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"Mosquito Fleet" of Ukraine: Prospects of a Maritime Power


"The development of the naval forces of Ukraine" - the plot itself is ambiguous. First of all, due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to determine whether it should be attributed to the field of unscientific fiction or still to the humorous genre. Having lost during the reunification of Crimea with Russia (according to official Kiev estimates) 75% of the personnel fleet, 70% of the ships and all of its key infrastructure, in the "nezalezhnoy" decided to focus on creating a small, or "mosquito" fleet, which would supposedly be able to reliably protect its shores.

Having declared on August 24, 2014 that “Ukraine was, is and will be a maritime power,” the then head of state Petro Poroshenko made a joke cleaner than the future successor - a professional comedian. Already at that time it was extremely clear that this very "power" did not have enough funds not only to build new warships, but also to maintain in a more or less decent condition what it got from the Soviet Black Sea Fleet. The same long-suffering "Hetman Sagaidachny", for example. The West, with all its ardent support for the "Euromaidan", was not going to subsidize the mythical naval forces of the "nezalezhnoy" with such colossal amounts.

And then the idea of ​​a "mosquito fleet", which, in the opinion of the strategists there, was capable of successfully replacing normal naval forces, turned up as well as possible. Still, after all, the construction of the foundation, "beauty and pride" of this flotilla, missile and artillery boats of the Gyurza-M series, was planned to be carried out just at the "Kuznitsa na Rybalskiy" plant (formerly "Leninskaya Kuznitsa") owned by Poroshenko. As of today, as many as six such vessels have been commissioned: Ackerman, Berdyansk, Lubny, Kremenchug, Nikopol, Vyshgorod.

Their tactical and technical characteristics have been cited many times in the domestic media, therefore we will not repeat ourselves. We will confine ourselves only to a statement of the fact: in terms of their parameters (such as weak bulletproof armor, low armament and more than modest driving performance), these ships are capable of operating, if not on rivers, then at most in the nearest coastal zone, performing purely police functions. There is simply no need to talk about any prospects for them in a clash with a more or less serious and modern ship from the same Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Slightly more impressive combat units are the Slavyansk and Starobelsk, which are actually Island-class US Coast Guard patrol boats built in the late 80s and handed over by the Americans to the “nezalezhnoy” a couple of years ago. Again, never warships, but vessels whose "ceiling" of capabilities is coastal patrolling and search and rescue operations, again closer to land.

The most remarkable thing is that with all the obviousness of the absolute incomparability of the real capabilities of this motley flotilla and the same Black Sea Fleet of Russia, which is seen by the Ukrainian admirals as the most (or rather, the only) likely enemy, these figures in 2017 announced the development of a "new tactic" , which was pompously named "Wolf Pack". It was based on the more than controversial assertion that Russian warships "cannot effectively repel an attack of more than two or three targets at the same time," and therefore, having "piled" on them all en masse, Ukrainian "mosquitoes" will have every chance of victory.

Generally speaking, such "delights" have nothing in common with the true term of the military sailors of the Second World War "wolf hunt", but are an attempt to apply the "best practices" of the most natural pirates like the ever-memorable "Madame Wong" or the current "gentlemen of fortune" operating off the coast of Somalia ... They are the ones who operate the forces of "mosquito fleets" in their sea robberies. The question is that these bandits carry out their own escapades against purely peaceful bulk carriers or tankers, and not against frigates or destroyers. Even the Somali "thugs" will not be enough stupidity to climb to the warships of this class with any "flock". Unlike Ukrainian admirals ...

What are the real prospects for the "mosquito fleet" of a country that stubbornly refuses to part with completely groundless claims and ambitions? For some time, the leadership of the local naval forces made ominous hints about the "imminent" entry into service of two more types of boats. First, the "Lan" project, armed with "deadly" Ukrainian-made anti-ship missiles "Neptune" (clones of the Soviet X-35). Secondly, the project "Centaur", on which they planned to install ... a multiple launch rocket system of the "Grad" type! In 2018, there was talk that by this year, 18 Gyurza-M boats, 8 Centaur boats and three Lan boats will be adopted by the Ukrainian fleet. The real numbers are given above ...

The same "Gyurza-M", through which the "Forge" for years was "cutting" the military budget of the sea power (and initially Ukraine was really a sea power) after the deprivation of Poroshenko's presidential powers, there is hardly a future. Unless they will be re-elected ... But, as it became known recently, the Pentagon is going to make Ukraine happy with 16 small combat boats of the Mark VI type. Not for free, of course, but through the American program of intergovernmental foreign military sales. The amount of the upcoming deal is more than half a billion dollars, with the prospect of its possible expansion by the number of ships.

It should be noted that "Mark VI" is not even like the American "Island", not to mention the Ukrainian "Gyurza". Developed in 2014-2015, the "ship" with its displacement of 72 tons has a fairly solid machine-gun and cannon armament and, in theory, can carry light anti-ship missiles. These "mosquitoes" will be able to not only annoyingly itch over the ears of our sailors, but also try to bite. It is obvious that Washington, determined to further incite the Ukrainian-Russian confrontation in the Azov-Black Sea region, decided to take matters into its own hands and invest in this enterprise more impressively. Well, let's see what comes of it.
Photos used:
Wikipedia / Ukrainian Navy boat, series "Gyurza-M" "Nikopol"
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  1. antivirus
    antivirus 6 August 2020 18: 18
    let them build - with the next annexation of Odessa and Kherson-Nikolaev to Russia, we will again receive their navy
    1. Borik
      Borik 6 August 2020 18: 22
      let them build - with the next annexation of Odessa and Kherson-Nikolaev to Russia, we will again receive their navy

      Here's something, but most of this mosquito fleet our fleet does not need for nothing.
      1. Mitroha
        Mitroha 6 August 2020 18: 26
        So after all, buying is half the battle, it still needs to be maintained. And this is also a lot of money. Will the Ukrainian admirals have enough strength to let the money pass by themselves?
      2. antivirus
        antivirus 6 August 2020 18: 58
        and if they want to shove the United States off the outskirts, take it as a gift
        1. Vicontas
          Vicontas 6 August 2020 20: 18
          Every "mosquito" has its own "dichlorvos"!
      3. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine 6 August 2020 21: 00
        Quote: Borik
        Here's something, but most of this mosquito fleet our fleet does not need for nothing

        Dear forum users! Well, understand what a "mosquito or boat" fleet. It's just a mosquito stab into the buffalo's ass. This is not a fleet, but a means of fighting poachers and fake vodka traders.
      4. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine 6 August 2020 21: 04
        Quote: Borik
        Here's something, but most of this mosquito fleet our fleet does not need for nothing.

        Uh-huh! A boat and the smallest ship? Well, any sailor knows what the difference is. For the uninitiated, it's like a tank and a Mercedes with a machine gun.
    2. paul3390
      paul3390 6 August 2020 18: 59
      get them again navy

      God forbid, we still don't know what to do with the last batch of rusty iron ..
      1. Shadow041
        Shadow041 6 August 2020 20: 47
        And what is there to know ?! If something can be patched, then patched and transferred to the Russian Navy, but no, so use it as targets in the exercises of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, at least some benefit.
    3. iouris
      iouris 7 August 2020 11: 59
      Quote: antivirus
      with the next accession to Russia of Odessa and Kherson-Nikolaev

      Odessa and Kherson-Nikolaev are Russia ("which we have lost"). Better try to glue it.
  2. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 6 August 2020 18: 19
    "Mosquito Fleet" of Ukraine: Prospects of a Maritime Power
    The most iridescent ones will not drown themselves, so they will rot. But the USA will send new boats. repeat
  3. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 6 August 2020 18: 23
    Ah ... haraluzhny. Honestly, I started reading the article, hoping to learn something interesting, but when I got to the place where it was written that there was no money even for repairs, I overflowed ...
    If the author had studied the material a little more before writing the article, he would have found that old and damaged ships are being repaired regularly. With partial modernization.
    The fact that Ukraine does not need aircraft carriers and missile cruisers (yes, there are destroyers too) is an indisputable fact. That they cannot scrape together their corvette is also correct. But the mosquito fleet ...
    The USSR started with it, Israel and Iran are armed with it.
    Yes, these countries are not the rulers of the seas, but such a task is not set ...
    1. KCA
      KCA 6 August 2020 18: 33
      In the USSR, the mosquito fleet was only torpedo boats, and a torpedo is not at all a pair of machine guns, the speed is over 50 knots, and it was 75-80 years ago, everything was different, Iran does not have the task of sinking aircraft carriers, but to smash heels of supertankers into The Strait of Hormuz is the very thing, well, about Israel, and so it is clear, why do they need any fleet at all, except for the coast guard?
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins 6 August 2020 18: 47
        And why do you discount minesweepers and sea hunters?
        1. KCA
          KCA 6 August 2020 19: 19
          The minesweeper has its own tasks, but the MO-4 is somehow not quite a mosquito boat, both in size and in armament, such a mosquito - 32 depth charges, two 45mm automatic cannons and a pair of DShK, GAS
          1. Cyril G ...
            Cyril G ... 6 August 2020 19: 44
            MO-4 is somehow not quite a mosquito boat

            And Schnelbot is not a mosquito then with a / and a hundred tons? MO-4 has a displacement of 55-60 tons, quite a mosquito
            1. KCA
              KCA 6 August 2020 19: 58
              MO was made of plywood, therefore the displacement is small, they would be made of steel, the same hundred and weighed
              1. Cyril G ...
                Cyril G ... 6 August 2020 20: 32
                This is certainly not the case - for example, a series of boats pr.200
                Metal and wooden boats have the same displacement ..
                1. KCA
                  KCA 6 August 2020 21: 36
                  To have the same displacement, two boats must have the same size and draft, with the same dimensions to increase the draft in a lighter plywood boat, ballast water is poured into the hold, or are concrete blocks placed?
                  1. Cyril G ...
                    Cyril G ... 6 August 2020 21: 37
                    Well read the performance characteristics finally
                    1. KCA
                      KCA 6 August 2020 21: 46
                      On the wiki? Or is it better to read Archimedes' law? Physics cannot be fooled, with the same volume, a large buoyant force acts on a less dense body, or do you think that a vessel made of plywood has a weight equal to a vessel made of steel, and, accordingly, an equal total density?
                      1. Cyril G ...
                        Cyril G ... 6 August 2020 22: 40
                        Quote: KCA
                        or do you think that a vessel made of plywood has a weight equal to a vessel made of steel, and, accordingly, equal total density?

                        Yes, but the thickness of the sides is different, due to the different density and strength of materials. Miracles do not happen ..
                2. Alber alber
                  Alber alber 6 August 2020 22: 47
                  This is, however, the law of Archimedes, the lighter the body, even with the same dimensions, the less liquid it will replace, the comrade recognized the ingots from an alloy of copper and gold for the usurer
                  1. Brylevsky
                    Brylevsky 7 August 2020 05: 58
                    You can consider the issue in another way, purely practically: the volume of the submerged part of the vessel is 100 cubic meters? Excellent, so it displaces exactly 100 cubic meters. sea ​​water - no more, no less. This is called the "ship's volumetric displacement". Measured in cubic meters. There is a massive displacement. This is when the volume of water displaced by a vessel is multiplied by its density. Measured in tons. There is also a weight displacement. This is when the volume of water displaced is multiplied by its density, multiplied by the acceleration of gravity, corresponding to the latitude of the place. Measured in Newtons. In this case, an amazing effect arises: in different latitudes one and the same vessel with constant mass weighs differently ... So I'm thinking: what displacement out of three are the comrades talking about?
              2. Alexey RA
                Alexey RA 7 August 2020 13: 42
                Quote: KCA
                MO was made of plywood, therefore the displacement is small, they would be made of steel, the same hundred and weighed

                Well, they made it out of steel in besieged Leningrad. And even with armor and a 37-mm machine gun.
                We got a boat with dimensions of MO-4 plywood and a displacement of 55 tons (standard) / 61 tons (full).
                1. Cyril G ...
                  Cyril G ... 8 August 2020 17: 01
                  There, the difference is minimal in military equipment - for MO-4 tons, 56 is complete. Moreover, do not forget that the BMO is armed stronger than the MO-4. One 70K weighs more than a pair of 21K
      2. Asad
        Asad 6 August 2020 18: 51
        Then why did Iran build a replica of the aircraft carrier?
        1. KCA
          KCA 6 August 2020 19: 20
          They shot the modelku with anti-ship missiles, not with mosquitoes from a machine gun
          1. Asad
            Asad 6 August 2020 19: 22
            Can't install RCC on a mosquito?
            1. KCA
              KCA 6 August 2020 19: 27
              On "Gyurzu-M"? If only a fighter with a Javelin, and they only plan to buy a Mark-6, but where will they get the pollyard? This is not a handout from the United States of 100 lyamas, a little more, and 500 million are boats, but how much will the weapons cost?
              1. Asad
                Asad 6 August 2020 19: 28
                Thank you very much for your reply!
              2. The leader of the Redskins
                The leader of the Redskins 6 August 2020 22: 36
                In principle, the "gyurza" has two paired ATGM launchers. I do not know how about warships, but you can spoil the same tanker, not to mention a smaller steamer. And not machine guns on it, but 30 mm barrels.
        2. Imperial Technocrat
          Imperial Technocrat 6 August 2020 20: 34
          Launch rockets from shore and airplanes
      3. donavi49
        donavi49 6 August 2020 19: 05
        Well, there are containers with Neptune in the process of creating.

        Ordinary Neptune is put on quite a few of the current ones. Wherever it is placed, you can put a light marine Helfair in the modification of an anti-ship missile, there was an article recently, a couple of days ago, about the possibility of deliveries.
        1. KCA
          KCA 6 August 2020 19: 23
          While these are wet dreams, "Neptunes" are not released, but undergo tests, their placement in a container is fun, I carry everything with me, and all the equipment, both the operator, and the missiles, will the operator have fun when the missiles start?
          1. Lumpen
            Lumpen 6 August 2020 22: 10
            Serial release of "Neptune" from October this year
            1. KCA
              KCA 6 August 2020 22: 15
              Are you sure? tanks, armored personnel carriers and mortars cannot do it normally, and anti-ship missiles right off the bat? Well, yes, a mortar is much more difficult than an anti-ship missile
              1. Lumpen
                Lumpen 6 August 2020 22: 19
                No need to make jokes, the news was not long ago, Google will help you
                1. KCA
                  KCA 6 August 2020 22: 26
                  If you believe all the statements from Ukraine, they have long created the most powerful fleet, the best tanks in the world, the best armored personnel carriers, mortars, and they conquered Crimea 100 times and took Moscow 10 times, and they also created thermonuclear weapons, yes, they also destroyed the Crimean bridge, I really don't know , the one in Kerch, or the one in Moscow, do not tell me?
        2. Alber alber
          Alber alber 6 August 2020 22: 59
          Somehow it seems that the x-35 will blow everything off there, together with the container and part of the ship, I remember the smallest thing that they were worn on the surface of the water MRC "Molniya" born in the 80s, and a displacement of 350-400 tons, and here some kind of gurza , I don’t remember with what to correctly compare it
          1. Cyril G ...
            Cyril G ... 8 August 2020 17: 07
            Quote: Alber Alber
            MRK "Molniya" was born in the 80s, and has a displacement of 350-400 tons, and then there is some kind of gyurza, I really don't remember with what to correctly compare it

            Uh, what's this?

            Project 0206, I don't remember the number exactly, the total displacement is 250 tons, and not only was the 2x4 SCRC Uranus also erected an AK-176 ...
            1. Alber alber
              Alber alber 8 August 2020 20: 40
              Project 1241МРК+"Lightning&client=ms-android-oppo&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
  4. Lumpen
    Lumpen 6 August 2020 18: 55
    The author forgot to mention that before the age of 23, 20 more boats from the French will be put into operation and negotiations are underway to purchase 3 "Islands" with small missiles
    The construction of 4 corvettes of project 58250 is in question. According to rumors, Turkey is going to actively help in the implementation of the project for the construction of corvettes
    1. svp67
      svp67 6 August 2020 19: 18
      Quote: Lumpen
      The author forgot to mention that 23 more boats from the French will be put into operation until 20

      These boats pass through the line of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and go to the border service of Ukraine
      1. Lumpen
        Lumpen 6 August 2020 22: 05
        The French leave for the border guards, here is my "side" laughing
    2. Oleg Semenyuk
      Oleg Semenyuk 12 August 2020 15: 01
      And 16 American Mark-6 missiles with Griffin missiles
  5. paul3390
    paul3390 6 August 2020 18: 57
    The children's matinee Buratino is being played in the Georgian theater .. A hefty hairy Buratin is sitting on the stage. A knock on the door.
    - Who's there?
    From behind the door, a menacing bass:
    - Karabas-Barabasa !!!
    Buratin lazily scratching his hairy chest:
    - Wah! I fear, I fear ...
  6. Prisoner
    Prisoner 6 August 2020 19: 23
    The Ukrainian Navy is only half mosquito. winked In terms of the displacement of their boats. Mosquito or mosquito is a derivative of mosca "fly", literally "little fly". But in terms of the number of "flies" this "fleet" is not nearly mosquito. With such a life, sooner or later, everything will become half mosquito.
  7. bulava
    bulava 6 August 2020 19: 41
    Mosquito fleet ... money will cut everything, they will not do it, there will be a new project to draw a "kayak fleet" with detachments of battle cormorants as an amphibious assault.
  8. Imperial Technocrat
    Imperial Technocrat 6 August 2020 20: 33
    Loxly are genetic losers, and their "fleet" is a funny anecdote
  9. Constanty
    Constanty 6 August 2020 20: 55
    Nothing shows the scale of Ukraine's decline more than the state of the fleet. Moreover, the ships are owned, not the production base - and also owned by the city and the shipyards of Nikolaev !!!, not to mention the personnel and sailors who do not want to fight for it.
    While on land this can be hidden and covered with propaganda, the sea does not tolerate good, and everything is clearly visible.
    1. Constanty
      Constanty 6 August 2020 23: 22
      The translator let me down - this is how it should have been:
      Nothing reflects the scale of Ukraine's decline more than the state of the fleet. And we are talking not only about ships, nor about a production base - and in Ukraine there are still cities and shipyards of Nikolaev !!!, but also about commanders and sailors who do not want to fight for Ukraine.
      Although on land it can be hidden and covered with propaganda, the sea hates lies and everything is clearly visible.
  10. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 6 August 2020 21: 32
    For some reason, the article weakly sounded the topic of strengthening the UA fleet by capitalist vessels. Which noticeably block the attempts of their manufacturers to build something similar to a ship.
    And these same vessels are in fact "very vessels for themselves."
    And to brush them off like flies is hardly possible.
    Usually in this place they start to fiercely minus me. Informing that "Moscow" will cover everyone at once. And if you also connect "Bora" ... There will be a birthday of the heart!
    1. The leader of the Redskins
      The leader of the Redskins 6 August 2020 22: 40
      Bravo. A sane comment. I plus. How many "minuses" I will block - I don't know)
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins 7 August 2020 08: 17
        But today I have already counted my two minusers!)) laughing
  11. 7,62h54
    7,62h54 6 August 2020 21: 50
    You can joke about the army and navy of Ukraine as much as you like, but it is necessary to keep them in sight. Any dirty trick can be expected from raguli.
  12. nikvic46
    nikvic46 7 August 2020 05: 57
    But everything could be different. And they would have had a navy, and aviation, and everything else. If they did not turn their way to the west. An ordinary person was brainwashed by the fact that the West, in the person of America, would shower them with blessings. But it turned out quite differently. .A common man in Ukraine does not live better than ours, and in everyday life it is even worse. The Mosquito fleet is only a consequence of the policy of our neighbor.
    1. Oleg Semenyuk
      Oleg Semenyuk 12 August 2020 15: 17
      And we must strive to live in your shit with you. u ... mi?
      1. your1970
        your1970 14 August 2020 11: 31
        Quote: Oleg Semenyuk
        And we must strive to live in your shit with you. u ... mi?

        No no no!!!!!
        You yourself live, in yourself and in your offal !!! Don't come to us !!!!
  13. Ros 56
    Ros 56 7 August 2020 06: 43
    Author, why discuss the opinions of clients of the "yellow" house, isn't it all the more interesting?
  14. 5-9
    5-9 7 August 2020 15: 30
    The point to discuss what in the empty and stupid heads of the lohoktorata the corrupt temporary workers in the poor and ruined unfinished business crap? The fleet, the colony on Alpha Centauri, the standard of living as in Russia or Poland - it's all nonsense
  15. GTYCBJYTH2021
    GTYCBJYTH2021 7 August 2020 16: 52
    He himself served in the navy, Kamchatka, TOGE ....... Already in the PAST century they called the Northern Fleet, the strong fleet, the Pacific fleet, too, the Baltic former fleet, and the Black Sea fleet, not the fleet ... A large, huge pond with a dam of the Bosphorus - do not leave it and do not enter without the permission of the Turks ..... That's just the mosquito missile carriers will be able to repel the external enemy ...
  16. Region-25.rus
    Region-25.rus 7 August 2020 17: 49
    Quote: KCA
    To have the same displacement, two boats must have the same size and draft, with the same dimensions to increase the draft in a lighter plywood boat, ballast water is poured into the hold, or are concrete blocks placed?

    dear, have you seen that plywood? In our apartment there was a door made of such "plywood". We with the then still alive and far from weak father to the third floor barely dragged! It was impossible to drive a nail "weaving" into it !! The dog bent!
  17. Viktor Sergeev
    Viktor Sergeev 7 August 2020 18: 25
    Mark is a simple landing craft with weak cannon armament. The Ukrainian fleet may be full of boats, but who will serve them? Nam's money.
    1. Oleg Semenyuk
      Oleg Semenyuk 12 August 2020 15: 15
      There is money - $ 6 million is allocated for the purchase of Mark-650 and additional weapons, as well as for the training of crews and the transportation of boats to Ukraine, and $ 150 million for the purchase of French OSEA. Military budget in 2020 - approximately $ 9
      1. Viktor Sergeev
        Viktor Sergeev 12 August 2020 16: 08
        News from 2012: 24.05.2012. The company for the construction of boats "SAFE Boats International", located in the city of Bremerton, Washington, won the competition for the construction of 5 units of a new type of combat boats "Mk VI" with the possibility of building another copy. The cost of one boat is approximately $ 6 million. The total amount of the contract is just over $ 35 million. The estimated delivery time for new boats is 2014.
        How much does one boat cost there for Ukraine? Discarding all the little things, we get about 30-40 million apiece. As the Ukrainians say in their repertoire
        You say the military budget is 9 billion? Throw away half at once, it will be plundered, the other half will be plundered within a year.
        How Ze came to power: Poroshenko steals from military orders, prices are too high. What we have: the budget has grown, which means more stealing.
  18. tarackanovaleksei
    tarackanovaleksei 11 August 2020 07: 45
    Nice, American boats. This is not rotten, tattered junk, such as a tug and armored boats.
    I think that RUSSIA will not give them back.
  19. Vdi73
    Vdi73 11 August 2020 21: 02
    What is the Ukrainian fleet? At most, the coast guard is, and not the fleet, they will be able to drive poachers, pirates, and in the event of a collision with the fleet of any naval power, these are easy targets, suicide bombers, they will not even have time to get out to sea, not to mention sea battles
  20. TermNachTer
    TermNachTer 12 August 2020 10: 58
    Perhaps the author does not know, or perhaps did not write in open sources, that the stabilization of combat modules works disgustingly. Or on a weak wave, or on the move, but with complete calm. Otherwise, hitting is possible only on a target the size of about. Serpentine))))
  21. Oleg Semenyuk
    Oleg Semenyuk 12 August 2020 15: 12
    It is obvious that Washington, determined to further incite the Ukrainian-Russian confrontation in the Azov-Black Sea region,

    And don't say - what! Made Crimea 51 state AI and shoot at the APU from "LPR" and "DPR"
  22. Vasya17
    Vasya17 13 August 2020 19: 05
    view from Ukraine
    After the US State Department approved the sale of 16 Mark VI boats to Ukraine, it is safe to say that Ukraine continues its movement to the conditional South Korea on the eastern flank of NATO in Europe. Korea, which is not in the Alliance, but is supplied with warships, Patriot complexes and THAAD systems. The movement, begun under Poroshenko, with the supply of lethal weapons to contain Russian aggression in the east, did not slow down under the new administration.

    And although in Ukraine elements of antimissile defense or Western anti-aircraft missile systems are mentioned only in the development vision, we have here the largest lethal weapon option allowed for sale, both in money and according to needs in the entire history of Ukraine's independence. $ 600 million and ships in full stuffing, including spare guns, night vision goggles, radar, parts and crew training.

    The Mark VI is a 25-meter multipurpose aluminum boat capable of operating in the coastal strip, estuaries and in shallow waters, but with a cruising range and seaworthiness sufficient to cover the entire Black Sea and Azov regions. 600 miles without refueling, 35 knots of speed. Armament - 4 mounts for 25-30 mm guns with thermal imagers, capable of firing at 4 different targets with remote control from the cockpit, points for machine guns and 40-mm grenade launchers.

    Manufacturer - SAFE Boats International, Bremerton, Washington, whose motto is "God, Country and Speedboats." She also handed over ships to us under the special forces of the State Border Guard Service "Dozor" - we do not know about God, but the maneuverable "Mark VI" will obviously not be superfluous for Ukraine.

    4 Mark VIs will be delivered for the money of US taxpayers, 10 paid by the Ukrainian side, 2 are under negotiation - both additional purchase and transfer through defense cooperation are possible.

    And yes, we cannot build the same ones in Nikolaev or at the Kuzna on Rybalskiy, as those who have gone to write - aluminum cases were not made in continental Ukraine, and production in Crimea was lost. Part of the option for French boats for the Maritime Guard will be localized at the facilities of Nibulon, one of the most successful private shipbuilding companies. 5 boats over several years - with crew training and achievement of operational readiness.

    To fence production and invest in a machine park for the military, in order to get two dozen boats at the exit, which will be brought to condition for years and get rid of childhood diseases, like the Centaurs, will never pay off economically, the wrong volumes for investments. We do not produce engines, electronics and weapons, too, to install Soviet guns without stabilization from storage and to cut the hulls - this activity is strange in terms of the economy, it may turn out that after ten years of torment the venture will remain in the red.

    The boats are armed not only with 30-mm guns, but the USA is actively testing the AGM-176 "Griffin" C - a light high-precision missile with a range of 7 to 12 miles in various modifications. There is no reason to be sold to us in hundreds of missiles for "Darts", but these products were not shipped after the tests were completed. But even if this does not happen soon, the stories about missile boats and corvettes, which are urgently needed for Ukraine, are pure psychology. For long-range anti-ship missiles can be delivered from an airplane, from a helicopter, from a ground complex. It is banal to buy from the Norwegians, as the Poles did, or to request the USA, as the Indians did. What tasks does the Navy have for hundreds of miles from the coast that will require attack ships? Escorting dry cargo ships with wheat and ore on the high seas? Let's drown the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the "battle for flour" at the Dardanelles - it's even a shame to write this, but we have to, since under every news about the supply of boats, those who went with corvettes jump.

    In general, this is directly in the vision for the development of the Naval Forces of Ukraine for 10 years - "A sufficient number of well-armed, maneuverable boats and ships will be provided through the construction of a ship-and-boat structure and the purchase of such samples from our partners." Stage one - control over the country's territorial waters in a strip of up to 40 miles. A network of radars that will monitor the surface and air situation, submitting information to the operational center in Ochakov or Odessa. Coastal defense troops, artillery and aviation. And in conjunction with them, "river-sea" boats, anti-sabotage boats, ships capable of disembarking an inspection group on the deck or working on the deckhouse of a simulated enemy ship.

    You can, of course, build or buy 2-3 corvettes for half a billion dead presidents. But what will you do with them on hundreds of kilometers of the coast? Especially remembering that in Crimea there is an anti-ship missile brigade - the "Ball" brigade, not like we once did, in three years it will be handed over, but already on alert. And carriers of high-precision weapons in the fleet - and submarines, and "Karakurt", and patrol ships. And all possible bases of the Naval Forces of Ukraine from Odessa to Berdyansk are within the range of aviation, and we do not have skerries and placers of islands where you can hide, there are no missile defense systems. To place a stake in these conditions on 3-4 large ships with strike weapons is a diagnosis.

    Moreover, we do not need them in the Sea of ​​Azov, they cannot operate there because of the depths, they cannot be delivered there by land. Moreover, there is not much money to build - the boats are supplied under the Pentagon program, and for the part of the option that Ukraine pays for, we will pay in installments. So if you see under the news about the sale of people with stories about project 28250 corvettes and jobs, these are urban madmen, repulsed and cut off from the realities of the Ukrainian Navy.

    The strategy of a network of bases remote from each other - the Practical Harbor of Odessa, Nikolaev, Ochakov, Berdyansk and boat stops in the Azov region - has been implemented for several years. And when the US military builds facilities for repairs in Ochakovo, they build them for boats. Because countries with a GDP of $ 150 billion do not have rocket corvettes and frigates. Because we need small ships that are difficult to hit with precision weapons and aircraft, capable of accepting supplies from a minimally equipped coast. Because Ukraine needs a multipurpose platform - today the landing of 8 people from the group from the naval center, tomorrow the hunt for saboteurs and combat swimmers, and the day after tomorrow the opposition to the landing.

    Moreover, the "Mark VI" has observation inflatable boats in the stern. From this site, it is ideal to launch UAVs or unmanned mine action vehicles. This year, our sailors learned to work on such Alliance vessels. Targeting aviation and coastal defense, mine warfare, including laying mines (a rather vile dangerous thing that can disable a much larger ship), patrolling, amphibious operations - Pinocchio, how are you going to do this simultaneously with several large units?

    Boats, a reconnaissance vessel, naval aviation, the Neptune anti-ship missile system, a couple of minesweepers - God forbid that in the next 10 years we will cope with this volume of tasks. Regain control of the 40-mile zone, think about the 200-mile zone. Here, boats, Alder packages, helicopters with Barrier-V and, in the future, Neptune, which recently worked on a target with a warhead, will cope with it. He worked successfully - if they were enemy paratroopers, they would have burned in tons of fuel oil and ammunition instead of the funny stories of "Dian Mikhailovs" with the hand of the AST center in the ass, why Ukraine cannot produce anti-ship missiles.

    The United States is implementing a strategy on the territory of the former USSR to create a cordon sanitaire against the Kremlin regime, supporting democratic governments. Hundreds of third-generation ATGMs supplied to Ukraine and Georgia, the ability to quickly get additional units from the Baltic states, if the need arises, radars, warships, communications and turnkey operational centers. The opportunity to get 16 modern boats is priceless for us, we are preparing the infrastructure and sighting of the development of the fleet for these purchases. This is another step in a strategy that was chosen several years ago and continues to be implemented. A very timely step, looking at the body movements of the Russian Federation at sea.
    1. Vasya17
      Vasya17 13 August 2020 19: 10
      And now, 30 days later, with reference to a representative of the US Department of Defense, CNN declares that the Pentagon is interested in providing the Ukrainian naval forces with missile technologies. “We are interested in equipping their patrol boats with missiles” - a literal quote.

      Missile armament is planned for 6 Mark VI patrol boats, which are transferred under the military cooperation program at the expense of US taxpayers, and 3 Island patrol boats, for which Ukraine pays for removal from storage and delivery. 9 patrol vessels, which will reach operational readiness by the summer of 2021. This is more than since 2012 Ukraine has launched the Gyurza MBAK, a tangible help. When more boats were delivered from allies and partners than they were launched in Ukraine, this is a good indication of the level of support, as well as why the Ukrainian government is turning to French and American companies instead of building its own, which does not know any analogues.

      So, the AGM-176 "Griffin" C from Raytheon is a solid-fuel surface-to-surface missile with a 5,9 kg warhead and retractable wings. Initially it had the letter "B", but since 2015, all naval modifications have received the "C" code, because they differ from the means of destruction supplied for air carriers and unmanned vehicles like the "Reaper". The most important one is the ability to change the target right in flight, if one of the boats becomes a priority during the flight (for example, it reaches the range of gunfire) or maneuvers between convoy ships or civilian ships. The maximum range of precision weapons is 5 miles or 8 km. The task is to hit patrol boats when they attack in a group, and quickly switch between targets in the coastal zone and danger from the shore - the warhead must be capable of incapacitating a target such as "tank" or "BMP".

      The missile is aimed at the target with a semi-active laser beam - just like on Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles or on the Stugna ATGM. A laser marker is formed in the form of a small flickering light spot, and the missile homing head is oriented towards it. In the third iteration, "Griffin" received a special Multi-Effects warhead, which creates both a beam of fragments due to fragmentation and has the ability to penetrate armor (although the basis, of course, is "soft targets"). In addition, tests of the "fire and forget" mode are underway with several guidance channels, including infrared television and GPS, as well as an enhanced engine with a flight radius of up to 14 km.

      What does the Pentagon want to equip the Naval Forces of Ukraine? A high-precision missile that can quickly aim at a high-speed target (the manufacturer claims the ability to hit even unmanned boats reaching a staggering 70 knots of speed). Able to quickly change the target in the chaos of naval combat at close range, but outside the radius of 30-mm guns of patrol units - a situation when the enemy has a numerical advantage in ships and there are civil or neutral ships nearby.

      Not a classic anti-ship missile capable of operating at a distance of 50-200 km, but a warhead for "brown water" - the coast, river estuaries, shoals, minefields, where, in principle, larger ships cannot operate physically. Hence the power - enough to hit the wheelhouse or crew on the deck, gouge the landing ship or bridge of the conditional project 22460, and the rest is redundant. There were rumors that the Naval Forces of Ukraine would receive a more powerful Longbow Hellfire, but these missiles were actually used either in the Israeli Super Yards of 50-70 tons of displacement (used in a combat situation in the Palestinian Authority), or on American heavy ships of the coastal zone, and on the "Mark VI" they have not yet been tested in the public domain. So, most likely "Griffin" will go to "Islands" and multipurpose boats - for the sake of unification, and, in principle, the US MTR use this option.

      If the future group of 5 "Islands" and 16 approved by the Senate for sale to Ukraine Mark VI gets a "long arm" - this will definitely change the rules of the game in the coastal waters of the country. By combining high-precision weapons and unguided missiles from Mi-8MSB-V helicopters, missiles from patrol boats, coastal artillery and rocket systems with the Neptune anti-ship missile divisions and laying mines, Kiev will be able to strengthen control over the “brown waters”, provide anti-amphibious defense of the coast and proceed to create a grouping for "green waters". The 5 ocean-going Islands, the flagship of the Navy, the reconnaissance vessel and, most likely, the minesweepers will become the basis for the next stage.

      And only then, having a network of radars on the coast, several dozen patrol boats, anti-submarine aircraft and coastal anti-ship missiles and an air version on multipurpose fighters, can we start talking about corvettes with missile boats. The most important question in military planning is "So what?" Anti-ship missiles on a corvette-type ship - what for? And we suddenly have no interests outside the shelf, no territories and enclaves overseas, no need to hit targets on the high seas, because the Practical Harbor is within the radius of the coastal complexes of the anti-ship missile complex from Crimea, and the carriers of the "Caliber" are small ships "Karakurt", "Buyany »And submarines. And in order to put up an anti-missile defense, the Poles spend $ 5 billion. Do we have $ 5 billion to buy several Patriots batteries and cover Odessa, Berdyansk and Ochakov? Not yet?

      There are no tasks, there is no way to cover large ships from high-precision weapons of the enemy, and in order to handle the ports of Ukraine, it is enough for him not to leave the quay wall and can he make launches from land from Crimea? Here's a bad luck. And still, under each article there are originals about a domestic manufacturer, about a corvette, potential and jobs. Moreover, 6 "Mark VI" with spare parts, logistics and personnel training is $ 225 million without any missiles. What do you think, if the option for Taiwan on the Harpoon anti-ship missile system was $ 90 million for 60 pieces, could the United States send the conventional Oliver Perry and missiles here? What do you think is stopping them? And what about you next time from your comments about the cruiser "Ukraine" and Project 58250?

      Be that as it may - Ukraine needs to cover the coast with dozens of patrol boats (see how many of them Israel has on 230 km of the coastline) and US assistance here can hardly be overestimated. We are waiting for the "long arm" and 9 boats by next year. This will definitely make our coast safer.
    2. your1970
      your1970 14 August 2020 12: 07
      Quote: Vasya17
      $ 600 million and ships in full stuffing, including spare guns, night vision goggles, radar, parts and crew training.

      We read a little higher
      Quote: Victor Sergeev
      News from 2012: 24.05.2012. Bremerton, Washington, SAFE Boats International wins tender to build 5 units a new type of combat boats "Mk VI" with the possibility of building another instance. The cost of one boat is approximately 6 million dollars. The total amount of the contract is just over $ 35 million.

      And now we take a calculator ... And it turns out that the cost of these boats for you - overestimated in 6 times...
      Quote: Vasya17
      Opportunity to get 16 modern boats are priceless for us,
      naturally such a fleet priceless for Ukrainian admirals - to snatch from each boat 30 lamas of greenery

      Quote: Vasya17
      another step in a strategy that was chosen several years ago and continues to be implemented.
      - the strategy is called steal / sell a piece of Ukraine ...
      One has already built a fence, but the rest also want ...
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