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Voroshilov falcons


For its short history The Voroshilov flying club managed to make three sets and three releases, which is about three hundred pilots, but with the beginning of the war it was closed. The flying club was founded for the second time in 1947. In the early 1960s, it was replaced by a training aviation center DOSAAF, but that in the early 1990s was closed. Perhaps that is why the names of the five heroes of the Soviet Union, which this small forge of flight personnel gave the country, did not even have to be put together. Somewhere in the pages of the "Book of Memory" are scattered the names of the aeroclub graduates, who began their journey to immortality together at the same desk, at the same U-2 ...

From the first days I had to face completely unfamiliar subjects: the theory of flight, aerodynamics, the device of the U-2 aircraft and the M-11 engine. The terminology was unfamiliar: fuselage, gargrotto, spars, ribs ... They sounded like music to me, like a song. But it was difficult to learn, especially in flight theory. Everything here was built on trigonometric functions, and I did not know them at all. I had to master trigonometry on my own.

(Grigory Dzhulaev, accounting.)

He ate at the bazaar, or more simply, he stole. He lived at the station. Was worn out, no shoes. On the first independent flight on the U-2, I flew barefoot. The head of the flying club says: “This has never happened in the history of aviation! How will you fly? " But the old instructors, on reflection, let me go. I took off and sang. Finally I am a free bird! What a joy it was! I'm flying myself!

(Ivan Kabakov, accounting.)

Within a year we mastered piloting and completed a course of aerobatics: "loophole", "spin", turns and so on. After 16 flights with an instructor, I was allowed to fly on my own.

(Grigory Ryabushko, accounting.)

The documentary "Voroshilov Falcons":

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  1. Old26
    Old26 15 August 2020 12: 26
    Thanks to the authors for the story. After all, if we know more or less about the DOSAAF flying clubs, then about the pre-war flight schools - almost nothing. What about schools. It was always said that there was one airfield in Stavropol before the war, in the area of ​​the current 2-4 quarters or Stavkozhven, and it also turns out to be in the Electroavtomatika area. Thanks again.
    I am waiting for the continuation
    Best regards
    Old 26 (you yourself understand that 26 is our region)
    1. Andrey and Igor Kartashyovy
      15 August 2020 17: 18
      Thank you!
      There is information about the old airfields of Stavropol here:
      The first link is a fragment of one of the books by G.A. Belikov. There is interesting information about Bedrosovsky airfield, and there seem to be no questions. But about the aerodrome of the flying club ... In his other book, G.A. Belikov indicated that the Osoaviakhim airfield was located on the western pasture of the city. Here we cannot agree. In any case, in relation to the pre-war period. In our opinion - the current territory of Electroautomatics or Tuberculosis Dispensary. We are leaning towards the second option.
      And we are working on the continuation, the material is good, there are ideas.
  2. Old26
    Old26 15 August 2020 18: 13
    Andrey, Igor, thank you for your answer. By the way, in the plot I was struck by the fact that on Ryleeva 1 there was a building of an agricultural technical school. Apparently I read inattentively at Belikov's.
    1. Andrey and Igor Kartashyovy
      15 August 2020 20: 49
      You know, most likely, about the address of the agricultural technical school - this is not Belikov's. In this case, Andrei, while working on the book "DOSAAF of the Stavropol Territory: Results of the Path Traversed (1927–2017). To the 90th Anniversary of the Organization", relied on the memoirs of G.S. Dzhulaev himself "The Way of a Pilot". They are on the net in pdf form, an interesting book. In addition, GASK has a fairly extensive collection of documents from the pre-war period on the Stavropol Agricultural Technical School (collection R-90, 415 storage units).
      The photo of the students of the Stavropol Agricultural Technical School of the 06s, shown by us in the film at 05:1930, is notable for one non-flying moment. First on the right - Andrey Nikitich (Nikitovich) Lyakhov (1908-1943), the future commander of the 95th rifle division, a native of our region
  3. Old26
    Old26 16 August 2020 16: 21
    Quote: Andrey and Igor Kartashev
    You know, most likely, about the address of the agricultural technical school - this is not Belikov's.

    I will not argue. I just remember his book about the houses of the city of Stavropol. Somewhere at home there are newspaper clippings where the chapters were published (EMNIP seems to be on the "extra" TV program, that old A4 format). Then, even for a quarter of a century, he worked in such a house described in the book. Then he met him personally, already working in the Museum of Fine Arts. We often talked about such topics, because we went to work with the same trolleybus route. Okay, that's the lyrics.

    As for DOSAAF and other things. For some reason, I remember that there was something like a DOSAAF training center on K. Marx Avenue somewhere in the 60s and 80s. This is where the ZENDEN store is now (a well-known house with a balcony on the entire sidewalk) - EMNIP # 68. We often with the boys in the 60s, passing by the windows, looked inside, it seems there were motors) I myself then lived on Dzerzhinsky, between R. Luxemburg and G. Golenev.

    What else was remembered from the aviation Stavropol.
    When we were in the South-West District, a 50 Years old store (old five-story buildings), standing facing the road several times I saw how L-29s were flying over a nine-story building (now there is MAGNET) at a fairly low altitude. It is clear that these were most likely school machines, although it is not entirely clear where they took off from. Then I was in Stavropol only on vacation ...
    1. Andrey and Igor Kartashyovy
      16 August 2020 23: 29
      yes, interesting information
      according to DOSAAF: they changed their base, we already found their current location on Lermontov Street, we even filmed there twice, if I'm not mistaken. The second time was within the framework of the film about Nikolai Golodnikov "Nikolai Golodnikov. In His Place", after being retired from his post, the head of SVVAULSH headed the regional organization DOSAAF for almost 10 years