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"Russian submarines have become more powerful": the German Defense Ministry on the shackling of NATO forces


Modern submarines, despite their small numbers, pose a disproportionate threat that has long come from more than just the torpedoes they carry. Fighting them with the old methods has become meaningless.

The fleet is smaller but more powerful

As noted by Ministry of Defense of Germany, submarines pose an invisible danger even to major maritime powers.

They are very difficult to find, they tie up resources - ships, helicopters, airplanes, which because of this become inaccessible for other operations [...] The more modern they become, the greater the danger they come from, even from individual submarines

- indicates the German military department.

With the development of military technology, the combat potential of submarines increases significantly, which allows maintaining the balance of power, despite the reduction in the number of submarines.

From the point of view of the Western alliance, this means: even if the number of Russian submarines has decreased since the end of the Cold War, the remaining ones, including the newly minted ones, are on average much more powerful than the old Soviet ones.

- believes the Ministry of Defense of Germany, pointing out that the activity of submarines of the Russian Navy has increased significantly since 2014.

So, in December 2019, ten submarines simultaneously participated in maneuvers in the North and Barents Seas.

This is an exceptional concentration, only because 58 Russian submarines fleet distributed over four seas distant from each other

- note the German military.

Act first?

According to the FRG Ministry of Defense, the purpose of the exercises conducted by the Russian Navy is to train penetration deep into the Atlantic. In the past, submarines in the North Sea were largely responsible for forward defenses, protecting strategic missile submarines further northeast. However, today this area has become a staging ground for the offensive.

This transformation was caused by a change in the main caliber of Russian submarines: now they are not torpedoes, but long-range cruise missiles. As explained by the German military department, the "Calibers" launched by "Ashes" west of Norway will reach any point along the entire coast of the North Sea, including strategically important transshipment ports such as Bremerhaven or Rotterdam.

Russia demonstrated the capabilities of this missile in 2015, when ships from the Caspian Sea fired at territories in Syria with its help.

- explains the Ministry of Defense of Germany, supporting the conclusion of the Hudson Institute, whose experts recommend refraining from large-scale defense:

Instead of trying to drive out submarines […], the center of gravity should be shifted to offensive operations in order to prevent the deployment of enemy submarines in launch locations.

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  1. Grandfather
    Grandfather 27 September 2020 04: 40
    the itching of the Germans is very clear, with the appearance of "calibers", it will not work to sit aside. before they prayed for "tomogavki", but here is an unpleasant otvetka. The way out of the situation is simple: sit exactly on the priest, and everything will be gut.
    1. Private-K
      Private-K 27 September 2020 08: 10
      NATO's naval strategic concept implied focusing the forces of the European NATO countries on ASW against Soviet nuclear submarines and diesel-electric submarines. Even the Americans diligently bent the British in this direction ...
      The German speaks correctly, for himself. PLO really diverts a lot of all kinds of resources and, at the same time, is a passive defense that is not capable of an offensive - namely, only an offensive is capable of defeating the enemy. In order for NATO to inflict defeat on the Russian fleet, they need to conduct offensive operations, and not guard the perimeter.
      Well, since the northern NATO members cannot conduct offensive naval actions at all, it would be good for them to "get off the hook" and redirect resources to something else. Double profit from a cunning German. And everything is logical. ;))
    2. Vladimir_6
      Vladimir_6 27 September 2020 09: 05
      Quote: Dead Day
      the way out of the situation is simple: sit exactly on the priest, and everything will be gut.

      As the cat Leopold says: "Guys, let's live together!"
    3. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 28 September 2020 15: 30
      Quote: Dead Day
      the itching of the Germans is perfectly understandable,

      Quote: Private-K
      PLO really distracts a lot of all kinds of resources

      We can understand Hans' lament. Here are just the article, the admins dissected a little not exactly.
      The main thoughts and messages of this article:
      - The growth of China's submarine forces forces the United States to transfer its PLB forces to the Pacific Ocean, therefore NATO is responsible for the PLB in the Atlantic.
      - Torpedo weapons are no longer the most dangerous submarine weapons, because The main weapon of the new Russian submarines was the KR (KRBD).
      - This caused the shift of the PLB (RBD) areas from the North to the Barents Sea.
      - Researchers from American Hudson Institute expect an increase in the range of SLCMs to 1000 miles, which allows Ash from the water area west of Norway to keep at gunpoint the entire coast of the North Sea.
      = Therefore SPECIALISTS of the Hudson Institute consider it necessary to transfer the PLB to the water area of ​​the Barents Sea, to fight the submarines of the Russian Northern Fleet being deployed in the RBD.
      Further in the article, the author mentions that SN submarines are capable of landing SN (DRG) forces on the coast for operations similar to those carried out in Crimea in 2014.
      Also mentioned is a submarine of the "AS-31" type, which, according to the author, can submerge up to 2500m and work with communication cables, through which up to 90% of information goes from the USA to Europe.
      But, unlike our admins, the author in his article posted a photo of SEVERODVINSK (not Dm. Donskoy) and indicated that this is the most dangerous Russian submarine with a CD on board ...
      (In short, our ... did not change diapers.)
      Now that why Hans's weeping rose.
      The responsibility for maintaining the operational regime in the North Sea is entrusted to NATO to the German Navy. And our submarines with KRBD on board now do not need to break through the lines of the PLO in the RBD in order to complete the assigned task. Therefore, now the maneuvering forces of the PLB need to go to the Norwegian Sea themselves, look for our submarines / submarines, in order to prevent them from hitting the naval base and the ports of unloading of the US expeditionary forces in Europe ...
      And this is a completely different song ... about the main thing! These are continuous problems: communications, supplies, refueling, etc. (Overhead!)
  2. leks
    leks 27 September 2020 04: 41
    Oh, more Would, these submarines in the Navy. RF.
    Otherwise, everything is right and right!
    1. Nikolay Ivanov_5
      Nikolay Ivanov_5 27 September 2020 06: 09
      Before the increase, it is necessary at least to resolve the issues: how to increase the production of "Calibers" at least tenfold, solve the problems with delivery to the bases, simplify and increase the safety of loading missiles onto launch vehicles, and also where to store a large number of missiles before loading onto submarines or ships.
  3. Santa Fe
    Santa Fe 27 September 2020 05: 34
    Russian submarines have become more powerful ":

    How did they succeed ??
    All the same submarines as decades ago, no extensive upgrades were carried out either.

    Over the past 19 years, only one nuclear-powered multipurpose boat (K-560) has been commissioned

    The Germans are dark about something ...
    1. Victor_B
      Victor_B 27 September 2020 05: 41
      Quote: Santa Fe
      The Germans are dark about something ...

      They scare potential buyers of their boats with our successes.
      And they diverge quite well.
    2. hrych
      hrych 27 September 2020 06: 13
      Combat power is determined by strike weapons. And it has become more versatile and the range has multiplied. Now the boats do not need to enter the ASW core. Why did the Germans point out that the old methods of struggle were pointless. The message of the article is that we need to go from defense to offensive and pin down our strength in our waters. But again, they forgot to mention Poseidon, which changes reality. Forgotten Petrel, which does not require the submarine to reach the line of attack. Those. the samples do not need a carrier at all, an intercontinental torpedo and a cruise missile. And even if our nuclear submarines are pinned down, our promising means have work. Rotterdam must be destroyed.
      1. Sergey Sfiedu
        Sergey Sfiedu 27 September 2020 07: 39
        "Combat power is determined by strike weapons. But it has become more universal and the range has increased several times" - and how many submarines have received new strike weapons?
        And Rotterdam is not Carthage, how did it not please you? The Dutch will honor your post and write - "Petersburg must be destroyed." It will be very nice.
        1. hrych
          hrych 27 September 2020 07: 47
          They already tried to destroy Peter. It didn't work out. Now the EU, i.e. The Fourth Reich must fall. The strike armament of Varshavyanka and MRK has already been demonstrated. And Shchuki-B in the nomenclature already had a Garnet. And this is the same Caliber but without GLONASS. And there is such a concept - perspective. It doesn't matter what now, but it is important that Ash trees are being completed, and Zircon is being tested. Well, we are not naked. I repeat, Pomegranate on Pike and Granite on Antaeus right now.
          1. Sergey Sfiedu
            Sergey Sfiedu 27 September 2020 08: 01
            "Now the EU, ie the Fourth Reich must fall" - thank you. listen to less propagandists from TV. Have you read what their salary is? Such mad grandmothers will not pay for the truth. The EU is our most important trade and technological partner, without it our economy will sag so that it will not seem like a little, a lot of people in Europe treat Russia with great sympathy, a lot of businessmen want to do business with Russia, and many of them are already doing business in Russia. Do you just think the President and the Government are fighting every day to find mutual understanding with Europe? and you are so easy - the EU - the fourth Reich, to destroy ... If only you read that for a start about the people you are going to destroy.
            1. hrych
              hrych 27 September 2020 08: 12
              And, with sausages and skins (not to you), it makes no sense to talk about the achievements of the military-industrial complex on the site. Already passed, they say, tanks on pans ... I'm not people, but the Reich, i.e. I want to destroy the EU and free them from slavery, refugees were brought to them, their morality and the foundations of society are being destroyed. And these salaries do not help when gays impose their own rules. By the way, the destruction of the EU is in full swing. Have you heard of Brexit?
              1. K298rtm
                K298rtm 27 September 2020 17: 49
                I only learned about the war in Syria from you, what kind of Brexit is there.
                1. hrych
                  hrych 27 September 2020 18: 48
                  Quote: K298rtm
                  I only learned about the war in Syria from you, what kind of Brexit is there.

                  Already good wassat It's just that if the recognition worked even better, then Brexit for you would be a direct consequence of the events in Syria.
            2. Boa kaa
              Boa kaa 28 September 2020 14: 11
              Quote: Sergey Sfyedu
              If only you would have read that for a start about the people you are going to destroy.

              People everywhere are good ... there are no bad people ... Well, well ...
              But where do Hitlers and Pinochets come from?
              And why no one asks "their peoples" when the governments of the EU countries are going to impose sanctions on Russia on an absolutely far-fetched pretext? (Imaginary poisoning of the Anal) ...
              Snotty humanism is good in a children's sandbox, and not on a geopolitical chessboard, where the fate of countries and peoples is decided.
  4. 7,62h54
    7,62h54 27 September 2020 05: 42
    "... the rest, including the newly-made ones, are on average much more powerful than the old Soviet ones ..."
    Yes, Karl, more powerful.
  5. bald
    bald 27 September 2020 06: 56
    Someone, but Germany remembers well the Second World War, what damage it inflicted on the coalition with its submarine fleet. Only that was then.
  6. Doccor18
    Doccor18 27 September 2020 07: 14
    The fleet has become smaller, but more powerful ..

    It sounds like: the neck has become thinner, but longer ...
    But seriously, if the 885 had replaced at least the 949A, then we could talk about strengthening the fleet, with a general decrease. In the meantime, we can only talk about a decrease ... unfortunately.
    1. D16
      D16 27 September 2020 10: 50
      It sounds like: the neck has become thinner, but longer ...

      Shorter but thicker laughing
      if 885 replaced at least 949A

      The 949A is being upgraded to the 949AM, so it will not replace, but add.
  7. mik193
    mik193 27 September 2020 15: 47
    No matter what they say or write, torpedo weapons are the most important component of the weapons of the submarine forces. Another question is that we are in complete ass in the development and adoption of the latest torpedoes and GPA means. Therefore, sitting down, we shout about "Caliber" everywhere.
  8. Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 27 September 2020 18: 25
    submarines are the main striking force of the RF at sea!