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Project 12440 / 12441 / 12441у - patrol ship / SKR "Novik" / training ship "Borodino"

History project modifications:
- project 12440 "Thunder" - the first draft of the TFR, adopted in 1991;
- project 12441 "Thunder" - a modified project of the guard, adopted in 1994, the beginning of the construction of the guard ship "Novik";
- project 12441 - last modification of the project. TFR becomes a training ship. The name of the ship on Borodino is changing, the project is launched - 2007 year.

Known facts:
- 2000 year. Information appears in the press that the construction of the Novik missile defense system is no longer under way, the ship’s readiness status is estimated at 20 percent;
- 23.03.2001 of the year. It is becoming known about the financing of the completion of the Novik sentry. It was about 90 millions of rubles. Messages appear on the ship readiness in 7.4 percent. This is the only ship for the Navy under construction at the Yantar shipyard.
- 2002 year. The press mentions the TFR of the 12441 Novik project, its readiness is already estimated at 12 percent;
- March 15.03.2002, XNUMX. The press reported that the command of the naval fleet The Russian Federation decided in 2002 to stop financing TFR;
- 2007 year. The decision is made to rebuild the TFR Novik into the training ship Borodino according to the 12441 project;
- 2010 year. In the media, there were photos of the Borodino MC, in which a change in the hull is noticeable. It was primed.
- mid 2011 of the year. The hull of an unfinished ship (without visible changes) was lowered into the water, freeing its slipway for laying another ship

TFR of the 12440 project
The history of this ship begins with 1982, when it began to be designed as a patrol ship of the 12440 Thunder project. The main developer is the Leningrad design bureau Almaz. Chief Designer - L. Yelsky. The main purpose of the guard is to protect the coastal zone. The TFR of the 12440 project receives enhanced impact capabilities, since it was created in competition with the Zelenodolsk TFR Cheetah of the 11660 project. Zelenodolsk Design Bureau created a guard in the interests of export for the Indian Navy. The main differences between the projects - the 12440 project had more powerful anti-ship missiles and a helicopter.

Project 12440 / 12441 / 12441у - patrol ship / SKR "Novik" / training ship "Borodino"

It was planned that the TFR of the 12440 project would be a further development of the ship of the 11660 project, for which the hull and deck superstructures are made using stealth technology. Due to the technical requirements, the TFR receives a relatively small (for this class of ships) displacement in 2900 tons. Therefore, the designers planned the installation of the main armament in the opposite ends of the ship in the 2-x groups: in the bow of the ship and the stern of the ship (helicopter hangar area). If we consider such a layout from the point of view of combat survivability, it was not entirely successful - but having a powerful anti-ship missile system, anti-submarine missile system and anti-submarine helicopter, it could be compared with similar foreign ships. The technical project of the 12440 escort ship was adopted in 1991, the final design of the project was completed in 1994, after which the construction of the outpost on the 12441 Thunder project began.

TFR of the 12441 project
The first pledged 26 in July, 1997, of the Novik TFR was the lead ship of the project, when it was bookmarked, it received the factory number 1900. 16 July 1997 was added to the Navy TFR lists. Construction was carried out at the Kaliningrad shipbuilding plant "Yantar". The plans were to lay the second and third patrol ship under the names Peresvet and Rurik, but the plans were not destined to be realized. It was planned to launch a new ship in the first years of the new century, but at the end of 90, the Navy command changed priorities and approaches for building new ships, and the construction of the TFR of the 12441 project was stopped. At the beginning of 2000, the ship’s total readiness remained at the level of no more than 20 percent.

The TFR of the 12441 project was required for long patrols and search for enemy submarines, protection and protection of ships and vessels during sea crossings and coastal protection.

Armament project 12441:
- 6 UVP PKRK "Onyx", (18 missiles 3М55), made on the sides of the hangar for a helicopter;
- 4 UVP ZRK "Polyment" (32 SAM);
- 2 launch in 4-s container version of Medvedka PCRK (8 K77Р missiles);
- universal AU A-190 caliber 100-mm;
- 30 mm zenith AK "Roy", consisting of 2-x blocks of 6 trunks in each;
- anti-submarine helicopter Ka-27;

Electronic equipment and armament:
- BIUS “Tron-Diplomat”;
- 3-x coordinate electronic station MR-750 (Frigate-MA);
- hydroacoustics complex "Star-1" with towed-type antenna, made in the bulb fairing;
- navigation radar "Vaigach";
- Vimpel-Р2 electronic warfare equipment;
- the complex of the shot noises PC-10 "Bold" 4х10 PU;
- the complex of the shot noises PK-2 2х2 PU;
- radar EE "Harpoon";
- navigation complex "Baser-M";
- means and equipment of communication;
- State identification equipment;
- Redut station with phased 4 antenna arrays (fire control system SAM);

TFR received a hull with deck superstructures, made with the use of technology "Stealth". Vertical surfaces of superstructures have different angles of inclination and represent special shapes, which reduces radar visibility.

Power gas turbine type with 2 marching and 2 afterburner engines. It makes it possible to make transitions at speeds up to 57 km / h and a range of 4800 miles at cruising speed.

The training ship "Borodino" project 12441
In 2001, work began on modifying the project so that the ship could be completed with the launch of the ship in 2008. However, these plans did not come true, seeing the impossibility of completing the ship on time, in 2007, the decision was made to complete the TFR as a training ship on the 12441 project called Borodino. At present, work on the completion of the ship, if conducted, then at a very inconspicuous pace. There have been almost no noticeable changes in the last few years for the completion of the training ship Borodino.

The long-suffering ship project, eventually becoming a 12441 project - a training ship called the Borodino, retained many structural elements of the hull and deck superstructures, but lost a significant part of the equipment and EW. The crew rest rooms and the cabins will be converted to accommodate future officers (cadets) from naval academies and colleges. The ship will be equipped with an appropriate base for testing various types of both standing equipment and units, as well as new models.

The main characteristics of the Borodino management company:
- Displacement norm / max - 2560 / 2900 tons;
- length / width / draft - 121 / 14.1 / 9.3 meters;
- power - 2 marching (M-62М) and 2 afterburner (M-90) gas turbines, with a total capacity of 12 000 and 37 000 hp;
- propulsion unit - one shaft with a fixed pitch propeller;
- power plant - one diesel generator DG-800, three diesel generator DG-600;
- speed characteristics max / cruiser - 31 / 12 knots;
- range of 4800 miles (12 nodes) / 2500 miles (20 nodes);
- autonomous navigation time up to 30 days;
- combat crew of 210 people (35 officers).

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  1. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 10 August 2012 09: 16
    A sad fate for a good principle of the design of the ship .... sorry.
    1. Civil
      Civil 10 August 2012 10: 28
      and who is responsible for the completion, with whom to ask for?
    2. 755962
      755962 10 August 2012 10: 32
      Rare of the projects that were not called "long-suffering" and "long-suffering". When will the LONG-AWAITED and SUCCESSFUL ones be ??? And most importantly, modern, and not built many years after the adoption of the project in "life". And even in that call which necessary for the prestige of the Country on the seas and oceans.
  2. borisst64
    borisst64 10 August 2012 10: 04
    I did not understand why the difference in armament on the bow and stern reduces the survivability of the ship.
  3. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 10 August 2012 10: 22
    Something completely sad story - it became somehow disgusting ...
    1. edge
      edge 10 August 2012 17: 39
      it’s hard to restore what has been destroyed, especially when you need a lot and preferably faster, and the possibilities are reduced, you have to choose between essential projects and top priority ......
    CARBON 10 August 2012 14: 13
    Armament project 12441:
    - 6 UVP PKRK "Onyx", (18 missiles 3М55), made on the sides of the hangar for a helicopter;
    - 4 UVP ZRK "Polyment" (32 SAM);
    - 2 launch in 4-s container version of Medvedka PCRK (8 K77Р missiles);
    - universal AU A-190 caliber 100-mm;
    - 30 mm zenith AK "Roy", consisting of 2-x blocks of 6 trunks in each;
    - anti-submarine helicopter Ka-27;
    Very impressive armament, especially when you consider a displacement of 2900 tons. Such a ship could significantly strengthen the Red Banner Baltic Fleet or the Black Sea Fleet, the names are also good "Novik", "Rurik", "Peresvet".
    It's a pity(
    1. skiff-xnumx
      skiff-xnumx 10 August 2012 16: 06
      Yes, no, it’s not a pity (we actively set cons) Only the USSR could afford such a ship. According to displacement and performance characteristics it is a corvette. Its armament is redundant for this type of ship. In the coastal zone there is nobody to frighten with such power and at sea (the armament is not enough in the ocean). It is not clear his tactics of use with such weapons. Moreover, the cost of the ship was close to the cost of the frigate, and this is only in the project. With serial construction, the price may have fallen but not by much, which would have led to a series of 3-5 ships, but 20-30 are needed. Ukraine is now trying to step on the same rake (no offense) with its $ 400 million corvette. Another disadvantage is the lack of a universal firing complex, which significantly reduces the range of weapons used. I think that the project of the corvette 20380 is no worse and much cheaper. And armament from the 5th ship in the series due to the replacement of the X-35 with the USK can be used the same.
      1. CARBON
        CARBON 10 August 2012 22: 37
        And you think not pre-armed corvette 20385
        Artillery weapons 1x100 mm AU A-190 (332 shots)
        Anti-aircraft artillery 2x6 30-mm AU AK-630M (6000 rounds)
        Anti-ship weapons 1 * 8PKRK "Caliber-NK" (8 anti-ship missiles)
        Antisubmarine armament 2x4 330 mm TA "Package-NK" (8 torpedoes)
        Anti-aircraft missile weapons 1 SAM "Redut" Ammunition 16 cells.
        Aviation group 1 helicopter Ka-27PL, deck hangar.,
        a better prospect in the Baltic or the Black Sea?
        Very controversial.
        1. In the first 20385s there will not be in abundance.
        2. Secondly, the Russian Navy is not rich enough to receive under-armed ships, and I consider the corvette 20385 poorly armed. So as "Novik" could carry 18 anti-ship missiles, and this is if you do not take into account the range of "Basalts" - a missile cruiser of the "Slava" class.
        3. Thirdly, ships superior to the ships of neighbors in strike weapons — Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Norway — in the Baltic, are needed.
        Turkey on the Black Sea. I do not take the fleets of Ukraine and Poland, since IRAs would be enough for them. Because today, and a closer perspective, we are not in the ocean to drive the enemy, but to venture away from our shore.
        1. skiff-xnumx
          skiff-xnumx 11 August 2012 15: 58
          Even when bookmarking this ship, I said that we do not need such a ship.
          I will explain why:
          It is clear that you want to have as many weapons as possible on the ship, but because of this, many problems arise. Firstly, the ship turns out to be overloaded, this affects both its running and maneuverable characteristics. Secondly. Lack of the Criminal Procedure Code. The location of the weapons on the upper deck leads to a decrease in the ship's radio signature. The location of weapons in a horizontal plane leads to restrictions on the use of weapons along the course. Considering that the main armament is located in the area of ​​the helicopter hangar, this also imposes a number of restrictions on the use of the helicopter. Another drawback with such an arrangement of weapons is not the possibility of replenishing ammunition at sea even with the help of weapons transport, which was proved on the missile cruisers of Project 58 "Grozny" there, additional missiles were never rolled out of the hangar.
          Third: price. At the time of the laying, the cost of the lead ship was $ 520 million, and this is the price of the project 22350 frigate. Which is comparable to armament, while it has the best seaworthiness and radio visibility.
  5. lelikas
    lelikas 10 August 2012 14: 20
    Better so than on needles.
    When was the last training ship introduced into the fleet?
    Maybe even on this cadets will learn the new technology.
    1. edge
      edge 10 August 2012 17: 40
      Well, and if necessary, you can always re-equip ......
    CARBON 10 August 2012 14: 26
    CARBON 10 August 2012 14: 41
    I found an image on the Atrin website
    I understand that in 97 when Novik was laid down, the Polyment air defense system was not finalized, probably not everything was fine with Onyx, but now these systems work quite fine, and you can finish building a warship, not a training one (In my opinion, pr. 12441 more preferable than 20380 corvettes. And the point is not to deliver really powerful combat-capable ships to the fleet, but how to pull the money allocated to them (
    1. skiff-xnumx
      skiff-xnumx 10 August 2012 16: 36
      We read my comment above. Having two projects with the same performance characteristics is not permissible luxury. Even the US cannot afford it. How to repair and maintain them.
  8. Optimist
    Optimist 10 August 2012 15: 44
    Carbon completely agree with you !!, but in addition to the problems that you have listed, I think there was another relatively small displacement and a large concentration of weapons requiring high automation. SAM systems are still being finalized at 22381. The controversial decision is of course the placement of the UVP (Yakhont, onyx-like an aviation missile) on the sides of a helicopter hangar, can affect the survivability of the ship!
    But still the ship is GOOD good
    1. skiff-xnumx
      skiff-xnumx 10 August 2012 16: 40
      "Yakhont" is an export version of the 3M55 missile with low performance characteristics. produced now for India. Not supplied to the Russian Navy.
  9. altman
    altman 10 August 2012 16: 16
    In an interview with the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy on the eve of the Day of the Navy it is said that Borodino will not be completed ... it will be dismantled ..
    1. skiff-xnumx
      skiff-xnumx 10 August 2012 16: 45
      Quote: altman
      In an interview with the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy on the eve of the Day of the Navy it is said that Borodino will not be completed ... it will be dismantled ..

      Again work for the media. Complete nonsense. We open the MO website in the state section. we look at purchases. Delivery of radio electronic equipment for the Borodino spacecraft in the interests of the Yantar plant. Delivery time 2013-2014.
      It’s just not a priority. There are building ships of the project 1135 6 for KChF. They are more necessary than a training ship.
      1. altman
        altman 10 August 2012 17: 56
        I didn’t take it from the ceiling .. here is the link sorry for what I bought ..
        1. skiff-xnumx
          skiff-xnumx 10 August 2012 18: 20
          So do I. According to the media, we all died back in the 2000s because of the end of the world. I just corrected you. the most reliable source is state. the order that we have in the USA (by the way, not only ordinary people get information there thanks to the Federal Law 94) And Ria Novosti is an ordinary yellow press and you must be very careful about the information from them. My post was written in order to prevent misinformation and not give cause for grief to the shit-goers to start again to blame everyone and everything in a row. Thank you for understanding.
  10. sd34rewfg
    sd34rewfg 10 August 2012 17: 19
    An amazing country - amazing people, it was necessary to steal the database from specials. of services
    and put it on the Internet, I'm just amazed. And now everyone can find out information about each of us.
    When I saw it, I got scared because everyone had access to my phone numbers, addresses, personal correspondence in social networks. networks.
    You never know what idiots there are. But I already figured out and deleted my page, which I advise you to and quickly !!!
  11. 123dv
    123dv 10 August 2012 18: 06
    And we are still on the old Beard cut through the Philippine Sea, I remember .....
    1. not good
      not good 11 August 2012 00: 18
      To date, the Perekop and Smolny training ships are not used to the half of their capabilities, as there is no one to teach. In WWI, PETER THE GREAT this year recruited 40 people (2 cubicles on Smolny) so that the logic in refusing to build 12441 as The Criminal Code is, which is strange for a stool
  12. vylvyn
    vylvyn 11 August 2012 01: 50
    It looks gorgeous. No questions. The armament is very solid. The range of tasks to be solved is an adult. And yet - the combat crew of 210 people. Not too much for a guard? Will there be a civil labor code on board with a working time of 8 hours a day, which requires 3 work shifts of 70 people each?
    Be that as it may - there is a case. And it will be possible to stuff it with weapons and electronics later (besides, by that time new systems will appear - more powerful, reliable and efficient).
  13. atesterev
    atesterev 11 August 2012 08: 58
    In general, our Navy, as usual, shies from side to side, as in the rest of the whole army :(
  14. Alexxeg73
    Alexxeg73 11 August 2012 09: 48
    A training ship, of course, is also needed. But .... damn it!
  15. mechanic11
    mechanic11 11 August 2012 23: 15
    On another branch, about Russian military shipbuilding, I expressed the opinion that the young people do not want to go to work specialties, because the difficult working conditions are in the air. So regulars attacked me that I’m wrong. Looking at the photo, I see that the ship they collect it in the air. Is it in Kaliningrad? It's not Nikolaev. It seems like it’s cold there. A normal owner will finish building it anyway, but I’d like to hear the hard worker at least once, they pay so many conditions-lux, tool-advanced, welding technology-advanced . I want the working man to sound proud again, and not the middle manager.
  16. kav8206
    kav8206 14 February 2013 06: 52
    The theme comes to life. The new are going to finish building again.