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What does financial intelligence not know about?

What does financial intelligence not know about?

Black cash and "black lists"

The international consortium of journalists ICIJ with the characteristic name "Cassandra" last weekend made public the results of an analysis of the data set of the American financial intelligence. These are more than 2500 documents, mainly bank reports, sent to the US Treasury from 2000 to 2017.

By themselves, the documents of FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Unit under the US Treasury Department, are not yet evidence or evidence. They were studied by 400 journalists from the BBC, Le Monde, Süddeutsche Zeitung and other media, and they are talking about amounts of about 2 trillion. dollars.

At least that much, according to the calculations of American financial intelligence officers, could pass in the period up to 2017 through a number of major international banks. It should be noted that banks with a traditionally impeccable reputation, which invariably follow the standards of the FATF, an authoritative intergovernmental organization, which is officially called the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering.

The Russian Federation has been represented in the FATF since 2003 - by the Federal Financial Monitoring Service. Then, at the cost of serious efforts, our country managed to get out of the "black list" of the organization. As is known, it included countries in which there was practically no fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism.

It is characteristic that Russia got on this “black list” shortly after the default, just as the Federal Service for Currency and Export Control (VEC), the predecessor of the currently operating Rosfinmonitoring service, began to establish elementary order in the monetary and financial sphere.

It is believed that getting into the "black list" cost not only the chair of the first head of the EEC Oleg Pavlov, but also a sharp narrowing of the powers of the service itself. Recall that in the late 90s, the EEC was not only directly subordinate to the president of the country, but also received the right to coordinate the foreign exchange turnover of seven related departments, including the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.

However, most likely, along with such omnipotence, currency operatives were not forgiven for another, namely, attempts to check the "holy of holies" - the black cash registers of the largest companies and banks. And even the Bank of Russia itself, as soon as Viktor Gerashchenko, the legendary Hercules, unexpectedly left it.

Note also that EEC had two more important advantages over its successor (RFM). The first is the right to legislative initiative in the sphere of one's activity. The second is the right to conduct operational-search activities, which the employees of financial monitoring do not even think about.

Their task is to monitor, that is, to collect dossiers about all transactions, dubious and not very, most importantly, large, and about everyone who conducted them. So that there is compromising evidence for almost everyone.

Non-accidental leak

A rather unexpected information flow from the structures of the American Ministry of Finance was immediately associated in some media with the upcoming presidential elections in the United States. And not without reason: the sensational data of the Ministry of Finance's operational unit may well be regarded as evidence of the effective struggle of the current Washington administration against illegal money circulation.

Among the key persons involved in the investigation were the banks HSBC and Standard Chartered, of which they immediately rushed to report the long-term absence of serious violations in the financial sector and that in recent years the internal standards of the so-called compliance control have significantly increased there.

Nevertheless, the quotes of shares of both structures fell sharply during trading on Monday in Hong Kong: the drop was from 3,4 to 4 pp. Among banks and companies that could launder illegal income and conduct transactions bypassing various kinds of sanctions, those who have collaborated with leading Russian entrepreneurs.

The brightest of the compatriots who fell under the gun of American financial intelligence officers, and then the media, were the Rotenberg brothers, Arkady and Boris. It seems that most of all Western writing and filming colleagues are inspired by the fact that the persons involved are directly from Putin's inner circle.

The Rotenberg brothers, Boris and Arkady

They have not yet had time to remember the business punishment, more like a raider seizure of aluminum assets, which they carried out with another Russian entrepreneur close to the president, Oleg Deripaska. Such a prospect can hardly inspire anyone.

But the fact that Arkady Rotenberg and Boris have been under the sanctions related to the notorious “annexation” of Crimea since the beginning of 2014 has been remembered all at once. Since then, Western banks and companies are generally prohibited from doing any business with Arkady Rotenberg.

Defendants are asked to worry

Despite the fact that fellow journalists have already expressed the opinion that the share of the Rotenberg brothers in the total amount of illegal transactions published by Cassandra, by definition, cannot be very significant, their reaction turned out to be surprisingly tough.

Through their representatives, the brothers have so far simply called all charges of money laundering and circumvention of sanctions through the Barclays bank "nonsense". Characteristically, Barclays Bank very quickly declared that it adheres to its obligations, which are imposed on the bank by the law and regulatory bodies.

Nevertheless, it follows from the publication of the journalist consortium that, according to FinCEN, the Rotenberg brothers "provided support for Putin's personal projects." They "earned billions of dollars from contracts for Gazprom and the Sochi Winter Olympics, which were awarded by the Russian president."

Now we are talking about something else. Arkady Rotenberg "presumably could have used the Barclays bank for money laundering and evading sanctions." In particular, FinCEN has information about the transactions of the companies Advantage Alliance and Ayrton Development Limited, allegedly related to the Russian businessman.

The most unpleasant for a Russian entrepreneur may not be the very fact of transactions and posting of funds. For the American side, it is much more important that some of them passed after Rotenberg came under Western sanctions.

It is not surprising that the BBC hastened to compare all the information that has appeared with the "Panama dossier", although many have long forgotten about it. And after all, no one had any serious consequences after it. However, the fact that this time everything may turn out to be much more serious is evidenced, albeit, of course, and indirectly, by the nervous reaction of those who were hooked by the state financial intelligence.

It is characteristic that the Rotenbergs made their statement almost the first of the Russian entrepreneurs included in the Forbes lists, which certainly correspond well with the lists of the international consortium of journalists “Kassandra”. And there are no guarantees that information about the accounts of some other wealthy Russians cannot appear in the press soon enough from FinCEN.
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  1. Ragnar Lodbrok
    Ragnar Lodbrok 22 September 2020 15: 18
    What is the article about? It is proposed to feel sorry for the honest and noble Rotenbergs with Deripaska? And the whole world of poor fellows by SMS will not be thrown by chance?
    They "earned billions of dollars from contracts for Gazprom and the Winter Olympics in Sochi, which were awarded by the Russian president."

    And what, is not it? Yes, let them at least take everything away, in general, purple on the bourgeoisie of all these.
    1. Anatole Klim
      Anatole Klim 22 September 2020 15: 49
      Quote: Ragnar Lothbrok
      What is the article about?

      An article about the heroes of our time, or rather about those who are imposed on us.
      [media = http: //]
      1. Charik
        Charik 22 September 2020 16: 48
        I stabbed a yard and you stabzil 10 and deserved before the fatherland, please treat with understanding (cough, cough)
        1. Lexus
          Lexus 22 September 2020 19: 31
          The main thing is not to forget to pay contributions to the common fund. wink
    2. Civil
      Civil 22 September 2020 17: 53
      Do not you say! They want to deprive such holy people of their hard earned!
      1. Machito
        Machito 22 September 2020 18: 20
        Rotenberg, Putin awarded the Hero of Labor for stealing tirelessly, his health was ruined by a hard worker.
    3. antchar
      antchar 27 September 2020 08: 43
      Well yes! And the Turks will build bridges.
  2. The comment was deleted.
    1. 2 Level Advisor
      2 Level Advisor 22 September 2020 15: 49
      poor oligarchs .. if it were not for the central bank, they would not take contracts for "super-construction" in Kent's way, but otherwise earned money - as expected .. all the Central Bank is to blame. The poor have to "wise up" how to earn billions .. and they know how to do it differently, Alexander? that is the main question ... why is it that the same Igor Rybakov with TechnoNIKOL, for example, does not have much of a hindrance to the Central Bank from earning money, while the Central Bank is to blame for everything, sanctions, etc. otherwise they would have built everything already ..
  3. Alexander 53
    Alexander 53 22 September 2020 15: 34
    Deripaska suggested the Central Bank to stop "dancing with a tambourine"

    Read more at RBC:
  4. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 22 September 2020 15: 54
    Quite an interesting attack. And with the consequences ... It is well known that capitalism is a stillborn system, and it cannot function normally without the constant expansion of markets. And how is he still sneezing? There is an explanation. The functioning of capitalism is ensured only and exclusively by black cash!
    It is black, unaccounted, tax-free money that makes the capitalist gears turn! In order to get just that kind of money, people work super efficiently. No time management, no administration systems, nothing and no one, including the overseer's whip, can be compared to an envelope of black money! All the failures, problems and shortcomings of capitalism are smoothed out by this envelope, and only he, everything else is a direct lie.
    In general, economists clearly know that the share of black cash in a somehow working economy cannot be less than 25%. So it goes. Actually, for successful work you need 40%, or even more. Do you understand? About half of all the amounts that circulate in the economy should be black as night! Any decrease in this mass entails a decrease in all economic indicators. Below 25%, stagnation begins, below 17% - economic collapse.
    Those people who know the real properties of their economic system saw in this knowledge an excellent leverage over competing states. What a wonderful joke! You help put someone in order. Present. Iron. How to. And your competitor immediately dies! How not to rejoice? People are strangling themselves. States destroy themselves without any war! With the full support of the population! The IMF thus destroyed a huge number of economies (Western countries quickly learned to prevent the emergence of new "Asian tigers") and continues this business now.
    In general, other people's zeal for our "order in the economy" is always, in all cases - an attack and an attempt to destroy. This is true. And this is incredibly funny. This stilted system, which can exist ONLY on condition of indiscriminate theft, robbery and murder, we have introduced here as the most advanced and necessary. Well done, cho ...
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 22 September 2020 19: 52
      Quote: Mikhail3
      Quite an interesting attack.

      Image attack, no more. We would like to punish Putin's "elite" in a serious way, we would arrest the real estate of these "patriots" abroad. After all, the diplomatic consulate had enough reason to evict, and out of bounds. And here with the real estate of the families of "America's enemies" can not do anything. hi
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 23 September 2020 09: 14
        They don't want to "punish" anyone. This is not a kindergarten where someone is put in a corner. You should not talk about international affairs in the style of "political commentators" who are not guided in these matters at best. International affairs are a constant battle of gangsters. When real bandits fight, they rip off their clothes for show and roar savagely. But their actions are guided by naked pragmatism and efficiency, whoever allows himself feelings is immediately cut.
        Everything is simpler. Considering the scale of the plundering of the USSR, we should still have a gigantic economic recovery, we could have become the planet's leader in this regard back in the 2000s. But, unlike suckers from the USSR, Western puppeteers are much better at navigating the situation. In our country, thanks to our own stupidity, as well as competent assistance from the outside, the elite is formed from pure thieves. Not from people forced to take something for the CASE, but from thieves according to the nature of the personality.
        As a result, stolen goods cannot be used domestically. Thieves pose as businessmen and industrialists, but they cannot be. Officials? Certainly. But to do business ... So all funds and resources simply leave our economy and build, for example, the American one. Bleeding ours.
        But what about all these sanctions, arrests, etc. etc.? And this is for a refund. Whoever tries to invest money back into the country, and in projects that benefit it, is immediately flattened into a thin pancake. Whores, yachts, diamond toilets, soccer teams - everything is for you. Equipment purchases? An ambush begins immediately ...
        1. Beringovsky
          Beringovsky 23 September 2020 10: 33
          Everything is correct, except for this one.
          thanks to our own folly

          Stupidity has nothing to do with it. We have almost no ways to influence the situation, and we do not dare to apply those that are (yet), being well aware of the consequences.
          Here it is necessary to talk not about "stupidity", but about the betrayal of a part of the so-called "elite".
          1. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 23 September 2020 12: 50
            Well, in general, you are right. Moreover, the betrayal was still in the USSR. The thieves of today are simply trying to survive and grab in the situation they offer. They are just because they are) There are no ways to do business honestly at all. Not in this social formation.
            Everything was simple in the USSR. Power was gradually seized by power-lovers and just scum, who did not want and did not have the opportunity to arrange the personality for creative work. Realizing that they would not have a chance among builders and creators, these guys perverted and destroyed the germs of socialism. However, how can they continue to reign? What is needed is a way that will allow the new capitalist power to exist!
            But the point was that capitalism is not easier to manage than socialism, but much more complicated. Crazy tales about the "invisible hand of the market" are specially created for people like them, in fact, all this does not work. They destroyed the USSR so that it would be easier for them and their bespontov children, who were no longer suitable for anything, at the top. And it became ten times more difficult. And they were not expecting this ...
            Therefore, we are now observing convulsive throwing of our top. They are trying to do something. But they are not suitable for doing something. Here to shit, spoil, betray, destroy - this is their vocation. And to do ...
            Dead end.
    2. pin_code
      pin_code 23 September 2020 06: 21
      they don't work over efficiently. they blatantly do not pay extra for the work performed or even blatantly throw. and simple hard workers from their mega-constructions get home as best they can. goodness by this hero of labor, health and all the best ...
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 23 September 2020 09: 19
        I will disappoint. They are not. Between them and the laborers there is a thick layer of gaskets, so the gaskets are being stolen with might and main. Do not work for them, tree ...
        1. Beringovsky
          Beringovsky 23 September 2020 10: 41
          That's how innocent they are. I wonder why their little eyes are so "smeared" that they "do not notice"this thick layer of spacers?
          These gaskets are whoever needs gaskets.
          1. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 23 September 2020 12: 28
            They notice) This is capitalism - everyone is smeared. There are simply no innocents. Pads are basically a way to share with the right people. This is how this reality is arranged - if they were honest, even more so with hard workers, they would have been destroyed long ago. Their place would be taken by others who would also squeeze everything out of the hard workers.
            Understand that there are no good decisions and good people in this field of choice. We decided that in the 90s. Let everyone feel bad, let it get worse, but some will have a chance for a golden toilet. And it became so.
            As a consolation, I can only say that THEM cannot resist. The structure they have built is not viable, because these people understand stealing well, but they do not in effective work, and they cannot do anything about it, and giving up their places in the hierarchy is unthinkable, impossible.
            In general, it seems that our country has no options left. We will clearly perish under external pressure. Somehow I did not think that Eternal Russia would fall with me ...
            Interestingly, the people who did it all basically understand what they did. And their life, with all the luxury, cannot be called happy. They already have sufficient information capabilities to see the abyss to which the country and the people have been brought. And now, more than ever, it is clear that they themselves cannot dodge.
            There is no hole on the planet where they can hide themselves, eating the loot and cursing the "wrong people". Everywhere they will get it, robbed and torture to death, demanding to give out all the nychku. And it would be okay for them, but their offspring are condemned, children and grandchildren, too, will be destroyed without options. In general, we played out ...
            1. aybolyt678
              aybolyt678 26 September 2020 18: 49
              Quote: Mikhail3
              In general, it seems that our country has no options left. We will clearly perish under external pressure.

              But what about Glazyev, the fusion plant? and some series "Russia Forward" ??
              1. Mikhail3
                Mikhail3 27 September 2020 11: 06
                There are enough material resources. Videos too. Victory and defeat are born not outside, but inside. What do we have inside? What was the “Russian way” in general, because of which Western civilization hates us so much? It doesn't matter now, we have completely abandoned the "Russian way", trying our best to become a third-rate western page.
                Our elites are too stupid and limited to understand that this is the path to one hundred percent death, without a single option. Many of them hope that faithful slavery by the Western intelligence services will save them and their families. That they are "equal partners" for Westerners. And other nonsense that shows their intellectual level.
                And there is also an idea that they say "Russia is concentrating" once again. Alas ... No series will help us, with a guarantee. Overkill so to speak.
                1. aybolyt678
                  aybolyt678 27 September 2020 15: 37
                  +++ I agree in everything, except that the word elite is written without quotes. I always write their meaning in quotation marks "Elite". This is their self-name, advertising, if you do not put quotes, then you get a substitution of meaning. The elite is a social stratum of society, the function of which is to show how one should live and die. This is such a way of fighting.
                  1. Mikhail3
                    Mikhail3 28 September 2020 13: 33
                    Yes, a different term must be invented.
                    1. aybolyt678
                      aybolyt678 28 September 2020 19: 44
                      Quote: Mikhail3
                      Yes, the term must be invented

                      suggest - Untouchables, reflects the essence smile and it would look good in your comment
                      1. Mikhail3
                        Mikhail3 29 September 2020 09: 08
                        Doesn't fit. Any thief can always be replaced with any other thief. What other thieves use all the time. Instead of working for the state, they just steal, right? Well, now - today he is upstairs, and tomorrow he was eaten and he is nobody, or even rotting in a dump near Moscow. This is a specialist, go and replace! That's why they all hate specialists. Ulyukaev was replaced with shitty, has that changed? A couple of days to figure out who to bring how much, another day to understand how much he should be paid, and hello, a new effective minister is ready. Ugh...
                      2. aybolyt678
                        aybolyt678 29 September 2020 09: 42
                        Quote: Mikhail3
                        Instead of working for the state, they just steal, right?

                        Who is stealing? wassat In our country, the sacred right of private property! laughing Our laws allow us to set salaries for directors ourselves. Therefore, the word thieves is for rallies, for the court it does not channel.
                        there is no concept of social justice at the legislative level, this is the problem
                      3. Mikhail3
                        Mikhail3 29 September 2020 11: 01
                        You don't know. These are not the people. Almost none of them receive white salaries, do not accrue profits, despite the tax is lower than low, does not indicate their "welfare". Everyone withdraws money in black and gray schemes. However, nak is really more true. Not a system to openly receive profits ...
    3. pin_code
      pin_code 29 September 2020 09: 13
      take any fuel and energy complex (gazprom, rosneft) to their facilities hire people laying (as you call them). so WHO gave the go-ahead to hire people to build and maintain facilities?
  • sergo1914
    sergo1914 22 September 2020 15: 55
    You have to pity people. We need to chip in, help. When will SMS collection start?
    1. unaha
      unaha 22 September 2020 16: 14
      Why SMS? According to the "Draft Transport Strategy of Russia for the Period up to 2035", "Platon" will start collecting money from all transport (including cars) for travel on all regional highways from the 25th year - things will get better.
      1. mat-vey
        mat-vey 22 September 2020 16: 22
        Quote: unaha
        "Platon" will start collecting money from all transport (including cars) for travel on all regional highways

        A sort of tax on bast shoes)).
      2. New Year day
        New Year day 22 September 2020 16: 53
        Quote: unaha
        for travel on all regional highways from the 25th year - things will get better.

        And the spring is compressed and compressed laughing
        1. unaha
          unaha 22 September 2020 16: 56
          They may not accept, while only the project ... They are not crazy .. probably?
          1. Svarog
            Svarog 22 September 2020 19: 46
            They are not crazy .. probably?

            Pensioners were thrown .. they are not crazy, they are insanely stupid and greedy ..
          2. Vadim237
            Vadim237 23 September 2020 18: 38
            If you want good roads, you will have to pay - and if public ones are made really free, then why not.
            1. unaha
              unaha 24 September 2020 06: 57
              "If you want good roads you have to pay" - don't we pay? Transport tax, "platon" for trucks, excise taxes on gasoline ... at the expense of which the transport tax has been promised to be canceled (aha, aha)))
              Don't you find that taking the "submit" several times for one service is not comme il faut? And the reason is more likely in the structure of the owners of "Plato" (or rather, some specific names)?
            2. pin_code
              pin_code 29 September 2020 09: 23
              so our "elite" is not so stupid as to make good roads, good roads do not need to be repaired or reconstructed. and who said that public transport will be free? each of these go ... s (gentlemen), I personally do not believe. and in general elections should be made open. democracy in action. otherwise the interest will be divided in the governors' offices
        2. Lexus
          Lexus 22 September 2020 19: 29
          hi That is "rallying around the brace". wink
  • tatra
    tatra 22 September 2020 16: 12
    During Perestroika in Moscow, many people were waiting for the perestroika newspapers to display a new issue of the newspaper with "revelations" about the Communists on their stands, and they read them eagerly. And now those who have been screaming since Perestroika that they, and people like them, were repressed by the communists exclusively "for nothing", have proved that no revelations about them will surprise anyone, because they have proven that they are capable of any crimes.
  • Ryaruav
    Ryaruav 22 September 2020 16: 43
    an ordinary Russian is not cold not hot as they were fighting like sticky for golden bast shoes of the heroes of labor of the Rothenbergs, and they will tear even with 200 tanks of oil
  • iouris
    iouris 22 September 2020 20: 32
    I admit that money from Siluanov and Nabiullina for something useful can only be stolen.
    1. Beringovsky
      Beringovsky 23 September 2020 10: 44
      Quote: iouris
      I admit that money from Siluanov and Nabiullina for something useful can only be stolen.

      In granite, definitely! good good good
  • Charik
    Charik 22 September 2020 21: 22
    +1 ----- вот они герои нашего времени laughing
  • g1washntwn
    g1washntwn 23 September 2020 07: 43
    On a hatchet in a similar piece of news, I already wrote that the beekeeper's collection of honey from bees is nothing new. The next season is closed, for this they are all these "hard workers" and are taught by Harvard and various HSE to carry honey to a foreign hive.
  • demo
    demo 23 September 2020 09: 06
    This topic is very interesting to me, who are involved in transport and logistics.
    Only everything that Mr. Dietrich declared is a confirmation of the main global trend of Putin's policy - an increase in the amount of national natural resources exported abroad.

    "The President of the Institute for the Development of Transport Systems (IRTS), Alexander Sinev, drew attention to the fact that the provisions of the Transport Strategy were written on the basis of the concept of dividing transportation markets and competition between transport modes, which were disastrous for many of its industries, which developed in the 1990s geopolitical and geo-economic changes in the position of the strategy could proceed from a new paradigm of transport management as a Unified Transport System.

    “Recently, geopolitical and geoeconomic processes have been affecting the increase in volatility of external markets, up to the use of non-market mechanisms and the onset of events such as the black swan. Forecasts of analysts about the crisis and even the end of the era of globalism, liberal values, which will lead to the gradual localization of economies, are heard louder and louder, ”A. Sinev said.

    But even such warnings do not stop our government from rash and costly projects.
    Speaking of costs.
    At whose expense is this banquet?
    At the expense of the population of Russia.

    Do I need an increased capacity of, say, the Novorossiysk port by 1.5-2 times?
    Or a port in Murmansk?

    “It is not enough to build and start transporting goods, it is also necessary to return loans and other resources. And there is no investment component in the tariff. The state had previously decided that infrastructure development should be financed primarily from the carrier's revenues. But the rate of return does not keep pace with the growing investment program. The monopoly begins to live in debt, postponing loan repayments for long-term periods. But in 2025 and 2035, some of the cargo owners will still not be able to pay the investment component in the tariff, ”he commented on his fears.

    As a result, according to V. Savchuk, this project with a high degree of probability will be sent for revision and further discussion.
    Stanislav Zolotarev, Deputy Director General for Government Relations of JSC Altayvagon, drew attention to the fact that the draft Transport Strategy mentions the transportation of perishable goods only in terms of export activities.

    “Are there any plans for refrigerated transportation in our country? Why focus only on export? " He asks. It is known that Altayvagon has developed its own model of a refrigerated autonomous car, but the document does not raise the problem of providing transportation with specialized rolling stock. In addition, S. Zolotarev believes that if the forecast assumes an increase in the freight base by 180 million tons by 2024, this means that there will be no surplus of wagons on the road network.

    “180 million tons of cargo is about 90 thousand new gondola cars. This means that car builders expect 3 years of full production load. We would like the regulators to say about this more clearly: are they ready to guarantee that the declared volumes of cargo will actually be transported through the constructed infrastructure, ”S. Zolotarev shared his thoughts.

    Even if someone says something, then "you can't sew words to deeds."
    “In the absence of an arbiter in the person of the state to find a balance of interests, there was a practical loss of entire segments of the unified transport system: water transport in the majority, local aviation almost completely, sea transport under the Russian flag. Only the practice of regulating the invisible hand of the market in the field of long-range aviation can be called successful, ”A. Sinev shared his thoughts.

    That's all clear.
    The state (read Putin) considers it necessary to continue plundering the country at an accelerated pace, and even at the expense of the robbed population.
    Eh Russia, you are Russia!
  • 16112014nk
    16112014nk 23 September 2020 11: 46
    Quote: Mikhail3
    In our country ... the elite is formed from pure thieves

    We have to state a fact - a country of lies, a country of thieves. Starting you know with whom.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 23 September 2020 18: 42
      Start with the people, it is in them that this thief, swindlers and scammers begin, then move to new levels developing their capabilities. What kind of people and power are - they do not appear in Russia from outer space.
  • Yusufjon Nuritdinov
    Yusufjon Nuritdinov 25 September 2020 10: 24
    These brothers! How alike they are!
  • Lynx2000
    Lynx2000 29 September 2020 07: 59
    The so-called bodies of foreign exchange control have never carried out operational-search measures.
    The list of departments carrying out operational-search activities is defined in Art. 12 or 13 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On opera - search activity".
    Rosfinmonitoring (financial intelligence) is rather a controlling body, like the Federal Tax Service, KRU, the Accounts Chamber.
    In each region there were departments of foreign exchange control, they opened a transaction passport and gave permission to open an account abroad in banks.
    The main task - the intersection of non-return of foreign exchange earnings according to the investigative jurisdiction, also belonged to the FSB, UBEP and PC, UFSNP, FCS RF in cooperation with VEC.