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In the USA: China Shows "Strike on Guam" with Footage from "Transformers"



The official video, released over the weekend, shows the Chinese Air Force's H-6 strategic bombers taking part in a simulated attack on US Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. Observers immediately saw familiar footage in this material, and the Western press saw in the video a provocation from Beijing.

god of War

The video, posted under the title "God of War H-6K Goes to Attack!", Was created to demonstrate the capabilities of the latest modification of the Chinese strategic missile carrier. The basic version was created on the basis of the Soviet Tu-16 (NATO designation - "Badger") during the Cold War. The H-6 is today operated by both the PRC Air Force and the People's Republic Navy.

The prototype H-6K, nicknamed the "God of War" in China, first caught the eye of Western experts at the end of 2006. It is a completely redesigned H-6. The new version can be identified by the airliner-style front fuselage, with the original glazed nose replaced by a huge fairing. The N-6K, equipped with Russian D-30KP-2 engines, has an increased flight range, higher cruising speed and an increased combat load compared to its predecessors.

A video released by the PLA the other day shows the use of a massive rocket. As the American edition of The War Zone notes, it may turn out to be the KD-20 - six such long-range missile systems have just received the H-6K as a new weapons... At the same time, the new version of the aircraft is capable of carrying the old systems - the old cruise missile KD-63 and anti-ship missiles YJ-12.

Target - Guam

A rocket launched from a bomber rushes to an airbase located in the coastal part of the island. This is followed by footage of the destruction of ground infrastructure. The target, according to Reuters, is the Andersen airbase, a strategic US outpost in the Asia-Pacific region, located in Guam.

The combat value of the airbase would put it among the main targets for the PLA during the war with the United States.

- notes The War Zone.

At the same time, attentive observers recognized some of the scenes used in the video. These include footage from such Hollywood blockbusters as The Hurt Locker, The Rock, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

The PLA's advertising department usually uses Hollywood films to make its commercials more spectacular. Almost all of the officers in the department grew up watching them, which is why American war films contain the coolest images in their minds.

- explains the Chinese edition of the South China Morning Post.

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  1. g1washntwn
    g1washntwn 22 September 2020 10: 11 New
    Hollywood just peppered terrorists, potential adversaries, and aliens with options. Until he dries up on the script, Americans can sleep well, no one will attack because "... everything is so delicious, they don't even know what to choose from" laughing
    1. hrych
      hrych 22 September 2020 10: 45 New
      Top copy-paste, steal a cartoon wassat Guam, Guam, they cannot cope with Taiwan, it is 130 km from the PRC wassat
  2. Operator
    Operator 22 September 2020 10: 12 New
    Old old Tu-16 with EPR 100 sq.m. and the maneuverability of an elephant as a breaker of modern air defense - Hollywood is resting laughing
    1. neri73-r
      neri73-r 22 September 2020 10: 28 New
      You are ruthless!
  3. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 22 September 2020 10: 14 New
    Funny movie ... But in real life, the Chinese will not be allowed to reach the distance of launching their missiles.
    1. Errr
      Errr 22 September 2020 11: 46 New
      How to know ... what The KD-20 has a launch range of over 2000 km.
  4. Rage66
    Rage66 22 September 2020 10: 17 New
    I noticed one peculiarity ... Much of what Hollywood shoots, subsequently, in a strange way, finds embodiment in real life ...
    1. Normal ok
      Normal ok 22 September 2020 10: 33 New
      Quote: Rage66
      I noticed one peculiarity ... Much of what Hollywood shoots, subsequently, in a strange way, finds embodiment in real life ...

      Science fiction writers (and Hollywood films their works) are mostly not stupid people. And a lot of what they had predicted earlier has already come true.
      1. g1washntwn
        g1washntwn 22 September 2020 11: 15 New
        Quote: Normal ok
        a lot of what they had predicted earlier has already come true.

        .. for example, the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. And Covid-19 is just a prelude to the plot of the film "12 Monkeys" and "War Z". In reality, not only fantastic videophones have come true.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 22 September 2020 10: 19 New
    So I don't understand what the problem is? Is it that the Chinese Air Force was simulating a strike on an American base, or was it using footage from American films in the video? So let Hollywood sue for copyright infringement. And the fact that the other day American strategic bombers were practicing a strike on the Crimea, and before that on Kaliningrad is this normal? The Chinese are doing the right thing by showing the Americans what may happen if something happens.
    1. g1washntwn
      g1washntwn 22 September 2020 11: 48 New
      Quote: rotmistr60
      So let Hollywood sue for copyright infringement.

      A couple of seconds of any piece of art seems to be not a violation of copyright. YouTube is half of repost cuts of other people's videos and second scenes from the cinema.
    2. Yngvar
      Yngvar 23 September 2020 17: 42 New
      Totally agree with you!
      The video is clearly a propaganda affair. The Chinese show (both to their own people and to the Americans) that they are not very afraid of the Sha and (I don’t know how, in fact) they are rather ready to retaliate!
      I miss the technical details "whether the N-6 (Tu-16) will fly or not" - the fact of striking is important, and then let them fly on a fence with a fan ...

      The Chinese, unlike our rulers, do not call the United States partners! Clearly formulate who is who!
    KVU-NSVD 22 September 2020 10: 34 New
    inaccurate political officers from the Chinese. The idea is buried in the bud.
  7. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 22 September 2020 10: 55 New
    It's time for the Russian videoconferencing to make a couple of videos with good sound and visual accompaniment ..
    And then the words of Lavrov remain words ..
    And Americans who grew up on comics perceive well the visuals supported by sound.
    And there is a video like a Chinese one and Lavrov's voice behind the scenes - The world is tired of dividing into friends and foes ..
    1. set of sets
      set of sets 22 September 2020 11: 21 New
      ,, The world is tired of division into friends and foes .. ,,

      ... and only their own will remain))
  8. askort154
    askort154 22 September 2020 12: 43 New
    In the USA: China Shows "Strike on Guam" with Footage from "Transformers"

    And in the US Congress, and in the Western media -... silence! No sanctions, no shouts of "human rights activists", like - "Chinese aggression" is on their doorstep. This once again emphasizes that the entire modern information war of the 21st century is directed exclusively against Russia. Even from insignificant "skripal-navalnat", events of a "world scale" are inflated. It is ridiculous for a sane person to look at this frank clownery. But alas, even the "Merkelikhs" are forced to take part in dancers. It is time for Russia to end the game of "partnership" with those who, openly, call Russia their first adversary. It's time to leave the 90s, bowing humbly. Modern Russia already has enough "military fat" to knock on the UN table again, but not with a "boot", but with a Russian fist!
  9. ufpb
    ufpb 22 September 2020 12: 47 New
    This video is not about the performance characteristics of aviation or strength (powerlessness), similarity or dissimilarity to the earlier filmed video. This video is about the "Latest Chinese Warning". Noticed a rusty machine gun?
  10. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 23 September 2020 13: 29 New
    Trolling in social networks is a weapon of the XXI century :) Not all LRASMs "Moscow" and "Liaoning" drown :)