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Official enemy? Ukraine's National Security Strategy


On September 14, President Zelenskiy approved the new National Security Strategy of Ukraine. On the one hand, the document legally states a complete rupture of political and military relations with Russia and its allies, and on the other hand, it clearly answers the question about the future fate of Donbass. Ukraine is completely "leaving" to the West.

For several years now, experts and political scientists have been arguing about the possibility of creating some other partnership, about achieving some kind of economic or political consensus between Ukraine and Russia. Alas, the National Security Service of Ukraine gives a clear answer: no partnership! Russia is just an aggressive neighbor, with whom it is necessary to fight for "the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine."

Let's try to understand the document in more detail.

Ukraine seeks to join the EU, NATO and an alliance with the United States

Ukraine is a state that strives for peace, intends to restrain the manifestation of armed aggression against its country, to uphold territorial integrity and sovereignty, and also to maintain cooperation with the European Union, the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance.

I think that it is simply impossible to say more specifically than it is expressed in this quote. Very precise wording. If we translate this statement from the diplomatic-bureaucratic language into everyday language, it will become clear that the state does not abandon plans not only for a diplomatic, but also for a military solution to the contradictions existing in the East.

Today the idea of ​​"Ukrainian" Kuban, Rostov, Voronezh and other lands is popular. Taking this into account, modern Ukraine is actually declaring its own claims to these territories. It is clear that Ukraine cannot present a claim to Russia. The gut is too thin for a serious conversation with an eastern neighbor. Kiev is well aware of this. Therefore, they offer themselves as "meat" for the war between the West and the East. In fact, Ukraine is saying that it agrees to become a battlefield between Russia and NATO.

Basic principles of the new strategy

Defending the independence and sovereignty of the country. Restoring the territorial integrity of the state. Protection of the rights, freedoms and interests of all Ukrainian citizens. Integration into NATO and the European Union.

Three postulates of the new Ukrainian National Security Strategy are clearly visible behind the beautiful text. It seems to me that they are the cornerstones of the whole structure.

So, upholding independence and sovereignty. In fact, this means that Ukraine is preparing for a war with Russia and, possibly, if Lukashenko remains in power, with Belarus. It will be called like this: "development of the defense sphere" to "prevent armed aggression against Ukraine." In fact, Ukraine officially informs the "aggressors" that it is ready to fight and will fight for the interests of not only its own country, but also for the interests of the EU and NATO.

Further - the protection of the rights, freedoms and interests of citizens. This is nothing more than Ukraine's readiness to quickly adapt to changes in the political, military, or any other course of NATO and the United States. Simply put, Kiev agrees in advance to recognize any changes in the domestic or foreign policy of the EU, the US or NATO.

In diplomacy, this is called the stability of the state's course. But this means just a rejection of independence in favor of other countries. The people call this position differently. And the attitude towards people with such a position among the people is also appropriate.

And the third principle, expressed in the document: "integration into NATO and the European Union." It's enough just to repeat what is written above. We agree to fight for you to the last Ukrainian. A thinking person understands that for NATO the best option for a war would be a conflict in which its own armed forces would not directly participate in hostilities. Others must die. The Alliance, on the other hand, must make money from other people's blood.

There are no more Minsk agreements

At first glance, it looks somewhat strange that the Strategy does not contain a single mention of the Minsk agreements. There is the fact that Ukraine intends to return the occupied territories, but there is nothing about "Minsk". Is it strange? Not at all. For the first time, Ukraine has honestly shown its own attitude towards the Minsk agreements. It's just a piece of paper that doesn't mean anything for Kiev. By the way, this has long been discussed in Donbass.

The imitation of the ebullient activities of the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) is just a procrastination for the Americans to decide. After the election of a new US president, it will become clear what the owner of the square will need. Hence the constant talk about the order of execution of the clauses of the agreements, about the elections in the Donbass, about the Russian army. Hence the loud statements about the unfairness of the Minsk agreements and the need to revise them.

Moreover, the Minsk agreements are a diplomatic way to solve the problem. The very peaceful path that everyone is talking about. Exactly. They speak in Russia, in the EU, in Ukraine, and in the Donbass. The National Security Service of Ukraine puts an end to all these conversations. Ukraine does not need the Minsk agreements, since they were signed by the vanquished, and the Ukrainians have long considered themselves victors.

This means that Kiev is going to solve the problem of Donbass by military means! The only limiting factor today is Russia's reaction. President Putin did not cancel his words about the fate of Ukraine's statehood in the event of active hostilities.

Briefly about further developments

Ukraine's National Security Strategy is a serious document that makes neighboring states think. President Zelensky actually signed an ultimatum to Donbass and, to some extent, Russia. On the one hand, this is a program for the development of our own armed forces and strategies for their use, a program for the development of our own defense industry and industries associated with this industry, and on the other hand? ..

On the other hand, Russia has officially received another "angry dog" at its borders. Accordingly, Moscow will take the necessary steps for its own security. Moreover, it is clear that these steps will be aimed at ensuring a response to aggression in such a way as to eliminate the danger with one blow. And this blow will be directed not only at the troops on the front line ...

Are the games of curing the mentally ill over? Ukraine has taken its place along with Poland, the Baltic countries, the Czech Republic and others?

Alas, it seems to me, yes. Now we have, instead of a deceived people, a friend who must someday come to their senses, an enemy. Yes, this is another pug, but ... Hyenas also gather in flocks and then become dangerous even for lions.
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  1. Livonetc
    Livonetc 16 September 2020 15: 07
    "Ukraine is completely 'leaving' to the West."
    Let Ukraine leave completely.
    At least ... at least ...
    And let the regions remain.
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 16 September 2020 15: 16
      Quote: Livonetc
      "Ukraine is completely 'leaving' to the West."

      Well, Western Ukraine, it has never been the East, it is under Austria, then under the Poles. Crimea, if possible, ran away to his own people, Donbas realized who was "running the show" and also ran away. But the rest of Eastern Ukraine will decide for itself with whom to go in the same ranks, and for whom to fight. Although they will not even be asked.
      1. Livonetc
        Livonetc 16 September 2020 15: 19
        If it comes to the cutting table,
        west psheki swallow at once, do not choke.
        We have been sitting for a long time ...
        And Donbass, no matter what and whoever says, including in the leadership of the Russian Federation, the ruin cannot be seen.
        1. tihonmarine
          tihonmarine 16 September 2020 15: 36
          Quote: Livonetc
          And Donbass, no matter what and whoever says, including in the leadership of the Russian Federation, the ruin cannot be seen.

          For the outskirts it is like "they carry chacha past the company, cherry plum past the nose", in short, as always, a flight.
      2. Sergej1972
        Sergej1972 17 September 2020 08: 51
        There are several western and several eastern Ukraine. Transcarpathia is not like Eastern Galicia, they differ from Bukovina and Volyn. Chernihiv region differs from Kharkov. Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa have their own specifics.
        1. tihonmarine
          tihonmarine 17 September 2020 08: 56
          Quote: Sergej1972
          Transcarpathia is not like Eastern Galicia, they differ from Bukovina and Volyn.

          I was a year ago in Mukachevo and Uzhgorod on my way to Poland, stayed with a classmate, and from a conversation I realized that they had put the device on the central government of Kiev long ago.
  2. Normal ok
    Normal ok 16 September 2020 15: 09
    The insanity grew stronger, the trees bent. And paper suffers.
  3. paul3390
    paul3390 16 September 2020 15: 11
    Here's the question - Putin was running around with these types of agreements like hens and eggs on feijoa, if from the very beginning it was clear that the Banderlog would be laid on them? And he ruined the Russian spring, and poured such a chance into the toilet - after all, we had a legitimate president of Ukraine !! And the Svidomites are golimy putschists, absolutely illegal. Under this brand - oh, how many things could have been done ... But no - the Banderlogists were saved from a total military defeat by signing meaningless bumazeykas, then for some reason they recognized their junta .. And - how can all this be understood then?
    1. Arthur73
      Arthur73 16 September 2020 15: 38
      -16 qualifying.
      And what did you do for Donbass? Maybe you were a volunteer? Or a "vacationer"? Or just from the couch of your "Kroshilibanderites" by someone else's hands ??? Rather, the third. I foresee a question and immediately answer - I from my couch ( wink ) was always against a full-fledged military operation. And what measures were taken, so the General Staff and others, they know better.
      1. paul3390
        paul3390 16 September 2020 15: 43
        Well, yes - the stump is clear, without me in my 55, what kind of military operation is there. Without me - no way .. And what he did - but not enough of course .. I sent as much money as I could, I gave all my optics and equipment to the peasants. At the rallies for Donbass he tore his throat. Even in the face to roll one particularly nimble Svidomit happened. I venerated the organization of convoys from St. Petersburg. But in general - how did these types of clever guys get pulled up, such a feeling - that there is no power in our state, just that - and what did you do yourself .. If I do everything myself - then is there such a state for me? How do we say taxes to tear in three skins, or deprive pensions there - for some reason it does without my opinion, but how to do what is necessary - go do it yourself. Well settled!
        1. Akuzenka
          Akuzenka 22 September 2020 11: 27
          If I do everything myself - then is there such a state for me in feijoa? How do we say taxes to tear into three skins, or deprive of pensions there - for some reason it does without my opinion, but how to do what is necessary - go do it yourself. Well settled!
          Wake up, you live in a capitalist country. At the forefront is momentary profit! And that's all.
      2. domokl
        16 September 2020 17: 28
        Quote: Arthur73
        What did you do for Donbass yourself?

        I added my minus with pleasure. For the young and early, the veterans of the site remember this, the readers of the VO actively helped the republics by supplying there food, clothing, and other necessary things purchased with funds raised by the readers of the VO. Our correspondent Roman Skomorokhov regularly published reports on such trips.
    2. Sergey Pedenko
      Sergey Pedenko 18 September 2020 10: 32
      absolutely right, mistakes are expensive and everyone from the east believes that Russia has betrayed, but the issue still needs to be resolved, but with great costs //
  4. Sergey39
    Sergey39 16 September 2020 15: 12
    The Minsk agreements were originally a way to play for time.
  5. Lipchanin
    Lipchanin 16 September 2020 15: 19
    Now we have, instead of a deceived people, a friend who must someday come to their senses, an enemy.

    We have had it for a long time, right after "Moskalyaku to Gilyaku"
    1. The leader of the Redskins
      The leader of the Redskins 16 September 2020 15: 25
      -17 qualifying.
      For so long and often we called our neighbors either non-brothers or Bandera, that in the sixth year they themselves believed in it ...
      1. Lipchanin
        Lipchanin 16 September 2020 15: 29
        In fact, they were the first to call us non-brothers.
        About Bandera. If the president himself called himself a staunch Bandera, we have to do with it.
        And they yelled "Moskalyaku na gilyaku" long before we began to call them non-brothers
        1. Zoldat_A
          Zoldat_A 19 September 2020 15: 16
          Quote: Lipchanin
          About Bandera. If the president himself called himself a staunch Bandera, we have to do with it.

          Coming out?
      2. Arthur73
        Arthur73 16 September 2020 15: 41
        Come on. And until 2014, there were no Nazi formations in Ukraine? Again, Moscow is your fault? This is already chronic. We would have gone back to our homeland! Otherwise, you live in Russia and you blame it.
    2. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 16 September 2020 15: 48
      Quote: Lipchanin
      We have had it for a long time, right after "Moskalyaku to Gilyaku"

      But now the "African American" has become the best friend for the independent citizen.
  6. Undecim
    Undecim 16 September 2020 15: 33
    Another portion of fierce fantasy from this author, who, as they say, carries, moreover, unrestrainedly.
    It is impossible to explain the bend about the fact that the thesis about upholding independence and sovereignty means preparation for war with Russia and Belarus, and the protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens - rejection of independence, cannot be explained by anything else. For any country, the issue of independence and sovereignty is central to the security strategy.
    Moreover, the author misinterprets the content with a blue eye, compiling completely different paragraphs at his own discretion.
    As a result, the sketch turned out to be quite low-quality. It is clear that the laws of the genre require writing about Ukraine either badly or nothing. But at least the appearance of logic must be observed.
    1. parusnik
      parusnik 16 September 2020 17: 46
      We parted like ships at sea back in 1991 ".... and we will not meet by chance" (c)
    2. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 17 September 2020 08: 56
      There are a lot of countries, for example, EU members, which quite officially transferred part of their sovereignty to supranational structures. Therefore, they cannot be called completely sovereign and independent.
      1. Undecim
        Undecim 17 September 2020 12: 54
        I like the way you think !!! Here, on the site, at least eighty percent transferred their mental functions to the TV. Following your logic, they can no longer be called completely reasonable.
        Great observation! Thank!
  7. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
    Andrei from Chelyabinsk 16 September 2020 15: 40
    An article from the series - when you want to write, but not about anything.
    With a strategy, without a strategy, Ukraine's policy has not changed in anything. The strategy did not discover or say anything new, that is, nothing changed with its adoption. It’s not that sensation, even news is not in it, except for the very fact of its acceptance.
  8. Sasha from Uralmash
    Sasha from Uralmash 16 September 2020 15: 41
    A logical question arises! And where does the Outskirts get gas and oil? Really in the USA!
  9. Vladimir Mashkov
    Vladimir Mashkov 16 September 2020 15: 47
    Eh, but EVERYTHING could have been different if the Russian authorities had not recognized Bandera's coup and supported not only Crimea, but also Anti-Maidan and Novorossia, and not limited to Crimea alone ... Yanukovych, of course, is far from Lukashenko. And Ukraine is not Belarus either. But the example of Belarus shows: it COULD not surrender the country to the West!
  10. mark_rod
    mark_rod 16 September 2020 16: 52
    Quote: paul3390
    How do we say taxes to tear into three skins, or deprive of pensions there - for some reason it does without my opinion, but how to do what is necessary - go do it yourself. Well settled!

    If you could put a hundred pluses, I would put it for such words!
  11. samarin1969
    samarin1969 16 September 2020 17: 23
    The article may have been relevant until 2016. And the assessment of the situation was delayed by 30 years.
    All 30 years in the media, show business, on the pages of educational and scientific literature, Ukrainians kept repeating about the hated flawed "Muscovites". And the course "to the West" was declared by almost all politicians. But the cosmopolitan "elite" of the Russian Federation looked at this with indifference. So the author's pathos is surprising. And what else did he expect from Kiev? ... Even in the media controlled by Yanukovych, Russia was portrayed as a hostile backward "former" power.
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 17 September 2020 09: 00
      In a hidden, veiled form, the superiority of Ukraine was promoted by the party and Soviet structures, part of the creative community of Ukraine back in the Soviet period, and even before perestroika.
  12. parusnik
    parusnik 16 September 2020 17: 41
    Ukraine and the rest left in 1991, those who have not yet left are trying to leave - events in Belorussi. Russia is an enemy, which is surprising, it should have been, loans under Russia are a friend, no one will give anyone to anyone.
  13. north 2
    north 2 16 September 2020 18: 18
    that's with what fright Russia recognized the post-Maidan elections and Poroshenko-President as legitimate in Ukraine. What, Putin came up with the Minsk agreements as a lesson to teach Poroshenko and Bandera
    how to fulfill what is signed in the contract? Don't be ridiculous. Putin is not their teacher, but Washington. And there they teach differently. If you do what was signed in the Minsk agreements, the United States will turn its back on Ukraine!
    What was Russia afraid of if Russia recognizes the independence of the Donbas republics and they become part of Russia and become under the protection of Russia? Ahh, was afraid that with the harsh sanctions of the West, the oligarchs and the rich and all sorts of Sobchaks and Pugachevs with Kirkorovs would not be able to fully come off in Moscow and St. Petersburg? Drop it! After all, they came off in Moscow and St. Petersburg to the fullest at a time when the war was in Chechnya and when Russian soldiers were dying there. But Gorbachev's and Yeltsin's Russia left and threw more than thirty
    millions of Russians and Russian-speaking people outside Russia, when Gorbachev began and Yeltsin finished
    collapse and destruction of the USSR. And Putin is Yeltsin's disciple and heir. Moreover, these four
    million Russian and Russian-speaking residents of Donbas, they are from among these thirty million abandoned and forgotten by Yeltsin ...
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 17 September 2020 09: 04
      Unfortunately, many Russian-speaking and even some of the Russians living in the former Soviet republics, both then and now, were against the Russian Federation. Both in Ukraine and in the Baltic States, some Russians and Russian-speakers have very actively supported the desire for independence. The factor of the so-called cuttings must also be taken into account.
  14. iouris
    iouris 16 September 2020 18: 21
    Quote: "Ukraine's National Security Strategy is a serious document that makes neighboring states think." End of quote.
    What is there to think? Shake it.
  15. sleeve
    sleeve 16 September 2020 19: 05
    No, of course, the author's “free” interpretation of the content of the “doctrine” in an attempt to fill the three principles declared with meaning is impressive. But overall, the concept is correct. The whole question is this (and not the only one) ignoring Minsk is ignoring the EU itself. The Norman group, what was she imprisoned for? Why are Franks and Goths such funny guys? However, well ... the Mirikans will clearly gather in the Norman group and begin to bring such a shadow over the fence, with their dense Neanderthal approach to international problems. In general, there are no special prospects for taking out the situation in diplomacy. And we are deprived of the opportunity to bend the edge at least by breaking deep relations after recognizing us as an enemy. It is necessary to look after the interests of "ordinary people", to preserve at least some kind of official screed for at least some kind of "peacekeeping". Everything is bad in general ...
    1. iouris
      iouris 16 September 2020 19: 31
      Everything is bad? It's still good. In 2014, I bet a bottle of cognac: I preached that the whole South would follow Crimea up to Transnistria. Alas and ah! It's too late to drink ... Borjomi.
      1. sleeve
        sleeve 17 September 2020 04: 47
        Crimea was a necessity. Inevitability. The rest is diverging circles ...
  16. Niel-le-Calais
    Niel-le-Calais 16 September 2020 22: 39
    It is strange that this is Analytics.
    Nothing analytical except the opinion of the author.
    I want to see what I want. And write what I want. The usual opinion. Analytics is completely different.
    The author still sculpts that
    1-Ukraine has always been an enemy.
    2-Well, figs with her.
    3-The reason is that she became an enemy - only the machinations of enemies. We only offered her friendship
    (even when the first opened fire on its territory and killed her soldiers officially, I mean Warrant Officer Kokorin + others and "green people" well, and blocking her military, flooding Ochakov and blocking the fleet, all sorts of seizures ... but these are trifles like a military organization and north wind ..)
    It is rather strange that after that Ukrainians treat Russians better than Russians treat Ukrainians.
    Usually, after such a hatred settles in every citizen of the country in relation to the citizen of the country that committed such acts .. But there is a kinship and complexity of the issue. And emotions always subside, and bonds are stronger and pragmatism.
    The trouble is that despite the fact that after chopping off 13.22% of neighbors, they still suggest that they are enemies only because they have always been like that, and this is the longest border of the Russian Federation in Europe, the largest Russian-speaking country after the Russian Federation, and the territory of this country is considerable, and the population is several tens of millions. And the proximity of all vulnerable European points in the Russian Federation from the territory of this country has a short flight time.
    And almost every citizen has ties with this country in his own country.
    And such articles have been turning Russians in Ukraine for a long time already - into inveterate Ukrainians worse than nationalists. They just want to go to Europe. But only the Russians want to return everything that they chopped off from them. And they know how to fight better than the Ukrainians.
    And now we are making these Russian citizens of Ukraine enemies. Well, only because they want to solve this issue in Russian. I am sure that if it were the other way around and instead of Ukraine there would be the Russian Federation, it would be the same.
    1. north 2
      north 2 17 September 2020 06: 20
      no, this is not football or hockey, to feel like a spectator on the podium with impatient sickness
      for his team and who wants his team to win - Russian or Ukrainian. This is not
      theatrical performance, where all the spectators at the end of the performance applaud all the artists. This event
      according to the tracing papers and tablets of Hitler in the past and according to the plans of America in the present, that the Russian state can only destroy by tearing off part of its ancestral lands from the Russian state,
      which are called New Russia and Little Russia on the southern outskirts of the Russian state and White Russia in the west of the Russian state. So if anyone is there on this outskirts that now
      managed to tear him away from the Russian state, imagined himself to be a Russian with interest and excitement
      observing and even sick of the fact that this torn off outskirts, having rewritten, appropriated the history of the Russian state and even became an independent state, then let such a Russian once again
      will look at the tracing papers and tablets of Hitler in the past and the plans of America in the present about
      what conditions can the Russian state be destroyed ... And then you don't have to beat yourself in the chest and yell,
      that you are Russian up to the tenth generation, if you did not understand those tracing papers, tablets or plans ... or pretend to be a fool that you did not understand. It won't even help in future trials of traitors to the Russian state ...
  17. Alexander Barinov
    Alexander Barinov 17 September 2020 06: 02
    Some people continue to expect something different from Ukraine * and its ethnos in the mass of them *?
    They * "treba" a freebie at the expense of the Russian Federation and the Russians.
    Ukraine *, should drive in the neck.
  18. Glenni
    Glenni 17 September 2020 07: 50
    Old record, we know how you live and who to be friends with. But on occasion we will squeeze out "unnecessary".
  19. cniza
    cniza 17 September 2020 09: 05
    Ukraine is completely "leaving" to the West.

    Funny, and who is waiting for them there?

    Nobody in Europe wants to die for Ukraine, they don't even want to give you money, you are in this battle for yourself. Neither the population, nor, especially, the business circles of Europe, are ready to provide the Kiev authorities with the support they are talking about today, speaking to the Ukrainians ... In order to ask for something, you have to give something! You gave nothing to anyone except anger and hatred. You betrayed Russia, which created and fed you with a spoon. The whole world knows it! Remember! Traitors are not loved anywhere. They only use them.
    Dominique Strauss-Kahn, French economist, politician, 2014

  20. Sergej1972
    Sergej1972 17 September 2020 09: 10
    It is a pity, of course, but the option is not ruled out that in the event of an aggravation of the situation, Russia will have to raze the tank plant in Kharkov, YuMZ and the Yuzhnoye design bureau. I would really not like this development of the situation.
  21. The comment was deleted.
  22. rusboris
    rusboris 17 September 2020 23: 44
    Bad article. There is even nothing to criticize. "Chef, everything is gone ..." In 1918 it was much harder in this part of Russia. And Skoropadsky (Zelensky) and Petliura (Banderlog) and Makhno, was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, (LPR) and others. Derbani this Russian land as best they could. A year later, they were washed away like shit in the spring. And now it will wash away, not in a year, so in 5 years. The main thing is to stay away from blood, to use more soft force. Well, and such authors of articles to give a shortcut, an illiterate silkoper.
  23. Coconut
    Coconut 18 September 2020 00: 42
    Ukraine seeks to join the EU, NATO and an alliance with the United States
    A strange desire for suicide ... fellow
  24. Zementbomber
    Zementbomber 18 September 2020 10: 41
    President Putin did not cancel his words about the fate of Ukraine's statehood in the event of active hostilities.

    Sure, not a problem! smile
    Carrying out the operation "Sunset of Chervona Zirka" upon the onset of known military-political conditions (and these conditions are clearly formulated) of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the RNBO - also not canceled. wink hi