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Military film fan. Give a machine gun, or Four letters that will save the world


Thank God or the crisis, or I do not know what, but in our country "epoch-making" films have not appeared. This is good news. Lull - it can be interpreted in different ways, but we, Russian optimists, will hope that everything will work out with us in terms of filming military-historical-patriotic films.

I'm still waiting for Ugolnikov's Podolsk Cadets, but for now let's talk about what's going on in the world. And once again let us rejoice quietly from the fact that we live and watch in Russia.

Yes, we have an overwhelming majority of clumsy and deceitful films. But there is nothing to be done, we look at what they give.

In the world, too, everything is not very beautiful, although it is logical. And if we compare with Russia the fact that the film industry of such a developed West gets up with the brains of the audience, it is good news that we are not in the West.

I'm talking about the movie "Immortal Guard".

In fact, this is a very revealing creation that very clearly shows the level of the state of the Western brains. The film is the answer, more precisely, the film is an attempt to suck up to Shere Khan in the style of Tabaka's jackal.

If you watch a film sober (not recommended) and risk evaluating it from an artistic point of view, then ... Better not. Quite a blunt chipper in the style of cheap action movies from the 90s. A very straightforward and very boring plot. It would be all very sad (and in the US the audience thinks so for the most part), if not for a couple of "but".

First, the Immortal Guard echoes the Black Panther very well. No, not because both "masterpieces" are based on comics and not because superheroes are acting there.

The theme, you know, is racism.

Yes, yes, that's all "End Racism" - it's there in full.

That BG, that the emergency - both filmed in the same canvas: the evil ones are necessarily white, the good (in emergency) - only black.

But in BG, the writers went even further by adding gender. That is, this: a white heterosexual can only be a completely complete villain.

That is, all negative characters are white and normal. This is the main villain Merrick, and the traitor Booker, and all the villainous soldiers, by the way. Among the forces of evil, not a single negro.

And what about the side of the world? Main character. White, but a heroine. Two white goodies, Joe and Nikki, are gay. The rookie heroine Niall is black, and the former bad CIA officer Copley, who has gone over to the side of the world, is also a black man.

Yes, there was no place in the ranks of good for a white man with a heterosexual orientation. Only on the opposite side, the forces of Darkness. Alas.

You can, of course, talk about tolerance ... Even the sight of Nikki and Joe kissing tenderly on the full screen did not make me vomit. So, it rolled, of course, to the throat, but not critical. Withstood.

What does this mean? About the fact that 70 million was spent effectively, arousing in the audience, if not sympathy, then the absence of antipathy to the perverted heroes. It is worth considering seriously.

Why, though? The dumbest fighter, tied up with templates from thirty years ago. The drug dealer has a Russian name, a Russian plane just packed under the roof with Russian vodka ... I wanted to ask, will there be a bear with an AK-47? Or is it so good? Enough and so ...

The main characters are also stupid to madness. It seems that immortality is given in exchange for brains. Born in ancient times, run with an ax / sword / musket until the 21st century and remain the same ... advanced?


It's just that the scriptwriters decided not to fill their heads with a plot. The main thing here is not crumbling the same mindless opponents who go hand-to-hand with a loaded weapons, but showing that two kissing and tearing the soul of the body are good boys. Defenders.

By the way, girls are in no way inferior to them in terms of orientation. No, there were no lesbian scenes. Until. But normal preferences were also not noticed, apparently, they decided to leave for the second film, as two immortals are completely disappointed in relationships with men and rush like their colleagues into each other's arms.

So the ladies, apparently, will not be bored for a long time.


The world of the future, to which I would not like to live. Because in this situation, without options, I would be on the side of Darkness, Evil, the Main Reptile and so on. Because GG is white and prefers women.

Give me Kord. Better yet, MG.42. And more cartridges. Enough of her foolishness.

Military film fan. Give a machine gun, or Four letters that will save the world

Because a film with an obsession with an action movie (albeit with a stupid ballet ballet) in the middle simply turns into an egegey-drama about the suffering of a crusader and a Saracen with heartfelt monologues about great love. Which they cherish and cherish that way for 300 or 400 years.

And during breaks, they also shoot. From the fullness of feelings.

Yes, Charlize Theron, in general, the girl is what you need, but carrying the entire film on yourself a container with a concentrated rainbow ... (The clang of the shutter jerked off-screen.)

And it only remains to state the fact that everyone flew in. Or they sailed.

More precisely, Hollywood with America. They have sunk to the point that the saviors of the world began to write perverts, moreover, not burdened with intelligence. I mean, stupid. And from the soft hints of "Brokeback Mountain" in 15 years we have moved on to clear hugs and kisses of bearded organisms that resemble men by secondary sexual characteristics.

Hallelujah, glory, Fatherland, our free. From such a nightmare.

But the global trend says something completely different. "Sleep well, citizens, while immortal gays and lesbians protect your peace and comfort."

Not that you wake up in a cold sweat, you won't sleep. Only in a bulletproof vest over his panties and with a faithful machine gun in an embrace. Yes, this kind of same-sex love is normal for me. Man is a machine gun, I mean.

But the rainbow theme is presented - you will admire! Exactly as it is necessary to maximize not even sympathy, but sympathy. The image of a kind of fighting bugger who has been fighting evil for centuries ...

In general, in terms of trampling on templates, films are a breakthrough in full. A woman leads the battle of the rainbows. Yes, feminism is fierce, but ... A beautiful symbol of a modern woman. Since the doves coo, then she does not need to rack her brains about the birth of a new life, but to engage in professional taking away of it.

An excellent role: a woman is a commander over homosexual killers.

A masterpiece of the modern world. Stop Earth, I really want to get off. But this is the norm for modern cinema. The symbol of the era, so to speak.

Here, by the way, one cannot but rejoice at our parody of world cinema. She, our parody, called Russian cinema, cannot give birth to this, and this is just wonderful.

The immortal hero who sheds bitter tears for lost relatives is no less beautiful. And the plot intensifies, the plot simply pushes the viewer to sympathy and understanding of mental anguish. And when, from the nerves heated by the degree of sympathy to the degree of a cigarette lighter ... suddenly, wiping away tears and snot, the hero rushes into the arms of the same organism!

It is also symbolic: two brutal men found a solution to a difficult life situation, becoming a same-sex couple. But don't think anything vulgar, everything is very sublime.

“He is not my lover, he means more to me than you can imagine: he illuminates my path in the dark, warms me when it's cold, his kiss excites me even after millennia. His heart is overflowing with kindness that this world is unworthy of. I love this person immensely, for no reason ... "

Well, of course, it's worth seeing with what delightful kindness this couple takes the life of everyone. Very sensual and sublime.


An intelligent person who looks at the screen with eyes connected to the brain (an option that is not available to everyone in our time today) understands that the whole plot with immortal gays, with their tragic fate, emotional experiences and failed personal life is nothing more than an order. Order to justify and justify same-sex relationships.

Yes, because it's not just about gay super-fighters, but also about the characters that look like women. Who also do not demonstrate any interest in the opposite sex, but look at their own kind.

One gets the impression that the people on Earth have become ... too many? And it must be reduced by all possible methods. Both voluntary (same-sex relationships) and not very (coronavirus).

Does the Golden Billion exist and pay? It looks like it.

Yes, by the way, I almost forgot.

How the heroes of the film thump - it's a feast for the eyes. An eternal liver is generally the dream of every Russian. And here they constantly demonstrate this ... Some of the immortals never part with the vessel. His tongue cannot be called a flask. Flask.

In general, the commander's skill in finding alcohol is pumped into the top ten. It will find it in any location and destroy it. In parallel with the enemy, or even combining. To wave half a bottle of whiskey in one gulp - forgive me, I envy, because I simply cannot do that.

Well, it is clear that every "victory" the team of supermen pours into the bar. Indeed, it is not to go to the museum to rest.

The third point that is inspired to the viewer. Like, in the fight for a just cause, all methods are good. Who just determines the "correctness" of the case - that is the question. Okay, then, that supermen and super women are killing people left and right, using both firearms and the more familiar blade and pole weapons of their past.

But here's the episode in which the supers resort to the help of drug dealers - this is an overkill in all respects. Yes, of course, “you can work with those you despise,” and “the end justifies the means,” and so on.

But here's the catch: in one of the previous episodes, they risked themselves (as far as this applies to immortal self-repairing organisms) to save the children. A small such separately taken group of children. Handsomely? Yes. Noble? Yes.

And here is the question for filling: how many children and not very much will that mountain of drugs that flashed in the frame be sent to the next world?

Fourth point. Harassment of others. Yes, in our age of tolerance, tolerance and other rubbish, the film is very beautifully shown as an ordinary soldier of the American army who was seriously wounded during the cleanup of an aul in Afghanistan (I closed my eyes to the fact that women are doing such a job in principle), after her miraculous recovery is actually starting to be poisoned.

Oh those Muggles ...

Fifth. The film is simply saturated with ads for sadomasochism. These GG (the main characters, and not what you thought, dear, although your message is more correct and understandable) are constantly trying to do something with themselves. Break your arm, stick your fingers into the fire, shoot in the leg ...

Kind of like checking: “Does it work? Yeah, let's move on. " Well, stupid? Well, yes, stupid.

The sixth and last moment. Impenetrable dullness GG. From constant self-harm to the fact that they have not been able to evolve for several hundred years. And so they remained just stupid cannon fodder. Lucky in terms of opportunity. But, in fact, the blockheads who replaced swords with machine guns remained at the level of the soldiers of the ancient world.

And what do we end up with? As a result, we end up with a cinema that advertises dubious things and makes the viewer stupid. An masses, so to speak. Wholesale, if in Russian.

It is clear that the "Immortal Guard" was ordered by the rainbow community. There is no doubt about it, but everyone watches such films, not only gays and lesbians.

And what happens? And it turns out that you are a Warrior of Light, if you are a gay / lesbian, tolerant of drugs, alcohol in unmeasured quantities, sadomasochistic sense and as stupid as possible.

Yes, I no longer want to live in that Light that is protected by such ...

And now, at the end, the question: what do you think, dear readers, who is better in terms of the defender of the Light, such a superhero or our NKVD officer with a revolver? Let it not be a fact that he is sober and noble, but ...

Or, again, an eternally drunk general, sending soldiers to slaughter with swear words? Or commander tank, diligently looking for adventure for the whole crew, instead of just driving the route from point A to point B?

Difficult question, isn't it? I have not yet raised the issue of the gender component of the general, NKVD officer and tanker.

What do you think about this?

And yet, it's great that we are with you in Russia. With our "immortal" scriptwriters and directors who are not able to come up with and shoot this. Still, it's great to live in a country in which a gay person will not soon become the savior of humanity. And where on-screen saviors should (should, heck!) Look something like this:

I hope that things won't look different soon. Although our filmmakers are working in the "right" direction in the main.
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  1. Martin
    Martin 20 August 2020 16: 12
    I didn't quite understand what the article is about. That they are all 3,14 daras? I agree.
    Only, firstly, this has been known for so long, and secondly, why write about this for so long and with photographs? They would write accurately and briefly, like a shot: "They are all 3,14daras." And that's all. The essence is the same, there are fewer beeches.
    1. your1970
      your1970 24 August 2020 09: 34
      There was an old joke
      Institute, Faculty of History
      The professor says that the Roman legionaries encouraged male love, they say, campaigns, then, behold, and if they killed in battle, the lover began to chop the enemies angrily ..
      And here from the back row
      -hee-hee so were they fagots ?? !!
      - These are the current fagots! And the Roman legionaries were real fighting homosexuals !!! (C) anecdote
    2. AlexSam
      AlexSam 2 September 2020 02: 01
      an article about the fact that the referendum passed and you can call a spade a spade again
  2. nikvic46
    nikvic46 21 August 2020 06: 45
    As Kostik said in the famous film, "Art in Great Debt." One gets the impression that real gopniks came to the cinema. Everything began to change in this world. In old Soviet films, there were men hugging, and even kissing each other. But we do not have there were some suspicions that they were gay, so it all depends on how it is presented. And from the professionalism of the actors. I must admit. Tolerance does its job; we are often served with just unpleasant actors.
    1. your1970
      your1970 25 August 2020 15: 46
      Quote: nikvic46
      But we didn't have any suspicions that they were gay, so it all depends on how it is presented. And from the professionalism of the actors.

      It depends on the society - try to pat someone else's child on the street now - they will immediately write to the pedophiles

      I somehow came across a study that real natural gays are no more than 6% of the population.
      And the feeling that everything around is fagots is artificially forced. Fried topic - media loves topics ...
    ELEZKIY 21 August 2020 09: 22
    Quote: Martyn
    I didn't quite understand what the article is about. That they are all 3,14 daras? I agree.
    Only, firstly, this has been known for so long, and secondly, why write about this for so long and with photographs? They would write accurately and briefly, like a shot: "They are all 3,14daras." And that's all. The essence is the same, there are fewer beeches.

    the main thing is that we are all Dartanians ...
  4. gvozdan
    gvozdan 21 August 2020 14: 10
    The darkest said everything correctly. Homosexuality is a natural phenomenon, the fight against it is meaningless like rain. But LGBT propaganda is evil.
  5. cat Rusich
    cat Rusich 22 August 2020 06: 29
    Mother Russia has its own "immortal" hero - KOSCHEY-IMMORTAL am - a white heterosexual old man, on the side of "not good" - who at the end of the plot of the tale DIES sad
    1. beeper
      beeper 22 August 2020 19: 08
      Quote: cat Rusich
      Mother Russia has its own "immortal" hero - KOSCHEY-IMMORTAL am - a white heterosexual old man, on the side of "not good" - who at the end of the plot of the tale DIES sad

      hi Class !!! good Kitty-Rusich, Bravo !!! yes smile
  6. AleBors
    AleBors 23 August 2020 09: 34
    I applaud ... Smartly written, precisely, figuratively and to the point. The militant homosexuals of the West is something that is already penetrating our mentality ...