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New rocket for strategic bombers

In the course of the current state program of re-equipment of the Russian army, not only military equipment is created and supplied. Not forgotten weapons of various types. On Wednesday it became known that in the coming months, the Air Force will receive a new long-range cruise missile.

New rocket for strategic bombers
X-55 - subsonic airborne cruise missile

According to Interfax, the presence of such plans was told by Deputy Defense Minister A. Sukhorukov. It is alleged that recently there were two test launches that were deemed successful. There are two more test launches in the plans for August, after which a final decision will be made regarding the adoption of the new missile and the corresponding papers are signed. Unfortunately, Sukhorukov did not announce at least the name of the new rocket, not to mention its characteristics. All available official data is limited to the phrase "strategic long-range cruise missile."

Nevertheless, even from such scanty data some conclusions can be drawn, especially in the light of the previously disclosed information. Currently, the Russian air force has two types of strategic air-launched cruise missiles. This X-55 and its deep modernization called X-555. Various modifications of the X-55 family of missiles have a range from two to three thousand kilometers. All of them are equipped with inertial guidance systems with the correction of the flight trajectory along the relief of the flying ground. The essence of this technique consists in combining standard inertial navigation and comparing a reference relief map with an actually “observed” landscape. This guidance provides very good accuracy of entry and does not require any third-party navigation tools like satellite systems. The means of delivering the X-55 and X-555 missiles to the launch site are the Tu-95MS and Tu-160 strategic bombers.

Since the X-55 family of missiles appeared at the beginning of the 80s, work on the creation of new air-based cruise missiles, which would become the successors of the X-55, was carried out for a long time in our country. First, the specialists of the ICB Raduga, engaged in the program of cruise missiles of air basing, tried to make a hypersonic strategic missile. However, after some failures and the collapse of the USSR, they had to return to the old, but well-established concept of a subsonic cruise missile. In the early nineties, the project started X-101 / 102. To reach the launch range in 5500 kilometers, the designers had to give the rocket a larger size than the X-55. This led to an increase in the starting weight of the 700-800 kilogram. According to reports, the weight of the warhead remained the same - 400-410 kg. Similarly, the situation with the range of missiles X-101 and X-102. Changes to the design, the use of the new engine and the update of the navigation system led to a slight increase in maximum speed. She reached 950-970 kilometers per hour. As for the type of warhead of the new missiles, in the X-101 version it carries a conventional charge, and in the X-102 version - nuclear. The power of a nuclear warhead is estimated at 180-200 kilotons.

The start of testing the X-101/102 rocket was planned back in the late nineties, but the situation in the country forced to adjust these plans. As a result, the development, testing and development of a new rocket dragged on for more than ten years. In 2010, it was reported that the X-101 rocket was brought to mind and has very good prospects. At the same time, equipping the far aviation such missiles will require some innovations. First of all, it is necessary to note the corresponding refinement of the onboard equipment of the missile carriers. In addition, in the case of Tu-95MS aircraft, there is another snag of a constructive nature. The cargo compartment of this bomber cannot accommodate new missiles because of their longer length. That is why in the available photographs of the Tu-95MS, the X-101 missiles were suspended on pylons under the wing, two on each. Thus, each Tu-95MS can simultaneously deliver up to eight missiles to the launch point. In the light of existing international agreements on strategic weapons, such an opportunity looks very, very interesting. The fact is that at present, only six X-95/55 missiles inside the cargo bay can carry Tu-555MS. Under-wing pylons are not used under contracts. It is possible that the adoption of the X-101/102 missile will cause an ambiguous reaction of foreign politicians. As for the Tu-160 aircraft, according to reports, they can easily take the full load of twelve missiles, since the size of the cargo compartment and the capacity of the drum launchers allow this.

The situation with the new rocket at the present time can not be called clear and fully understandable, especially with regard to a specific model. The assumption regarding X-101 / 102 is made in view of the high degree of completeness of the project. In addition, in the spring, Defense Minister A. Serdyukov spoke about a certain new strategic air-launched cruise missile, which had already gone to the troops and increased their combat potential. It is possible that a certain amount of X-101 / 102 has already been sent to long-range aviation for the development of new weapons or trial operation. However, there is no complete official data on this issue yet.

The statements of A. Sukhorukov about the new strategic munition, among other things, are interesting also because he mentioned another project designed for a more distant future. According to the deputy minister, by the end of this year, the first tests of the hypersonic missile program will begin. Other details regarding the hypersonic program Sukhorukov did not announce. Perhaps this project is the development or renewal of X-90, which at one time made a lot of noise. It is not necessary to exclude the possibility that the new project only uses the previously collected information, and it is created almost from scratch. However, the first specific information on a promising hypersonic rocket will appear no earlier than the next winter.

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  1. aksakal
    aksakal 10 August 2012 09: 43
    Is there anything to beat back when they try to cut you with a tomahawk? Then the attacker with this hatchet in his hand will be very thoughtful.
    Well, it's time to use such missiles at least to intimidate the borzoi, those who beat ambassadors
    1. Civil
      Civil 10 August 2012 10: 08
      Yes, in general, I would like to see the use of cruise missiles, but purely for educational purposes
      1. asavchenko59
        asavchenko59 11 August 2012 04: 39
        I offer Georgia.
        1. bremest
          bremest 11 August 2012 23: 28
          Better Qatar ........
          1. Bashkaus
            Bashkaus 14 August 2012 20: 45
            Who else is for Qatar, raise your hands! ;)
    2. 11 black
      11 black 10 August 2012 10: 42
      Quote: aksakal
      Well, it's time to use such missiles at least to intimidate the borzoi, those who beat ambassadors

      yeah - I propose to tie their ambassador to the rocket and send him home with hypersonic speed laughing wink
      1. baron.nn
        baron.nn 10 August 2012 12: 42
        11 black:
        Then ours will fly from there ...
    3. baron.nn
      baron.nn 10 August 2012 12: 42
      There are more of them on ships! And more exercises with their application! Especially in the Pacific ...
    4. boraMSK
      boraMSK 11 August 2012 15: 20
      they give us tomahawks - and we have a mace ..) but in general I have long wanted to know what we have by analogy with the promoted brand "tomahawk"
      1. skiff-xnumx
        skiff-xnumx 11 August 2012 16: 04
        KR X-55, X-555, X-101/102. And with a range of less than 1000 km you’ll get tired of listing at all
        1. Windbreak
          Windbreak 11 August 2012 16: 36
          these are rather analogs of the American air-launched cruise missiles AGM-86 and AGM-129. And the analogue of the tomahawk is the RK-55 "Granat"
          1. skiff-xnumx
            skiff-xnumx 11 August 2012 17: 03
            RK-55 "Granat" is, so to speak, a modification of the X-55. Kh-101/102 are based both on submarines and on aircraft.
    5. Bars90
      Bars90 3 September 2012 23: 23
      Tomahawk them and our cleaver ... angry
  2. bairat
    bairat 10 August 2012 10: 16
    Friends, develop my doubts about our main strategic bomber Tu-95. In the First World War there was a glorious bomber "Ilya Muromets", could it be somehow "deeply modernized" so that it would fit in 20 years on the fields of the Second World War? It seems to me not, even the DB and TB of the 30s had time to become obsolete by the war. And here is a project of the 50s of the last century, isn't it a waste of time and money?
    1. 11 black
      11 black 10 August 2012 10: 39
      I think this rocket is intended in the 1 line for supersonic ones 160 of which we have 16 pieces and each carries 12 rockets - total 184 rockets * per 200 kilotons = end to any aggressor wink
      and about a hypersonic missile, so it is most likely developed under the PAK YES which is promised in 2020 - 2025, it’s good that they are already developing - both the aircraft and the armament for it will be ready, so don’t worry, we have and will have an answer))
    2. KA
      KA 10 August 2012 10: 55
      And why doesn’t it suit you?
      The Americans (who are much richer than us) still use the B-52, which made its first flight on April 15, 1952, and began to operate in February 1955 and they are not going to write it off.
      1. Bashkaus
        Bashkaus 14 August 2012 20: 58
        In addition, B52 is planned to be used for a very long time. Not just because they have old planes at airfields in the desert, they can remove parts for parts for another hundred years. The only question is how reliable they will be.
    3. upasika1918
      upasika1918 10 August 2012 11: 42
      Glider may be old. The main stuffing (full stuffing is fashionable) and People. People who are able to give an order, and People who are ready to fulfill it. (I think so). But the German landing on Red Square could well be a suicide bomber with any charge on board. And he didn’t fly on a super device. I am an amateur in strategic aviation. If I'm talking nonsense, correct it.
      1. Gemar
        Gemar 10 August 2012 13: 50
        Quote: upasika1918
        But the German landing on Red Square could well be a suicide bomber with any charge on board. And he didn’t fly on a super device

        Indeed, not a super apparatus. Most likely, part of the cladding is made of carbon fiber or other lightweight and non-radio-contrast material. Plus, he flew around the terrain. So there is nothing surprising in his "air defense breakthrough". If the same device is launched in Europe (well, it is in ... ooo), the Europeans, most likely, will also "screw it up". Also, I have suspicions that the Europeans and the more serious apparatus may miss, as they missed our SU-27, which flew half of Europe.
        And the German apparatus, really could corny take on board a couple of tens of kilograms of explosives and crash into ... Mausoleum for example.
        1. nnz226
          nnz226 10 August 2012 22: 40
          In the midst of the Cold War, our pilot ejected from a falling MiG-23 somewhere over Poland, but the plane did not fall and flew EQUALLY AND STRAIGHTLY (!!!) to the west, so all NATO air defense got wet, and the squeal was heard only when , having "eaten" all the fuel, the plane crashed somewhere in the Netherlands or Belgium. So there are bugs everywhere
          the question is, what do you miss: an empty plane or with such a stuffing ...
          1. Bashkaus
            Bashkaus 14 August 2012 21: 03
            July 4, 1989 at 11.21 Moscow time from the airfield of one of
            air units of the Northern group of Soviet troops in the area of ​​the city of Kolobrzeg
            (Poland) MiG 23M fighter piloted by pilot
            1st grade and head of the political division of the air division Colonel Nikolai

            At the 41st second of a training flight over the Baltic coast of Poland on
            altitude of 150 meters, the pilot detected a drop in aircraft engine thrust
            MiG-23. Turning the car to the sea, the pilot ejected.

            Before landing, Skuridin managed to notice how the fighter crossed
            coastline and lost in the background of the waves.

            Locators lost the object, and fighters flying after the emergency MiG
            they did not find him.

            It was decided that the plane crashed into the sea. Messages from Western radio stations about
            that the Soviet MiG-23 with tail number 29 fell in the vicinity
            Brussels, became a complete surprise to the Soviet military

            Left without a pilot, the Mig-23 flew another 900 km.

            According to the flight recorder, 6 seconds after
            bailout the engine suddenly began to increase speed, and the plane
            continued the flight with a slight climb in automatic mode.
          2. tforik
            tforik 14 August 2012 22: 42
            True truth! It doesn't even seem to explode on landing
        2. Denzel13
          Denzel13 11 August 2012 09: 34
          Here, already that was discussed by Rust, someone wrote that our fighters actually led him, but so far the country's leadership was thinking of knocking down or not he landed.
        3. Bashkaus
          Bashkaus 14 August 2012 21: 01
          Lord, how many times to repeat, the Germans were fired from the border itself and the fighters were lifted into the air, just remember what were the times, perestroika and glasnost, and most importantly, who was in power. There was only one thing: a strong-willed decision to destroy. No one after the Korean Boeing, who went to feed the fish and public resonance about this around the world, did not want to take responsibility.
    4. Check
      Check 10 August 2012 11: 43
      Well, as far as I know, the Tu-95 is the fastest turbo-propeller bomber in the world, it has a fairly high speed and long range. he still fly and fly)))
      1. alexng
        alexng 11 August 2012 18: 56
        Why not
      2. 11 black
        11 black 13 August 2012 10: 27
        I agree that 95 is still young compared to b52)) and do not forget that we have the FASTEST BOMBERS IN THE WORLD - this couple can cool anyone’s head for a long time wink
    5. baron.nn
      baron.nn 10 August 2012 12: 44
      Look at the American B 52 ... Our still young aircraft compared to the old American ...
    6. ward
      ward 10 August 2012 21: 00
      With this range, the launch takes place outside the air defense zone ... therefore many parameters are not critical ... plus ..
    7. laurbalaur
      laurbalaur 11 August 2012 11: 52
      The B-52 has been flying even longer since 1952. You do not compare the costs of the production of Ilya Muromets and such types of aircraft as the B-52 and TU -95.
    8. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 14 August 2012 20: 53
      No, the Tu-95MS of the 80s release has similarities with the Tu95 of the late 50s only because the glider itself proved to be excellent (how long have you seen a modernized spoon?). In fact, these are completely different cars. Yes, it is a turboprop, but it has proved itself to be very efficient, moreover, it is economical, and its speed is not inferior to modern passenger liners and cruises at 750-800km / h
      The important thing is that inside, avionics is completely new there and modernized as far as scientific and technical progress, and about a rocket it’s a separate song;
      In addition, Tu95 honestly do not care for all this, when missiles are launched a thousand km before entering the enemy air defense, and do not care if the missile range is increased to 5 thousand.
      In addition, if you look at the B52, you will notice that it is still older than the Tu95, moreover, the Americans have the youngest B52 of the late 60s, and our 80s. so all the way through. But B1 is more correct to compare with Tu160, but even here the Swan on TTX in all areas sticks its nose B1
  3. cucun
    cucun 10 August 2012 11: 03
    AK-47 in 30 years will be very good. deadly and effective ...
    1. patsantre
      patsantre 10 August 2012 12: 54
      The Papuans are already refusing it.
      1. Gemar
        Gemar 10 August 2012 13: 58
        Quote: patsantre
        AK-47 in 30 years will be very good. deadly and effective ...

        Quote: patsantre
        The Papuans are already refusing it.

        Either under someone’s pressure, or they’re just ... Papuans. AK-47 is certainly not ice, because there are automatic machines of the AK family and newer. However, the AK-47 shutter is still the most reliable in the world. This is even recognized by Americans.
        1. patsantre
          patsantre 10 August 2012 18: 25
          And what? You won’t go out on reliability alone. If you rely only on it, there will be no progress. But the AK-47, namely 47, has long been outdated antiques.
          1. ward
            ward 10 August 2012 22: 16
            You see, AKA normally shoots at 500-600 meters ... my best result is from hands on 600 meters while running ... and most importantly, it shoots in any conditions ... of course there are all kinds of weapons ... but I shoot from Kalash, I’m sure that the shot will be fired ...
            1. tforik
              tforik 14 August 2012 22: 45
              Fantasy! On a moving target with 600 m from the SVD it is sooo hard to hit. with optics.
              And then from Kalash))
          2. Denzel13
            Denzel13 11 August 2012 09: 38
            So smart?
            There are no yet sane and brought alternatives to the AK family for combined arms.
            I am writing this as an active user with 14 years of experience.
            1. ward
              ward 11 August 2012 10: 58
              Well, something tells me that you didn’t really have the opportunity to compare ... and it is unlikely that you shot it after a three-day walk through the swamp ... minus .. although your article about NATO losses is very good ....
              1. Denzel13
                Denzel13 12 August 2012 15: 11
                Ward so that you have an understanding.
                I served in the reconnaissance of the Airborne Forces and it so happened that the entire family of "Abakan" was used, as well as some "trophy" samples. And let it be known to you that there were moments that the group was in the most severe city .... shche (both in the weather and operational-tactical terms) for much more than 3 days and quite successfully used the available weapons.
                I also advise you to pay attention to the words "... for combined arms", as this implies the use of weapons by fighters with below average qualifications, or even without it. Earlier I wrote that any special or reconnaissance operation implies the use of the most suitable weapons. The unified weapon here will have obviously lower characteristics, but for military operations it will be the very thing. And here there really are no alternatives to the AK family.
                1. bachast
                  bachast 12 August 2012 15: 51
                  What an interesting syllable you have!
                  "both in weather and operational-tactical terms"
                  "below average fighters""and even without it"
                  "Unified weapons here will have deliberately lower characteristics."-how the characteristics of the weapon can change is very interesting
                  "special or intelligence"- although intelligence is already classified as" special actions "

                  I also advise you to pay attention to the words "... for combined arms", since this Implies underneath the use of weapons by fighters with qualifications below the average, or even without it.
                  sane brought alternative
                  -liked this)
      2. Firstvanguard
        Firstvanguard April 1 2013 13: 52
        Quote: patsantre
        The Papuans are already refusing it.

        In favor of the AK-74m wassat
    2. v53993
      v53993 11 August 2012 10: 28
      Moreover, not susceptible to cyber attacks and electronic warfare.
    3. tforik
      tforik 14 August 2012 22: 43
      You can also say that they didn’t come up with anything better than paper clips for 200 years. What for us holes))?
  4. Gazprom
    Gazprom 10 August 2012 11: 12
    here is a reptile "stooltkin", shoves a new rocket, in spite of such honest generals like Thunder;)
  5. Apollo
    Apollo 10 August 2012 11: 19
    Equipping the armed forces with modern types of weapons and caring for military personnel is a guarantee that the state will repulse any enemy ..
  6. GG2012
    GG2012 10 August 2012 11: 24
    And where is the inscription on the rocket "To the Pentagon!" ??? !!!
    1. boraMSK
      boraMSK 11 August 2012 15: 26
      from the inside)
    2. tforik
      tforik 14 August 2012 22: 51
      Coming soon to Beijing)
  7. aksakal
    aksakal 10 August 2012 11: 59
    Quote: GG2012
    And where is the inscription on the rocket "To the Pentagon!" ??? !!!

    - Will be later! They haven’t delivered the paint yet.
  8. patsantre
    patsantre 10 August 2012 12: 56
    Given the number of Tu-160s and their vulnerability, a good missile can be useless.
    Therefore, it must be adapted for nuclear submarines, for example, for Ash.
    But we still have no modern tactical missiles ...
    1. skiff-xnumx
      skiff-xnumx 10 August 2012 15: 37
      X101 / 102 main armament of Project 885 "Ash" MPLATRK. But missile readiness causes a delay in the adoption of Project 885 ships
      1. patsantre
        patsantre 10 August 2012 18: 26
        Oh, just fine, I didn’t know. Is it possible to link?
        1. skiff-xnumx
          skiff-xnumx 10 August 2012 19: 16
          Yes, at least here: but there is a lot of speculation

          or here it’s more obvious here
    2. 11 black
      11 black 11 August 2012 11: 29
      Quote: patsantre
      Given the number of Tu-160 and their vulnerability

      pratsantra - well, about the quantity, but you can’t argue with us there is little, but as for vulnerability, I don’t think so that a supersonic bomber with powerful electronic warfare equipment is so vulnerable, they are called terminators and blackjackers for invulnerability.
      1. patsantre
        patsantre 11 August 2012 19: 59
        Yes, no, I meant vulnerability to a preemptive strike, while it is defenseless at the airport, it is necessary to make them as combat-ready as possible.
    3. Firstvanguard
      Firstvanguard April 1 2013 13: 56
      From this place, in more detail, please, about the vulnerability of TU-160, maybe I missed something?
  9. Ascetic
    Ascetic 10 August 2012 14: 02
    March 20, 2012 Russian Minister of Defense A. Serdyukov in a speech at an expanded meeting of the board of the Ministry of Defense said that the Russian Armed Forces were in service a new long-range air-based cruise missile.
    Rocket Kh-101 / "product 111"
    Rocket X-102 (version with nuclear warhead)

    Control system and guidance - according to the media, the KRBD is equipped with an "Sprut" optoelectronic flight trajectory correction system with a television guidance system at the final stage., the rocket is equipped with an inertial guidance system using an on-board computer with correction according to digital reference maps of flight correction areas using laser (optical-electronic) data altimeter. At the final stage of the flight, an optical or radar correlation seeker is probably used.
    Engines - small-size turbofan engine, presumably, RD-95TM-300 with a thrust of 360 kg, extended from the bottom of the fuselage after launch. Perhaps it is not the engine that extends, but the air intake of the engine. In the Western media there is information about the variant of the rocket engine with a turbofan engine
    Weight - 2200-2400 kg
    Mass of warhead - 400 kg
    Length - 7.6 m (estimate)
    Wingspan - 4.4 m (estimate)
    Case diameter - 0.75 m (estimate)
    Area of ​​EPR - 0.01 sq.m
    Range - 5000-5500 km
    Maximum speed - 250-270 m / s
    Cruising speed - 190-200 m / s
    Flight altitude:
    - minimal - 30-70 m
    - maximum marching - 6000 m
    - 12-20 m
    - 6-9 m (during testing,)
    - 100 m (mod. With nuclear warhead,
    Presumably the prototype of the X-101 CRBD of the 2010 model under Tu-95MS, summer 2010 (fragment of a photo by Denis Apalkov,

    By hypersound apparently stopped at the project MKB "Raduga"
    At the Raduga Design Bureau, several prototypes and designs of hypersonic models for testing hypersonic aircraft engines were developed, two of which (Model 1 and Model 2) were tested in flights in 1973-78 and 1980-1985, respectively. The IBC, together with TsAGI, provided information on this at the MAKS-97 air show.
    In the early 1990s, the ICD developed a new class system - hypersonic experimental aircraft (GELA). In the West, there is the name cruise missile AS-19 Koala (previously the designation AS-X-19 was used to KR "Meteorite"), since initially the system had a military purpose. This X-90 supersonic cruise missile with a range of 3000 km was created to replace the X-55. A missile can carry two individually guided warheads capable of hitting two targets 100 km distant. The X-90 carrier could be an elongated version of the Tu-160M. Work on the rocket was suspended in 1992. (I wrote about this more than once already; I will not be clear to everyone why and why)
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 10 August 2012 14: 09
      The history of the X-90 began in 1971. Then the developers turned to the government of the USSR with a project to build small strategic cruise missiles that could operate at low altitudes, applying to the terrain. This proposal did not find a response then from the leadership, however, after the United States in 1975 began the development of strategic cruise missiles (Cruise Missile), they remembered it. The developers of the missiles were ordered to begin development in mid-1976. It was supposed to be completed by mid-1982. Already by December 31, 1983, the missile was supposed to be adopted. One of the main requirements was to provide the rocket with supersonic speed.
      In the late 70s, the X-90 reached a speed of 2,5-3M, and in the 80s it was already 3-4 M. At that time, the X-90 GLA equipped with a ramjet engine was about 12 meters long. The current rocket does not exceed 8-9 meters. After separation from the carrier aircraft at an altitude of 7000-20000 meters, the triangular wings are opened, with a wingspan of about seven meters, and also the tail. Then, the solid-fuel accelerator is turned on, which accelerates the rocket to supersonic speed, after which the main engine, providing a speed of 4-5 M, enters into action. The radius of action is 3500 kilometers.
      The United States at one time abandoned their development for financial reasons, and limited to subsonic. In Russia, the work was also carried out inconsistently, but the pauses were short. Already in July 2001, the press announced the launch of the Topol missile. Noteworthy was the unusual behavior of ballistic warheads for ballistic specialists. Then it was not confirmed that the warhead is equipped with its own engine, allowing it to maneuver in the atmosphere with hypersonic speed. The already mentioned February 2004 exercises, first held throughout Russia since 1982, turned out to be a real sensation. During these exercises, two ballistic missiles were launched: one “Topol-M” and one RS-18. As it turned out later, the RS-18 was equipped with some kind of experimental apparatus. He went into space, and then again “dived” into the atmosphere. This maneuver seems incredible with the current level of technology. At the moment the warhead enters the dense atmosphere, its speed is 5000 m / s (approx. 18000 km / h). Therefore, the warhead must have special protection against overloads and overheating. Apparently, the device tested during the exercises is similar to the X-90. To this day, its true appearance is a state secret.
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic 10 August 2012 14: 18
        Instead of the usual warhead, which follows an unchanged trajectory, and could theoretically be intercepted by a missile defense, the RS-18 had a device capable of changing the altitude and direction of flight, and thus overcome any, including the American missile defense system. Asked by reporters how he thinks the US will react to the news, President Putin said
        “The US itself is actively developing its own weapons.”
        “Together with other states, Russia is responsible for stability and security on the vast Eurasian continent”
        According to Russian experts, equipping even a small part of this arsenal with winged warheads will make Russian missile forces “decades ahead” invulnerable to any missile defense system.
        a hypersonic warhead is not the only development in this direction. There are also programs “Cold" and flying laboratory "Needle", on which the details of the Russian aerospace aircraft (RAKS) are tested. All of them can be part of a single creation plan. a maneuvering warhead invulnerable to a promising missile defense.
        At an altitude of 7-20 km. Koala is separated from the bomber.
        Immediately after this, the triangular wings unfold and the solid fuel engine starts
        1. Ascetic
          Ascetic 10 August 2012 14: 28
          The idea of ​​overcoming missile defense systems is basically not new. Back in the 60s, a project was created in the USSR “global rocket. ” The idea was to use the launch vehicle to bring the warhead to near-earth orbit where it was turned into an artificial Earth satellite. Then, on command, the brake engine turned on, and the warhead was sent to any target for its destruction. At that time, the United States established its missile defense system based on the fact that Soviet missiles would fly at the shortest distance through the north pole. It is hard to imagine anything better as a weapon of the first strike, since global missiles could attack the United States from a southern direction, where the Americans did not have radars that could detect flying missiles and take countermeasures. November 19, 1968, this Soviet system was adopted and in small numbers put on combat duty. At the Baikanur cosmodrome, 18 R-36 orb missiles were deployed. (orbital) mine-based. After the conclusion of the OSV-2 agreement prohibiting orbital rockets, the system was dismantled. Although the treaty was not ratified, the USSR and the USA adhered to its terms. In 1982, the dismantling and destruction of the R-36 orb. Began, which ended by May 1984. Launch complexes were blown up
          Perhaps now, at a new technological level, the system will survive a rebirth. This means that the US missile defense system, in which SSCHA is investing tens of billions of dollars, loses its meaning. Therefore, the United States is now starting to deploy radar systems near the Russian borders in order to detect and destroy missiles immediately after launch, before the separation of the warhead.
          But for this, according to experts, there are a number of countermeasures, partially developed in the framework of the Soviet program of countering SDI. So attempts to intercept can be hampered by the fact that the rocket, in the active phase of the flight, performs an orbital maneuver, For example, the Topol-M rocket can commit vertical and horizontal maneuvers. In addition, a trajectory that does not leave the dense layers of the atmosphere makes interception difficult. And in a critical situation, they can return to the idea global rockets. And this is not a complete list of countermeasures to avoid the interception of missiles at the active stage. When the X-90 hypersonic warhead separates from the missile, it is practically invulnerable.
          My webpage
          1. Letun
            Letun 10 August 2012 14: 58
            Ascetic, thank you, pleased. I already thought that all our opposition to the American missile defense comes down to beging for written guarantees of non-directivity against Russia good
          2. Denzel13
            Denzel13 11 August 2012 09: 43
            Thank you ascetic. Interesting.
          3. JackTheRipper
            JackTheRipper 11 August 2012 13: 06
            Thank you ascetic. As always, a lot of information and everything in the subject.
  10. sonyr
    sonyr 10 August 2012 15: 10
    Ascetic handsome, read out
  11. sd34rewfg
    sd34rewfg 10 August 2012 17: 19
    An amazing country - amazing people, it was necessary to steal the database from specials. of services
    and put it on the Internet, I'm just amazed. And now everyone can find out information about each of us.
    When I saw it, I got scared because everyone had access to my phone numbers, addresses, personal correspondence in social networks. networks.
    You never know what idiots there are. But I already figured out and deleted my page, which I advise you to and quickly !!!
  12. USNik
    USNik 10 August 2012 17: 34
    Strange, 5th generation fighters should fly on cruising supersonic, and the new CRs are subsonic? What nonsense? RCC supersonic and KR no? I don’t understand.
    1. skiff-xnumx
      skiff-xnumx 10 August 2012 18: 10
      Who told you that the X-101/102 is subsonic. There is so little information on this system that it is difficult to make an idea of ​​its performance characteristics. RCC is the mission of the rocket and not its classification. Suppose RCC family Caliber is also a CD. The only thing that can be said with 99% probability is that it implements an algorithm for firing at a moving target. Most likely, these missiles implement the following flight algorithm: the speed on the route is subsonic, and on approach to the target and attack supersonic. At least it is not correct to compare the plane and the CR, not the weight and size characteristics. Accordingly, the fuel and engine reserves are different.
  13. andrei332809
    andrei332809 10 August 2012 19: 31
    I am a little surprised by the ratio of the speed and range of the product. No flight on the map of the area will hide it from air defense
  14. andrei332809
    andrei332809 10 August 2012 19: 54
    I’ll tell the story now. In the serial number 90x the loaf (949) was supposed to go on fire. But the targets and their setting are very expensive and there is not enough money. Also, the pvoshniks don’t have enough money for the targets. pulnul, and cottons hunted for them. and hit, bastards
    1. iSpoiler
      iSpoiler 11 August 2012 17: 18
      Bullshit ... we have an anti-aircraft gun on the heels hollowed on the lighting shots from the mortar MP 120))))))))
  15. vylvyn
    vylvyn 11 August 2012 00: 37
    Quotations - "The statements of A. Sukhorukov about the new strategic ammunition, among other things, are interesting because he mentioned another project for a longer perspective. According to the Deputy Minister, the first tests under the hypersonic missile program will begin by the end of this year. "

    Such projects should not be issued in the distant future, but today, for dinner. Because by dinner, the Americans will give out their own.
    1. v53993
      v53993 11 August 2012 10: 40
      It would be nice to give or sell pieces of 20 products to Chavez, so that the states think about their fate.
      1. v53993
        v53993 11 August 2012 17: 58
        Well, finally, the normal reaction of a healthy Jewish body. Look for a place, and maybe look.
        Although, I do not promise, and even more so I do not guarantee.
  16. Denzel13
    Denzel13 11 August 2012 09: 46
    Every city of a potential enemy has a rocket! (Better two)
    1. v53993
      v53993 11 August 2012 10: 42
      I agree, this will really be the best national program
  17. v53993
    v53993 11 August 2012 10: 33
    "Perhaps a number of Kh-101/102 have already been sent to long-range aviation for the development of new weapons or trial operation."
    I propose to combine the trial operation with an air defense check of Israel and maybe Turkey. They are asking for it today. And program the flight route in such a way (since the flight range allows) that the rocket surges from somewhere from one of the NATO countries. For example, from the old list of England.
    1. 11 black
      11 black 11 August 2012 11: 32
      yes why - they are so when the step of our poplar saw almost got over))
      UFO see UFO wink
  18. Uncle Serozha
    Uncle Serozha 11 August 2012 13: 22
    Thanks for the stuff. I would like to know what (if anyone knows): is the new missile intended only for the Air Force, or is it possible to launch it from offshore platforms - ships and submarines?
    American Tomahawks can be launched both from aircraft and from ships. Is this considered reasonable by us, or is a special modification being created for sailors?
    1. skiff-xnumx
      skiff-xnumx 11 August 2012 15: 00
      It was written above, look carefully. These are project 885 boats and USK ships, but I think they will not be used from ships with a displacement of not more than 4000 tons
    2. Windbreak
      Windbreak 11 August 2012 16: 22
      Americans abandoned the development of airborne Tomahawks in favor of AGM-86
  19. ad3wsafdf
    ad3wsafdf 12 August 2012 00: 43
    The authorities of our country have done a lot, but this is already too much.
    I generally accidentally found him
    Here is information about each of us, for example: relatives, friends, correspondence from social networks.
    And most importantly, it is accessible to everyone, I was really scared at first - you never know what moron there will climb
    Well, the truth is that you can delete all
  20. sasha127
    sasha127 12 August 2012 09: 27
    Harosha rocket and Harosha’s guidance sister. In Bay conditions, it’s safer than satellite.
    1. skiff-xnumx
      skiff-xnumx 12 August 2012 17: 29
      In Russian, TWO.
  21. TOXSOR
    TOXSOR 19 August 2012 19: 19
    Of course, it’s too early to bomb someone, but to build up firepower it is imperative and desirable to quietly, and not to blow the whole world, and so they’ll have a surprise good
  22. Bars90
    Bars90 3 September 2012 23: 25
    Tomahawk them and our cleaver ... angry