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Combat training of the Airborne Forces: work for real men

Combat training of the Airborne Forces: work for real men

Well-known to many, the main combat task that is set before the airborne troops is to be on enemy territory, to hold the bridgehead, if possible, conducting attacks from the rear - to provide an approach for the main forces. It would seem that everything is extremely clear and clear. But how can all this be ensured? How to build an operation that would lead not only to the fulfillment of a combat mission, but also to minimal losses on the part of the paratroopers?

Today, the combat missions of paratroopers cover a whole spectrum, including countering weapons aviation enemy, holding a circular defense on an occupied bridgehead when the enemy attempts to use not only personnel, but also heavy equipment.

About how today, 90 years after the landing of the first in stories the countries of the landing in Voronezh, paratroopers of the RF Armed Forces are training, what tasks they perform, the film, shot by the Zvezda TV channel, tells. The film also provides data on the recently established Airborne Forces record - airborne landing in Arctic conditions from an altitude of 10 km. "Zvezda" will show the modern military equipment of "Uncle Vasya's troops" and tell about it in detail.

About work for real men, about combat training of the Airborne Forces:

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  1. impostor
    impostor 3 August 2020 17: 32
    Yesterday in Gorky Park there was a minor incident between the cardinal's guards and the king's musketeers. The guardsmen suffered as usual.
    1. Asad
      Asad 3 August 2020 17: 57
      Yesterday a drunken crowd in berets blocked the Dmitrovsky bridge in Novosibirsk! Do you think this is funny or heroic? I think the special forces of the growing guard would have calmed the rowdy.
      1. impostor
        impostor 3 August 2020 18: 24
        I hesitate to ask, but if the entot of the Dmitrovsky bridge is multiplied by zero by the NATO corrected FAB, then you, I apologize, will turn to the military registration and enlistment office for a beret, or let a drunken man fight, and his own family in a comfortable Gulf Stream and au revoir?
        1. Simfy
          Simfy 3 August 2020 22: 19
          just drunk first and dump, show-off show-off ... and who has something to appreciate and what to defend is celebrated "quietly" with friends, with family ... jumping, going out with children ... who fought remember friends
      2. Varyag71
        Varyag71 5 August 2020 13: 22
        as soon as they cease to be afraid of glasses, so immediately
  2. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 3 August 2020 18: 01
    Belonging to the military elite is not only about muscles, blue berets and vests, but also the appropriate upbringing, self-discipline and the ability to behave.
  3. komandir8
    komandir8 3 August 2020 19: 23
    Whoever wrote this has no idea about the combat mission of the Airborne Forces, their role and tasks in modern strategic operations.
  4. steelmaker
    steelmaker 3 August 2020 21: 36
    Every year, Airborne Forces festivities take place in this Gorky Park. And every year the authorities cannot offer anything as a confrontation between the Airborne Forces and the police. The level of education of the authorities upsets me. If a fight cannot be prevented, it must be led. Establish several street rings in the park, and conduct sports battles between the Airborne Forces and the Russian Guard. That the police don't have good fighters? Well, they want drunken fights, so give them the opportunity to wave their fists! And what I saw on YouTube is a shame for both the Airborne Forces and the National Guard.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  5. Imperial Technocrat
    Imperial Technocrat 3 August 2020 22: 14
    ________ Elite elite