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"Didn't return from school line": victims of terrorist attack at school are remembered in Beslan

"Didn't return from school line": victims of terrorist attack at school are remembered in Beslan

Today Russia celebrates the Day of Solidarity in the Fight against Terrorism. And in Beslan, they remember the victims of the terrorist attack at school # 1, the city is on the final day of a three-day watch in memory of the victims who did not return from the school line.

16 years ago, on September 1, terrorists burst into the school where the solemn assembly was taking place, taking 1128 people hostage - schoolchildren, their parents and relatives with young brothers and sisters. For two days, September 1 and 2, they were held in a mined gymnasium of the school without water, food or medicine. All these days there were fruitless negotiations with the terrorists. On the third of September, unexpectedly, two powerful explosions thundered at the school, leading to numerous victims. After the explosions, special forces entered the school.

The result of the terrorist attack in Beslan school No. 1 was the death of 334 people, of which 186 were children. More than 780 were injured of varying severity. 10 employees of Alpha and Vympel gave their lives to rescue the hostages.

Now, 16 years after the tragedy, some representatives of the liberal domestic community are trying to shift the blame for what happened to the state and special forces. The inability to negotiate with the terrorists is blamed. Supposedly, if the terrorists had come to an agreement and fulfilled their demands, then everyone would have survived. Some even put forward the version that the explosions at the school were not staged by the terrorists who mined the gym, but by the commandos themselves, who fired at the gym with grenade launchers.

Today, on September 1, the channel "Russia XNUMX" will show the documentary investigation film "Beslan" directed by Alexander Rogatkin, in which the author will try to answer all the questions.

Commemorative events are held in all regions of Russia.
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  1. Dimy4
    Dimy4 3 September 2020 10: 54
    representatives of the liberal domestic community ...

    What a hypocrite: representatives of the bastard public. So it will be simple, clear, and this will not be their worst characteristic.
    1. Insurgent
      Insurgent 3 September 2020 10: 59
      "Didn't return from school line": victims of terrorist attack at school are remembered in Beslan

      Heavy topic, no comment ...

      1. Alena Frolovna
        Alena Frolovna 3 September 2020 15: 13
        The tragedy of Beslan is the pain of our country!
        It was 3 days of hell. Everyone was crying: men, women, the city was crying, the country was crying. This grief still thrills our souls, remembering which a lump involuntarily appears in the throat.

        It was September 3, the day when all the hostages of the school were freed from the hands of terrorists, that is considered the official day of memory and grief about this tragedy.

        This is perhaps one of the worst atrocities the world has ever faced.

        And years later, this tragedy reverberates with pain in the hearts of all the inhabitants of Russia. We remember and grieve!

        We also remember those who sacrificed themselves for the sake of their neighbors.

  2. Ragnar Lodbrok
    Ragnar Lodbrok 3 September 2020 10: 57
    We remember ... we are sorry ...
  3. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 3 September 2020 10: 58
    186 ANGELOV.
    They rest in peace, and we are an eternal reminder. About the fact that in our time geeks come across.
    1. vVvAD
      vVvAD 3 September 2020 11: 03
      And that security, like immunity, is developed by constant and systematic actions. The 90s showed it perfectly. And geeks - they are always and everywhere.
      Eternal memory to them - we all need it first of all as a bitter lesson.
    2. NEXUS
      NEXUS 3 September 2020 11: 53
      Bright memory!
      But I’m thinking, they would put pressure on Basayev in the First Chechen, there would be no Beslan and Nord Ost. EBN-scarcely betrayed the country and its citizens. Burn in hell for this drunken geek and her mattress advisers.
      1. g1v2
        g1v2 3 September 2020 12: 55
        The main thing was even earlier. EBN for support in 93 year gave Dudayev all the weapons of the units withdrawn from Chechnya. Prior to that, Dudaev's guards were armed with hunting rifles. Grachev, of course, is an eccentric with the letter m, but then the airborne regiment could really cope with them. I remember Raduev gave interviews in the pre-trial detention center and said openly that all the weapons with which our boys were killed were donated to EBN. 70 thousand assault rifles, 12 thousand machine guns, several dozen tanks, 5 aircraft, zushki, etc. Basayev, intercepting with Arab sponsors, said that there was no need to send weapons - the Czechs had plenty of them anyway. He asked for radio stations, interceptors, special weapons, and most importantly - money. Then the Czechs bought weapons directly from our factories, they say some new items appeared earlier than our troops.
        And according to Bislan. My subordinate then came under fire. He was still a kid then. So 16 years have passed, but the fire falls into a stupor. Can't even look at him - nervous. I wanted to enroll him in my fire brigade, but he said that he could stupidly let everyone down if he panicked or got up in a stupor. Pt so. And he is probably not the only survivor who has trauma.
        Well, on EBN you can say a lot, but not a topic. An aspen stake would be his best reward.
        1. Severok
          Severok 3 September 2020 19: 27
          The fight is dead, and there he deserves. Dig up his grave, sprinkle it with lime and leave it like that, just enclose it with barbed wire and hang signs "contagious / radiation". In Yo-burg, the center will be given over to an orphanage and all references to this alcoholic will be demolished in it and in front of it. To deprive his family of immunity and give them living conditions exactly the same as those of 90% of the country's inhabitants, so that they understand that their relative has drunkenness.
          This will be worthy of the memory of those who fell in Beslan and in Chechnya.
    3. Okolotochny
      Okolotochny 4 September 2020 13: 14
      The site of the cemetery in Beslan, where they are buried, is called the City of Angels.
  4. A. Privalov
    A. Privalov 3 September 2020 11: 00
    Blessed be the memory of the innocent victims of those days ...
    Amen ...
    APASUS 3 September 2020 11: 02
    The process of searching for and punishing perpetrators, we have more or less established, but this crime also has customers. It would be necessary to work
    1. bk316
      bk316 3 September 2020 11: 18
      Here Rogatkin gave an interview. When I was filming the film, I talked with a pathologist from Vladikavkaz, where the bodies were brought.
      Here it is necessary to understand that pathologists in their lives see that they become completely impenetrable (I have a brother of my first wife's pathologist).
      So the pathologist from what she saw then fell into depression and was in it for several months, until pieces from Basayev were put on the same table.
      Justice will prevail when not only the performers, but also the customers and those who used the tragedy for their political purposes and those who helped them with their lies about the actions of the specialists, will be punished.
  6. Sidor Amenpodestovich
    Sidor Amenpodestovich 3 September 2020 11: 19
    I suggest not to comment, colleagues.
  7. senima56
    senima56 3 September 2020 11: 21
    This is an unhealed wound for the whole of Russia. The kingdom of heaven to the innocent slain victims.
  8. Vitaly Tsymbal
    Vitaly Tsymbal 3 September 2020 11: 23
    I have just returned from a commemorative event in the Mikhailovsky (Stavropol Territory) multidisciplinary technical school ...
    Teenagers with black balloons and bottles of water and names, names, names ... children who were killed by non-humans. We remember!!!
  9. rocket757
    rocket757 3 September 2020 11: 42
    After this .... yes, any measures, methods are reasonable, if only this would become impossible NEVER AGAIN!
  10. askort154
    askort154 3 September 2020 12: 00
    Western "democracy" called these beasts - "rebels".
    Some of those who escaped are still hiding in the EU.
    Zakayev lives quietly in England, although Russia is on the wanted list.
  11. Herman 4223
    Herman 4223 3 September 2020 12: 31
    Eternal memory to little children ...
  12. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 3 September 2020 12: 33
    Remember, grieve.
    We hope that all this rot has been cleaned out and continues to be cleaned ... the special services are working. And let them work.
    1. Severok
      Severok 3 September 2020 19: 13
      Work, brothers.
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. Incvizitor
    Incvizitor 3 September 2020 13: 16
    All their terrorists and acts of terrorism will still haunt the rotten West.
  15. 6erJIblu
    6erJIblu 3 September 2020 15: 38
    At this time, I was driving home by train from the army for 2 days. Came in the morning, looked at the news ... kapets shorter.
  16. 501Legion
    501Legion 3 September 2020 16: 31
    a terrible tragedy, real creatures are those who raised their hand against children ...
    the kingdom of heaven to them, there should be no more such tragedies ... their eternal memory
  17. Severok
    Severok 3 September 2020 19: 12
    Nothing is forgotten. Cursed will be the hunchbacked traitor, the dead drunkard and all his court pa-al, who still lives and lives sitting in power and money, whose actions or inaction have led to the revelry of bandits in the Caucasus.
    Bright and eternal memory to the children who laid down their lives for civilians, eternal memory to protect children and who died at the same time. Low bow to those living who defended and defended all those who survived that terrible day. Wish to the survivors at that time and in that place - don't let me forget!
  18. general.bnw
    general.bnw 3 September 2020 20: 13
    Kingdom of Heaven for the innocent fallen! Everlasting memory!
  19. Radius
    Radius 4 September 2020 08: 05
    Everlasting memory!
    Interesting materials and analytics here