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A robotic information and control system for armored vehicles is being created in the Russian Federation


NPO Elektromashina, part of Uralvagonzavod, has begun work on the creation of a special IMS (information management system) for promising armored vehicles.

Information about the creation of the newest IMS is published by RIA News with reference to the press service of "UVZ".

We are talking about an information and control system, which is distinguished by robotization.

Development work is underway at the moment. They are associated, as noted, with an increase in the capabilities of technology for "independent" activity - that is, one that is coupled with a high level of robotization.

Usually, robotic I&C systems make it possible to increase the efficiency of obtaining information by driver mechanics of armored vehicles, to optimize the operation of the chassis. In addition, in a number of cases, information and control systems can provide an opportunity for armored vehicles and other military equipment to be combined into a common network with a single command center (the so-called network-centric version). The variant of the network-centric use of weapons makes it possible to more effectively solve the assigned combat missions in a particular area of ​​the terrain (theater of operations).
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  1. Errr
    Errr 24 August 2020 06: 25
    Well, network centric is not just about tanks. This software package should have "above (between) specific" and "above (between) generic [uniform for all types and branches of troops] character. It is best to build a specialized operating system common for all military equipment with the necessary amount of special software for each type [ models] machines separately, then it will be possible to line up pieces on the chessboard and start a real game "not childish". wink
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 24 August 2020 06: 44
    That's right !!! Take not a mass of combat devices but a rational, advanced control system of the combat process !!!
    Everything goes to that, in any spheres of use of military equipment and even people!
  3. Lord_Bran
    Lord_Bran 24 August 2020 07: 06
    Finally! It's high time to at least start thinking about it. And there, who knows, they will link everything into a common network: infantry, vehicles, drones. Who would not say what, but such digitalization will greatly change the battlefield. And communication on the battlefield should become more stable and accessible to every fighter. Still fresh in my memory are the stories of a friend about 08.08.08, where an officer drove for them in a UAZ for two days to say that Tbilisi should not be taken. Communication was not stupid.
    1. Kapkan
      Kapkan 24 August 2020 08: 26
      Finally! It's high time to at least start thinking about it.

      Are you seriously?
      We have been developing these developments for a long time. Moreover, even when the country did not have the money for this. Even when the factories were being destroyed on purpose. People without wages worked on all this.
      And it's absurd to poke at how bad it was.
      I just know these people.
      And they worked no matter what. Yes, many have quit or have been laid off. But those who remained, they worked for both civilian life and military service. And this is damn hard.
      1. Lord_Bran
        Lord_Bran 24 August 2020 11: 22
        So I'm not reproachful. On the contrary, the news is extremely positive! I was not aware that these developments are being carried out so confidently. Alas, you can't cover everything.
  4. Genry
    Genry 24 August 2020 08: 26
    Often in the text of the article the combination is repeated: "robotic information and control system"

    Yeah ... lol
    Here's how you can robotic this ICS?
    Any iron can be robotized applying IUS. Or the process can be automated using IUS.
    And what about the IUS itself: "quietly with myself" ???
    Like in a movie...

    The scribes and copy-pasters stopped thinking altogether.