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The US Army is having problems extending the lease of the landfill site in Hawaii


The US military is seeking to preserve more than nine thousand hectares of land that it leases from the state in the Pocahuloa training area. According to them, this site is not only key for combat readiness in the Pacific Ocean, but also provides access to 44,5 thousand hectares of adjacent land on vast training grounds.

The site's lease expires in 2029, so the fate of the site worries both the US Army and community groups opposing the militarization of Hawaii. These islands have become a strategic United States target in the Pacific since the establishment of the Pearl Harbor naval base and Schofield Barracks in 1908.

Hawaiian cultural figures Clarence "Ku" Ching and Mary Maxine Cahaulelio filed a lawsuit against the Department of Lands and Natural Resources in 2014, claiming that the state had violated its obligations by not enforcing the lease.

According to Kaila Kazihiro, who is a member of the Hawaii Peace and Justice group, community members are concerned that the army wants to extend the lease. He considers the actions of the military unacceptable.

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, and the US Army Reserve use this proving ground, which is considered the Pacific's premier training area. It is the largest in Hawaii. It can be used for full-scale combined-arms field training of units up to a brigade (3,5 thousand people). The training ground is considered the primary training area for the Marines.

This is the only American training center in the Pacific region (on the territory of the United States), which is capable of deploying military units larger than a company for conducting live shooting and maneuvers.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 8 September 2020 10: 38
    I think the Merikatos will settle the issue of the extension in their favor. I would like, of course, exactly the opposite.
    1. Finches
      Finches 8 September 2020 10: 45
      When I read that the United States has problems, even if it is Trump's ordinary constipation, my heart overflows with joy involuntarily ... laughing
      1. Shurik70
        Shurik70 8 September 2020 11: 09
        Quote: aszzz888
        I believe the Merikatos will settle the extension issue in their favor

        It is not in vain that they have taken care of it in advance for nine years.
        Even if Hawaii is against it, they just change the government
        1. Labrador
          Labrador 8 September 2020 11: 17
          ... or find oil or shale gas ...
        2. orionvitt
          orionvitt 8 September 2020 15: 36
          Quote: Shurik70
          Even if Hawaii is against it, they just change the government

          I propose to the Hawaiians, in protest, to burn the American flag, as is now customary in some cities in the United States. And declare Hawaii a free republic. I've already read about this somewhere, it seems from Heinlein. winked
      2. private person
        private person 8 September 2020 11: 15
        When I read that the USA is in trouble

        They shift their problems onto others. If they write that the United States has problems, then someone starts them.
        1. Finches
          Finches 8 September 2020 11: 23
          As Panikovsky would say "wretched and insignificant persons!" laughing
      3. Vladimir Mazanov
        Vladimir Mazanov 8 September 2020 11: 48
        Better to take out the trash.
    2. Insurgent
      Insurgent 8 September 2020 10: 45
      The site's lease expires in 2029, so the fate of the site worries both the US Army and community groups opposing the militarization of Hawaii.

      It would not be bad to send them to help "Green" , no, while not "little men", and Greenpeace yes ...
      1. zwlad
        zwlad 8 September 2020 14: 11
        Greenpeace is unlikely to be interested in this. Not for this they receive their greens.

        “At the end of August, the Greenpeace team conducted a study on the shores of the Nizhne-Svirsky nature reserve. We went to an area closed from people, and in the end we collected more than 200 kilograms of garbage: plastic bottles, food containers, disposable dishes.

        The list did not differ much from what we found on Baikal and the Curonian Spit. We want to show you some findings that tell more about the problem than numbers and kilograms. "

        What problems they are worried about.
  2. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 8 September 2020 10: 38

    The lease period for the plot expires in 2029
    So let them pack their bags, in advance ...
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 8 September 2020 12: 13
      I never thought there were so many US warriors from the Hawaiian Islands in VO! belay
  3. akarfoxhound
    akarfoxhound 8 September 2020 11: 48
    Now it turns out that these two Hawaiian public figures "eat porridge badly and do not obey their mother", which violates the sacred law of democracy, followed by fever, diarrhea, arrest, sudden death (all this in any order). And that's all. Where have you seen that in the colony of 2 aborigines the only large landfill was squeezed? They got worried at the Pentagon, yeah ... laughing
  4. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 8 September 2020 17: 46
    In those parts of the warriors with civilians old graters. In the materials of the commissions investigating the Day of Shame, there was evidence that the army's air defense exercises had to be carried out without taking fire - because most of the positions were on private land, and the owners of these lands were extremely against the fact that soldiers roamed their territory. It came down to threats to the army leadership of troubles from the Senate with Congress, as well as an increase in the prices and timing of the construction of military facilities.