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Baghdad announces losses among border guards as a result of Turkish airstrike on Iraq

Baghdad announces losses among border guards as a result of Turkish airstrike on Iraq

Turkish aviation inflicted a series of air strikes on Iraqi territory using fighters and unmanned aerial vehicles. As explained in the Ministry of Defense, these attacks were intended to avenge the death of the military.

Not a drop of the blood of our martyrs has remained on earth and will not remain in the future! We have not forgotten you and all our martyr fighters!

- explained in the Turkish military department.

The air raid allegedly killed two members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party. However, Baghdad claims that two high-ranking Iraqi border guards and their driver were killed on 11 August in the Kurdish region of Sidakan. This is the first case of loss of government troops during Ankara's cross-border operation against Kurdish militants in the highlands of northern Iraq.

Iraq strongly condemned the recent Turkish drone strike [...] The statement also called for Ankara to “end all its military operations” in the region and move on to negotiations to peacefully resolve border issues between the two countries

- notes PressTV.

The Turkish newspaper Yeni Çağ hastened to call the statement that followed from Baghdad "arrogant". In turn, the Iraqi authorities refused to negotiate with the Turkish Defense Minister, who was to arrive in the country soon. Ankara does not comment on claims of losses among Iraqi border guards at this moment
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  1. V1er
    V1er 12 August 2020 07: 21 New
    The Turks decided to get in there too. Now Iraq will also join Erdogan's "friends club".
  2. Thrifty
    Thrifty 12 August 2020 07: 24 New
    It is a pity that in Baghdad, the powerless are sitting, they would give the Turks a lesson by bombing their nearest military facility.
    1. Prisoner
      Prisoner 12 August 2020 08: 02 New
      Their climate is not suitable for the cultivation of strong-spine. But in a fever they can do something that they themselves will then be frightened of. East is a delicate matter (s) hi
    2. Oquzyurd
      Oquzyurd 12 August 2020 09: 02 New
      For centuries, the Turks had Baghdad, and in this region there was relative peace. Then, the dependent dictatorships of the Anglo-Saxons. Saddam decided to be chribine and go against the imperialists, everyone saw the result. The salvation of the Kurdish Barzani and Baghdad passes through Ankara. Otherwise, they will not have peace for a century. By the way, Barzani realizing this is always on good terms with Turkey (his father, the elder Barzani generally wore a Turkish red passport so that Saddam would not dare touch it). In truth, Iraqi Kurdistan today lives and is being built by the hands of Turkey. In Baghdad, they also understand that which, despite their apparent "protest".
  3. fuel oil
    fuel oil 12 August 2020 08: 14 New
    The builder of the "New Ottoman Empire" stubbornly bends his line: North Africa, the Middle East, Transcaucasia, the Mediterranean. Burns, so to speak, with desire. The main thing is that there are enough resources, finances, etc. Well, and not "burn out" at the construction site ...
    1. Pereira
      Pereira 12 August 2020 08: 21 New
      But the aforementioned ones are eager, only while they receive money. The Turks will run out of money, the neighbors will also run out of desire
      1. Oquzyurd
        Oquzyurd 12 August 2020 08: 44 New
        The money will not run out. The country of production and export of demanded goods. The industrial complex is getting stronger every day.
        1. Incvizitor
          Incvizitor 12 August 2020 09: 30 New
          Atl until no one has taken them seriously, they will get in the way of big uncles under their feet, they will immediately put them in place.
          1. Karenius
            Karenius 12 August 2020 10: 16 New
            So that's why the New Yorkers of Kagalov put their own in the White House, in order to promote the ideas of the Turkic Hazaraism ... Turkey faces only one real danger, since the time of their oversight of Peter, but while in the Kremlin their partners, tomato lovers, they really no one and nothing threatens ...
    2. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 12 August 2020 08: 59 New
      Quote: black oil
      The builder of the "New Ottoman Empire" stubbornly bends his line: North Africa, the Middle East, Transcaucasia, the Mediterranean.

      Erdogan's attempts to revive the Great Ottoman Empire during the time of Suleiman.