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Historian: We look at our history through the eyes of foreigners


One of the favorite areas of activity of historians who are not ready to accept the currently popular historiography is associated with the search for evidence or evidence that our history distorted. Some of the arguments are quite interesting, while others are more successful in presenting speculation as arguments.

One of the researchers of the approaches to historical science itself was Doctor of Historical Sciences Alexander Pyzhikov. In his opinion, today the situation has developed in such a way that we look at our history through the eyes of foreigners - those foreign persons who served at the court and, as they say now, presented their vision of Russian history.

The Day channel has released an article that presents Alexander Pyzhikov's reasoning on historical science. He notes that many Russian historians of the 19th century with their works are either forgotten by now, or their works are not widely disseminated in the scientific community.

The historian tells about the so-called ethnographic expeditions, which in the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries were organized by the Russian autocrats to identify the national and confessional composition of certain provinces of the Russian Empire.

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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 30 September 2020 15: 02
    Okay, they misinterpreted .... especially since there are not too many genuine chronicles preserved!
    So now they began to distort the not-so-distant history .... trouble!
    1. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 30 September 2020 15: 28
      Quote: rocket757
      Okay, misinterpreted ... even more so authentic annals not very much has survived!
      Authentic annals systematically seized and destroyed. Under Peter 1, Catherine 2, Alexander 1, who ordered that researchers admit and give out what was needed, with the obligation to return everything, which of course was not fulfilled. They tried to remove the positive regarding the Rurik from the monastic chronicles, and the Old Believer works.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 30 September 2020 16: 56
        Quote: Mavrikiy
        The original chronicles were systematically seized and destroyed. Under Peter 1, Catherine 2, Alexander 1,

        What are your facts, what is it to assert
        Under Peter, a lot of things were confiscated, but what about documentaries, chronicles, where did you read this?
        Everything was kept, even the wrong icons were sealed and stored.
        In Russia there was no such tradition, state policy, to destroy originals ... in contrast to the "enlightened" geyrope!
        The most, the most distinguished, the Bolsheviks, and even then they kept the documents, although they dealt with many monumental, historical buildings abruptly ...
        1. Mavrikiy
          Mavrikiy 30 September 2020 17: 11
          Quote: rocket757
          Under Peter, a lot of things were confiscated, but what about documentaries, chronicles, where did you read this?

          Where did I write that they burned? fool For Peter, the chronicles were of no value. The Germans spoiled them quietly, tore out the sheets and made inserts. They did not know the Russian language, the priests of the West and the Poles assiduously helped them to rule. Edited items were not returned, otherwise questions might arise. And so, they say, eternal confusion. request
    2. Vend
      Vend 30 September 2020 15: 32
      We still cannot eradicate Normanism, but we have already refuted all the theses of Normanism, but I continue to hammer some historians like woodpeckers laughing
  2. apro
    apro 30 September 2020 15: 08
    True, this is what is beneficial at the moment specifically to the individual. System ... including the story is one of the varieties. All because of the bubble ... because of the influence on the brain.
  3. prior
    prior 30 September 2020 15: 31
    "We look at our history through the eyes of foreigners"

    It is high time these hooligans were deprived of their sight.
  4. 1536
    1536 30 September 2020 16: 10
    No, really. If we looked at our history through the eyes of foreigners, then a long time ago we would eliminate all the shortcomings and would not engage in nonsense today, would strengthen the foundations of the state, and the people would not constantly seek the goal of refraction to their forces. The whole point is that Russian, then Soviet, and now Russian historiography considers Russian history as a kind of timeline, on which some historical events took place in its different segments. Naturally, they (historians) look at this tape with understanding and condescension. However, this ribbon twists and turns, some of its sections overlap each other, tie into knots or wear out and it is sometimes impossible to understand, and where and when it all began and what it led to. Therefore, many historians and admirers of history in our country perceive the events of 100 years ago as if they happened yesterday and late in the evening, and right in their apartment or in the country. And what happened 1000 years ago in general happened to them, and they know exactly how it was, but, of course, not like someone wrote about it. It looks like a conversation in a pub and in a warm company, but with a famous Russian drink, called in the West "Ruff".
    Western historiography views history in a different way, namely, as the axis of a pyramid, the base of which is the deeds of bygone days, but the basis of everything and everyone. And then on this axis, other rings are layered, formed, put on, complementing and building up each other. Therefore, in the West they know, knock out the base of such a pyramid and the whole structure will settle, if it does not break the axis and collapse. Do they need it? Here lies the "unity" of the West, its monolithic foundations and weak links, its aspiration to resist at any cost and build up the next ring in order to climb up.
    1. Ivan Tixiy
      Ivan Tixiy 30 September 2020 18: 23
      ... Both Western and Russian historiography are subject to the same disease, to the same shortcomings. Underlying the wrong assumptions. It is not for nothing that official historians "gnash their teeth" and accuse amateurs of all mortal sins, not professional historians and historians from among their ranks who dared to show the viciousness of what is happening in the so-called "science" of history. It is enough to read the book of the same Alexander Bushkov "The Planet of Ghosts" or Elena Prudnikova about Stalin's times and there are many more questions than official historians can give answers. This is not a dissertation to defend on the stirrups of the Prussian black hussars ...
  5. Ivan Tixiy
    Ivan Tixiy 30 September 2020 18: 16
    Here is "surprised" !! The most slandered character in Russian history is Ivan the Terrible. Whose merit is this? Barin Karamzin out of idleness decided to write "the history of the Russian state." Wrote. Since he was a Francophile himself, he couldn’t come up with anything smarter than to formalize all the delusions, obvious lies in French sources as the most real truth ..... So she still walks. And this author is an icon for many generations of Russian historians ... and now. In general, history is not a science in the full sense of the word SCIENCE. Where have you seen that mathematicians, for the sake of those in power, recognized that 2 + 2 = 5? There is no such thing and it never happened .... And in history it is always a shame, today he is a hero and tomorrow a dictator, and most importantly the evidence is basically "I think so" .....
  6. iouris
    iouris 30 September 2020 18: 17
    Correctly say - Russophobes.
  7. Pavel57
    Pavel57 30 September 2020 19: 32
    The whole history must be revised. Only there is no one to do it.
    1. iouris
      iouris 1 October 2020 12: 40
      So you get to work. Do I need it? If not you, then who?
  8. Nazar
    Nazar 1 October 2020 05: 48
    rocket757 Dear Victor, you write: "In Russia there was no such tradition, state policy, to destroy originals" - there may not have been a tradition, but Peter's father, Alexei Mikhailovich, burned completely digitized books, this is something like modern registry office records who, where, when and from whom was born - "the ends in the water" hid "Quiet" - from those records it was possible to establish whether these impostors had the right to be called Romanovs. The Solovetsky monastery was taken by storm, all the monks were cut out and the richest library was BURNED for the same reason. When this happened, the "Quiet" was already dying, and before his death his conscience woke up - he gave the order to lift the siege of the monastery ... and later, everything was already burned. So Peter did not have a special need to burn something - his dad carried out a sweep. Here's what Petya completed for his dad, so he reset the Orthodox Church - Alexei Mikhailovich and Nikon began the process, and Petrusha abolished the patriarchate and turned what was left of the Church into one of the departments under his government. And all these "transformations" were accompanied by the mass burning of church literature of the "Old Believers". And further repressions against the Old Believers on the part of Peter's successors on the throne were not conditioned by theological issues at all, but by the dynasty's fears that the Old Believers could have preserved documents shedding light on the true origin of these "Romanovs".
    So it’s not the “Germans” that have to be blamed for distorting history - but this “family” founded by the self-styled “patriarch” and usurped power in the country.
  9. depressant
    depressant 2 October 2020 18: 48
    In any of the cases - the ancient Russian chronicles were seized, not seized, the history of the Russian State to me, as a person who has only a vague idea about it, compiled from school textbooks, seems to be something terrible and dark, filled with pain, despair and suffering of common people.
  10. Rafal Vahitov
    Rafal Vahitov 23 November 2020 08: 14
    And the history of the Tatars was generally ditched.
    According to IBDNe estimates, 200 generations (~ 6000 years ago) the actual size of the ancestral populations of Russians, Bashkirs and Tatars fluctuated around 3000, 30, and 000, respectively. Ethnic Russians have then grown exponentially at an increasing rate over the past 8000 generations to become the largest ethnic group in the plain. After key historical conflicts, including the Mongol invasion, the Russians have not seen any decline in their real population. The only exception is the moderate decline in the 115th century, which is well known in Russian history as the Troubles. Our analysis allows us to conclude that the recent demographic history of two small ethnic groups that came into contact with ethnic Russians in the Volga-Ural region is more eventful. We found that the actual number of Bashkirs and Tatars began to decline during the Mongol invasion. Interestingly, there is an even stronger drop in the effective population, which coincides with the expansion of the Russians to the East. Thus, 17-15 generations ago, that is, in the 20-16 centuries in the trajectories of the Bashkirs and Tatars, we observe bottlenecks of four and twenty thousand, respectively.
    The question is where did the Tatars of the Wild Field go?
  11. Rafal Vahitov
    Rafal Vahitov 23 November 2020 08: 47
    The history of Russia was written to hide the truth about the Russian Tatars. And then for the first time they shouted "Rus tse Evropa" and wrote the story as it is.
    Ukraine deja vu. History repeats itself as a farce.
    Deja vu is what is happening in Ukraine now. If then in Russia perestroika lasted for centuries, now everything is being done for several years. Then everything was directed against the Tatars and the Horde, as well as the Nestorian faith that the Tatars brought to Russia. The Golden Horde was destroyed like the USSR, according to the plan of the puppeteers from TNK Russia should have already collapsed, but it withstood and the whole plan for the collapse of Russia went too far. Now they are adjusting the plan for the collapse of Russia, but they are not canceling. So what to do with what was then and now. The collapse of the Golden Horde and the collapse of the USSR, the Big Horde managed to break up until Russia failed, the civil war between different parts of the Golden Horde, Moscow took over. Troubles in Muscovy and now in Ukraine, an attempt to change religion to Catholic, Boris is ruling both then and now, false tsar False Dmitry 2 appointed false patriarch Filaret and false patriarch Filaret in Ukraine. The uprising of the Cossacks of Stepan Razin and Donbass. The uprising of the Solovetsky Monastery and the Crimea, They burned the servants of the noblewoman Morozova and Odessa. Shout "Rus tse Europe" and "Ukraine tse Europe". History was rewritten in Russia, Patriarch Filaret himself wrote how to understand the times of the Troubles. Metropolitan Cyprian a new history of Rus, they wrote a new false history of Ukraine. Tatar Christians of the Wild Field are rewritten into Russians and Cossacks and change their language, Russians are forced to change their nationality to Ukrainians and forcibly taught the Ukrainian language. They figured out how Russia saved Europe from the Tatar-Mongol hordes, and now Ukraine heroically protects Europe from Russian tank hordes, and in a couple of centuries if they succeed, the Ukrainians will be told about the heroic struggle against totalitarian Russia. Then the Golden Horde is the only country where the most necessary commodity for Europe is furs, and in Europe the Little Ice Age is raging and now only in Russia there are oil and gas reserves that do not belong to TNK that they cannot rob. The whole World was robbed.