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Two BGK project 23040G for the Black Sea Fleet completed state tests

Two BGK project 23040G for the Black Sea Fleet completed state tests

In the coming days, the Black Sea Fleet will be replenished with two newest large hydrographic boats of project 23040G. According to the press service of the Ministry of Defense, BGK Vladimir Kozitsky and Boris Slobodnik have successfully completed state tests.

According to the report, the crews of the boats, together with representatives of the plant, carried out a full check of the functioning of the life support systems and onboard equipment of the ships. During the tests, maneuver and speed tests were carried out, the operation of all units, systems, assemblies, navigation and radio equipment was checked.

The Ministry of Defense stressed that in the near future, acts on the acceptance of boats will be signed, after which an order will be issued by the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy on enrolling the BGK in the Black Sea fleet. The first two boats built under this project serve in the Baltic Fleet. Two more boats are under construction, the timing of their transfer and the place of service are not reported.

Built at the Nizhegorodsky Teplokhod shipyard in the town of Bor, the Vladimir Kozitsky and Boris Slobodnik BGK arrived in Novorossiysk for testing at the end of December last year.

The boats are the third and fourth BGK of project 23040G, they were laid down in May 2018. The displacement of the boat is 153,7 t, (full - 192,7 t), length - 33,04 m, width - 6,8 m, average draft - 1,6 m.Equipped with two diesel engines with a power of 248 kW, full speed 12,7 knots.

Project 23040G boats are a further development of the integrated emergency rescue boats of the 23040 project and are designed in accordance with the technical requirements of the High Command of the Russian Navy. Designed for surveying the bottom topography and surveying navigational hazards at depths of up to 400 meters, as well as surveying the terrain with a single-beam echo sounder at depths of up to 2 thousand meters. In addition, the boat will be able to service floating signs, deliver personnel and repair teams, conduct rescue and search operations, pilotage of submarines and large-tonnage ships. BGKs have a high power-to-weight ratio and ice class, which allows them to work on external roads, as well as with a distance of up to 50 miles from basing places.
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  1. antivirus
    antivirus 1 September 2020 13: 23
    what happiness is not an aircraft carrier
    RCC will not hit
    .................................. ...............................................................................
  2. novel66
    novel66 1 September 2020 13: 26
    What are the dangers to navigation at a depth of 400m?
    1. Ragnar Lodbrok
      Ragnar Lodbrok 1 September 2020 13: 32
      For submarines. Navskidku - "Severodvinsk" (avenue "Yasen") with operating and maximum immersion depths, respectively, 520 and 600 m, "Vladimir Monomakh" - 400 and 480 m, "Yuri Dolgoruky" - 400 and 450 m
      1. novel66
        novel66 1 September 2020 13: 33
        thank! I forgot about them, sorry, not a sailor
      2. Volder
        Volder 1 September 2020 14: 56
        Quote: Ragnar lodbrok
        For submarines. Offhand - "Severodvinsk" (avenue "Yasen") with working and maximum immersion depths of 520 and 600 m, respectively, "Vladimir Monomakh" - 400 and 480 m, "Yuri Dolgoruky" - 400 and 450 m

        Such submarines are NOT found in the Baltic and the Black Sea!
        1. Ragnar Lodbrok
          Ragnar Lodbrok 1 September 2020 15: 01
          It can always be sent to other water areas. The fact that it is based on the KChF does not mean at all that it will be applicable only there ...
          1. Volder
            Volder 3 September 2020 20: 55
            It will be applicable there, since is part of the Black Sea Fleet and the Baltic Fleet. We would like to use it in other fleets, assign it to others and send it there. But no!
    2. seregin-s1
      seregin-s1 1 September 2020 15: 16
      Hydrographic boats have functions for determining density, electrical conductivity, salinity, radiation, temperature, and the content of heavy elements in water. And also control over the currents above water and underwater. What constitutes the hydrology of the water area, the speed of sound under water and much more.
  3. VIP
    VIP 1 September 2020 14: 10
    An acquaintance, at 15, demobilized from the Baltic (he served in Novorossiysk, then went to the contract) and said that we had a shortage of modern ships of this type
    1. Aag
      Aag 1 September 2020 19: 34
      Quote: VIP
      An acquaintance, at 15, demobilized from the Baltic (he served in Novorossiysk, then went to the contract) and said that we had a shortage of modern ships of this type

      There is an opinion that we have no shortage of oligarchs only in yachts. repeat
      1. hydrox
        hydrox 2 September 2020 08: 23
        But there are so many oligarchs that it is necessary not only to withdraw from the state, but to drown directly with barges ...
        Scandals with thieves' privatization one by one: now Norilsk (twice), then Sterlitamak (the scandal so far only with Soda, but there is also Caustic in conjunction with Soda) - we still do not know the whole queue - and that's just in the first six months ...
        1. Aag
          Aag 2 September 2020 19: 06
          No-eh ... Tough, no alternative, and, most importantly, ineffective (Unless, to add positive to the people). First, let them use their skills, experience of fraud, connections, -that they still have in assets, sell their property ( It’s better for specific projects, programs (yes, no, it’s also smeared ...) It seems they thought recently, - not the most expensive Abramovich yacht costs 1,5 MRK (to which project, in the exchange rates of what year, sorry, I don’t remember) ... Here’s not to cope, - to sink! It is desirable without barges, - they will come in handy ...
          All right, it's time to end snotty dreams!
          Maybe age, maybe experience ... But, there are positive progress. I will not talk about the rest. hi
          1. VIP
            VIP 3 September 2020 19: 20
            "maybe age, maybe experience" so we are still pioneers ..
            The detachment: "Vali Kotika", corresponded with all the "cats"