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Not to be forgotten: Nazi concentration camps in the USSR

Not to be forgotten: Nazi concentration camps in the USSR

One of the tools for implementing a purposeful strategy to destroy the Soviet people in the territories of our country occupied by the German fascist invaders were concentration camps, where hundreds of thousands of prisoners of war and civilians were kept in inhuman conditions. This crime of the Nazi non-humans cannot have any "statute of limitations" and should never be erased from our memory.

Before moving on to specific examples of the chilling atrocities of the occupiers, a little clarification should be made. The fact is that representatives of the classical historical science (primarily in the West), guided by a number of clear-cut criteria, agreed to consider which of the points of mass extermination organized on our land by the "Aryan" conquerors can be considered concentration camps proper, and which should be attributed only to "places of forced confinement" ...

According to this classification, only ten sites can be classified as concentration camps: camps in the Krasny state farm and the village of Moglino in Russia, in Maly Trostenets and Koldychevo in Belarus, Syretsky and Yanovsky camps in Ukraine, camps in Estonian Vaivar and Lithuanian Kaunas, as well as Riga-Kaiserwald and Salaspils located in Latvia. I will not enter into a discussion with pundits, but I will note that I consider the assessment that Ilya Vasiliev, the head of the Alexander Pechersky Foundation, gives in his research, much closer to the truth. He speaks of forty-four and a half thousand places of mass extermination of Soviet people in our occupied territory.

It is difficult to disagree with such an assessment. For example, in the camp they set up in Gatchina, the invaders, according to reliable archival documents, tortured and killed more people than in the world-famous Ravensbrück! And there were much more such camps in the Leningrad Region alone: ​​in Pavlovsk, Gatchinsky, Kingiseppsky, Krasnoselsky, Luga, Oranienbaum and Tosno districts, in the city of Vyborg, where there was a prisoner of war camp. And what, tell me, objects to rank the camp set up by the occupiers in the Stalinozavodsky district of the city of Stalino (present-day Donetsk), where 25 thousand people were killed, or the Smolensk camp No. 126 for prisoners of war, where the death rate was 150-200 people per day? To places of mass recreation?

The "supermen" who made a treacherous attack on the Soviet Union, in full accordance with the cannibalistic doctrines of their leaders, carried out a well-thought-out, calculated and well-organized campaign to "free up living space" for the "Aryan" nation on the temporarily occupied lands. Within its framework, the concentration camps served several purposes at once: they were supposed to break the will to resist the Soviet people through intimidation, significantly simplify and accelerate the process of complete destruction of those who were classified as "racially handicapped", and along the way they were also used to organize slave labor of the conquered peoples.

This whole nightmarish system was organized with purely German pedantry. It was run by two sinister Nazi structures: the Main Administrative and Economic Directorate of the SS (WFHA) and the Main Directorate of Imperial Security (RSHA). Such organizations of the Third Reich as "DAV", "Organization Todt", "Baltneft" and others took part in the inhuman exploitation of prisoners. It should be said that many of the camps were also used by representatives of "Aryan medicine" who carried out inhumanly cruel experiments and experiments on prisoners. The "doctors" of Salaspils, Kaiserwald and the camp in Vaivar were especially "famous" for such things.

Most of the prisoners of the Nazi "death factories" did not even die from a noose or a bullet (although they were executed in these camps not only for the slightest offense, but on the first suspicion of disobedience or simply because of disability), but from hunger, overwork and living in completely unthinkable conditions. Overcrowded barracks, not heated in the winter and not ventilated in the summer heat, the most terrible unsanitary conditions and a "diet" consisting of a bowl of balanda and a scanty portion of ersatz bread could kill anyone. And they killed ...

It is clear that only individuals with a completely sick mentality and pathological sadistic inclinations, which aroused disgust even among the majority of Wehrmacht officers, could manage such places. The brightest example here is the commandant of the Yanovsk concentration camp, Gustav Vilhaus, who shot prisoners standing in line for a ration right from the window of his own office. He celebrated his 54th birthday by personally killing 54 prisoners. The orchestra from Yanovskiy, who played the "tango of death" during executions, has gone down in history forever, and his photograph has become one of the pieces of evidence at the Nuremberg trials.

It is also impossible to remain silent about the fact that the overwhelming majority of the guards located in the occupied Soviet territory of the concentration camps were rabble, recruited from the locals. Traitors who became policemen and members of special security teams, in cruelty and savagery, strove to surpass their own German masters, who with great pleasure entrusted them with the bloodiest and most dirty deeds. Representatives of Ukrainian nationalist organizations were especially widely "noted" in this field.

It is impossible to establish the exact number of Soviet citizens who have passed through this hell. Moreover, even the number of people tortured and executed there cannot be counted, in particular, due to the fact that not all of their burial sites have been found. Nevertheless, even according to the most rough estimates, more than 200 thousand people were killed in the Nazi concentration camps on the territory of the USSR during the period of its occupation.
Photos used:
Wikipedia / Syretsk concentration camp
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  1. Pessimist22
    Pessimist22 19 September 2020 05: 30
    And now the descendants of these punishers tell us that we poison citizens with chemical warfare agents.
  2. cost
    cost 19 September 2020 05: 43
    A very difficult topic.
    The site lists the German fascist camps located on the territory of the USSR.
    You can see the lists of citizens who were in these concentration camps in 1941-1944, copies of the surviving documents, get acquainted with
    archives. Everything is working.

    The source of information:
  3. Basil50
    Basil50 19 September 2020 05: 52
    In Europe, only * genocide * of Jews is recognized as a crime, and even then with reservations.
    To admit that together with the Nazis they destroyed people they do not allow * appearance - morality. (Forgive me for the grin, but it is impossible to name the attempts to preserve at least the appearance of respectability in another way)
    By the way, even the Germans could not count even a million among their own accomplices of CITIZENS OF THE SOVIET UNION, even taking into account those who became a CITIZEN in 1939. To compare this with Europe, where the absolute majority became Hitlerites, it becomes clear their so fierce desire to disown the atrocities that their fathers-grandfathers-great-grandfathers arranged, and also to blame those who were destroyed.
    In Europe, there are already attempts to whitewash both Hitler and the Nazis. In the USA, the followers of the Nazis and in 1945 felt very comfortable
    Americans today treat Europe as a colony and for this there (in Europe) they are sincerely loved and respected. The Japanese, with their emperor, also revere the Americans, despite the occupation and the title of * varnished monkeys *. There are bad thoughts about * the harm of humanism * to some ideologies and to the carriers of these ideologies.
    1. Ragnar Lodbrok
      Ragnar Lodbrok 19 September 2020 06: 44
      There are official figures, everything went through the concentration camps - and this is not only those that we know - Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka - but also their branches. Auschwitz alone had several dozen branches. According to various sources, 18 and more million people passed through this savage Nazi system. Of these, 11 and more million people were killed. This is a gigantic figure, of which 5 to 6 million are citizens of the Soviet Union, and every fifth is a child.
    2. Petrograd
      Petrograd 19 September 2020 14: 13
      And what did you want? six nazis-whom they idolize and value the scum am
  4. cost
    cost 19 September 2020 05: 59
    The 1946 "Collection of Reports of the Extraordinary State Commission on the Atrocities of the German-Fascist Invaders" of XNUMX provides the following figures on the loss of civilians not only in concentration camps, but also in the occupied territories in general, and the data characterize the situation in individual republics of the USSR:
    RSFSR - 706 thous.
    USSR - 3256,2 thousand people.
    BSSR - 1547 thousand people.
    Lit. SSR - 437,5 thous.
    Lat SSR - 313,8 thous.
    Est. SSR - 61,3 thous.
    Mold SSR - 61 thous.
    Karelo-Fin. SSR - 8 thousand people
    According to these data, the most affected territories were the BSSR and the Ukrainian SSR - about 1,5 million victims in Belarus and more than 3 million in Ukraine. This situation is explained, firstly, by the fact that these territories were one of the first to be attacked by the Nazis, and secondly, the factor that the so-called were located in these territories during the occupation had a great influence. "Death camps", which were created with the aim of destroying inferior races (in particular Jews, Gypsies, Slavs; moreover, a greater number of Russian Jews lived in these territories due to historical conditioning.
    URL: (дата обращения: 19.09.2020).
  5. cost
    cost 19 September 2020 06: 15

    Nice benches? White, neat, made of concrete. Whoever remembers school desks will immediately remember how he sat at school at such desks.
    And so it was intended. These benches should represent the school class. Only not an ordinary class, but a dead one. And a river of blood flows from him. Baby blood.
    This is a memorial in the village of Krasny Bereg in the Gomel region. Red in Russian is similar to a beautiful coast and does not apply to communism. In Krasny Bereg, during the war, there was one of the most terrible concentration camps of the Second World War. Here the Germans gathered Russian (Slavic) children aged 4 to 15 years. Collected children in order to pump out their blood. Children's blood was intended for transfusion to wounded Germans in hospitals. It was believed that children's blood is healthier, cleaner than that of adults, so they sucked it out of children as much as they could.
    Children were washed in the bathhouse and driven into the hall, where they were waiting for their turn. A laboratory was equipped in two rooms. The child was seated on a chair, and a little hand was poked into a hole in the septum, where the blood was pumped out to the last drop. The dead children were then taken away and burned on a huge bonfire in the form of a swastika.
    Children arrived not only from the Gomel region, but also from the Mogilev region, partly from the Minsk region, from the Ukraine, the Baltic states, Smolensk, and the Bryansk region. Children were gathered by the Nazis where there was a war. And they took mainly blood from Slavic children, in the period from 8 to 14 years, that is, during the period when the most active hormonal development is taking place - the purest blood.
    During sorting, some of the kids even wanted to go to a donor concentration camp. We heard that here the Germans do not beat, they wash almost every day, and they give sweets for lunch. It didn't hurt to die - the bloodless children simply fell asleep. Forever and ever. For those who still showed signs of life, German doctors from humanity smeared their lips with poison.
    Here the invaders kept about 2000 children. Mostly girls from 8 to 14 years old. The 1st blood group and the positive Rh factor were most often found in them. Friendly aunts in white coats regularly came and took the children away in groups. They put them on the tables at an angle and pushed their slender hands through the holes in the wall. The blood was taken completely, and the bodies were burned.
    Also here, in Krasny Bereg, a new - "scientific" - method of blood sampling was tested. Children were hung under the arms, squeezed chest. In order to prevent the blood from clotting, a special injection was made. The skin on the feet was cut off - or deep cuts were made in them. All the blood drained into sealed trays. This is in theory. In practice, the Nazis chopped off the children's feet and drained their blood. The bodies of the children were taken away and burned.

    It is useful to bring those who sometimes begin to idealize the Germans, for example from the Urengoy, to Krasny Bereg and tell what happened here, how the "cultured" Germans behaved here.
    The memorial is not pretentious at all, it occupies a small area among apple orchards. A sculpture of a girl who threw up her hands in a pitiful attempt to defend herself, "Dead Class", a boat of an unfulfilled dream and stained-glass windows from children's drawings - that's all. Yes, there is also a map of children's concentration camps on the territory of Belarus, since Krasny Bereg was not alone. There were 14 of them (FOURTEEN !!!).
    There are no reporters in Krasny Bereg, only rare tourists. You hardly ever heard of him
    Old people who remember the war are dying out, and soon there will be no one to tell what happened in the war on our land .... You must not forget this .... Never.
    1. Olgovich
      Olgovich 19 September 2020 07: 07
      In Russia there is still NO monument to the SEVEN million women, children, teenagers of Russia, killed, burned and buried alive by the Nazis.

      Their names and destinies have not been preserved.

      And this is very sad ...
      1. Kwas
        Kwas 19 September 2020 19: 57
        I don't understand, what about the previous comment? Or is Belarus no longer Russia so much that it does not count? But of course, more is needed, wherever it was.
        1. Olgovich
          Olgovich 19 September 2020 21: 44
          Quote: Kwas
          I don't understand, what about the previous comment? Or is Belarus no longer Russia so much that it does not count? But of course, more is needed, wherever it was.

          ONCE AGAIN: In Russia there is still NO monument to the SEVEN million women, children, teenagers of Russia, killed, burned and buried alive by the Nazis, neither in Moscow, nor anywhere else.

          Nor was it in the USSR.

          And it should be (I think), as in Yad Vashem: EVERY MILLION the deceased victim (woman, child, etc.) are FOREVER included in the lists of the complex, as well as their photographs, biographies, etc. This is necessary for the memory of the dead and it is necessary for the living

          We don't have this in POMINA.
          1. Kwas
            Kwas 20 September 2020 11: 21

            The monument to 13 thousand Krasnodar residents - victims of the fascist terror was erected in Chistyakovskaya Grove on May 9, 1975. The memorial marked with its opening the thirtieth anniversary of the Great Victory.

            The sculptural composition is located on the former northern outskirts of the city; earlier there was an anti-tank ditch here. It was there, according to the historians of the Great Patriotic War, that the Nazis dumped the bodies of the executed and strangled civilians of Krasnodar. On the eve of the opening, the remains of the dead residents of the city were reburied. An urn with earth taken from the previous burial places is walled up next to the memorial tombstone. In total, over thirteen thousand townspeople were killed by the Germans during the six-month occupation. As a reminder of this, thirteen green squares are placed on the field of the memorial complex.

            The monument is a collective image of those who were brutally tortured by the Nazis in Krasnodar. There are figures of a soldier, a sailor, an old man, a young guy and a little girl. The marble slab bears an engraved inscription: “Remember, remember, remember people. The name of the killer is fascism! "

            Installed in memory of thousands of townspeople killed during the occupation of the city by Nazi soldiers, the monument has become a place where residents of Krasnodar and guests of the city can honor the memory of those who did not spare their lives in the struggle for their Motherland.

            The project of the monument was developed by the sculptor I.P. Shmagun and architect I.I. Golovarev.

            You can also remember the creation of Tsereteli. But on the whole you are right, compared to the scale of the tragedy, they are terrifyingly few. And there is usually no way to call by name. By the way, where does the figure of 7 million come from?
            1. Olgovich
              Olgovich 20 September 2020 11: 49
              Quote: Kwas

              Monument 13 thousand Krasnodar residents - was installed in Chistyakovskaya Grove on May 9, 1975 to victims of Nazi terror

              This is a DROP IN THE SEA in relation to 7, -8 million civilian deaths only RUSSIAN. Remaining UNKNOWN.

              And the figure from here: "After Victory Day"
              1. Kwas
                Kwas 20 September 2020 17: 55
                About "a drop in the ocean" - I strongly agree! I also looked at the link, but there is no exact data. I don’t dispute the order of magnitude, but it’s hard with accurate data. The difference between the pre- and post-war population can only be estimated, and very approximately. The Jews think about the same when talking about their 6 million. So many of them just left, fled, to the USA, USSR, Israel, etc. Here, in Tashkent, there were noticeably more of them then, but many Russians (Ukrainians, Belarusians ) also did not return to their old places. In particular, I personally know such people. Once again, the borders of regions and states were changing. And again, the Nazis often did not leave documents behind, but only destroyed them.
                1. Olgovich
                  Olgovich 20 September 2020 19: 13
                  Quote: Kwas
                  on the link, but there is no exact data. I don’t dispute the order of magnitude, but it’s hard with accurate data.

                  In principle, it cannot be exact. We read there in an article from the report:
                  "in many settlements it is impossible to establish losses due to the TOTAL extermination of the population"

                  But there is an approximate figure of total losses of 26,5 million minus 9,5 military losses.

                  The rest are all peaceful 17 million people. Russians in the troops were from 72 to 50% (by year).

                  This means that the Russian civilians died roughly 7,5-8,5 million.

                  Jews collected already in Yad-your SPECIFIC names 4.8 million victims ... Go and look.

                  How many and where, at which Memorial, are the names of peaceful Russian victims collected? Not at all and nowhere (almost)

                  And the saddest thing is that none and does not do this ...
                  1. Kwas
                    Kwas 22 September 2020 07: 08
                    Quote: Olgovich

                    What do you mean?
                    Quote: Olgovich
                    And, the saddest thing is that no one is doing this ...

                    For me, the saddest thing is that after the war, retaliation was not organized, in the form of trapping and destroying these scum behind the cordon. Following the example of the Jews.
                    1. Olgovich
                      Olgovich 22 September 2020 07: 16
                      Quote: Kwas
                      What do you mean?

                      Didn't understand: Yad-your-it memorial Complex Holocaust in Israel, where Jews have already collected SPECIFIC names, biographies, photographs of 4.8 million victims.
    2. Petrograd
      Petrograd 19 September 2020 14: 20
      It's hard to read, but you need to know about these superfludes and what they prepared for the Soviet Union of its population, otherwise sometimes rats appear koi yapping about sausages and Mercedes that would have been brought to us by fascist Germany-Herods
    3. hohol95
      hohol95 19 September 2020 22: 19
      For those who still showed signs of life, German doctors from humanity smeared their lips with poison.

      And then these "blackcoated creatures in white coats" became very respected medical workers in the "Rotten West" ...
      And they probably wrote scientific works ... Prizes were received ...
      I hope they all have been sitting on stakes for a long time in the circles of Purgatory. And rebirth does not shine for them. Never...
    4. Old Michael
      Old Michael 20 September 2020 21: 55
      We must not forget this .... Never.

      Let's not forget. To my children and grandchildren, as they grow older, I show “Ordinary Fascism”, starting with the second part. Growing up - we look and discuss part one.
      And this (the most sunk into the soul in their youth) children know:

      Grandchildren will find out, having matured a bit.
  6. Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov
    Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov 19 September 2020 06: 28
    Recall everyone by name,
    his ...
    It is necessary -
    not dead!
    This is necessary -
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 19 September 2020 07: 50
    Nevertheless, even according to the most rough estimates, more than 200 thousand people were killed in the Nazi concentration camps on the territory of the USSR during the period of its occupation.
    The fact is that the representatives of classical historical science (primarily in the West), guided by a number of clear criteria, agreed to consider which of the points of mass extermination organized on our land by the "Aryan" conquerors can be considered concentration camps proper
    ... Ie, we are counting according to the Western method?
    1. Kwas
      Kwas 19 September 2020 19: 44
      I just wanted to write about this figure. But in the very title of the article there are only concentration camps, only on the territory of the USSR, it's still how to count ...
      And it is necessary to count in millions. Almost all Soviet prisoners of war 1941-1942, only they will give at least a couple of million. As a rule, they were not transported in Europe, they were stained on the spot. In concentration camps? No no no .... Yes, what a nafig difference !!!
  8. Blacksmith 55
    Blacksmith 55 19 September 2020 07: 53
    Everyone speaks only about the Holocaust, about the fact that Soviet citizens died many times more, in most cases not a word about this.
    To speak about it louder, to sound the alarm so that the whole world would hear.
    Although ..... no one really wants to hear it.
    1. Maki Avellevich
      Maki Avellevich 19 September 2020 20: 09
      Quote: Blacksmith 55
      To speak about it louder, to sound the alarm so that the whole world would hear.
      Although ..... no one really wants to hear it.

      it is necessary to remember not so that whoever recognizes there, but so that future generations could be better prepared to defend themselves.
      will be able to remember even a drop of those sufferings will already be a help in future conflicts. and they will.
  9. ee2100
    ee2100 19 September 2020 09: 34
    The "Holocaust" is not only a reminder of the nearly 7 million tortured Jews, but it is also a commercial project.
    PS The word "Vaivara" in Russian is not declined.
    1. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar 19 September 2020 12: 38
      Quote: ee2100
      The "Holocaust" is not only a reminder of the nearly 7 million tortured Jews, but it is also a commercial project.
      PS The word "Vaivara" in Russian is not declined.

      Quote: smith 55
      Everyone speaks only about the Holocaust, about the fact that Soviet citizens died many times more, in most cases not a word about this.
      To speak about it louder, to sound the alarm so that the whole world would hear.
      Although ..... no one really wants to hear it.

      They talk about the Holocaust more for other reasons - they destroyed yesterday's neighbors, work colleagues, classmates and classmates of their own children on the ethnic (not even religious, baptism did not help) principle. Commerce - the Nazis took away property from the Jews of Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Czech Republic and Austria for much more money in modern prices than they paid reparations.
      Memory - no one prevents the Russian Foreign Ministry and numerous Russian communities abroad from creating museums and organizing events in memory of the dead civilians of the USSR. I do not know in the Russian Federation itself a single museum (perhaps there is, but I do not know), dedicated to the memory of the victims and among the civilian population of the Soviet Union, as well as citizens who have undergone occupation or deprivation in the evacuation / rear.
      1. ee2100
        ee2100 19 September 2020 13: 15
        You know that the German army was fought by about 200 thousand Jews, mostly from mixed families, where dad was German, and according to Jewish law, these are 100% Jews.
        The issue of anti-Semitic policy in Germany during Hitler's time is very complex. This policy was supported by many people in Germany and not only.
        1. Krasnodar
          Krasnodar 19 September 2020 13: 56
          laughing I don’t understand what this has to do with the post I wrote, but to be precise:
          In the ranks of the Wehrmacht there were about 150 thousand tons. mishlig of the second category - by a quarter of Jews. Even Hitler did not recognize them as Jews. The only limitation was service in the SS, to what extent this was observed - I don't know.
          The halves were unambiguously considered Jews - either by their father or by their mother. The vast majority of these were not called up at all, by 1938, EMNIP, all half-cadres were fired from the army. In some cases, exceptions were made - there were several dozen, or less than ten (in Israel I read an article that even more than a hundred, but the source of information was not specified).
          The policy of Nazi Germany towards Jews was supported by many residents of both the "Greater Reich" and the occupied countries and territories. This is what I wrote about.
          1. ee2100
            ee2100 19 September 2020 14: 07
            This has to do with the Holocaust in general, and not with your remark about neighbors, colleagues, etc.
            I wrote that this is a very difficult question.
            1. Krasnodar
              Krasnodar 19 September 2020 16: 51
              What is difficult? They threw the cry - you can rob. So they robbed. Everything is very simple laughing And they smirked with impunity. Because it was possible. And they killed.
              1. ee2100
                ee2100 19 September 2020 17: 36
                I disagree and this site is not the place for such a discussion
                1. Krasnodar
                  Krasnodar 19 September 2020 18: 20
                  What do you disagree with? Are you saying that the Jews themselves are to blame? Well, stay your opinion laughing Only in a similar situation can any nation and community find themselves - too literate or too uneducated, too rich or very poor, and others who annoy the bulk of the population, so our whole discussion is not about that ..
                  1. ee2100
                    ee2100 19 September 2020 21: 33
                    I wrote everything above
          2. hohol95
            hohol95 19 September 2020 22: 14
            On August 29, 1943, the Germans decided to send all the Jews of Denmark (7 people).
            In 3 days the Danish Resistance (including the communists) - saved almost everyone.
            There is more BUT in this story - Danish fishermen established a fixed rate for moving Jews. Each person was charged DKK 1 - more than 000 months' salary at the time. This is from the representatives of the "working class", if a Jew was richer, the price reached 2 crowns. Danish fishermen reported that if they were caught by the Germans, they would be imprisoned, and they needed to justify the risk, in addition, they had to feed their families, and let the Jews pay for their escape from the SS at the "established market price."
            A total of about DKK 20 million was paid!
            The members of the Resistance "squeezed" part of the money from the rich Danes, and also made their own financial contribution.
            The fishermen refused to work without prepayment.
            Having mercy, the very poor were taken into debt, taking receipts - and these Jews then, several years after the war, paid money for their salvation. With interest, because the Danish fishermen were financially literate. Such a kind people.
            Only 102 out of 7 people were killed, including 800 women and children who were hiding in the church. They were betrayed by a Danish girl, the mistress of a German soldier.

            Information from their Internet article "Denmark has something to keep silent about the salvation of the Jews"
            1. Krasnodar
              Krasnodar 19 September 2020 22: 56
              There was such a thing, but, as the saying goes, "Thank you, God, for taking the money." And thanks to the Danes - incl. fishermen. And the priests who hid representatives of a foreign religion in the church.
              1. hohol95
                hohol95 19 September 2020 23: 09
                It's good that the money was found ...
                I do not think that everyone would be taken on credit.
                1. Krasnodar
                  Krasnodar 19 September 2020 23: 36
                  Danish banks gave out loans with a specialist - and with a 99% probability of non-return. The last loans were honestly returned to them in the 70s)).
                  1. hohol95
                    hohol95 19 September 2020 23: 45
                    What noble Danish bankers!
                    Didn't they shave their girls like the French?
                    Showing his heroism not in resisting the enemy, but in the haircut of women.
                    1. Krasnodar
                      Krasnodar 19 September 2020 23: 55
                      This is unknown to me - but I will put it this way.
                      As a Jew, I do not condemn people who did not hide and did not help my fellow believers. For three reasons:
                      a) Why endanger my family for a stranger to me?
                      b) Why should I help strangers living on my land (if they are friends, distant relatives or children - another matter).
                      c) Why do I need extra smut in such a difficult period of time as the occupation?
                      I condemn those who handed over Jews, caught Jews and appropriated their property for themselves - this is an abomination, cooperation with the occupiers and looting.
                      People who risk their lives for strangers are heroes. I'm not a hero.
                      1. hohol95
                        hohol95 20 September 2020 22: 03
                        I will answer you with the words of the fabulous Tsarevich Ivan - "Fear not the one who will say without thinking! Fear the one who will think without saying!"
                        And I'm not a hero ...
                        b) Why should I help strangers living on my land (if they are friends, distant relatives or children - another matter).

                        You can easily cash in on them.
                        I read that in Rwanda, during the massacre of Tutsis, many Hutus were killed under the guise of which less fortunate relatives owe them ...
                        Just like during the St. Bartholomew's night. A striking example of Louis de Clermont, lord de Bussy d'Amboise.
                        In 1572, during St. Bartholomew's Night, at the head of an armed detachment, he led the murder of his relative, the Huguenot Antoine de Clermont, the Marquis de Renelle (father's cousin, with whom his father was in litigation over the Marquisate. After the murder, the case was settled in court in favor of Bussy d'Amboise, but under the terms of the Edict in Beaulieu in 1576 ("Raix de Monsieur"), the title of Marquis de Renelle was returned to the family of the murdered man.
                      2. Krasnodar
                        Krasnodar 21 September 2020 01: 49
                        These are already the dark sides of human nature. In principle, therefore, the Holocaust is a rather tough topic - the murder of yesterday's neighbors, colleagues, etc., and not even within the framework of interethnic massacre. And I speak from my belfry - I would not be a hero (except for relatives and children), but I would not give it up either. And to condemn the Danish fishermen for the fact that they have cooked ... but to their health! They did their job perfectly, well done.
                      3. hohol95
                        hohol95 21 September 2020 10: 56
                        And to condemn the Danish fishermen for the fact that they have cooked ... but to their health! They did their job perfectly, well done.

                        Yes. Let's just envy these humble workers of the sea!
                        - Haim, you went to take out the trash. Where the hell have you been for three hours? Have you been to Tsili again?
                        - Sarochka, listen here, I, after all, sold the trash.
                      4. Krasnodar
                        Krasnodar 21 September 2020 12: 11
                        Why envy when you can just say a big thank you? laughing And Schaub this money went to their advantage, and most importantly - no one owes anything to anyone)).
  • T.A.V.
    T.A.V. 19 September 2020 09: 51
    This is what we need to remind our “partners” who are trying to tell how bad and barbarous Russia is.
  • Sergey Averchenkov
    Sergey Averchenkov 19 September 2020 10: 41
    Well, how can you forgive it?
    1. Kwas
      Kwas 19 September 2020 19: 52
      Forgive not forgive, but it was necessary to punish. How the Jews, decades later, caught the executioners anywhere, tried or exterminated them on the spot. Ours were "embarrassed" to do this, although there were many more opportunities. They demanded extradition, and if they didn’t ... they did nothing. And it would be necessary for the ground under their feet to burn, everywhere, even in Argentina, even in the USA!
  • igordok
    igordok 19 September 2020 11: 05
    Until the winter of 1941-42. the camp in the village of Moglino was considered a prisoner of war camp (working camp of Stalag-372). After the winter, when almost all the prisoners of war died, he was transferred to the status of a concentration camp, where civilians were already being held, and the guards were Balts, mostly Estonians.

    The road sign lists only civilian casualties, no prisoners of war killed.
    In the German bureaucracy, there were several types of prisoner of war camps (stalag, dulag, oflag, luftlag). Concentration camps for civilians were counted separately. But often they moth to move from one status to another, and passed to another "department". The owner of Stalag-372 in Pskov was the Luftwaffe (the guards on the towers were "pilots"). But when the camp in Moglino became a concentration camp, the SS became its "owner". Because of this casuistry, Westerners belittle the status of concentration camps, considering that concentration camps can be any camp where someone concentrates (for example, pioneer camps, recreation camps, where pioneers and vacationers are concentrated). But in my opinion, the term Death camp, would be more specific.
  • Pavel57
    Pavel57 19 September 2020 13: 57
    This must not be forgotten.
  • BAI
    BAI 19 September 2020 20: 04
    The search engines of Gazprom transgaz Moscow in the Bryansk region found and reburied (with the participation of the TFR and the administration of the Bryansk region) the remains of 70 people. Group execution, 12 men, the rest - women and children. Among the remains are personal items: crosses, bottles of milk (the liquid in the bottles retained its white color), a children's cup, etc. Men were killed by shots to the back of the head, women and children - skulls were broken in the temporal region and in the vault of the skull base. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a case under the article "Genocide".
    1. Azis
      Azis 20 September 2020 00: 18
      Thanks to the search engines for their initiatives. Thank you for the organization, even though it bears in its name "Gazprom", found funds to financially support search engines.
  • zenion
    zenion 19 September 2020 22: 07
    Apparently Western historians have never seen or read, or at least looked through a book published in Germany: SS in action, documents on SS crimes. By the way, there is a map of the locations, but only the largest concentration camps in Hitler's Germany. The book describes everything that these non-masters do not want to admit. Everything that the Nazis did in every country.