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Stumbling border. Isn't it time for LDNR to fence itself off from Ukraine?


People's scattered republics

From the very beginning of the coronavirus restrictions, the LPR and DPR fenced off from each other, and not so much because of considerations of epidemiological control, but because of the different approach to transport links with Ukraine. So, if in the LPR the checkpoint near Stanytsia Luhanska continued to work (with restrictions gradually approaching zero), then the DPR approached the issue completely differently, limiting the number of people entering and leaving the republic through the Yelenovka checkpoint.

Despite the numerous promises of the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin to open the border between the republics, this decision was never made.

“And until it is open: the Luhansk side refuses to fulfill a number of conditions, without which the opening of the DPR-LPR border is impossible. In particular, the official Luhansk refuses to restrict travel to Ukraine through the territory of the LPR for citizens of the DPR ",

- reports the Shtrikh DNR telegram channel, which is close to the social movement "Donetsk Republic".

In the seventh year of the republics' existence, after the formally overcome crisis, when a real customs office operated between the LPR and the DPR; after gradual (but not final) overcoming of the difference in legislation and the unification of the railway into one structure, the people's republics finally fenced off from each other.

Egyptian execution

There is no doubt that communication between the LPR and the DPR will sooner or later be restored, however, it will still be necessary to develop a principled approach to communication between the republics and Ukraine. Firstly, in Ukraine, there is a terrible situation with the spread of coronavirus (we are modestly silent about measles and antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis). Ukraine ranks second in Europe by the number of deaths. The number of detected cases of the disease has exceeded 3000 per day, and doctors say that the detection rate is 10-20%, since there are not enough tests, people, funding, etc. for a full-fledged work.If the coronavirus is as terrible as it is painted, Ukraine may well face a death rate similar to that recorded this year in Italy and the United States. It is clear that the LPNR medical system inherited from Ukraine in a dilapidated state does not need these problems at all.

Secondly, the question remains: are there any sufficiently compelling reasons to run between the LPNR and Ukraine? At the moment, the question is not relevant for pensioners: Kiev has postponed mandatory verification until the end of quarantine, and the pension itself can be cashed in a special financial center. Yes, you have to pay 5-10%, but after all, a trip to the territory occupied by Kiev is also not free, not to mention the burden and discomfort. And the republican pensions, on which more than 300 thousand pensioners live, whom Ukraine has deprived of benefits, has not been canceled.

As for those who, due to their own negligence due to quarantine restrictions, remained cut off from their relatives in the spring of this year, there is a loophole since July-August: having a registration in the DPR, you can return to Ukraine through the Russian Federation. Those who have registration in the territory controlled by Kiev are released without restrictions. In general, there are options: not easy, expensive, but not critical if this is a really important trip, and not a weekly trip “for matches”.

Hit the jackpot

Of course, various cunning characters who organized bus tours from Donetsk to Ukraine through Belgorod and Kharkov hurried to take advantage of the situation in the DPR. This pleasure costs about 3 thousand rubles, taking into account the bribe to the Ukrainian border guard (according to Ukrainian laws, you cannot cross the border with the Russian Federation through the republican customs). Nevertheless, the service is in demand, despite the considerable distance.

Stumbling border. Isn't it time for LDNR to fence itself off from Ukraine?

At the same time, it should be noted that these travels clearly do not help stabilize the epidemiological situation. But what to say: this whole adventure clearly smells of corruption, since carriers offer their services openly, without hesitation and without fear of any sanctions. It is not entirely clear only whether this is a republican program for additional taxation of all who wish to regularly visit Ukraine or an initiative of individual managers. If so, why can't all this be stopped?

It's time to tighten the nuts

It should be admitted that against the background of the political, social and economic blockade by Ukraine, against the background of constant shelling (temporarily stopped in connection with the first stories conflict with a prolonged truce) and openly aggressive position of Kiev, a free visit to Ukraine looks like nonsense. Today, in connection with the pandemic in Ukraine, it would be logical to stop any movement. It is high time to "tighten the screws" and introduce restrictions that would make exit and entry more responsible and controlled. At the same time, solve the problem of terrible queues at the checkpoint.

Yes, it is necessary to let pensioners in and out so that they can resolve issues with their benefits, but even here you need to "comb" and somewhat limit the ability to ride back and forth several times a week. It is necessary to limit the possibility of entry and exit for traders and to suppress contraband (it is generally threatening in the LDNR). In general, we need to figure out why and why people who do not have registration in the LPNR and local passports travel between the republics and Ukraine. Who are they? For what purposes are they going? And many many others.

There is reason to hope that the situation with the coronavirus will make it possible to seriously work out this long-felt issue. All the more sore, because now, for some reason, 70-80% of them are shouting loudest about him, not pensioners and not ordinary people, but people who are somehow connected with smuggling or who have tender feelings for Ukraine and call for forgiving everything and running fraternizing. The war is not over and sporadic games of democracy are inappropriate, therefore, on the time border (it is the demarcation line), you need to put things in order. And at the same time take a close look at those who loudly demand to immediately organize unhindered entry to Ukraine and back. Maybe it's time for them to go to Kiev without the right to return?
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Gerd Altmann; from social networks
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  1. Kamarada
    Kamarada 15 September 2020 15: 12
    Or maybe already move the border of Donbass to the Kiv, or better to the western area.
    1. Ros 56
      Ros 56 15 September 2020 15: 46
      Verb truth, dear.
      1. Kamarada
        Kamarada 15 September 2020 16: 09
        This is what lies on the surface. It is clear that this is easy to do from the sofa. But having a perennial chiriy on the belly is not the case. So you can lose the whole body.
    2. Civil
      Civil 15 September 2020 17: 36
      Some problems with Donbass
      1. Valery Potapov
        Valery Potapov 16 September 2020 09: 00
        Yes, and finally the Russians got it ... They want to live, work, rest ... Lost the shores ...
  2. Lipchanin
    Lipchanin 15 September 2020 15: 17
    Ukraine ranks second in Europe by the number of deaths. The number of detected cases of the disease has exceeded 3000 per day, and doctors say that the detection rate is 10-20%, since there are not enough tests, people, funding, etc. for full-fledged work.

    I remember that when the first cases appeared in our country, some individuals were choking with joy and squealing that they would never have this.
    As they say, they made
    1. Simargl
      Simargl 16 September 2020 19: 02
      Quote: Lipchanin
      some individuals choked with joy and squealed that they would never have this.
      So they this and no: everything is worse there.
  3. Shadow041
    Shadow041 15 September 2020 15: 36
    First of all, the Russian Federation should be fenced off from Ukraine, because in addition to the coronavirus in Ukraine there is a real measles epidemic, and the Bandera people coming from Ukraine do not bring Russia anything good with them.
    1. dranthqu
      dranthqu 15 September 2020 16: 02
      To finish building SP-2 and Ust-Luga - that will be more opportunities. And then to provide all the opportunities for economic cooperation with Russia - for example, a work permit simply by having a Ukrainian passport. The result will force itself to wait, but it will be approximately the same as that of Britain and Ireland: although the latter fought against the former, but now water is not sour. Tied by the Common Travel Area and the open border are stronger than Ireland and the EU. And there, after a generation or two, you can think about moving the border. Or not to move, but to use the Ukrainian market for their own economic purposes.
      1. Shadow041
        Shadow041 15 September 2020 16: 20
        Why do we need citizens and patriots of foreign states suffering from Russophobia in the Russian Federation ?! If they want to live in the Russian Federation, let them swear allegiance to the Russian Federation, as when obtaining US citizenship, and work for the good of the Russian Federation, and not for their own independent countries, since they have arrived in Russia! And if you don't like it, they are not needed here, a good way to go to your native Lviv, in the Russian Federation, and there are people who have come in large numbers to work, there is unemployment, which has only increased with the coronavirus!
        1. dranthqu
          dranthqu 15 September 2020 16: 37
          Then, the next time the Westerners try to "build a fence with Russia" in Ukraine, they will be lifted onto a pitchfork. Not because it will be abstract "to be under Russia or to be in Europe", but because a selfish interest will be tied to it - delicious food, education, economy. And this is a very good way to make the country friendly.

          The coronavirus will end - in a year or two. And the economy will remain. And people will want to eat in 10 years and in 100. My question to you: what needs to be done in Ukraine so that 90% of the population, except the most frostbitten ones, would like to go to Russia, earn money in Russia and buy Russian goods? What would the smartest, educated and most skilled people from Ukraine go to study in Moscow and work for Yandex / Gazprom / Uralmash, and not for Google / Boeing / Siemens? If we figure out how to do this, we will get a huge profit from the existence of Ukraine.

          And the fact that there will be nationalists whining about brain drain and the fact that everything was bought by Muscovites - well, let them whine, the main thing is that the money would carry.
          1. BAI
            BAI 15 September 2020 20: 09
            Westerners will try to "build a fence with Russia", they will be lifted on a pitchfork.

            The higher the fence, the better the neighbors. This, by the way, applies to the entire article.
          2. Bear040
            Bear040 18 September 2020 01: 20
            Russia has forgiven the Ukrainian meanness many times, when Ukraine swore allegiance to Karl-12, the Turkish Sultan, Hitler, Lithuania, Poland ... the list is long. And where are your Ukrainians raising Russophobes on a pitchfork ?! There are none, they all pay taxes on the ATO, finance punitive forces in Donbass and sniff in two holes on the couch, or jump on the Maidan with Bandera flags.
            1. dranthqu
              dranthqu 20 September 2020 23: 40
              Where did I write "forgive"? In no case. Keep a tight grip on siege.
    2. Karaul73
      Karaul73 15 September 2020 20: 19
      Have you tried sprinkling them with holy water? Try it.
  4. Kronos
    Kronos 15 September 2020 16: 07
    The author has already limited himself in writing such dastardly articles. The life of people there and so is not sugar, so you still want to gobble their way.
    1. Shadow041
      Shadow041 15 September 2020 16: 17
      Do you feel sorry for the people who pay taxes on the ATO, serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, SBU, vote for the fascists from Tymoshenko's Batkovshchyna, who calls for killing Russians with an atomic bomb and other similar animals ?! Then you'd better leave the Russian Federation forever, you don't belong here with such thoughts!
      1. Kronos
        Kronos 15 September 2020 16: 40
        I was not talking about them, but about the inhabitants of the LPR who cannot normally go to their relatives in Ukraine, for example.
        1. Ros 56
          Ros 56 15 September 2020 16: 56
          Well, I turned it down, we can't go to our relatives without a war because of lack of money, and he worries about the banderlog. Oh well.
        2. Vladimir61
          Vladimir61 15 September 2020 19: 39
          Quote: Kronos
          I was not talking about them, but about the inhabitants of the LDNR who cannot normally go to their relatives in Ukraine, for example
          Do not whistle! They go, and there and from there. Especially in high esteem is the tour of "relatives" in the DLNR, where "happy" citizens of the Outskirts prefer free treatment.
          1. Kronos
            Kronos 15 September 2020 20: 03
            Yes they do, but with great difficulty and money it requires.
        3. Shadow041
          Shadow041 15 September 2020 20: 49
          Relatives who shoot them, pay taxes for the ATO, vote for the fascist parties ?! As far as I know, normal people have not talked with such relatives for a long time, and let the ukrofashists leave both the Russian Federation and the LPNR, to their Bandera relatives, for permanent residence, since she is so dear to them.
  5. Avior
    Avior 15 September 2020 16: 18
    I don't know where Makhov got such fantasies.
    Mortality from coronavirus in Ukraine is 2 percent.
    160 thousand sick - 3 thousand died.
    Tests are done enough - for 1 revealed - 10 tests approximately, and this ratio has long been stable.
    In Ukraine, a low incidence rate was kept for a very long time - at the level of 300-400 people a day, but sooner or later it is clear that there should be a peak.
    It is not entirely clear how things are with this in the republics, by the way. As the author did not give statistics.
    1. Niel-le-Calais
      Niel-le-Calais 15 September 2020 22: 19
      Quote: Avior
      In Ukraine, a low incidence rate was kept for a very long time.

      There was a strict quarantine for several months. They closed everything. Transport didn't work. The public took 10 people. Cities were fenced off from the outside world.
      Now there is one name from the quarantine, so these are the numbers.
      Quote: Avior
      but sooner or later it is clear that there should be a peak.

      According to the Public Health Center, as of September 15, 2 new cases of COVID-905 were recorded in Ukraine. Now 19 85 active patients.
      "The mortality rate in the country is 2,4%. The highest rate was recorded in Kirovograd (5,1%), Cherkasy (3,9%) and Transcarpathian (3,8%) regions"
      In Ukraine, 159 702 laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 3 264 are lethal, 70 810 recovered
      1 897 688 tests by the PLR ​​method.
      During the day, 1267 patients recovered.
      Occupancy of places for patients with the virus-50%
      Most patients in Kiev and Lviv (17 thousand each)
      As of today, 15.09.2020/833/19, 0,00 cases of COVID-38 coronavirus infection have been recorded in the DPR country. This is 4.56% (this is such a figure on the office. Site and not a joke) of the total number of infected. Unfortunately, today 209 people have already died in the DPR country, the mortality rate is 25.09%. XNUMX people were completely cured of the virus, the recovery is XNUMX% (according to the site's office)
      Of course, it is worth considering how many lives in Ukraine and how many live in ORDLO.
      1. Avior
        Avior 15 September 2020 22: 29
        For two months there was a real quarantine in Ukraine, until the end of May. Perhaps that is why the mortality rate is low, hospitals and doctors were trained during this time.
        1. Niel-le-Calais
          Niel-le-Calais 16 September 2020 09: 40
          Quote: Avior
          Perhaps that is why the mortality rate is low, hospitals and doctors were trained during this time.

          mortality is low due to the onset of a pandemic (a small number of patients - increased attention to each)
          Doctors, yes. Prepared. The quarantine task is to reduce the surge.
          And the mobility of the population of Ukraine is low. Even one can draw a conclusion on the number of patients and mobility.
  6. Asad
    Asad 15 September 2020 16: 24
    A naive question, is it impossible to unite the republics into one whole state? How much hemorrhoids could have been avoided!
  7. Alex Nevs
    Alex Nevs 15 September 2020 17: 03
    Local kings have reached insanity. They cut off the LPR from the DPR so that no old parents "to visit, help ...." No way. On their "marasmus" "come to Universitetskaya street ......" yeah (over 80 years old) on crutches will come, wait. And according to passports (registration) to organize, there is not enough mind. And such cases are enough. And everything is fine with the Russian Federation. DNR-RF, LPR-RF everything works here and there. But the DPR will not let relatives with LPR registration. Well, ALL are so smart! ".. Already scary ...".
  8. Maks1995
    Maks1995 18 September 2020 16: 35
    Give war and blood to the authorities for PR.

    And the whole Crimea was pasted over with advertisements for trips on the autobush to Donetsk, Kiev, and Moscow even in 15.
    To live, the people have to spin. And then and now.

    There are miners' strikes, and in Moscow they again mentioned (in connection with the failed kidnapping) a bunch of former bosses of Novorossiya who now live in Russia ...