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Does Poland want to become great or divide again?

Does Poland want to become great or divide again?

We are used to reacting to what happened. We stopped seeing how it was ripening before our eyes. Our inner vision loses its sharpness. Or acquires "specialization", it's like anyone else. Instead of seeing everything around us and reacting to dangers in a timely manner, we began to see only what we needed.

As a child, sunbathing on the bank of the village river, we often amused ourselves by playing with frogs. No, we did not stoop to bullying, we really played using the specialized vision of an amphibian. The frog's patriotism towards its native reservoir is similar to the patriotism of youth. Probably, many have heard from young people who are protesting "against everything" the classic: "What did this country give me?"

It is the same with the frog. She is completely uninterested in the beauty of her native river, talking about ancestors and how many times herons have flown in to catch all the frogs in the river. The frog is interested in flies! The more flies, the better the country, that is, the river. Therefore, she sees only what is moving.

Here we, young people, and took advantage of this disadvantage of her to play. We could make the frog jump anywhere with a simple blade of grass and a whisk. You just move this blade of grass in front of the frog's nose and in the end it decides that it is a fly. Jump, grabbing a "fly", trying to eat, hanging on a blade of grass for a few seconds and, finally, realizing that you were deceived. And instead of landing on the ground, from where the jump actually took place, the frog falls into the water or coastal silt ...

Doesn't this game remind you of the situation with some countries of the post-Soviet space and the former OVD bloc? Only "boys" and "frogs" are different. Yes, and "water" is more like waste of human life. True, in modern society there are countries that for some reason decided that the "frogs" can also play with other "frogs".

Poland - "hunter for hunters"

Poland is one of these countries. Warsaw more and more often finds itself at the epicenter of international politics in Eastern Europe. Moreover, the political elite of this country for some reason decided that today it is she who is the leader of all the "humiliated and oppressed" countries of the former Soviet bloc. The Poles are confident that their "elder brother" in the person of the United States will always help them.

What this belief is based on is not entirely clear. The United States showed its attitude towards this country quite recently, during the exacerbation of the coronavirus pandemic. As, however, the attitude towards all of Europe. For Americans in Europe, there is only one country to speak to: Great Britain. The rest should be told how to live.

Today we see how Polish politicians create a “union of the offended”. It is difficult to name the "Lublin Triangle" in another way. Warsaw, Vilnius and Kiev are the most important capitals of Europe today. Wherever there is Berlin, Paris or London ... We quite correctly perceived such a union as the formation of a triangle of hatred towards Russia.

But this triangle is directed not only to the east, but also to the west! I would call it a triangle of hate for the successful. Simply because this triangle will not be limited to stamping anti-Russian resolutions of the OSCE. Very soon, resolutions against the FRG, France and other countries of "old Europe" will appear. "Young Europeans" need to grow somewhere.

Where roots grow from

If someone is waiting for another excursion into history, alas, it will not be. So many works of eminent historians have been written on this topic that any of the readers will be able to read a lecture on this issue on their own. I'm more interested in modernity. What happened before our eyes yesterday. Happened, but went unnoticed for the majority.

Let's remember 2019. The Poles deliberately did not invite Putin to events marking the beginning of World War II. Further - the speech of our president, in which he reasonedly, with documents, outlined his own version of the start of the war. Remember the howl that began not only in Poland, but also in other countries, including old Europe? The Europeans really did not like the truth about who and how started the war and who was “very friendly” with whom in the first years of the war.

How did the scandal with a different interpretation of historical events end, which I very much doubt? And it ended with a resolution of the European Parliament of September 18, 2019, equalizing fascism and Stalinism. The invaders and liberators were equalized! Thus, the Europeans changed history by their own decision. And now it is quite legal, just like Europeans, to destroy monuments to our soldiers on their territory.

Alas, but, in my opinion, the very fact that we forgot these events behind the routine of world problems, decided that this could wait until later times, played a cruel joke not only with Russia. Regrettably, it can play a "joke" on a global scale. And the inspirer of all this mess, the country that started rewriting history, can once again either disappear or turn into a dwarf.

And the "cat" scratches and scratches everything

The history of mankind is the history of wars. No matter how much we wish not to believe it, but it was wars that often pushed the winners to economic and political progress, and the defeated ones to disappear or be forgotten for many years and even centuries. How many empires have been on Earth during the existence of mankind? How many once great peoples now live in countries that do not play a big role in world politics?

Today the strike of the Polish elites is directed at Russia. Some sins of our ancestors, which offended poor Poles many centuries ago, are remembered, and more often invented. The sins of their ancestors are hushed up at the same time. Warsaw is trying in every way to defeat us diplomatically. Well, the attempt is not torture. Moreover, we have fully prepared our "diplomats in uniform" for such conversations.

But I'm interested in something else. For all this political fuss and the creation of the next anti-Russian get-togethers, the Poles for some reason completely forgot about their western neighbor. About Germany. When there is talk about the territories once "captured" from Poland by the Russians, most Poles burn with noble anger and demand the return of the Polish lands. But when you ask about the German lands that were transferred to Poland after the Second World War, the standard answer follows: but the Germans do not ask us about this ...

Meanwhile, in Germany, quite a few people today speak openly about this. On the restoration of historical justice and the return of "historically German lands". The cat scratches on its back. Boomerang returns. The policy that the Poles use against their eastern neighbor is growing in Germany against its eastern neighbor!

I am far from thinking that today there is at least one world leader who dares to start a world war. The understanding that this war will be the last in the history of mankind dictates its methods of struggle in the international arena. The army today really fulfills the function of the protector of peace. Those regional conflicts that exist are rather an exception to the general rule than a pattern. Like fights between courtyard boys.

Instead of a conclusion

The modern world is complex. Multi-tiered, diverse, poor and rich ... Most countries are fine with this state of affairs. Small countries in cooperation and alliance with large ones feel great and develop sometimes even faster than big allies. Big countries are in charge of world politics and also consider it normal. Even countries that have fenced off from the rest of the world by some political or ideological boundaries are quite happy.

But this whole idyll ends when someone decides to change their place in the world alignment of states. Poland today largely exists at the expense of the US and the EU. This is the same beggar on the porch who needs to be given a pretty penny before Sunday sermon. Not to give to earn, but simply to give. This is a tradition. Moreover, this beggar has been sitting on the porch for a long time. Others come and go, and this one sits. Sometimes he even talks to parishioners after the service.

Only now he does not ask, he begins to demand his own pretty penny! Begins to express his "fi" to those who have been feeding him for many years. And he absolutely does not care how much the nursing person earns, how he is doing. Give, give, give! ..

I even know how it will end. There will be one parishioner who kicks the impudent person from the porch.

The policy that Poland is pursuing today will lead to just such a kick in the future. And perhaps to the next "undressing" of the impudent person. The return of donors' belongings ... The Polish government has not yet understood this. But time teaches well. And the experience, especially the negative one, is sobering for several generations. Life goes on…
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  1. Grandfather
    Grandfather 15 August 2020 16: 41
    the history of the Poles does not teach, so life will teach, since the dance on a rake is national, there is no need to interfere ...
    1. Insurgent
      Insurgent 15 August 2020 16: 50
      Does Poland want to become great or divide again?

      The question is notwhat does Poland want but in what will be done to her.

      1. dSK
        dSK 15 August 2020 21: 51
        For the third MV, the States needs a new obsessed, aggressive "Hitler".
        Merel, the daughter of a pastor, doesn't want to sign up for this role.
        The main candidates are Polish and to a lesser extent Japanese politicians (who are being warmed up on the "Kuril issue").
        In Poland, rabid supporters of the "Great Polish Duchy" are being raised.
        Poland and Lithuania, the main "executors" of the tsereushny Belarusian Maidan, have warmed up the opposition. They are actively "working off" against Lukashenka.
        Russia sees clear attempts of external interference in internal processes in Belarus with the aim of splitting society, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova
      2. Uncle Izya
        Uncle Izya 16 August 2020 21: 39
        The Russian empire ceased to exist, the USSR, too, so what?
      3. nnz226
        nnz226 16 August 2020 22: 08
        "Poland is a state hostile to Russia, and therefore it should not be on the map!" - Empress Catherine II
    2. Alkonavt
      Alkonavt 16 August 2020 10: 28
      Quote: Dead Day
      the history of the Poles does not teach, so life will teach, since the dance on a rake is national, there is no need to interfere ...

      Let's not interfere, you are right .. so that later there is a reason soldier
  2. RUnnm
    RUnnm 15 August 2020 16: 42
    The wording is a little wrong. The correct one is - "Poland was divided every time it imagines itself great." And this time, the size of her ambitions suggests that the next, fourth section will be the last. Enough for Europe to feed these hyenas (not my epithet in relation to Poland. W. Churchill).
    And Poland is certainly not a "hunter for hunters", she is an ordinary scavenger, jackal, hyena ...
    1. Ilya-spb
      Ilya-spb 15 August 2020 19: 09
      Take (Poland) and divide! (c) Polygraph Poligrafovich
    2. dauria
      dauria 16 August 2020 01: 26
      she is an ordinary scavenger, jackal, hyena ...

      laughing Something suddenly came to mind - after all, the Poles must hate the great Dostoevsky. If he is a Pole, then he is a footman, a thief, a scoundrel and a pompous braggart. And at the same time. That in "The Brothers Karamazov", in "The Gambler", "The Idiot" ... But he very accurately saw a human soul.
    3. zenion
      zenion 17 August 2020 16: 11
      Poland - Tabaki running after Sherkhan.
  3. RVAPatriot
    RVAPatriot 15 August 2020 16: 46
    At the moment she is trying to play the role of a leading player in Belarus. It is a pity that a lot of people are accustomed to ((
    Although, what is not a reason to punish again?
    1. Antagonist
      Antagonist 15 August 2020 20: 28
      The time will come and she will be punished. yes
      1. 1536
        1536 16 August 2020 08: 40
        This country will punish itself.
  4. apro
    apro 15 August 2020 17: 02
    It doesn't matter that Poland wants more important than its ability to carry out its plans. And with this the Poles were lucky ... the destruction of the USSR. The acquisition of a new boss in the form of sga .. and a serious weakening of Russia ... in the form of a destabilized Ukraine and Belarus.
    Poland's only serious adversary is Germany. Shrouding loans, she can solve her long-standing territorial issues. That's why the Poles are so clinging to the ameram. The seriousness of the Russian threat to Poland ... it's not even funny.
    1. Mitroha
      Mitroha 15 August 2020 22: 51
      Respected. No offense. But "you cannot be pardoned", in this case about you. Lack of clear punctuation makes it impossible to unambiguously interpret your comment. This is not counting the lack of respect for the reading on your part, expressed in your laziness to press shift, and capitalize the beginning of the sentence.
  5. Fitter65
    Fitter65 15 August 2020 17: 06
    When there is talk about the territories once "captured" from Poland by the Russians, most Poles burn with noble anger and demand the return of the Polish lands.
    And I honestly do not mind, let them take away (Kemsk volost? -I, me !!) Russia will not become poorer from this. Here, most likely, the scruff of the Polish European Union member - Lithuania will vzopreet, because it was her in 1939, the USSR gave (just like that) the city of Vilna and the surrounding area. Hai, the 404 country will get a little wet, at the mention of the cities of Lviv, Stanislav (in the then name) with mountains, rivers and arable land ... Yes, let them take it, the state will not become poorer ... True, the Germans will have to return a lot more, so this is not our sorrow anymore - Kaliningrad is an original Russian city laughing
    1. boni592807
      boni592807 15 August 2020 20: 20
      I agree with everything, but your Fitter65 (Alexander.), Today, 17: 06, NEW "...- Kaliningrad is a primordial Russian city laughing what

      Curiosity about the history of Prussia, how did the Germans end up there and how they democratized (genocide) the indigenous Prussians (RUSS), and then proudly took the name of the people essentially destroyed by THEM. You can compare for interest in archeology, DNA geneology, not only Prussia, but also East Germany (тthe territory of the Slavs conquered by the Germans) "successfully "assimilated to the Germans
      By the way, the experience has been successfully applied, among other things, for the "transfer" of Russians from the Krains to Ridna MOV and for "teaching" hatred of Muscovites.
      1. Captain Pushkin
        Captain Pushkin 15 August 2020 21: 27
        Quote: boni592807
        boni592807 (Vyacheslav) Today, 20:20 New

        I agree with everything, but your Fitter65 (Alexander.), Today, 17: 06, NEW "..." - Kaliningrad is a primordial Russian city laughing

        During the Seven Years War, in 1758, East Prussia voluntarily took the oath of allegiance to Elizabeth and became part of the Russian Empire.
        Alas, five years later Pavel decided to give East Prussia to Frederick ...
        A kind of Gorbachev imperial spill ..
        Nobody asked the opinion of the Prussians themselves this time.
        1. nnz226
          nnz226 16 August 2020 22: 11
          After Elizabeth there was Peter III, the husband of the future Catherine II, this "sweet couple" returned East Prussia to Frederick ... Pavel I is already their son ...
        2. Cristall
          Cristall 17 August 2020 08: 30
          Quote: Captain Pushkin
          During the Seven Years' War, in 1758, East Prussia voluntarily took the oath

          a bunch of inaccuracies
          The oath was in Pillau
          Russian troops entered Pillau on January 24 without encountering armed resistance. The burgomaster and members of the magistrate, with swords, went out to meet the small detachment of Major Vigant ... Bells were ringing in the city. And soon all citizens already swore allegiance to the Russian Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter I. It is interesting that in Russia only noblemen swore allegiance to the emperors, and in Prussia this right was granted to everyone. And history has not recorded cases of evasion of the oath. (Source of information - portal History.RF)
          Fermor received the keys and the oath. In wartime someone tried not to accept the terms of surrender
          Quote: Captain Pushkin
          and became part of the Russian Empire

          Submitted to RI for 4 years. In the province taken in the war, it could not be otherwise. Moreover, the terms of surrender were mild
          Quote: Captain Pushkin
          Alas, five years later Pavel decided to give East Prussia to Frederick ...

          from January 22, 1758 to
          At three o'clock in the morning on January 22, 1758, the Russian infantry set out from Kaymen and by eleven o'clock occupied the forstadts of Konigsberg, which actually ended up in the hands of the Russians

          to the middle of 1762 - this is four years. This is Peter 3, this is Catherine 2 ... it is still oh how far to Paul
          In a treatise dated May 5, 1762, Peter III unconditionally gave to Frederick II all the territories previously occupied by the Russians. On July 5, the Konigsberg city newspaper was already published, crowned with the Prussian coat of arms. The transfer of power in the provinces began. On July 9, a coup takes place in Russia and Catherine II ascends to the royal throne, but still Russian rule in Prussia came to an end. Already on August 5, 1762, the last Russian governor of Prussia Voeikov F.M. (1703-1778) received an order to finally proceed with the transfer of the province, henceforth not to interfere in the internal affairs of Prussia, to allow the Prussian garrisons to occupy the fortresses.

          And on February 15, 1763, the Seven Years' War ended with the signing of the Hubertusburg Peace - what is Paul?
          The Seven Years War, for those who do not know, ended with the victory of the Anglo-Prussian coalition.
          Thanks to England (stubbornly winning against France and Spain) and Russia - which, having beaten Prussia on the battlefield, left the war and returned everything back.
          And Friedrich won against Austria in the final battle.
          The only thing that RI received was the experience of military leaders (Rumyantsev and Suvorov with others)
          but it was expensive.
          Quote: Captain Pushkin
          Nobody asked the opinion of the Prussians themselves this time.

          they won the war by the way ... in an unusual way from RI, well, standard from Austria
          Their influence in Europe increased, which led to the partition of the RP
      2. Fitter65
        Fitter65 16 August 2020 02: 03
        Quote: boni592807
        Curious about the history of Prussia, how the Germans ended up there and how they democratized (genocide) the indigenous Prussians (RUSS), and then proudly took the name of the people essentially destroyed by THEM.

        So, for the sake of interest, I read about this, since my main occupation lies in the field of technology. Well, about the truly Russian Kaliningrad ... the main thing is not to learn from Damansky. Moreover, in the distant 60s my uncle served in Taurage, he married and lived there ...
  6. Pavel57
    Pavel57 15 August 2020 17: 10
    All claims must be backed up by strength and desire to fight.
  7. svp67
    svp67 15 August 2020 17: 13
    Moreover, the political elite of this country for some reason decided that today it is she who is the leader of all the "humiliated and oppressed" countries of the former Soviet bloc.
    A nation in which every third person considers himself a descendant of the gentry is sure that it is CHOSEN by God to command and command ...
    1. sgapich
      sgapich 15 August 2020 21: 42
      Quote: svp67
      A nation in which every third person considers himself a descendant of the gentry is sure that it is CHOSEN by God to command and command ...

      Moreover, of these, who consider themselves descendants of the gentry, each I am sure that he has the absolute right to rokosz. hi
    2. Lara Croft
      Lara Croft 16 August 2020 02: 16
      Quote: svp67
      A nation in which every third person considers himself a descendant of the gentry is sure that it is CHOSEN by God to command and command ...

      ... Israeli Jews may strongly disagree with this ... some rudeness ...
  8. Constanty
    Constanty 15 August 2020 17: 33
    Stupid rulers of mine! Logic dictates that you should keep your enemies away and your friends close, but in Poland - the opposite. Although there really are no territorial disputes between our countries and we are Slavs, stupid politicians drag us into a conflict :-(
    1. domokl
      16 August 2020 05: 19
      Did you take part in the celebration of the victory in the Battle of Warsaw yesterday? Or they visited the memorial of the killed Red Army soldiers in Polish concentration camps .. Oh, yes, the Polish people do not want to see him on their land. Russian Red Army men are not Poles in Katyn ..
      1. Constanty
        Constanty 16 August 2020 10: 28
        History and memory are important, but they shouldn't get in the way of the future.
        Poland won the Battle of Warsaw - that's a fact.

        It is also a fact that in Polish camps died of disease and hunger (not killed!) thousands of Red Army soldiers - This is the fault of the Polish state and a reason for great shame.
        I believe that they should have their own monument, a memorial in Poland.
  9. Egoza
    Egoza 15 August 2020 17: 34
    "Give, give, give" - ​​how familiar !!! I wonder if Ukraine learned from Poland or Poland from Ukraine?
    1. svp67
      svp67 16 August 2020 04: 46
      Madam hi
      Quote: Egoza
      "Give, give, give" - ​​how familiar !!! I wonder if Ukraine learned from Poland or Poland from Ukraine?
      What good would they learn, and so it looks like their instincts ...
  10. German Titov
    German Titov 15 August 2020 17: 41
    "Esche Polska did not die." "Ukraine has not yet died, not glory not will" ... Mouth song, sample 1984, Afghan (Shindand p / n 25909) "Over the immense fields, over the forest rifts under grenade breaks, the song flies like a swallow. RUSSIA, MY FAVORITE, RELATED BEREZKI, POPLA, HOW ARE YOU ROAD FOR A SOLDIER, NATIVE RUSSIAN LAND. I am not an "imperial". My homeland is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. I am proud that I live in Donetsk (DPR). Officer of the Soviet Union army since 1988. Oath 26.08.1983. XNUMX, the city of Samarkand.
  11. Ru_Na
    Ru_Na 15 August 2020 17: 45
    The Poles stubbornly refuse to learn history, well, that's their right, but only when Germany comes for its territories, let Poland not be offended!
    1. Lara Croft
      Lara Croft 16 August 2020 02: 21
      Quote: Ru_Na
      The Poles stubbornly refuse to learn history, well, that's their right, but only when Germany comes for its territories, let Poland not be offended!

      The "decaying" FRG is now a weak player in the European political field, it will be saved only by unification into a Union with Russia .... in the past, such an alliance has always been beneficial .....
      1. Antonio_Mariarti
        Antonio_Mariarti 17 August 2020 12: 33
        Hahahaha, Germany subjugated all of Europe, and with the exit of the British, which was mostly associated with the domination of Germany and its goods. The Germans did what did not work out in 2 wars - they subjugated Europe with their economy. Germans are a great nation.
  12. parusnik
    parusnik 15 August 2020 18: 00
    Moreover, the political elite of this country for some reason decided that today it is she who is the leader of all the "humiliated and oppressed" countries of the former Soviet bloc. The Poles are confident that their "elder brother" in the person of the United States will always help them.
    ... Still, "muscles would be filled with strength" from Western loans, which sometimes forgive or reduce rates .. If you go back to the past, to the NDP, when the Poles took out loans, and it was hard to return, and Western countries demanded, the flourishing of the Polish economy ended quickly and got modern Poland ..
  13. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 15 August 2020 18: 57
    And the experience, especially the negative one, is sobering for several generations at once.
    There are no Poles. Poland - tse Europe, Germany to the landfill. But the EU ran out of money for Poland request and how the poor Poles live .... take from the United States. But in the USA, the press does not have time to print for itself. We'll have to surrender in parts, the question arises, to whom to surrender? And then geography and history.
    With the Lower Selsia, Gdansk (Danzig) it is clear. England always threw up a penny to fight Russia, Dast, but not enough.
    The remnants to take Lvov and lie under Austria, or what?
  14. Eug
    Eug 15 August 2020 19: 10
    A very correct comparison with a frog is to first pout from the realization of your own pseudo-significance, and then burst ...
  15. Lumpen
    Lumpen 15 August 2020 19: 19
    It is necessary to attach the Republic of Belarus to the Lublin axis (which is more likely to be the case if Luka is "left") then you will get a sickly "dominion" under the protectorate of the United States. With a human resource of 90 million, explored minerals, geographic location, transit opportunities. Nata does not need any, no EU.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 15 August 2020 20: 34
      Quote: Lumpen
      Then neither Nata nor the EU is needed.

      They will immediately fight.
      They have been creating "Litrpolukrbrig" since 2007. We decided to be like grown-up boys ... Like the French with the Germans. Only there a brigade was created in 2 years. And here for 13 years they have been trying to answer two questions: "Who will be in charge" and "Who will pay for it"
      1. domokl
        16 August 2020 05: 21
        Do not fight. Poland will be the main one. But the transit to Europe will be completely blocked for us for sure. What's left? Baltic and Black Sea .. The land will be an excellent transit buffer. The goal is precisely this
        1. Lumpen
          Lumpen 17 August 2020 11: 22
          If Belarus leaves, then in 2-3 years it will, and the seas will not help
  16. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 15 August 2020 19: 38
    The Poles are confident that their "elder brother" in the person of the United States will always help them.

    The Poles have no brothers, let alone older ones. Poland has always wanted to be in charge.
    The policy of Poland is the policy of the opportunist. We need to get on our feet, so we need to rely on someone. Thanks to the USSR, after the Second World War, it got up and developed. After the perestroika problems, she began to bark loudly so that she was noticed, noticed, only not as a partner, but noticed the territory near the border with Russia. And their hands are shaking with happiness.
    Now is not the 30s and not the post-war years of the last century. Today Poland has outlived its usefulness. She is neither who nor what. And as time has shown, it does not apply to independently developing states. Most projects have failed. And for the United States, it has nothing to do with Ukraine - the territory near the border of the Russian Federation.
  17. Kisa
    Kisa 15 August 2020 20: 30
    everything described in the article is true, but there is no main thing like the Poles to seize the initiative. already two republics were taken away in a short time. scared and then what?
  18. bzbo
    bzbo 15 August 2020 20: 36
    The fourth partition of Poland will be into atoms)
  19. demo
    demo 15 August 2020 20: 57
    The author, focusing on the key points, did not draw the main conclusion - why the Poles dragged the Americans to them, and why the Americans were led to such an offer.
    It is precisely in the fact that the Germans have not yet asked the Poles to return their lands back, and the main goal is to accommodate the withdrawn thousands of Americans from Germany, with deployment in Poland.
    The Americans do not act as a battering ram or a defender of Europe against "Russian aggression."
    The number is not the same, and the motivation is not very good.
    Where has it been seen that the owner risked his life for a slave?
    But the presence of American troops on Polish territory gives the Poles some illusory hope.
    And the Chancellor has not yet canceled the act.

    And about the beggar on the porch there is such an anegdote, on the subject:
    Synagogue. Saturday. Shabbat.
    Near the synagogue sits a legless Jew who is being given alms. Believers enter the synagogue.
    A personable, youthful man approaches the disabled person and starts a conversation.
    -Dear Abram Moiseevich. You know that I have always given you one ruble.
    But yesterday I had a very important event. I got married.
    Soon we will have children, and I have to think that they will need to be fed, watered, dressed and put on shoes. And my wife will also demand to spend money on her.
    So, from today, I will serve you 50 kopecks.
    The disabled person looks at this man, and then yells in a bad voice:
    Kind people! Look here! This "poz" got married, and he must feed his children and his wife!

    This is exactly how Poland behaves. Like this legless one.
    1. domokl
      16 August 2020 05: 28
      Quote: demo
      It is precisely in the fact that the Germans of the Poles have not yet asked to return their lands back and the main goal is to accommodate thousands of Americans being withdrawn from the FRG,

      You are not right. It is not at all difficult for the Americans (yet) to shut up Merkel's mouth.
      The game is played for the sake of the USA. Russia owns a fairly large part of the European market. And Russia itself takes over a decent chunk of European goods. What do Americans want? To conquer the EU market not only in the field of energy, but also in other areas.
      The Baltics, Belarus and Ukraine will completely block the Russia-Europe transit. They will simply introduce large transit tariffs, which will lead to an increase in the price of Russian goods and make them more expensive than American ones.
      US policy is always well calculated when viewed from an economic point of view.
      1. demo
        demo 16 August 2020 06: 45
        I could agree with you in the part where you say that the Russian Federation owns most of the EU market, but here are the facts:
        "Despite the protectionist policy pursued by Washington, the United States remains the largest trading partner of the European Union. At the end of 2017, their total trade turnover in monetary terms amounted to 631 billion euros, or 16,9%. Of the total circulation of goods in the EU. data, which on Monday, March 26, leads the European statistical office Eurostat.

        China ranks second with 573 billion euros (15,3%). Switzerland is on the third line (261 billion euros and 7%).

        As for Russia, if in the period from 2012 to 2016 the corresponding indicators decreased from almost 10 to 6%, then last year there was a reverse trend: they grew slightly - up to 6,2%. "
        I do not think that the realities of today are very different from these data.
        6-7-8% are not the crumbs for which it is really worth fighting for.

        But on account of the fact that the Baltic and Eastern European countries can be used as "regulators" in the movement of goods from / to the RF / EU - there is no contradiction in this.

        You can paraphrase the well-known expression - War is a continuation of politics, only by other means, c - Politics is a way of concentrating forces and means before the war.
  20. IC
    IC 16 August 2020 01: 33
    That everyone is worried about Poland. Do you have no internal problems? And Poland will already receive its piece of happiness. The country will host a US Army contingent.
    1. domokl
      16 August 2020 05: 29
      And this is our problem. That is why we are worried.
      1. Cristall
        Cristall 17 August 2020 08: 44
        Quote: domokl
        And this is our problem. That is why we are worried.

        gathered to share the skin of an unkilled bear
        the truth is, in the propaganda, that the bear is all bad.
        Backing nothing up in numbers
        Well, that's right, in Poland everything is pretty good even by the standards of the best EU countries, and even comparisons with the Russian Federation, well, only the total GDP is better for the Russian Federation.
        There are no prerequisites for economic sections.
        There are no political and internal ones
        Stable mono-national country
        Why do they write propaganda agitka on VO? (Although I noticed already at Staver)
        Plus, the author has no idea that young people are the most zealous patriots (and an army with volunteers usually consists of this category)
        The author is not familiar with the concept of imprinting at all!
        What then are we talking about if he even managed not to know this and declare so about the youth?
        Primates always and everywhere fight young
        And in Poland there are no prerequisites for collapse / division. I advise you to study again the reasons for all 3 in the textbook.
        terrible article ...
        no analysis or work on material.
        Some slogans - we will show them Kuzkin's mother ..
        Poland is gradually gaining weight in the EU, while the Russian Federation is losing!
        And this should worry Staver. For the Russian Federation is losing its influence where it should not historically! And Poland is the opposite.
        It means that the RF is doing something wrong!
        And the author wants to divide Poland ...
  21. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 16 August 2020 04: 38
    The modern world is complex. Multi-tiered, varied, poor and rich ...

    Aha! Straight to the topic:

    The world is really complicated. The variety of countries presents us with surprise after surprise, but nevertheless, the impression from the performance staged on planet Earth is such that the director decided to exterminate everything human for the sake of self-interest and profit, calling it freedom of relationships and the right to choose.
    As for Poland, it is like an onion. Not like a cake, but like a regular onion. Layer by layer, it shows its qualities and its essence: it shrinks when it runs into a stronger opponent; It brings to tears with its clown tricks and buffoonery attacks. But, most of the time, having enlisted the support of a more powerful patron, STINS !!!
    And this stench overlaps all the good, all the positive that once was in these layers.
    We can say one thing with confidence: either the hyena of Europe will die by itself, or will receive such a kick that all the desire to spoil will disappear forever ... It is possible that together with ... crying
  22. unknown
    unknown 16 August 2020 07: 19
    From an astrological point of view, Poland is a Goat country.
    Astrologers categorically do not recommend people born in the year of the Goat to engage in POLITICS, COMMERCIAL AND MILITARY AFFAIRS.
    Failure is assured.
    The most striking example is Gorbachev.
    This also applies to countries.
    Ukraine is also a Goat country.
    Of the Goat countries, more, less, only France is doing business.
    But, and her constantly sausage is not childish.
    What greatness there is ...
  23. nikvic46
    nikvic46 16 August 2020 07: 31
    With its rhetoric, Poland will more and more irritate Germany and France. It will simply interfere with building economic ties. And this is already noticeable. And if you compare it with a frog, then most likely in the future it will say, "I remember, I am flying ..." ...
  24. jncnfdybr
    jncnfdybr 16 August 2020 11: 38
    Yes, what to say about Poland. Is she deciding something in the world?
  25. Alkonavt
    Alkonavt 16 August 2020 12: 56
    Poland is generally a strange region .. There are a lot of ponts and anger!
    And we also have serious complaints about them.

    They will rush to us like this .. And no matter who will shoot! hi
  26. NF68
    NF68 16 August 2020 16: 04
    She was almost always great. But only not a country, but a bunch of arrogant idiots and this has not taught anything yet. Let them continue to run along the rake and get hit on the forehead.
  27. iouris
    iouris 16 August 2020 19: 16
    "And the" cat "scratches and scratches everything"
    And who is "skr"?
  28. nnz226
    nnz226 16 August 2020 22: 06
    "Poland is a state hostile to Russia, and therefore it should not be on the map!" - Empress Catherine II
  29. EvilLion
    EvilLion 17 August 2020 10: 30
    For 400 years they have not learned, so they will never learn.
  30. zenion
    zenion 17 August 2020 16: 05
    Small rivers are full of frogs. And of course it's full of fish. You throw a fishing rod with a worm - it bites. You pull it out - a frog. It was a pity for them, but try to pull out and her mouth the hook if she does not want to open it. Once they did an experiment. The fish did not bite. So we poured all the worms out of the box not far from the river so that the frogs could see. One fearless rode up and began to swallow them. It doesn't fit anymore, the worm sticks out of her mouth, she can no longer breathe. There are countries similar to this frog, it will choke, but wants to swallow everything that the eyes see.