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The border between the LPR and the DPR has become more impregnable over the years


Nebratic republics?

Today the problem of the border between the LPR and the DPR has reached the highest point of its actualization. Under the pretext of fighting the coronavirus, communications between the republics were completely closed. Residents of the LPR and DPR can cross the impromptu border only if they have proper registration or important reasons (funeral or something like that). It is much easier to cross the "border" (which is actually a network of checkpoints) on country roads than to get involved with the bureaucratic apparatus. All this история lasts since 2014. It only gets worse over the years.

In Luhansk and Donetsk, they clearly started playing at the stage of the formation of legislation, which is seriously different in the republics (not to mention some differences in the structure of government - for example, a different number of deputies in the People's Council), moreover, it perceives Russians and citizens of neighboring republics as foreigners which are formally subject to migration restrictions. Then a customs office appeared between the republics. Now there is something that looks like a full-fledged border.

There is talk in the republics that the main reason is the difference in approaches to crossing the demarcation line: in the DPR it is much more strict, while the LPR has only recently begun to seriously tighten the screws for those who seek to get to Ukraine. But local residents, of course, do not care who initiated it and why the republics cannot agree among themselves and act in sync.

Customs gives who needs

Customs between the LPR and DPR emerged in 2014-2015 as a forced measure necessary to control the turnover weapons and the distribution of humanitarian aid, for police reasons, and for the fight against smuggling. In the LDNR, smuggling is a traditional folk craft. The border with Russia is hundreds of kilometers of protected steppe, which practically no one controlled before the war. Therefore, it was profitable for Donetsk to isolate itself from Luhansk (competing) smuggling.

Again, the issue of illegal trade in coal and metal, smuggling of cigarettes and alcohol remained relevant. Zakharchenko and the disgraced Plotnitsky were each doing this according to their own schemes and routes, so it was unprofitable to freely pass neighboring trains and trucks. Now the smuggling of coal and metal has been conditionally defeated, but there are other schemes.

According to the official version, by the way, the customs between the republics should protect the industrial producer of Lugansk from the more powerful industry of Donetsk. But this argument looks, to put it mildly, implausible. Moreover, we are talking about light industry, which is not so much left.

For the people

This, of course, is damn inconvenient for the inhabitants of the republics, who are used to plying freely between Lugansk and Donetsk, to work, to create cells of society, etc. Therefore, from the outset, they did not understand the existence of a nominal border between the LPR and the DPR (crossing, limited to checking documents and luggage was annoying, but on the whole it was bearable), and now it does not fit at all in my head why this piece of land, in a single impulse opposed Ukrainian fascism (and, as usual, the fighters in 2014 drifted between the republics, and the 7th The Chistyakovskaya brigade, LPR, started out in Slavyansk, and then formed in the battles for Ilovaisk and Shakhtyorsk), was artificially divided into some kind of "independent" principalities. And now he has completely fenced himself off from each other so that he has to travel either along gullies or through Russia (which makes the journey a good ten hours longer).

It is clear that Luhansk does not want to fall under the influence of the larger Donetsk; it is clear that it is easier for regulatory authorities to track cash flows and the appropriateness of their use. At the same time, all this leads to a gradual drift of the LPR and DPR in different directions, already noticeable with the naked eye. In the end, it is completely incomprehensible why, but today all this has led to the creation of territorial and political new formations independent from each other. And if tomorrow a team came to unify everything and everyone with Russia and prepare for joining it, they would not be ready in Donetsk and Lugansk, but in very different ways and with very different periods of correcting the shortcomings.

Yes, everyone has long come to terms with the loss of the meaning of the times of 2014. That Novorossiya is just a beautiful fairy tale, which has shrunk first to Donbass, then to its third, which includes two republics. That these republics are not so popular as we would like and as it was stated initially. That nationalization, it turns out, is external management, from which if it falls at least on salaries, then we should be glad. But a full-fledged border between the LPR and the DPR is, excuse me, too much. Played. You cannot say otherwise. And all this will not end well.
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  1. Scharnhorst
    Scharnhorst 5 October 2020 15: 16
    These two newborn chickens will not survive between the Ukrainian wolverine and the Russian bear. This is not an American eagle wing in Europe. But the game of independence is so exciting that soon, as Armenians and Azeris, they will start cockfighting among themselves, even if for the smuggling worm, until someone takes peas and knees in the corners.
    1. Basil50
      Basil50 5 October 2020 15: 37
      And I was always * touched * by the screams that RUSSIA * should * cover and support this or that * proud and independent *.
      Vaughn RB showed what freezing degenerates into. In the alliance, apart from ambition and requirements for freebies from the Republic of Belarus, there is NO other content.
      LPR-DPR were the mainstay of the regional authorities. Disagreements only happened when the food supply shrank and the * local * oligarchs were asked to share. That's all the disagreement. About the RUSSIAN LANGUAGE and so on, which is so often mentioned today, then there was no talk. It was later, for the sake of support of RUSSIA, LPR-DPR began to create * ideological differences * with Kuev.
      1. vVvAD
        vVvAD 6 October 2020 12: 57
        Quote: Vasily50
        Vaughn RB has shown what freezing degenerates into.

        Ukraine was the first - and its example is much more picturesque wink
        And even before that there were the Baltic countries. After the collapse of the USSR, they were not registered as allies for us, but they definitely know a lot about freelogging. laughing
    2. RVAPatriot
      RVAPatriot 5 October 2020 15: 43
      Do not insult the wolverine, Ukraine is not drawn to this comparison, rather a dingo that can only cope with the weak ... and so a gang of hyenas in power, like the Poles, the Balts ...
  2. Daniil Konovalenko
    Daniil Konovalenko 5 October 2020 15: 19
    And all this will not end well.
    ... Naturally .... Instead of "you want cake, you want ice cream," in the sense of uniting into one republic, resisting aggression, taking care of the welfare of citizens, they "paint fences", set up customs. One of the reasons for the victory of the Francoists in the civil war, the country is a single military camp, and the republicans, some in the forest, some for firewood, ran out of fire, the republic burned down.
    1. bessmertniy
      bessmertniy 5 October 2020 16: 08
      The republics would benefit if they united. Unfortunately, the potential for destruction and disintegration is characteristic of the entire post-Soviet space. Russia is no exception in this either. repeat
      1. Clear
        Clear 5 October 2020 21: 49
        Quote: bessmertniy
        Unfortunately, the potential for destruction and disintegration is characteristic of the entire post-Soviet space.

        This is what the traitor Gorbachev did. And now he gives some other recommendations. To his court!
        1. vVvAD
          vVvAD 6 October 2020 13: 08
          Clear, leave him, you need something? Nobody needs him anymore. And then: who will put him in jail because of his age and state of health, even if there is such a decision?
          He is not what history will judge - he is already hated by grateful descendants. And it is unlikely that something will change for his personality in the centuries. Let him live in a foreign land, feeling the stigma and shame of his compatriots on himself - this sentence is much better than the real term: the worm is sharpening.
  3. Asad
    Asad 5 October 2020 15: 22
    I have never understood this division, the huge management apparatus has many overlapping structures. In my opinion, the Russian leadership adheres to the ancient postulate “divide and rule”. Maybe I'm wrong.
    1. maktub
      maktub 5 October 2020 15: 34
      There were various "yylits", Efremov's in Lugansk, Akhmetov's in Donetsk, were. Rather, they stayed, they just quickly "changed their shoes."
    2. vVvAD
      vVvAD 6 October 2020 13: 17
      You are wrong. They are already stewing in their own juice, and our leadership itself does not know what to do with this: if initiatives to implement Russian legislation are carried out with terrible red tape, but are implemented, then by the convergence of their own legislation - 0. Nobody wants to retreat from their own, to carry out joint sessions of parliaments - to sit down at the negotiating table and look for real compromises.
  4. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 5 October 2020 15: 24
    I am just watching the video of A. Pivovarov, which is based on communication with bloggers from Donetsk. Sadness. Akin to the movie "holiday", which I have not mastered to the end. People either live or survive. Curfew, restrictions, fear. Young people are especially sorry - their life begins. But how does it start?
    And besides, you can't go to the neighboring fraternal region as usual? Did they fight for this?
    1. Ragnar Lodbrok
      Ragnar Lodbrok 5 October 2020 15: 34
      Do not worry, the leader of the chevto-blakitnykh, people will figure it out without you, Banderoevites. There are certain difficulties, of course, but you are definitely not on their way.
  5. Alien From
    Alien From 5 October 2020 15: 27
    The old local elite settled in both republics, and this is the result ...
  6. Ali
    Ali 5 October 2020 15: 32
    -20 qualifying.
    The writer Makhov in his repertoire is a hybrid war against the LPR and DPR! I would rather change the balaclava of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on my nickname! The same lie from time to time!
    1. Kronos
      Kronos 5 October 2020 15: 34
      This time he only described the facts.
  7. Egoza
    Egoza 5 October 2020 15: 48
    Eliminated all who REALLY COULD create PEOPLE'S republics, and now we are "surprised". The riffraff got into the positions of power and began to rob no worse than the central oligarchs. So we have what we have.
    1. bessmertniy
      bessmertniy 5 October 2020 16: 15
      The leaders were replaced by puppets who feed from the hands of puppeteers. what The fact that the republics do not unite is the contradictions of puppeteers, and not contradictions between the population of these republics.
    2. Mahony
      Mahony 10 October 2020 09: 31
      So they eliminated each other. You just can't get a gopot out.
  8. Avior
    Avior 5 October 2020 17: 58
    Let's be honest, the situation is obvious
    The new "elites" do not want to share the power and money that comes with it.
    Otherwise, they would have found an opportunity in 6 years.
  9. WeAreNumerOne
    WeAreNumerOne 5 October 2020 18: 17

    Alas - it did not fail
  10. Interlocutor
    Interlocutor 5 October 2020 19: 05
    I recommend everyone to go to the author of the article and see the list of his articles. And you will receive answers to all questions. A person writes and writes and writes about Donbass.
    You either hate Donbass so much, or a registered journalist, or earn extra money on the topic by throwing articles here.
    One hundred and eighty articles, two articles a week, and everything about Donbass. Uncle is the diagnosis ........
    Yes, along the way, and not their own articles, but also developments ...
    1. Clear
      Clear 5 October 2020 21: 45
      The struggle for Donbass never stopped. Therefore, Russia should strengthen its position.
  11. U-58
    U-58 5 October 2020 20: 34
    It is becoming obvious that certain forces rule the processes in the LPNR. And this is NOT official Russia and not its dummy structures.
    Business interests are at the heart of everything. Local, Ukrainian, Russian, well, and what about without American antires.
    Moreover, Moscow, the Kremlin, Putin not only have not lost interest in the Donbass, but are burdened by it like an old corn.
    In the interim, we get the same Ukraine during the civil war.
    Parade of batek, parade of independence.
    Walk-Pole ..
  12. aristok
    aristok 5 October 2020 22: 49
    An outspoken order from the Kremlin Russophobes.
    After their owners were afraid of the rise of Russian self-awareness during the "Russian Spring" 2014
    they ordered their Kremlin vassals to quickly end this dangerous trend for them.
    One of the most striking acts of this message was the arrival in May 2014 of the Great and Terrible Bra (Didier Burkhalter).

    After that, the Kremlin Russophobes rushed to obey the order.
    But it was clearly dangerous to do so.
    Therefore, under the guise of the notorious "cunning plans", "formidable silence" and other PR abomination (the Russian Federation "did not promise anything" to Donetsk, "all by ourselves")
    a real cunning plan began to come true:
    DNR and LC
    cannot be liquidated immediately, because reputational losses will be too great. The republics must QUIETLY EXTINGUISH - and "quietly" is understood here in a purely public relations sense. Slowly, painfully and extremely humiliating (this is especially important, and this will be ensured) Novorossiya must die not only as a reality, but as an idea too. Everyone who, in the wake of the 2014 sentiment, supported the Russian uprising should be ashamed of their stupidity and learn forever that Russian uprisings end badly for the Russians themselves, ALWAYS.

    And here is another opus to promote this plan on the part: "EXTINGUISH - Slowly, painfully and extremely humiliating", describing which republics are "bad" - they cannot agree,
    although it is obvious that all this is being done at the behest of the Russophobic Kremlin.
    1. Igoresha
      Igoresha 12 October 2020 12: 39
      the rise of Russian self-awareness during the "Russian Spring"
      in the well-known dock film about the annexation of Crimea (it's impossible to be stupid, IMHO) this spring was already called Crimean))