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The Baltic Fleet escorted the American destroyer URO Ross (DDG-71)

The Baltic Fleet escorted the American destroyer URO Ross (DDG-71)

The American destroyer URO Ross (DDG-71) of the "Arleigh Burke" type entered the Baltic Sea, where it was taken under the control of the forces and means of the Baltic fleet. This was reported by the National Defense Management Center of the Russian Federation.

According to the report, the American destroyer, which entered the Barents Sea on September 7 as part of a detachment of ships, entered the Baltic Sea on September 13. The goals and objectives of the ship were not disclosed, but it is highly likely that the ship demonstrates "the US commitment to free shipping." This statement covers all calls of American ships into the Black and Baltic Seas.

The forces and assets of the Baltic Fleet are continuously monitoring the actions of the US Navy destroyer URO (missile defense) Ross, which entered the Baltic Sea on September 13, 2020

- the Center said in a statement.

USS Ross (DDG-71) - Arleigh Burke-class URO destroyer, currently stationed on a permanent basis at the Spanish military base in Rota. It is equipped with two Aegis launchers for 29 (bow) and 61 (aft) cells, an artillery mount 127 mm AU Mark 45, two six-barreled anti-aircraft guns (ZAU) Falanx 20 mm. It has anti-submarine weapons (RUM-139 ASROC), as well as mine and torpedo weapons - 2 * 3 324 mm TA Mk. 32 (torpedoes Mk. 46 and Mk. 50). Can carry a ship's helicopter on board.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 14 September 2020 10: 22
    Merikatos entered the Baltic. Ours took him into the program of goals. bully
  2. Ham
    Ham 14 September 2020 10: 26
    all that remains is to express our gratitude to the pontogon for an excellent workout
    1. unhappy
      unhappy 14 September 2020 11: 34
      Pontogon laughing
      You correctly noticed it.
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 14 September 2020 10: 40
    Nothing new ... a new target for practicing its destruction in the event of aggression against Russia.
  4. Egoza
    Egoza 14 September 2020 10: 54
    HOW I love this song !!!!
    Beauty walks -
    On the northern stormy water.
    Guards the country
    Dives into the depths
    The enemy is on guard everywhere.

    Meet the enemy!
    Stop the enemy!
    Well, if you get caught,
    Which bites -
    Get a torpedo from us!

    Soviet submariner -
    Diligent Hunter:
    Long near enemy rocks
    He walks on the sea
    Doesn’t come home
    Until he finds what he was looking for.

    Beautiful and proud
    Bays, fjords,
    Where the enemies are ships.
    They didn’t wait for us there,
    They didn’t call us there
    And we stopped by for a minute.

    Courageously and deftly
    Cheat is fighting
    Mistress of the sea depth.
    No wonder in high esteem
    In the Northern Fleet
    Submariners of our country!
    1. Deck
      Deck 15 September 2020 21: 41
      The submarine in the Baltic is something quite stunted. Are you healthy now? Or under repair again?
  5. Alexfly
    Alexfly 14 September 2020 11: 19
    What prevents the cruiser Moscow from walking along the east coast of the United States, this will only help the freedom of navigation ...
    1. zwlad
      zwlad 14 September 2020 13: 00
      I'm afraid the GEM will not allow it.
  6. Germanium
    Germanium 14 September 2020 11: 57
    Ball (x-35) to him in bearing 90 * :)
  7. Grits
    Grits 14 September 2020 12: 08
    Interestingly, will there ever be a note in history that the US coastal defense forces escorted a Russian destroyer that entered the Gulf of Mexico?
    1. tralflot1832
      tralflot1832 14 September 2020 12: 39
      For them, Amber's screeching from the pentagon to the Senate is enough for the whole world. Russian tyrnets can be deceived. That he quickly ended up in the Baltic, in Barentsukh it was not a warm welcome. Moreover, these fishermen will take all selfies! wassat
  8. GREG68
    GREG68 14 September 2020 13: 38
    Do you speak at the front sight? It's good smile
  9. Andylw
    Andylw 15 September 2020 13: 05
    Ha, accompaniment)))))
    this destroyer alone has more missiles than our entire Baltic Fleet!
    and the amers have as many as 67 such destroyers ...
    here is such arithmetic ...)))