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Fake Territory: Western Big Lie Theory



Democracy textbooks

Oddly enough, but it was the democratization of Western society that led to the widespread dissemination of disinformation in the media space. Freedom of speech provided an opportunity for everyone to express their opinion, to expose it to the public. This is, of course, a great platform for inventing something that has nothing to do with reality.

Over time, the average person learns to filter information garbage and trust only trusted resources. But quite often government agencies, concerned with public support, act as generators of fakes. All unpopular decisions have to be somehow justified before the electorate. (In the case of an authoritarian regime, such a problem does not exist: the people only need aggressive propaganda.) They were not distracted by the construction of intricate disinformation in such situations. Mindful of the experience of World War II, when hatred of the Nazis in the United States was kindled, among other things, by personnel from concentration camps, modern political strategists began to sculpt fakes. One of the most famous media disinformation was news, за которой последовало вторжение американских солдат в Ирак. Американское пиар-агентство Hill & Knowlton опубликовало history о том, как иракские солдаты, ворвавшись в кувейтские клиники, извлекали из инкубаторов младенцев и швыряли их на бетонный пол. Особенно известной стала «девушка Найра», очевидец, которая своими глазами наблюдала зверства иракских солдат. В результате общественность поддержала начало войны в Персидском заливе 1991 года. Позже выяснилось, что Найра аль-Саба была дочерью Сауда бин Насира аль-Саба – посла Кувейта в США, а компания H&K полностью сфабриковала все свидетельства. Еще один пример фейка: в апреле 2014 года украинский телеканал «Еспресо.tv» показал в эфире репортаж об «опустевших крымских прилавках», в доказательство чего приводилась фотография. Информация оказалась фальшивкой: прилагаемая к репортажу фотография была сделана в 2012 году в США во время урагана «Сэнди» — это можно было определить по стаканчику «Starbucks» на заднем плане, подобное кафе на территории Крыма отсутствовало.

The media, as is clear from the examples above, have become the main distributors of disinformation. We can say that a certain gold standard of methods and techniques has developed, which is used by foreign propaganda as a blueprint. First of all, this is an outright lie, directed both against one's own country and other states. In addition, a specific tendentious selection of facts is possible, mixed with dissimilar opinions and facts. Authors often emphasize the data necessary at this moment, keeping silent about the really important. A ban is introduced on certain facts so that the public does not form a negative connotation of a fact or event. So, at the Nuremberg trials, as you know, it was forbidden to mention the Munich Agreement and the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Of course, this cannot be called a direct lie, but it did not contribute to the formation of a complete picture of what was happening in the pre-war period. Further, in a mythical, or maybe a real textbook of practical disinformation, there is a thesis about the presentation of negative information: it is it that is assimilated by the reader and viewer in the first place. If the goal is to undermine a foreign state, then fakes that discredit the authorities and law enforcement agencies work well here. For example, the operation to deliberately poison a well-known opposition figure or a former intelligence officer looks convincing: this creates a pretext for accusation. Without presenting any facts, without cooperating with the accused, powerful public opinion can be created. The story with Alexei Navalny looks like a typical disinformation. The European establishment obviously needed to somehow react to the development of the world's first vaccine against COVID-19, and the birth of the absurd story with the Novichok poison seemed like an excellent answer. It was certainly possible to partially neutralize the wave associated with Sputnik V.

Controversial world leaders are convenient targets for masters of disinformation. They regularly exercise on Kim Jong-un, who is accused by the South Korean media of shooting officials either with anti-aircraft guns or with mortars. Later, the alleged victims appear in public quite healthy, but the story of the North Korean leader's sadism settles in the minds of the inhabitants for a long time.

Counter-fake work can be an interesting example of disinformation. For example, in 2014, students and graduates of the Mohyla School of Journalism from Kiev launched a specialized Internet resource StopFake, designed to expose fakes about the situation in Ukraine. The site quickly became popular. But citizen journalists and bloggers practiced exposing disinformation that was attributed solely to Russian manipulators. Thus, StopFake has formed and continues to form the impression that only Russia is waging an information-psychological war. Consequently, this anti-fake resource is, in addition to a revealing tool, also a propaganda tool that mimics civic journalism.

In war, all means are good

Political games with truth and lies fit perfectly into the model of military aggression. The public approval so much needed by the Western military has to be obtained through very dirty methods. The assembly point in Trnopolje in northern Bosnia since 1992 has become an excellent backdrop for the creation of perhaps the most famous photo fake of the last decades. A successful photograph of an emaciated young man behind barbed wire hit the cover of Time magazine and instantly became a news sensation. Serbs staged genocide of Bosnian Muslims! After that, calls for the punishment of cruel Serbs were heard everywhere, the memory of the atrocities of the Holocaust was so fresh. After the war, in 1997, German journalist Thomas Deichmann nevertheless discovered the forgery, though not himself:

“It all started when his wife, looking through the photos, noticed that the wire was attached to the other side of the fence. Her experience as a gardener affected. "

So the story of the Balkan concentration camp was presented in the media. Source:

Fake Territory: Western Big Lie Theory

And so it was in reality. Source:

But history is quickly forgotten, and in 2001 Colin Powell demonstratively shakes a test tube at the UN General Assembly, which proves the need for military aggression in Iraq. Chemical weapon became a scarecrow in the Libyan conflict, when pro-Western propagandists in the person of Al-Jazeera convinced residents that Muammar Kadaffi was the second Hussein and would definitely use poisonous substances against his own people. The American CNN and the British Air Force have already shown their sanity and incorruptibility in all their glory in the Syrian conflict. They simply bombarded Syria with fakes about the mass shootings of demonstrators, the resignation and side of the opposition of important political figures. The aforementioned Qatari "Al Jazeera" and "Al Arabiya" from the United Arab Emirates even built the set for filming the fake video. Skillful counterfeiting of the streets of Syrian cities and staged atrocities by the military created the necessary information background against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Creation of credible disinformation in video format was a response to the massive spread of high-speed Internet, mobile phones and video hosting. Spending a little on staging can mislead several million not-too-sophisticated viewers. And then it will only get worse: next in line is the DeepFake computer simulation technology, which allows even an ordinary user to create a completely new reality with world-famous characters.

Often, the instigators of disinformation themselves become victims. For example, on April 23, 2013, Syrian hackers hacked into the Associated Press's Twitter account and filled it with disinformation about the attack in the White House:

"Urgent. Two explosions in the White House. Barack Obama is injured."

The reaction with the denial was not long in coming, but the sensitive stock indices of the United States managed to sag noticeably. A trifle, of course, but the very fact of such a vulnerability of the US media space makes one think.

Finally, the most important conclusion from the theory of the great Western lie. Over the many years of the existence of such a manipulation apparatus, people have formed the opinion that no one can be trusted. And this, of course, is more dangerous than any falsification of facts and distortion of events.
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  1. Pessimist22
    Pessimist22 11 September 2020 05: 29 New
    This is an information war, which we are definitely losing.
    1. mat-vey
      mat-vey 11 September 2020 05: 32 New
      Quote: Pessimist22
      which we are definitely losing

      А кто это "мы" ?Если вы про руководство,то оно само с собой иногда "идеологически"воюет.
    2. Finches
      Finches 11 September 2020 06: 34 New
      Because we Russians, unlike the Anglo-Saxons, have a conscience! The Americans generally put it on a grand scale with their main regular formations of psychological operations as part of the Armed Forces! We have everything godly! " - Нам бы шашку да коня, да на линию огня! А [информационные] интриги, это чай не про меня!"
      1. Boris55
        Boris55 11 September 2020 08: 48 New
        Quote: Finches
        А [информационные] интриги, это чай не про меня!"

        I don’t know about that general, but you’re not bad at it.

        Hybrid warfare is a war on all six priorities of human governance. In order to survive in this war, we need to know them and be able to resist them at all levels.

        First priority - ideological (if you want to defeat the enemy - corrupt his children).
        Second priority - chronological (rewriting the history of the Second World War);
        Third priority - factual (newbie);
        Fourth priority - economic (sanctions);
        Fifth priority - weapons of genocide (covid, GMO, drugs);
        Sixth priority - weapons of destruction (terrorists, the FSB detains them constantly).
      2. Deck
        Deck 11 September 2020 11: 56 New
        Because we Russians, unlike the Anglo-Saxons, have a conscience!

        We also learn and do the same.
        1. cost
          cost 11 September 2020 17: 12 New
          Political photo fakes have long become a hallmark of the United States

          In 2015, American television aired a Republican campaign video in which President Barack Obama was accused of having secret ties to the Iranian elite. A photograph of the head of state and Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani holding hands was presented as evidence, causing the election scandal

          Обаму от обвинений тогда спас .... сам Рухани, заявивший - "полная чушь, мы с ним даже не знакомы" smile
          After a short investigation by the FBI, they managed to find the original photo: in it Barack Obama is holding the hand of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
      3. kin
        kin 11 September 2020 19: 12 New
        Совесть? Читаю подборку новостей и думаю, Россия–страна, где живет Чиполлино. То вводят новый налог, то повышается ОСАГО, то Минтранс "борется" с машинами, Минздрав будет проверять водителей, то МВД ужесточает экзамены на ВУ и т.д. и т.п. Кто с кем воюет? Волосы дыбом встают, вот где идет информационная и не только война. Большенству дела нет, что творится на Украине или тем более еще дальше.
        1. Finches
          Finches 11 September 2020 19: 17 New
          Не живи в России, раз тебе грустно, если живешь - благословенная Америка ждет тебя! А если не живешь, то пишешь о том, о чем лично не знаешь, а значит Вы "гражданин соврамши!" laughing However lied in any case!
          1. kin
            kin 12 September 2020 14: 38 New
            No comments yet ...
    3. carstorm 11
      carstorm 11 11 September 2020 06: 37 New
      and we cannot win it. those technologies that we just started to study there were already perfected to mastery. a boy who has been boxing for half a year simply cannot beat the master of sports in boxing. not only did they create them, they also improved them. plus what is also important, they control almost completely the means of delivering the product of these technologies to the consumer, and nothing can be done about it. well, only if the Chinese version of the Internet and everything else. but in our country any restriction immediately turns into screams and cries that the authorities are holding people's mouths.
      1. Boris55
        Boris55 11 September 2020 08: 56 New
        Quote: carstorm 11
        and we cannot win it. those technologies that we just started to study there were already perfected to mastery. a boy who has been boxing for half a year simply cannot beat the master of sports in boxing.

        Russia is not one thousand years old. According to the chronology we have in the yard 7528, and how many years are the USA? laughing
        1. carstorm 11
          carstorm 11 11 September 2020 09: 21 New
          it's not about age. I didn't talk about him at all. it was just that the technologies of creating public opinion and so on were developing there, but we were in no hurry to do this. everything was honed for the USSR all the years of its existence.
          1. Boris55
            Boris55 11 September 2020 09: 51 New
            Quote: carstorm 11
            technologies for creating public opinion and so on developed there

            Since time immemorial, we have not only written, but also painted laughing

            About technology and who is cooler.
            Management is a word, oral or written. For these purposes, we have 20 free TV channels received throughout the country. How many free channels are there in the West, in the USA?
        2. Max otto
          Max otto 11 September 2020 13: 04 New
          Quote: Boris55
          Russia is not one thousand years old. According to the chronology we have in the yard 7528, and how many years are the USA? laughing

          You would have read for a start where the year 7528 came from and what chronology it belongs to. By golly, a country boy with 3 classes of education and they did not finish.
          1. Boris55
            Boris55 12 September 2020 12: 31 New
            Quote: Max Otto
            Where did 7528 come from?

            We read the Decree of Peter 1:

            "1735. — Декабря 19. Именный. — О писанiи впредь Генваря съ 1 числа 1700 года, во всѣхъ бумагахъ лѣта отъ Рождества Христова, а не отъ сотворенiя мipa.

            In the Rozryad and in All orders, in notes, notes, in letters and in all our Great Sovereign decrees about all things and in the clerks and on the squares in all the places and in the lists in the lists and in the lists of the Voyevod and in the lists all clerks and worldly dѣlakh lѣta write and count the years of Genvar from the 1st 7208 year and count this from the Nativity of the Lord God and Savior of our Jesus Christ in 1700, and a year after Genvara on the 1st of the forthcoming year 7209 to write from the Nativity of Genvara on the 1st of 1701 and in the forthcoming fix on the same, and from that new year January of the month and other months and dates to write on a row before January, without fail and in other years, counting years from the birth of Christ, therefore. And then We have ordered the Great Sovereign to commit, in order that in many Christian neighboring peoples, who keep the Orthodox Christian Eastern faith with us according to us, they write the number from the birth of Christ. And if someone wants to write and from the creation of the mipa: and im write both letters from the creation of mipa and from the Nativity of Christ in a row freely."

            So, according to the Decree of Peter, I have the right to write this date freely. hi
            1. Max otto
              Max otto 12 September 2020 15: 43 New
              You don't even know how to use the Internet. You found what you wanted, not the source of the chronology.
              Что бы вы не мучались, я перескажу как это произошло очень кратенько. И так два центра христианского мира решили подправить календарь, тот что в Риме установил летоисчисление "от рождества Христова", а тот что в Византии - "От сотворения мира". Если обладать логическим мышлением, то станет ясно, что это исчисление возникло только после крещения Руси, и заимствовано вместе с этим же крещением.
              Adieu. All the same, I recommend getting at least not a complete average laughing (joke)
              1. Boris55
                Boris55 12 September 2020 15: 51 New
                Quote: Max Otto
                а тот что в Византии - "От сотворения мира".

                The question is not where the chronology came from, but what happened to 5508 years of our history. When we answer this question, then we will understand where it came from and where it went.
                1. Max otto
                  Max otto 12 September 2020 16: 03 New
                  Вы так и не смогли в логику. Объясняю подробнее, но тоже коротенько. Собрались монахи в их главном соборе (я так полагаю Софийском, который теперь мечеть) и сначала решили ввести отсчет от сотворения мира (решили что один божий день равен 1000 лет человеческих, кстати на каком основании - история умалчивает, что вы хотите, темные времена , то ли 5 то ли 10 век от Р.Х.), потом прикинули, согласно библии, когда и что произошло, сколько времени прошло и всё. И вот вам летоисчисление "от сотворения мира". Таким образом и дураку понятно, что тут чисто коллегиальное решение мракобесов не основанное ни на чем. Без всякой истории и научных исследований.
                  Кстати чтоб два раза не вставать с "от рождества христова" всё тоже самое, абсолютно такое же решение только уже римского папы.
                  1. Boris55
                    Boris55 13 September 2020 07: 20 New
                    Quote: Max Otto
                    In this way, even a fool understands that here is a purely collegial decision of obscurantists

                    The current civilization is ~ 7 thousand years old. This is the time elapsed after the Flood. Here is the report from him. There was also before the Flood civilization (Atlantis), about which we know little because of silence, but people lived there the same. Roerich, Hitler was looking for her in Tibet. Someone in the depths of the ocean ... in general the main purpose of changing the calendar is to circumcise the memory of the people. I would like to believe you that humanity appeared 2-3 thousand years ago, and on the territory of Russia only a thousand years ago, believe. It makes no sense to persuade a believer.
                    1. Max otto
                      Max otto 14 September 2020 10: 47 New
                      In your answer to me - EVERYTHING is wrong. and about 7 thousand years and about 2-3 thousand years.
                      In general, everything is clear with you. Everything that I wrote to you - you can forget and throw it out of your head, otherwise it is fraught, the adequacy will leave you completely, and I do not want to harm anyone. Forget it.
                      1. Boris55
                        Boris55 14 September 2020 13: 07 New
                        Quote: Max Otto
                        adequacy will leave you completely

                        You can believe that our civilization is the first and only one, and I believe that it is the seventh. The second priority of managing humanity is chronological. "Look back at your backs more often to avoid notable mistakes in the future" Kozma Prutkov.

                        Until historians begin to talk about it and give intelligible reasons, we are free to believe in whatever we want. The biblical interpretation of the World does not suit me.
                      2. Max otto
                        Max otto 16 September 2020 13: 15 New
                        Do you have 3 accounts? Or do you have friends? I thought, after all, there are no brainless people at all, but it turns out there are 3 of you laughing
          2. Pavel57
            Pavel57 15 September 2020 13: 29 New
            And Peter's decree is not a decree for everyone
    4. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar 11 September 2020 09: 38 New
      Quote: carstorm 11
      and we cannot win it. those technologies that we just started to study there were already perfected to mastery. a boy who has been boxing for half a year simply cannot beat the master of sports in boxing. not only did they create them, they also improved them. plus what is also important, they control almost completely the means of delivering the product of these technologies to the consumer, and nothing can be done about it. well, only if the Chinese version of the Internet and everything else. but in our country any restriction immediately turns into screams and cries that the authorities are holding people's mouths.

      And most importantly, a country with a higher standard of living of the population will always be more attractive to the average global citizen. Therefore, to defeat the West, you need to reach the midwestern standard of living, and for this you need to break your own mentality - a painful thing.
      1. Finches
        Finches 11 September 2020 20: 24 New
        It is not necessary to break anything, it is fraught with ..., they have already broken firewood in their history! And the Truth in life is one and sooner or later it puts everything in its place!
        1. Krasnodar
          Krasnodar 11 September 2020 20: 27 New
          And if we don’t break, we will be outsiders)).
          1. Finches
            Finches 11 September 2020 20: 30 New
            Not! We were and will remain Russians!
  2. Aleksandr21
    Aleksandr21 11 September 2020 10: 31 New
    Quote: Pessimist22
    This is an information war, which we are definitely losing.

    Не сказал бы, что мы проигрываем информационную войну , просто мир очень сильно завязан на США, в экономическом, политическом, технологическом плане и если даже наша информация доходит до конечного потребителя на Западе то ничего не меняется, так как в силу вступают уже другие факторы: экономика и зависимость от США во всех сферах. И в будущем неизвестно как быстро поменяется ситуация.... отказ от доллара в долгосрочной перспективе возможен но США контролируют ключевые/значимые технологии на которых сидит весь мир, ситуация с Huawei это яркий пример зависимости мира от технологии США, когда санкциями можно полностью перекрыть кислород любой высокотехнологической компании. И пока так будет, ничего не измениться, единственная надежда на Китай который создаст свою технологическую империю которая будет независима от США и будет альтернативой, вот тогда действительно у мира будет альтернатива. Возвращаясь к теме фейков и информационной войны, можно сказать лишь следующее.... на одной пропаганде и информационной обработки далеко не уедешь, в качестве примера приведу ситуацию с задержанием наших "Вагнеровцев" в Белоруссии, есть достаточно показаний и доказательств что это работа Украинских и Американских спецслужб.... кого то на Западе интересует эта тема ? Будет разбирательство ? Санкции против Украины/США ? Нет, так как эта тема им не интересна. Но зато есть горячая тема с Навальным, под которую можно вести новые санкции против России. И сколько бы мы не пытались, достучаться до той же Европы, все бестолку.... так как есть установка сверху и по ней работают, а если дальше пытаться раскрутить эту тему то придем к той же зависимости мира от США.
  3. RealPilot
    RealPilot 11 September 2020 10: 34 New
    The information war is underway. It is a fact. We are not losing, but rather retreating. The defeat in the war comes after the surrender.
    But, yes, we lost some battles, and won others!

    Why rush into battle with the means of a superior enemy, they constantly provoke us to respond, in order to expose and trample us later? Drawn into the trap of lies.

    But the popularity of RT and Sputnik TV channels is growing in the world. And why? For truthfulness. No matter how much I looked, they do not lie and raise issues that the Western media ignore.
    We had Soviet journalism, which, apart from ideological clichés, was by no means bad! Half the world was guided by it.

    That is, we clearly and massively cannot work for the Western public. We are jammed there. But there are other countries that are also not happy with this state of affairs. This is where to work! We left there, it's time to return.
    And especially pay attention to the post-Soviet space.
  4. CSKA
    CSKA 11 September 2020 13: 09 New
    Quote: Pessimist22
    This is an information war, which we are definitely losing.

    How did you define it?
  5. iouris
    iouris 11 September 2020 14: 18 New
    This is a war we are not going to win.
  6. solzh
    solzh 11 September 2020 15: 55 New
    The states themselves and the entire Western world, this is one big fake based on lies, deception and distortion of human values.
  • Iskazi
    Iskazi 11 September 2020 05: 32 New
    time is ...., general sales. Deception is one of the methods of trade ...., but our world is based on trade ... and not on production, as the Marxists mold to us .... You can't cheat, you can't sell.
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 11 September 2020 05: 53 New
      All to be honest!
      1. Ragnar Lodbrok
        Ragnar Lodbrok 11 September 2020 10: 38 New
        "Ложь, повторенная тысячу раз, становится правдой.Чем чудовищнее ложь, тем охотнее в неё поверят."
        All this worked and is working now.
  • apro
    apro 11 September 2020 05: 42 New
    And why are you lying? ... and what is not clear. I want to deceive you. And then appropriate your material values. All ...
    The war is such. It is waged in all directions. And sometimes the military club is not the main one.
    1. mat-vey
      mat-vey 11 September 2020 05: 55 New
      Quote: apro
      the military club is not the main one.

      Это "последний довод королей"...
  • Free wind
    Free wind 11 September 2020 06: 15 New
    Officials, we have their own fake comets, she wondered what she did by commenting on the photomontage picture.
    1. carstorm 11
      carstorm 11 11 September 2020 06: 40 New
      is she editing? who said that?
  • parusnik
    parusnik 11 September 2020 06: 19 New
    Oddly enough, but it was the democratization of Western society that led to the widespread dissemination of disinformation in the media space.
    ....Причем тут демократизация общества?...Как будто в иные эпохи фейки не выдавали и не формировали общественное мнение путем искажения информации...Например:"Карфаген должен быть разрушен" - этими словами Марк Порций Катон заканчивал каждое выступление на любую тему в римском сенате.
    1. Far B
      Far B 11 September 2020 06: 38 New
      What does the democratization of society have to do with it?
      Тоже на этой фразе в самом начале статьи споткнулся. Широкое распространение дезы в медиапространстве началось с концентрации многих медиаресурсов в руках ма-аленькой кучки медиамагнатов. А они естественным образом начали использовать это для формирования нужных им образов. И тут, кстати, ни о какой "свободе слова" речь уже идти не может - писать и говорить нужно именно то, чего требует хозяин.
    2. meandr51
      meandr51 12 September 2020 22: 50 New
      Quote: parusnik
      What does the democratization of society have to do with it?

      Притом, что при "демократии" прямая диктатура буржуазии (фашизм) заменяется манипуляцией массами путем их обмана или дезориентирования.
  • 1536
    1536 11 September 2020 06: 36 New
    Logic dictates that if they go against you with a machine gun or attack using MANPADS, then you cannot fight back with a club. Let's see how the work was carried out against German propaganda during the Great Patriotic War. On the example of some posters of the Kukryniksy, this can be easily understood. Without even looking at the old filing of newspapers of all levels, starting with divisional and army, published by the political departments of the Red Army. Let's read the literature of that time, watch a movie. But it seems that this experience of ours is forgotten, not studied and not used. But in vain.
    Негодяев надо бить их же оружием, а вот когда они запросят пощады, рассказывать правду и судить их. Почему до сих пор у нас нет правительства в изгнании Литвы, Латвии, Польши или Украины? Почему нет репортажей (правдивых, кстати) о нарушении прав русских людей на Украине или в странах Прибалтике, с подробностями? Почему посольства этих стран чувствуют себя так вольготно в Москве и в России, что вербуют наших граждан, обманывают их, крышуют своих агентов влияния. Почему американцы, совершившие в России преступления, находятся в информационном вакууме? Сообщать надо об их преступной деятельности, а таковой не мало, как в плане уголовных, так и экономических преступлений на нашей земле. Надо сорвать маску так тщательно навешанную на американцев Голливудом. Не хватает денег или все-таки политической воли, граничащей в обычным предательством? Или интерес в другом, в обычной договорной игре в "одни ворота"? Сказал представитель МИДа что-то про кого-то, значит сказал, хватит оправдываться, шевеля усами. Это я могу оправдываться перед сербами, а не правительство. Иначе это не политика, иначе надо прекращать игру.
    1. Cherry Nine
      Cherry Nine 11 September 2020 07: 07 New
      Quote: 1536
      Let's read the literature of that time, watch a movie. But it seems that this experience of ours is forgotten, not studied and not used.

      It was the Soviet experience of propaganda that led the late Soviet people to believe in the West as a saint in Gd.
      Quote: 1536
      Why do we still have no government in exile Lithuania, Latvia,

      Of non-citizens? This is please.
      Quote: 1536

      Where will you find the Poles in exile? Jaruzelski lived in Poland for 25 years after his retirement, everything was more or less normal with him.
      Quote: 1536

      What's the problem? You have the President of Ukraine, alive and legitimate, in Rostov-on-Don.
      Quote: 1536
      Why are there no reports (true, by the way) about violations of the rights of Russian people in Ukraine or in the Baltic countries, with details?

      Вот уж не думал, что кому-то мало репортажей про "нарушение прав русских людей" в Украине. До Прибалтики как-то руки не доходят, извините.
      Quote: 1536
      Why the embassies of these countries feel so at ease in Moscow and in Russia

      Closing the embassies of the Schengen countries is a great idea, it's high time.
      Quote: 1536
      Why are Americans who have committed crimes in Russia in an information vacuum?

      Some kind of strange thesis. Who is hiding the crimes of the Americans from you?
      1. 1536
        1536 11 September 2020 10: 02 New
        Wordy and not reasoned, dear. Regarding the condemnation of Americans in Russia, read the information of the BBC just before the arrest of 33 of our citizens in Minsk. As for Soviet propaganda, I was talking about the war period. I wish you success.
      2. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA 14 September 2020 10: 25 New
        Quote: Cherry Nine
        Where will you find the Poles in exile?

        * thoughtfully ... Let's declare the Belarusian part of Kresy Wschodnie true Poland, we will form a government in exile there and demand that the temporarily lost territories of mainland Poland join them. smile
        1. Cherry Nine
          Cherry Nine 15 September 2020 07: 58 New
          Like the Chinese government in Taiwan and the rebels in Beijing? Good idea, good. More Hell!
    2. Avior
      Avior 11 September 2020 09: 23 New
      ... o if they go against you with a machine gun or attack using MANPADS, then you cannot fight back with a club.

      Attacking with MANPADS is not an easy task smile
    3. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 14 September 2020 10: 23 New
      Quote: 1536
      Why do we still have no government in exile in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland or Ukraine?

      Вероятно потому, что у нас уже было своё правительство "Финляндской Демократической Республики" под руководством товарища Куусинена. После которого любое подобное правительство, созданное на территории СССР/РФ, воспринимается как средство захвата страны, которое оное правительство представляет.
  • rocket757
    rocket757 11 September 2020 06: 57 New
    Lies, a double-edged sword! But, reckoning, often, does not come very quickly!
  • Gardamir
    Gardamir 11 September 2020 07: 26 New
    Speaking of fakes. How about the fact that only galoshes were produced in the Soviet Union? Or that Kolchak is a great polar explorer? Finally, maybe two years will pass and it turns out that the topic of coronavirus was artificially promoted?
    Oh yes, only bourgeois make fakes. Here the question is, those who write about this really do not realize that in Russia the same capitalists as in the United States?
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 14 September 2020 10: 29 New
      Quote: Gardamir
      Speaking of fakes. How about the fact that only galoshes were produced in the Soviet Union?

      Это фейк другого плана: "избирательное цитирование". В оригинале было про "созданные в СССР оборонка и космос - предметы национальной гордости, но вот товары народного потребления ("галоши") никуда не годились".
  • Viktor Sergeev
    Viktor Sergeev 11 September 2020 08: 31 New
    А еще было "отравление" Ющенко и грыжа Тимошенко. Это показывает уровень западных врачей вернее их зависимость от политиков и спецслужб.
  • Maks1995
    Maks1995 11 September 2020 09: 11 New
    You can't trust anyone. We, too, are full of stupid fakes, promises, articles and remogs.

    As if on purpose so that people no longer believe in anything
  • Avior
    Avior 11 September 2020 09: 20 New
    It's funny that the author in the article for the Russian reader did not find examples of disinformation and propaganda from the Russian media and from the Russian authorities that are understandable and close to the reader.
    And about the fence with barbed wire - the author, it makes no difference which side it is attached to. If it can be removed, then stick your hand behind the pillar - it's a matter of one second. And if you can't, then what's the difference from which side ...
  • tatra
    tatra 11 September 2020 09: 28 New
    Враги коммунистов на Западе ,в Европе ,на территории СССР ,не могут жить спокойно и мирно ,без "образа врага ", они все 100 лет после Октябрьской революции ведут их злобные ,агрессивные ,лживые ,лицемерные информационные войны как против инакомыслящих ,так и против друг друга по одному шаблону -нагнетание истерии, накидывание тем ,кого они выбрали "образом врага " кучи клеветнических и бездоказательных обвинений ,выставление за преступления тех фактов ,которые враги коммунистов во всех остальных случаях оправдывают или "не замечают ".
  • BAI
    BAI 11 September 2020 09: 40 New
    people form the opinion that no one can be trusted.

    Most people don't have that opinion.
  • Petrik66
    Petrik66 11 September 2020 10: 32 New
    Судя по комментам, тут в основном все пропальщики и троли. Чего мы проигрываем? Кто то пустит нас на свой информационное поле? Но вопрос не в этом. Есть пример - автомобильная сигнализация, когда она ставилась на автомобиль, то ее задача - при попытке несанкционированного доступа, привлечь внимание прохожих, хозяина и т.д. В 2000х были проведены исследования, в Лондоне и Бирменгеме, в час пик человек открывал машину и включалась сирена.... среагировало не более 5%, так как звук сигнализации стал уже фоновым шумом. Общественное мнение? А кого вы имеете в виду? Депутатов? Так все они принадлежат к местным элитарным группировкам, чьи интересы они и отстаивают и правда им не нужна, а нужно, соблюдая некие "правила игры", которые они же и придумали, получить максимальные бенефиты от тех или иных ситуаций. Можно подумать ,что кто то из власть имущих не понимает что навльного или скрипаля никто не травил? Какая разница, Россия опять влезла со своими вакцинами, сломала игру уважаемых людей. Не дала присоеденить всю окраину, Белоруссию и вообще, имеет наглость иметь мнение отличного от того, что ей говорят те же уважаемые люди. Послали российских военных в Италию - негодяи и шпионы, сделали вакцину первыми, да еще назвали ее "Спутник", напоминая о эпическом фейле в космосе - вообще, двойная наглость, да сколько еще можно терпеть. как в басне - Ты виноват лишь тем, что хочется мне кушать... Только Россия не маленькая овечка....... от этого и бесятся. Зачем вы обращаете на это внимание? Чего мы проигрываем? есть правильные люди в РФ, которые в силу своей службы, подсыпают перца в штаны нашим немецким и американским "партнерам" - это их вопросы и судя по тому, как ненавидят Спутник и RT? Не читайте советских газет перед едой.
  • Pavel57
    Pavel57 11 September 2020 10: 52 New
    A person, by nature, must believe in something. Radio-TV-Internet makes it easier and easier to deceive a person. Soon it will be impossible to distinguish the synthesized image from the real one.
    New technologies in the old war.
  • dobrik10
    dobrik10 11 September 2020 11: 13 New
    No, our political strategists do not lose anything, and they will not play.
    Personal comments on the pages of their personal burst of emotions.
  • WeAreNumerOne
    WeAreNumerOne 11 September 2020 15: 47 New
    It is good that in the Russian Federation public opinion does not matter. Therefore, you can not be distracted by such trifles, but Rosgvardia will talk to those who disagree. Love your homeland!
  • shed
    shed 11 September 2020 15: 56 New
    the case of Gebels, although dead, is alive and well. The baton is continued by the American exceptional and their Western hangers-on, stink all over the world
  • Connor MacLeod
    Connor MacLeod 11 September 2020 22: 50 New
    1989 - Panama. The reason for the invasion was the incident with the murder of an American serviceman on the evening of December 16, 1989. The Americans claim that a group of four American servicemen got lost in a convertible and accidentally ended up near Noriega's residence. After that, according to the Americans, the guards opened fire on the car for no reason. Nariega said that the Americans were the first to open fire on the security personnel, and one of the Americans was killed as a result of the return fire. In general, find out yourself who to believe - the president of the impoverished banana republic, who decided to nationalize the Panama Canal in order to feed its people or the Superpower, which wanted to get its property back.

    1991 - Kuwait. Показания Наиры. Душераздирающее сведетельство кувейтской медсестры в американском конгрессе об убийстве иракскими солдатами младенцев в кувейтской больнице. Позже выяснилось что "медсестра" была дочерью кувейтского посла в США а ее показания полностью сфабрикованы.

    1992 - Bosnia. Lies about Serbian concentration camps in the Times magazine.

    1999 - Serbia. Lies about ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.

    2001 - Afghanistan. A highly controversial thesis about the Taliban's ties to al-Qaeda. Suffice it to say that not a single Afghan was among the terrorists on September 11, 2001. Well, okay, let's not touch this sensitive topic ...

    2003 - Iraq. Lies about the WMD program in Iraq. Powell's famous speech at the UN. A test tube with anthrax.

    2011 - Libya. The reason for the intervention was Gaddafi's accusations of killing civilians. As a result of the 2011 NATO bombing, at least 72 civilians were killed. The Civil War in Libya continues to this day.

    2017 - Syria. Химическая атака в Хан-Шейхуне. Выясняется, что два эсминца ВМС США вышли на позиции для "ответного удара" за несколько дней до того как химическая атака произошла в действительности.

    2018 - Syria. Chemical attack in Duma. Subsequently, BBC employee Riam Dalati admitted that the company used staged footage for its stories.

    Lies after lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies ...
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 14 September 2020 10: 33 New
      Цитата: Коннор Маклауд
      2003 - Iraq. Lies about the weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq.

      There was another interesting situation. Then the media accused Saddam of creating nuclear weapons: they say, he actively purchased equipment and components for its production. It was only when they began to dig the sources of this information, they came to the guys from Langley, Virginia, who, with a blue eye, said that they were just conducting a study on the possibility of forming public opinion through the media.
  • Mikhail Ya2
    Mikhail Ya2 12 September 2020 19: 21 New
    You can remember the "crucified boy" in Donbass
  • meandr51
    meandr51 12 September 2020 22: 51 New
    Quote: 1536
    Или интерес в другом, в обычной договорной игре в "одни ворота"?

    Correct guess.
  • Normal ok
    Normal ok 13 September 2020 13: 48 New
    "вывод из теории большой западной лжи". Если выкинуть из предложения слово "западной", тогда статья действительно будет претендовать на правдивость. Ибо вранье и оголтелая пропаганда, - это способ существования всех современных СМИ. И российские СМИ тут не исключение.
  • GERIX_2
    GERIX_2 14 September 2020 18: 54 New
    Medveputa also lie to us. You need to take noodles from medvepoots.
  • Alexey Gusev_4
    Alexey Gusev_4 28 September 2020 08: 45 New
    America (USA):
    - the country of the ELITE of swindlers, adventurers and swindlers;
    - ELITE country of crooks and rogues;
    - the country of the ELITE of planetary banditry.