, the media has long been doing the wrong thing ...............
      2. prispek
        prispek 12 August 2012 11: 53
        Quote: alexneg
        Especially corrupt - orange

        For two days now, I've been sitting and drawing.
        I have a lot of colors - choose any
        I will paint the whole world in my very favorite color-e-e-t.
        A-a-a-r-r-angr sky.
        A-r-r-r-angsev sea.
        Arr ange camel
        A-Rank Moms
        A-ranking guys.
        A-ranking songs.
        They sing orange ....

        Harosh already, like adults, and all the indulge in a redhead ...
  7. prispek
    prispek 11 August 2012 23: 25
    I was always amazed and amused by the philistine talk of psychotronic weapons. Three or four adult men sit at the TV day and night and talk; soon they’ll soon come up with such a device in the form of an emitter, and we will do everything as we are given through this emitter. I told them: yes here it is your emitter! And I show on the working TV. Yes, and bought with your own money. They sit without taking their eyes off the screen, turnips scratch .... Then: yes no, it's not that. Well, it's just a TV, but they’ll come up with such a thing ...
    1. Oleg0705
      Oleg0705 12 August 2012 00: 57
      Quote: prispek
      Yes, and bought with your own money

      I often thought about it, we give ourselves zombies and pay for it ourselves.
  8. prispek
    prispek 12 August 2012 00: 30
    In the head of my splinter, I would even skiz shiz.
    And sadness did not lay a clear shadow on my forehead.
    Only one question worries, who invented the TV?
    Or rather, what kind of bastard did we invent it for?

    And now I'm sitting, I'm a pure zombie at the damned screen.
    If I lose even a day of movies or news.
    My breakdown will begin worse than that of an addict.
    Give a dose! at least advertising, at least the weather, at least hockey.

    I sit, look, and cry, I see dear faces.
    Batman, Dracula, Kirkorov, Stirlitz, Putin, Mimino.
    Nam-loons are not thrilled entertainment other.
    We and these are not high, but nothing else has been given.

    The TV daily explains to me like a sucker.
    That everything is rated. that the issue has already been resolved.
    That, for example, extremism is clearly bad.
    And, for example, Pugacheva is definitely good.

    And it’s frost in the yard, and heat in the yard.
    And I'm sitting like a stump at the TV.
    I look at such rubbish, I love such trash.
    And I thought I was smarter, very sorry.

    And I would have enjoyed life, I would have wandered through the forest.
    Man was born for happiness, for harmony was born.
    I believe dear Uncle Vanya, we will see the sky in diamonds.
    Damn s-two, instead of diamonds, a flat Sony Trinitron.

    The drunk Zarathustra was right; God died of influenza.
    A new TV shepherd, he is grazing the electorate.
    So, damn it, do not forget who feeds you, dependents.
    So, damn it, do not relax on the way to the Garden of Eden.

    What films will splash me like bran into a trough.
    Compound feed from the series of pop idols and talk shows.
    I will gobble up, blissfully grunt, and remind me busily.
    That extremism is bad, Pugacheva is good.

    Oh, promote good people, oh save, oh help!
    Well, why do I need this news, they will not deceive me so much.
    If they say on one channel: pumpkin is a vegetable.
    Then another channel will answer: you're lying, a pumpkin is a fruit.

    And people have July, and people have February.
    They don’t have something and they’re sorry
    They are passionate about the beautiful game.
    Well, my fate is a sofa and hemorrhoids.

    I'm afraid to leave the house, the news again said.
    There are accidents and explosions, there is a war going on around.
    Killer killers roam crazy with crazy eyes.
    Angry Chechen creeps ashore, good cop awaits prey

    And clouded consciousness does not produce thoughts.
    Blood flows across the screen, aunts walk naked.
    I sit in the corner of the sofa and hold it like a spell.
    Zkstremizm is bad, Pugacheva is good.

    Days go by, the screen flickers, slowly the roof goes.
    I shout to him at the kinescope: so that you crack, so that you die!
    In response, he sang to me mockingly: do you want me to kill the neighbors?
    And then he said: in the Volga region from zero to minus three.

    And when that feeder burned out that week.
    I woke up, looked around, I see my room.
    I see - new wallpapers, I see children have matured.
    And my wife told me: with the return to the family ...

    (T. Shaov)
    1. spender
      spender 12 August 2012 00: 34
      prispek, did not expect, from me Respect, I like Shaova to listen drinks What’s not a string, then in the bull's eye, but humor ... good
      1. prispek
        prispek 12 August 2012 00: 49
        Quote: spender
        prispek, did not wait

        But I didn’t wait ....
        1. spender
          spender 12 August 2012 00: 56
          Quote: prispek
          But I didn’t wait ....

          Vladimir, you take a closer look at Sasha, you will be even more surprised, my ak lives until tomorrow (if possible) I have a "black mark" on this resource laughing I don’t live for a long time, although I communicate normally, I’ve trampled too many calluses for administrators and moderators laughing I registered so that tomorrow (today) a friend with prof. happy holiday, live nick I congratulate, will not live, comrades will say hello.
          And on the subject, be adequate, do not enter into groups and you will have everything good
          And Shaova listen drinks
          1. Oleg0705
            Oleg0705 12 August 2012 01: 06
            Quote: spender
            do not enter into groupings and you will have everything

            laughing:Instructor lol
          2. prispek
            prispek 12 August 2012 01: 14
            Quote: spender
            You’ll look at Sasha, you’ll be even more surprised,

            Alexei, I’ve looked closely for a long time, and I see everything clearly. I have no orange glasses in front of my eyes. I did not enter the grouping and do not enter. But I won’t give up my beliefs either; I didn’t receive them on TV.
            But I’m listening to Shaova for a long time and I’m not going to stop. He gives me a charge of optimism. good
            1. spender
              spender 12 August 2012 01: 30
              Quote: prispek
              I took a closer look, and I see everything clearly. I have no orange glasses in front of my eyes.

              Vladimir drinks
              I don’t push you into the arms laughing I really really respect Romanov and for him mountain smile It turned out you swara with him, hammer !!! He is a normal man and can still get together ... I have no complaints for you, for Shaova Respect drinks
              You, for your part, do not rinse Sanka, but I will do everything I can so that he does not touch you either hi This is by no means an ultimatum, but simply an offer to end the conflict. hi
              1. prispek
                prispek 12 August 2012 01: 59
                Quote: spender
                He’s a normal man and can still get together ...

                Well it’s a lie.
                Quote: spender
                You, for your part, do not rinse Sanka,

                Since we hooked with him 3 weeks passed and I did not touch him and I do not need him. He has his own principles, I have my own. His nickname mentioned that Banshee understood what it was about. And here on you - right here, and even with security. Does he graze me or something? So who should be adequate?
                I didn’t have such a conflict with him, but no one has been monitoring anything until now. So hello buddy. I promised not to communicate with him, so the first and I will not.
                1. spender
                  spender 12 August 2012 02: 01
                  Quote: prispek
                  I promised not to communicate with him, so the first and I will not.

                  Well and goodies. A thin world is better than a good quarrel drinks
            2. Oleg0705
              Oleg0705 12 August 2012 01: 34
              like him and others like him, they begin to cling to intellect and lie and lie, I don’t possess it, but in reality it would be a pity differently. I have every conviction of my own path. Forgive me for my frankness.
              1. prispek
                prispek 12 August 2012 02: 02
                Quote: Oleg0705
                Everyone has their own path in this, I am convinced.

                I agree. I’m already a big boy and I’ll figure out who, where, why and how
    2. Kaa
      Kaa 12 August 2012 04: 30
      Quote: prispek
      Days go by, the screen flickers, slowly the roof goes

      Bermuda Triangle
      Dear transmission! On Saturday, almost crying, The whole Kanatchikova summer house to the TV was torn, Instead of eating, washing, pricking and forgetting,
      The whole mad hospital gathered near the screen. He talked, breaking his arms, the rubbish and the balamut. About the impotence of science in front of the secret of Bermuda. He broke all brains into pieces, all the convolutions braided, And the rope-tailed authorities pricked us a second injection.
      Dear Editor! Maybe it’s better about the reactor. About your favorite lunar tractor, you can’t, at least scream: They scare me with plates, they say, they’re vile fly, We Philippines doctors shred people without a knife. We’ve already gotten up to speed, we hit the plates all year. if the cook doesn’t lie to us. And piles of medicines - we are on the toilet, who
      This is life! And suddenly Bermuda - that’s the time, it’s impossible! We didn’t make a scandal, we lacked a leader -There are really few violent leaders - here we have no leaders, But we have nonsense to the machinations and ravings, And the evil machinations of our enemies will not ruin our impoverishment .This is their skinny devils muddy the water in the pond,
      This was all invented by Churchill in the eighteenth year. We talked about explosions, about fires, composed the TASS note, But then the orderlies rushed in and fixed us. Those who were especially striking, screwed them to the backs of the beds, Paranoid in the foam, like a witcher on a sabbath: - Untie the towel, inovers, monsters, We have a bermutorn heart and a Bermuda soul. Forty souls howl in shame, become white-hot - That's how triangular things really bother you. Everyone was completely crazy, even who was insane. And then the head doctor Morgulis forbade TV. he, the serpent, looms in the window, hides the plug behind his back, He gave a sign to someone, which means that the paramedic will rip out the wires.
      Well, it remains to prick and fall to the bottom of the well, And there is an abyss at the bottom of the well, as in Bermuda, forever. Well, tomorrow the children will ask: (visited us in the morning) - Dad, what did these candidates for the doctor say? We will answer ours to the children of truth - they care: - The amazing thing is near, but it is forbidden.
      Here is a home-based dentist Rudik, he has a Grundig receiver, He twists it at night, catches it, contradicts Germany. He was a shmut merchant there and moved with his mind, And we got into an eerie excitement with a number on his leg.
      He came running in extreme excitement and shook the news, As if our scientific liner was mired in a triangle. He ran out, spent fuel, fell into pieces, And that our three crazy brothers were picked up by fishermen. Those who survived the cataclysm are in pessimism. Yesterday in They brought a glass prism to our hospital. And one of them, a mechanic, said, running away from the nannies,
      That the Bermuda polyhedron is an open navel of the earth .-
      V. Vysotsky predicted this! The last stanzas are also good, but they do not pass in volume.
      1. prispek
        prispek 12 August 2012 11: 18
        Quote: Kaa
        V. Vysotsky predicted this!

        Hello Kaa (We hear you, Kaa .... smile )
        Of course V. Vysotsky is great, but also T. Shaov is very good, agree ...
        In addition, during Vysotsky, there were only 4 channels on TV, not one round-the-clock, 2 with a break and 1 from 18 hours (that was a happy time in this regard), which of course only emphasizes the genius of the foresight of Vladimir Semenovich.
        Now, well, complete mess. And Timur Sultanovich showed it vividly. with his only sense of humor.
        I am for the strict restriction of TV, both in terms of broadcast time and number of channels, as well as on the subject of programs.
  9. ad3wsafdf
    ad3wsafdf 12 August 2012 00: 46
    The authorities of our country have done a lot, but this is already too much.
    I generally accidentally found him
    Here is information about each of us, for example: relatives, friends, correspondence from social networks.
    And most importantly, it is accessible to everyone, I was really scared at first - you never know what moron there will climb
    Well, the truth is that you can delete all
  10. mind1954
    mind1954 12 August 2012 22: 31
    It's okay ! There used to be "Radio Voices" from behind the hillock,
    and now the Internet! And as they say, the pig will find dirt !!!

    If a person wants to understand some issue, then he will
    search everywhere, in books, newspapers, radio, TV, the Internet!

    And if he wants to hear, only what he wants, then he will seek
    it's everywhere, oblivious to any objective screaming
    facts !

    You don’t have to go far for examples!
    They are here around us! Some "Odobryams" !!!
    And others from the voices of the "fifth column" stigmatize the regime, for some reason
    suddenly became fascist with them, although they have no idea
    about why? !!