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In Poland appreciated the modernization of the Su-30SM fighter

In Poland appreciated the modernization of the Su-30SM fighter

The Polish edition of Defense24 appreciated the new modernization of the Russian multifunctional fighter Su-30SM, carried out as part of the Adaptation-Su design and development project. According to Polish experts, after receiving a heavy missile, the fighter will significantly increase its own power.

The publication writes that as part of the ongoing R&D, Su-30SM fighters will receive a heavy air-to-surface missile, created on the basis of the Kh-32 liquid hypersonic missile. The adoption of such a missile into service will significantly increase the range of the fighter. Thus, the Su-30SM can complement the Tu-22 and Su-34 bombers, increasing Russia's offensive potential at both the operational and strategic levels.

The Kh-32 rocket launched at high altitude is capable of developing a speed of 5 Mach numbers and flying at a range of 600-1000 kilometers, depending on the selected flight profile

- claims the publication.

According to Defense24, Russia is arming the Su-30SM with a hypersonic missile in response to the American AGM-158 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile-Extended Range (JASSM-ER) missiles, which are armed with American F-16 fighters deployed in Europe, and on the territory of Poland.

It is argued that this missile will also be used on the MiG-31, which will adapt to the Kinzhal hypersonic complex.

Earlier in the Russian media there was information about the modernization of the Su-30SM fighters, during which it will receive a new heavy hypersonic air-to-surface missile. In this case, the name of the rocket and its data are not disclosed. According to experts, here we can talk about the adaptation of the X-32 hypersonic missile for use on fighters, although the option of creating a completely new ammunition is possible.
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  1. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 14 August 2020 09: 18
    Of course the Poles are still specialists, but it's still nice when even psheks understand the seriousness of our weapons.
    1. Mitroha
      Mitroha 14 August 2020 09: 28
      More good news from our defense industry that will unpleasantly surprise and strain potential opponents. It is necessary to maintain tone.
      1. hydrox
        hydrox 15 August 2020 04: 07
        It is very pleasant that the Poles appreciate the humanity that the Russian army will show in relation to ANY enemy army (and Russophobia is the ideological basis of ANY NATO army!) In the sense that Russia will not hurt them painfully - death will be instantaneous, without suffering, suffering from wounds, illnesses from poor food, cold and hunger in Polish and Nazi concentration camps, since all enemy armies in their planned hostilities will be deprived of the element of surprise and unpredictability, which qualities are the BASIS of real military science, for which the Soviet army was so famous then and still more than once will be able to become famous in repelling the offensive military actions planned by the West against Russia.
    APASUS 14 August 2020 09: 26
    Thus, the Su-30SM can complement the Tu-22 and Su-34 bombers, increasing Russia's offensive potential at both the operational and strategic levels.

    Even describing the capabilities of the Su-30SM, the Poles are trying to convince everyone of the aggressiveness of the Russians, Russia's attempt to attack everyone.
    1. Pereira
      Pereira 14 August 2020 10: 28
      It feels like begging.
      1. hydrox
        hydrox 15 August 2020 04: 21
        They do not beg: they simply convince us of their readiness to take on our shoulders all those difficulties and hardships of military life that will accompany all those military (including provocative actions !!) that the Russian army will be FORCED TO OVERCOME as The NATO side and aimed at suppressing by military forces enemy army and paramilitary groups that have a Russophobic character and hostility to Russia AS imprisoned to deprive Russia of sovereignty and independence in the processes of its civil and economic development, including the implementation of defensive measures.
      2. Prisoner
        Prisoner 16 August 2020 09: 19
        No, they do not beg. They have been asking for a long time. laughing
  3. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 14 August 2020 09: 28
    Well, now it's worth thinking about the consequences of placing US soldiers on their territory. Here is a Su-30SM flying somewhere in the suburbs. It flies and you can't show it ... He flies over his home ... And then it is not known from where, something arrives.
    1. Herman 4223
      Herman 4223 14 August 2020 09: 55
      A hypersonic rocket, where it will be difficult to make out with the eye what is flying, it will be possible to say that this is a meteorite. And the fact that the military base is just a coincidence.
    2. LiSiCyn
      LiSiCyn 14 August 2020 10: 29
      Quote: Ruswolf
      Here is a Su-30SM flying somewhere in the suburbs.

      If you shoot in the suburbs (Moscow region), then it is in Brest + / -...
      Quote: Ruswolf
      He flies over his home ..

      My home, not only in the suburbs. Poles hint at KOR. Namely, on the 4th "assault", where there is a squadron of Su-30 SM. The appearance of such a missile, in addition to the Iskander already available, increases the possibility of striking key centers to a sufficient depth.
      1. Ruswolf
        Ruswolf 14 August 2020 11: 18
        Quote: LiSiCyn
        If you shoot in the suburbs (Moscow region), then it is in Brest + / -...

        Respected! Well, you are such a bore ..... Took the song spoiled .. By God, no romance ... Only knowledge of geography.
        I respect your knowledge hi
        1. LiSiCyn
          LiSiCyn 14 August 2020 17: 13
          Quote: Ruswolf
          Well you are such a Bore ...

          Choy then? belay
          I am for objectivity. wink
          Quote: Ruswolf
          Only knowledge in geography.

          It is you, you have appreciated me very little ...
          Quote: LiSiCyn
          Namely, on the 4th "assault", where there is a squadron of Su-30 SM.

  4. Dmitry Makarov
    Dmitry Makarov 14 August 2020 09: 36
    Is Poland an expert in combat aviation?
    Apart from gingerbread and lipstick, the Poles have never done anything. Poland is an agrarian-farm power, born to crawl.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 14 August 2020 10: 32
      Poland is one of the most developed industrial countries in Europe.
      Closely linked to the German economy. There are many
      modern assembly plants of large firms and, conversely,
      Polish factories produce parts and assemblies for assembly
      factories in Germany, Holland.
      Main export: mechanical engineering and electronic equipment.
      In 2017 Poland was transferred by international organizations
      from the category of developing countries to the category of developed ones.
      1. Cyril G ...
        Cyril G ... 15 August 2020 20: 15
        Quote: voyaka uh
        one of the most developed industrial countries in Europe.

        There was once ... And she once had a developed shipbuilding industry ...
    2. hydrox
      hydrox 15 August 2020 04: 48
      You are wrong, young man: since the 17th century, Poland has done so many nasty and mean things about Russia (since the burning of Moscow in 1611 (so what if the boyars themselves let the Poles into M-woo?) - those boyars are nothing ( including greed!)) did not differ from today's liberda, and the time was also vague, and for today's liberda it is also very dangerous!
      So what if Potanin is still being persuaded ?? - but after all, any burdensome time can get bored worse than a cotton radish !!
      Look, admire what gorgeous tax payments will be paid by oligarchs from Cyprus, Malta and other offshore companies from the age of 21, who have not returned their capital to Russian jurisdiction on time - as much as 15% instead of 5% of taxes that go into the Russian budget !! True, the liberd will also be able to try to steal this money, but her pens have been chopped off several times and so far only the return of the stolen is observed (look how cool Abyzov is undressed !!) laughing laughing
      Anything expensive to see! yes good
      1. Cossack 471
        Cossack 471 15 August 2020 20: 53
        Didn't count. how many undressed abyzovs are walking free?
        1. hydrox
          hydrox 17 August 2020 19: 47
          They don't have to be counted, they're all on Forbes' list.
          What, you need to enlighten, HOW did they make their capital and at whose expense?
          Here the liberda differs from normal people in that most of all in her life she wants to catch a crane in the sky - only the liberda is not trained to fly ... laughing yes good
  5. Herman 4223
    Herman 4223 14 August 2020 09: 51
    Actually, what kind of rocket it is generally not known, it is known that it is heavy and that's it, but the conclusions have already been made.
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 August 2020 10: 31
    Poles' interest in Russian weapons and their assessment are understandable. Since this is a NATO outpost in Eastern Europe aimed at Russia, then they will be one of the first to receive zvizdyuly if something happens.
    1. hydrox
      hydrox 15 August 2020 04: 58
      And what can we do with them ?? They themselves wanted to get rid of the quarters of the American division - well, there was not enough money for the division - which means they will place some other unit, only a smaller one and always with a US patch (this is like a stamp in a passport !! - someone must produce a soldier for future wars Poland for living space "from Mozha to Mozha," and without the Yankees, who can rivet a soldier? Again, cash turnover will increase in terms of households!)
      And the village plowman at the old Soviet-era MTZ is not suitable for such difficult cases - he gets tired and falls on his side without finishing it !! fool
  7. vmo
    vmo 14 August 2020 10: 43
    and what a tale of Poland we are afraid to start, it's horror what "specialists".
  8. Uncle Izya
    Uncle Izya 15 August 2020 08: 07
    Well, the Poles will have an F-35, too, a trump card in their sleeve for hacking air defense
    1. Cyril G ...
      Cyril G ... 15 August 2020 20: 19
      This is good, this is great. If the Poles manage to keep in combat readiness 30-40 percent of the F-16s, which are simple as a rail, on which, moreover, spare parts are like dirt .... With the F-35 everything will be much sadder .... And this is just some kind of fairy tale!
      1. Uncle Izya
        Uncle Izya 16 August 2020 21: 37
        Yes, aviation is expensive