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Experienced armored vehicle FFG Genesis. New variant of the German electric transmission


The German company Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH (FFG) presented its new development - the Genesis diesel-electric armored vehicle. In this initiative project, the main ways of developing land wheeled platforms are being worked out, suitable for creating samples for various purposes.

Delayed premiere

FFG reports that the development of the Genesis project has been going on since 2018 and has achieved some success to date. In particular, the first prototype was built. Its first public screening was due to take place during Eurosatory 2020 this summer - but the event was canceled and FFG had to rethink its plans.

On September 22-23, the Bundeswehr ground forces held a conference on the preservation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises by the defense industry. The venue for the event was provided by the FFG plant in Flensburg. Within the framework of the conference, various reports were made, and the participating organizations showed their new developments. One of them was the FFG Genesis prototype.

FFG specialists revealed the main features of the new project, announced the characteristics and capabilities of the promising machine. In addition, they talked about their plans. So, already this fall, the prototype goes to full-scale tests, during which the original power plant will be tested and fine-tuned. The manufacturer calls it a hybrid, but in fact it is an electric powertrain.

Modular approach and electric movement

In the proposed form, the FFG Genesis product is a four-axle wheeled armored vehicle with the ability to install various equipment to solve certain problems. So, the prototype is made in the configuration of an armored personnel carrier with a cannon-machine gun combat module - while it serves as a demonstration model.

By analogy with the GTK Boxer project, a modular machine architecture is used. There is a universal wheeled chassis on which various load modules and fighting compartments can be mounted. For obvious reasons, the chassis module and its components are of the greatest interest in the Genesis project - this will also be the main focus of subsequent events.

The experimental machine has characteristic contours formed by large intersecting planes. In addition, bright colors are used. Noteworthy is the elongated wedge-shaped nose of the body with a large upper frontal sheet. The hull is distinguished by its high height, providing significant volumes for accommodating the necessary units and crew jobs. In the presented form, the central and aft parts of the hull accommodate the troop compartment.

The main elements of the "hybrid" power plant are located in the nose of the hull. There is a 1368 kW diesel generator and a battery for energy storage. The engine compartment is isolated from the manned volumes, which reduces the risks for the crew in case of damage. The power plant supplies current to travel electric motors and other onboard consumers. The possibility of using the armored vehicle as a "charging station" is declared.

Responsible for the movement are eight electric motors placed inside the housing and connected to their own axle shafts. Each wheel has its own drive and individual suspension. Such a power plant develops more than 15600 Nm of torque on the wheel. When driving, the engine can act as a generator and help charge the batteries. In case of damage, the axle shaft is transferred to free wheeling.

The power and power plant can operate in two modes. The first uses a diesel generator and semi-axle motors; the second provides for the power supply of electric motors from batteries. First of all, it reduces the noise level and the likelihood of detection.

The driver controls the diesel unit and the propulsion motors exclusively using fly-by-wire control systems. Some of the processes are automated. There is no steering gear in the undercarriage of the machine - maneuvering is carried out by changing the revolutions on the wheels of different sides.

Genesis's own crew in an armored personnel carrier configuration includes two people with placement in front of the crew compartment. The troop compartment with aft ramp and upper hatches can accommodate up to 10 people.

The presented prototype received a DBM from the Kongsberg company. It carries a 30 mm cannon and a 7,62 mm machine gun, as well as optoelectronic observation and guidance devices. The module is allegedly not fully connected yet and is acting as a breadboard.

The length of the armored vehicle reaches 8,25 m, width - 2,25 m. The height depends on the type of module installed. The prototype armored personnel carrier has a height of 2,4 m. The maximum permissible weight is 40 tons.

Quite high driving characteristics are declared; in this regard, Genesis should not be inferior to other modern technology. The maximum speed on the highway, according to calculations, will exceed 100 km / h. The power reserve when using a diesel generator is 600 km at a speed of 60 km / h. The accumulators will allow you to travel 150 km at 40 km / h. Swimming is not possible.

Technology demonstration

The FFG Genesis armored personnel carrier is still considered as a platform for developing new technologies and solutions, incl. developed by FFG independently. Successful testing and fine-tuning will allow you to change the project taking into account further advancement in the market or create new models of armored vehicles on its basis.

A finished sample that has passed all the stages of revision, it is said, will have a number of important advantages over technology with internal combustion engines. Full electric propulsion improves speed, agility and dynamics of the chassis. In addition, it is possible to move quietly without using a motor. The presence of a powerful diesel generator expands the possibilities for the integration of specialized electrical equipment.

The proposed architecture of the power plant allows for fairly simple scaling. Based on the existing prototype with an 8x8 chassis, they can create unified 6x6 or 4x4 machines - depending on the wishes of the customer. All these samples can receive one or another equipment corresponding to the assigned tasks.

Uncertain Future

Full-scale testing of the Genesis prototype is due to begin this fall. They will show how successful the prototype is, and will also allow you to assess the future of the project as a whole. It is not known how soon all the necessary measures will be completed. The overall complexity of the project, the limited capacity of the FFG, and other factors, including the ongoing pandemic, could negatively impact the progress and timing of the project.

Successful completion of the project will bring the finished sample to the market, but its commercial prospects will remain uncertain. Despite the obvious advantages, armored vehicles with an electric transmission or a hybrid power plant have significant drawbacks, because of which they are not very popular among the armies. An FFG Genesis product, once it hits the market, can gain the specific status of an interesting and advanced development with no future.

However, the development company is optimistic and intends to complete the development work. So far, the main task is to test and fine-tune the structure. How they will end, and whether the project will be able to meet the expectations of its creators, time will tell.
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  1. Pessimist22
    Pessimist22 6 October 2020 18: 19
    40 tons is not a lot for a wheeled armored personnel carrier?
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 6 October 2020 18: 27
      A lot of
      But the German "Boxer" in the BMP version (FV-RCT30) weighs 38,5 tons.
    2. Kote Pan Kokhanka
      Kote Pan Kokhanka 6 October 2020 18: 35
      But low noise!
      Although in terms of dimensions for a reconnaissance and patrol service, it is possible to think about something lower and less. And then Grobovskaya-coffin.
  2. vVvAD
    vVvAD 6 October 2020 18: 24
    Baasha box, noticeable fellow
    And not for a big war: bridges in Europe will lie in ruins. So - on a safari to drive aborigines laughing
    But if they teach electric wheels / electric transmissions to swim, then you can think. And so even the way to reconnaissance is ordered ...
    1. Kote Pan Kokhanka
      Kote Pan Kokhanka 6 October 2020 18: 33
      For sailing - 40 tons heavy however.
      1. vVvAD
        vVvAD 6 October 2020 19: 10
        It doesn't matter: if we are talking about a floating vehicle, then this is a completely different machine.
        This one won't float negative If you wish, you can, but in such a way that it is better not to try.
        Here it is interesting: what level of booking with such a mass are we talking about?
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 6 October 2020 18: 36
    Motor wheels don't do it!
    A complex power supply system is obtained or the power, the torque is too small ???
  4. OgnennyiKotik
    OgnennyiKotik 6 October 2020 18: 41
    The possibility of using the armored vehicle as a "charging station" is declared.

    In the new realities, a very important function. There are a lot of electricity consumers in modern armies.
  5. pytar
    pytar 6 October 2020 19: 14
    These will be very soon, all new armored vehicles, including tanks! bully Electric transmission opens up new possibilities for constructing more rational lineups! With wheeled armored vehicles, electric motors, it is possible to inject in the very wheels, freeing up the bulk in the housings, and also providing more maneuverability, since the wheels can turn at angles close to 90 degrees. horizontally! With tanks, the power plant and batteries can be in the front of the armored hull, creating additional protection, and electric motors can retract the rear wheel, giving more maneuverability to the vehicle and freeing up space for an emergency exit from the stern of the crew!
    1. garri-lin
      garri-lin 6 October 2020 20: 48
      Of course not. Not so simple. Cooling, cooling and again cooling. The motor wheel is bad with this.
      1. pytar
        pytar 6 October 2020 22: 59
        Of course not. Not so simple. Cooling, cooling and again cooling. The motor wheel is bad with this.

        Certainly not that simple. But hybrid cars have been on the road for a long time! And the problem with cooling motorcycles can be solved.
        1. garri-lin
          garri-lin 6 October 2020 23: 37
          It is in motorcycles that it is difficult to solve. Heavy equipment weight. High soil resistance. And most importantly, dirt that sticks to the motor wheel and hinders cooling. A car on the track and a tank / armored personnel carrier in the field are two different things.
          1. OgnennyiKotik
            OgnennyiKotik 6 October 2020 23: 40
            Belaz in a career?
            1. garri-lin
              garri-lin 7 October 2020 07: 51
              Do you often see Belaz making its way through the mud and sitting on the very axis? This is common for military equipment.
          2. Momotomba
            Momotomba 7 October 2020 07: 33
            Quote: garri-lin
            impede cooling.

            Liquid cooling. The design becomes more complicated, but there will definitely not be overheating.
            1. garri-lin
              garri-lin 7 October 2020 07: 54
              This is to feed the tube to each motor wheel. The only option.
              1. Momotomba
                Momotomba 7 October 2020 20: 29
                Quote: garri-lin
                This is to feed the tube to each motor wheel. The only option.

                If you dream up, then you can put a pipe from the motor-wheel to the case with a fan at the end. Discharge heated air through it. Slightly safer than liquid.
                1. garri-lin
                  garri-lin 7 October 2020 20: 39
                  Rather, remove the branch pipe from the body and supply air under pressure through it to the motor wheel body. So that the dirt that clogs up the holes for the air outlet is blown away by the stream and does not interfere. But this also needs to be checked. On practice.
                  1. Momotomba
                    Momotomba 8 October 2020 07: 24
                    And you can not engage in nonsense and make an ordinary mechanical transmission. Much safer and more reliable.
                    1. garri-lin
                      garri-lin 8 October 2020 08: 02
                      In! What we are talking about is the engine inside the housing plus the cardan transmission, as in the presented sample, is much more reliable than the motor wheel.
                      1. Momotomba
                        Momotomba 9 October 2020 17: 21
                        Although for a guslian, you can think of an electromechanical transmission. Move the engines into the housing.
    2. OgnennyiKotik
      OgnennyiKotik 7 October 2020 11: 30
      Quote: pytar
      These will be very soon, all new armored vehicles, including tanks!

      One of the advantages is the use of the armored vehicle as a "charging station". Considering that there are more and more electricity consumers. The engine resource to burn classic diesels is extremely costly and ineffective, the diesel that is on these machines is optimized for this task.
      1. Momotomba
        Momotomba 9 October 2020 17: 09
        And in order for such a machine to urgently go into battle, it must first be untied from external consumers ... Very convenient winked
        Maybe it's better to carry a diesel engine on a trailer? He pulled him aside and let him puff. And let the armored vehicles fight.
        1. The comment was deleted.
  6. fa2998
    fa2998 6 October 2020 19: 36
    Quote: vVvAD
    and what level of booking with such and such a mass are we talking about?

    One that will withstand the driver's glass. I think the maximum is 12,6 mm. what hi
  7. Vitaly Tsymbal
    Vitaly Tsymbal 6 October 2020 21: 04
    There are not enough solar armor batteries on the hull ... and a crooked starter))) As a police option, it is quite advanced, but for a war - the less electricity, the better ... although we may not have described all the electrical developments.
  8. Bogatyrev
    Bogatyrev 6 October 2020 23: 16
    And what are the "serious disadvantages" of these machines by the way?
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Phoenix
    Phoenix 7 October 2020 15: 52
    Confused by the power of the diesel generator in 1360 kilowatts. For comparison, such a generator produces 1200 main power and about 1350 reserve power ... This is 1800 horsepower, where does it come from in such a volume?
  11. Monar
    Monar 22 November 2020 13: 14
    Responsible for the movement are eight electric motors placed inside the housing and connected to their own axle shafts.
    The implementation is a little strange in my opinion. Why not a wheel motor? For armored personnel carriers, the problem of unsprung mass is not worth it. The speeds are not the same. But getting rid of the eight semi-axles and all the accompanying personal belongings, like a logical solution. Plus the release of internal space.