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The world's best Yak-130 and other combat training aircraft


When experts start talking about combat training aircraft (UBS), their opinions are often diametrically opposed. For example, the rating of combat training aircraft published at the beginning of the year according to the American magazine Military Watch included the UBS Yak-130 in the top five, but there the Russian aircraft took only fifth place.

East Asian Leading

And in front of the Russian was not a single representative from either the United States or Europe. Places in the ranking from first to fourth were taken by representatives of East Asian states. The first place was taken by the representative of Taiwan Brave Eagle, followed by the Chinese JL-10 and JL-9, and the T-50 Golden Eagle from South Korea closes the four. By the way, the last of all the above is the fastest. In terms of its maximum speed, it also surpasses European aircraft, which will be discussed below.

Despite the fact that the Yak-130, many experts in the field of military aviation considered the world's best combat training aircraft. Actually, all four East Asian aircraft were originally supposed to become light fighters, but then they decided to create UBS from them.

Russia is one of the few countries that can afford not to be limited to the production of one or several types of aviation equipment, but to produce the entire line. Therefore, the Yak-130 stasis began to be made for training flight personnel.

The two named Chinese UBC are directly and directly related to the Russian aviation industry. The JL-9 was created on the basis of the Soviet light fighter MiG-21U, and employees of the Russian Yakovlev design bureau took direct part in the work on the JL-10. Therefore, it looks very similar to the Russian Yak-130.

What the Chinese learn to fly on

The JL-10 combat trainer was adopted by the Chinese army in 2013. In other countries, it is known as the L-15, and since the manufacturer is Hongdu, the full name of the aircraft is Hongdu L-15.

This apparatus is to a large extent a product of Russian-Ukrainian cooperation. The aircraft was made using the technical documentation Yak-130, and the AI-222-25F engines were supplied by the Motor-Sich enterprise from Ukraine. By the way, almost the same engines are installed on the Yak-130, only there they go without an afterburner.

The first L-15s were powered by Ukrainian DV-2 engines, but since 2010 it was decided to replace them with AI-222-25F. This significantly improved his performance characteristics. This allowed it to catch up in maneuverability with third-generation fighters, and reach the level of climb rate of the F-16 (USA) and Mirage 2000 (France).

Worthy competitors of the Russian UBS

For the sake of fairness, I note that good combat training aircraft are produced not only in Russia and Asian countries, but also in Europe and the United States.

One of the main competitors of the Yak-130 is the Italian Aermacchi M-346 aircraft. The maximum speed of both aircraft is approximately the same, and the combat load for both models is 3 tons. And this is not a coincidence, because initially in the 90s, Russian and Italian specialists were involved in the creation of the Yak-130. At first, it was supposed to become a training aircraft, but soon Russia decided to make a combat training aircraft, and Italy left the project and created its own training aircraft. However, on its basis, they also made their own modification of the UBS, which was named Aermacchi M-346FA.

It is also worth mentioning the Hawk T2, manufactured by the British company BAE Sistems. It is slightly lighter and faster than the Russian aircraft.
The Czech subsonic Aero L-159 ALCA has also proven itself quite well.

The American Boeing T-45 Goshawk and T-38 Talon are worthy of attention. The first is a representative of carrier-based aviation. The second, which NASA astronauts train on, refers to supersonic aircraft. They are already preparing a replacement for it, because the supersonic jet UBC T-38 Talon has been in operation since the 50s of the last century.

Yak-130 - the best UBC in the world?

Although the Yak-130 is not only a training aircraft, but also a light attack aircraft, its main function is to train flight personnel. And he copes with this task perfectly. It is suitable for training pilots of fighter, bomber, military transport aircraft. It can be called a "universal desk".

For combat use, it has versatility, being able to perform the functions of an attack aircraft, bomber, reconnaissance aircraft, and electronic warfare equipment.

He, as it should be, is an intermediate link between a ground simulator and a real combat vehicle, allowing the pilot to quickly gain practical skills in a real situation.

Another indicator by which the Russian aircraft surpasses most of its foreign counterparts is the cost of an hour of flight. It depends on fuel consumption, cost of consumables, frequency of repair work. According to this indicator, our Yak-130 is one of the leaders.

If we are talking about money, then it is worth noting the relatively low cost of the Russian military vehicle. It is approximately $ 15 million. The previously mentioned Hawk T2 from the UK, the Italian Aermacchi M-346 or the Golden Eagle from South Korea will cost approximately twice as much.

Of course, all of the above equipment has its advantages and disadvantages, and the Yak-130 takes its rightful place among them. It is an excellent combat training aircraft, perfectly suited for both pilot training and combat missions.

Many will even call him the world's best UBS.
Photos used:, Alex Snow, Duch.seb, Chris Lofting, 3GO*CHN-405/mjordan_6
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  1. Grandfather
    Grandfather 26 September 2020 04: 38
    The world's best Yak-130
    I almost laughed out loud, I was afraid to wake up my spouse .. the headlines please, by God! and what, there are different YAK-130? I would like to see the classification: the best yak130, average yak130, so-so yak130, yak130, no ... lolYak-130 - the best UBC in the world? - this is the initially correct version, but for some reason it is not in the "hat".
    1. Crabong
      Crabong 26 September 2020 06: 24
      Probably referring to the Italian Yak-130 and the Chinese Yak-130 ...)
    2. Invoce
      Invoce 26 September 2020 12: 18
      The author left out the word PLANE. The world's best training aircraft Yak-130. He is truly the best in his class!
    3. yehat2
      yehat2 28 September 2020 12: 32
      the familiar pilot praised the Yak-130 very much.
      but I still don't understand what is so good about him
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 26 September 2020 07: 31
    Best, so best ...
  3. Livonetc
    Livonetc 26 September 2020 08: 28
    Without technical characteristics, the comparison did not turn out to be objective and interesting.
    1. Kostya Lavinyukov
      Kostya Lavinyukov 26 September 2020 13: 19
      In the case of TCB, it is not clear what to compare. He doesn’t seem to need a huge combat load or prohibitive speed. Is it possible to try to compare the cost of a flight hour.
    2. iouris
      iouris 26 September 2020 22: 07
      Time is like that. The essence of time: the onset of the era of barbarism. There is no more common basis for negotiating and common scientific criteria. You either believe or believe in something else. Therefore, war is actually religious in nature, although what is believed to be religion is not. The carriers of another religion are physically destroyed. What proof ??
  4. Livonetc
    Livonetc 26 September 2020 08: 29
    Without technical characteristics, the comparison did not turn out to be objective and interesting.
    1. mmaxx
      mmaxx 27 September 2020 11: 15
      Who needs the characteristics of a training machine? This is a flying desk. Should allow you to do everything you need to learn. That's the whole characteristic.
      1. Technical engineer
        Technical engineer 19 November 2020 18: 25
        The Yak-130 was designed as an element of a training complex, including computer classes and simulators. A systematic approach to design provided the possibility of upgrading, updating the software. A fully computerized networked logistics support service is also provided. The plane itself can be reconfigured to simulate the behavior of a wide variety of machines. A cheap flight hour, a long life cycle, a large thrust-to-weight ratio at the level of competitors (this is aerobatics and a small required take-off length), the world's best ejection seats and the overall rescue system (well, we are here stable and long ahead of the planet in seats, and the Yakovlev Design Bureau is rescue systems in general), good flight characteristics with very large critical angles, but we need to prepare pilots for flights on super-maneuverable machines, as always a powerful energy-intensive landing gear for fig airfields.
        1. mmaxx
          mmaxx 19 November 2020 18: 31
          We have already read this 10 times. Some even felt it. Let the pilots speak about him. They graduate from college, serve, fly. And they will say: here was a plane - and simple and taught everything you need. For now, let's wait.
  5. iouris
    iouris 26 September 2020 13: 50
    Yeah. This resembles the formula: "Soviet elephants are the largest elephants in the world." The only thing missing is support like "the Bulgarian elephant is the closest relative of the Soviet elephant".
    1. frog
      frog 26 September 2020 21: 44
      But what about "Elephant breeding and Bulgarian-Soviet friendship"?
  6. Sergey Sfiedu
    Sergey Sfiedu 26 September 2020 20: 55
    Yak-130 is the best in the world! Apparently, therefore, in Russia they have been looking for a replacement for him for many years, and his very creation is called a mistake. It is not enough to be the best, you also need to be needed and accessible.
    1. Technical engineer
      Technical engineer 19 November 2020 18: 16
      Where does this news come from? Where is it considered a mistake and from what year are they looking for a replacement?
  7. cat Rusich
    cat Rusich 26 September 2020 22: 05
    What do BTA pilots learn on the Yak-130? Just explain how he learns to drive a "truck" on a Zhiguli ... recourse
    1. not main
      not main 27 September 2020 00: 45
      Quote: cat Rusich
      What do BTA pilots learn on the Yak-130? Just explain how he learns to drive a "truck" on a Zhiguli ... recourse

      Azam! Takeoff, circle, landing! It's the same in a driving school! Nobody will immediately put you behind the wheel of a KAMAZ, in the same way behind the wheel of the IL-76, An-12, An-22, An-26, etc.
      1. cat Rusich
        cat Rusich 27 September 2020 04: 41
        Quote: non-primary

        Azam! Takeoff, circle, landing! It's the same in a driving school! Nobody will immediately put you behind the wheel of a KAMAZ, in the same way behind the wheel of the IL-76, An-12, An-22, An-26, etc.

        Then maybe AN-2 is better suited?
        cockpit AN-2
        The cockpit of An-2 is more like the cockpit of a "truck", there is already a place for the pilot-teacher right away. Just the price of AN-2 is several million, but RUBLES. Or necessarily a "jet" UBS Yak-130? - for $ 15 million.
    2. Sergey Sfiedu
      Sergey Sfiedu 27 September 2020 06: 50
      Are BTA cadets training on the Yak-130? Never heard. They wrote that BTA pilots are being trained on L-410 and An-26. Now the Austrian DA-42 aircraft of the Russian assembly began to arrive. This is the author most likely blurted out for a catchphrase.
  8. mmaxx
    mmaxx 27 September 2020 11: 13
    In order to become the best, Yaku needs to raise a generation of pilots. Let's talk then. With all due respect. A good teacher is always evaluated later.
  9. Pavel57
    Pavel57 27 September 2020 11: 24
    Maybe the best, but an hour of preparation is expensive.
    MiG - AT would be better.