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"There will always be dissatisfied": Serbian President commented on Baku's claims on arms sales to Armenia


Photo by the Ministry of Defense of Armenia

The President of Serbia commented on the situation in which the Ambassador of this state to Azerbaijan Danica Veinovic was summoned to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry. The reason for the call was the publication in the media of the Republic of Azerbaijan, where it was said about the sale by Serbia weapons Armenia. The material reported that Serbia supplied the Armenian army with mortars and tons of ammunition.

The Serbian Ambassador to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry was told that this kind of trade with Yerevan "casts doubt on not only Serbian-Azerbaijani cooperation in trade, but also friendly relations between the countries."

According to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, he was surprised by the words of representatives of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry about "doubts about friendship and trade partnership." Alexander Vucic noted that there are no international bans on the supply of weapons to Armenia, as well as on the supply of weapons to Azerbaijan. At the same time, Vucic recalled that “ten times more weapons were delivered to Baku from Serbia than to Armenia”.


We employ 17 people in the military industry. We need to support this industry, keep jobs. It turns out that no matter who we sell weapons produced in Serbia, there will always be those who are dissatisfied. I want to say that both Armenia and Azerbaijan are our friends, and this is an indisputable fact, no matter what anyone says.
Photos used:
Facebook / Ministry of Defense of Armenia
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 3 August 2020 09: 16
    In the photo, dancing little goslings? repeat
  2. The comment was deleted.
    1. Volodin
      Volodin 3 August 2020 09: 20
      Quote: finish
      I wonder what Serbia can sell, which itself needs weapons?

      To answer this question, just read the news
      1. the finish
        the finish 3 August 2020 09: 32
        Minister of High-Tech Industry Hakob Arshakyan published on July 31 photos from tests of Armenian-made mortars. "Armenian products show good results. The test is satisfactory," Arshakyan wrote on his Facebook page.
        1. Free wind
          Free wind 3 August 2020 10: 02
          The mortar is good. It's technologically advanced. Board with a nail, and the water pipe is old.
          1. Wolf
            Wolf 3 August 2020 10: 44
            laughing let's rivet and sell! laughing
            1. Free wind
              Free wind 3 August 2020 11: 48
              Get caught, how to drink, let get caught. Damn, I tried to measure what kind of pipe I have lying around, internal 67-68 mm, it seems there is no such caliber. And so the business would grab. In short, from me boards and nails, from you pipes. drinks You can start advertising at once at the same time, we will sell pieces of pipes, trimming boards and nails, with detailed instructions on how to use it all. Dear sausages and sausages discounts. laughing
              1. Wolf
                Wolf 3 August 2020 12: 11
                In fact, the mortar is a terrible weapon, today it is important if there is a battle in mountainous terrain and against special units of various NATO barmale, when it is difficult to destroy manpower. Razavysh mortar like cockroaches, no matter in what shelter, good mortar hits the glass! wink
          2. the finish
            the finish 3 August 2020 12: 25
            But why? There are 40 more drones of our own production and one of which destroyed the headquarters of the 3rd corps of the AR!
          3. Insurgent
            Insurgent 3 August 2020 13: 19
            Quote: Free Wind
            The mortar is good. It's technologically advanced. Board with a nail, and the water pipe is old.

            And it will turn out in the end you, with this approach, the Ukrainian glavniy okrainskiy mortar-killer of calculations - "Hammer" yes
  3. Free wind
    Free wind 3 August 2020 09: 59
    What a cool warrior from the right, he does not know what to do with his hands. laughing
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 3 August 2020 10: 13
    "Calls into question not only Serbian-Azerbaijani cooperation in trade, but also friendly relations between the countries"
    This is already something from Ukrainian diplomacy. They themselves are overstocked in Turkey and Russia and do not think that they are undermining someone's "friendly" relations. Contact officially and Serbia will find an opportunity to sell you mortars and ammunition. What is the problem?
  5. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 3 August 2020 10: 21
    Ie. You can cooperate with Turkey, but not with Armenia?
  6. Region-25.rus
    Region-25.rus 3 August 2020 11: 42
    Quote: Mavrikiy
    In the photo, dancing little goslings? repeat

    rather dukhyat)))) "Bad is the spirit that does not dream of becoming a demobilizer!" laughing soldier
  7. Pereira
    Pereira 3 August 2020 11: 57
    This story does not surprise me at all.
    In the center of Belgrade on Tashmaidan in the park there is a statue of Aliyev.
    Once they have set it, therefore they have some kind of special relationship with Azerbaijan, which does not imply any connection with Armenia.

  8. Wolf
    Wolf 3 August 2020 12: 04
    So one military product in Serbia today exists at the world level ammunition for small arms (for example, better than the South Caucasus, and one of many developed NATO), especially in the balance of quality / price, in addition to ammunition for mortars, howitzers. One weapon can make a good machine gun, normal, and a barrel for howitzers, you can do something else but in small series. So for the price everything is very interesting and profitable! But I would suggest for HUNTERS ammunition of all calibers, the quality is good and the price is favorable, will not betray and will give pleasure.
    1. Livonetc
      Livonetc 3 August 2020 13: 49
      UK is UK (Britain) or what?
      Apparently you are using an online translator, but the translation is incomprehensible.
      1. Wolf
        Wolf 3 August 2020 14: 15
        Yuuzhna Korea
      2. Wolf
        Wolf 3 August 2020 14: 16
        I do not use a translator, but I write Serbian Russian alphabet. smile
      3. Wolf
        Wolf 3 August 2020 14: 18
        South Korea!
  9. Seal
    Seal 3 August 2020 16: 25
    Quote: rotmistr60
    Contact officially and Serbia will find an opportunity to sell you mortars and ammunition. What is the problem?
    The problem is that it is Armenia that occupies 20% of the territory of Azerbaijan, and not vice versa.
    During its greatest advancement in 1942, Germany occupied even a smaller percentage of the territory of the USSR.
    Well, how would we call someone who in 1942 would sell weapons to Germany?
    1. genisis
      genisis 8 August 2020 19: 31
      It is known that the NK Defense Army during the hostilities completely occupied 5 regions of the Autonomous Republic (Lachinsky, Kelbajar, Kubatlinsky, Zangelansky and Dzhebrailsky). Aghdam and Fizuli districts are partially occupied, generally by about 30 percent.

      According to Azerbaijani data, 4 the area and population of these regions are:

      Kelbajar - 1936 sq. km, 50,6 thousand people;

      Lachin - 1835 sq. Km. km, 59,9 thousand people;

      Kubatly - 802 sq. km, 30,3 thousand people;

      Jabrail - 1050 sq. Km. km, 51,6 thousand people;

      Zangelan - 707 sq. M. km, 33,9 thousand people;

      Agdam - 1094 sq. M. km, 158 thousand people;

      Fizuli - 1386 sq. M. km, 100 thousand people

      The total area of ​​the first 5 districts is 6330 square meters. km The total area of ​​Agdam and Fizuli - 2480 square meters. km, but of them under the control of the NK Defense Army is 35% of the territory of Agdam and 25% of the Fizuli regions, i.e. 383 and 347 sq. km Thus, the figures given in the Azerbaijani data on the area of ​​occupied territories are 8780 square meters. km - is also a falsification.

      The total area of ​​the territory of Azerbaijan under the control of the NKR is not 8780 sq. km, and 7059 sq. km, which is 8 percent of the territory of the former AzSSR, that is, two and a half times less than 20%, about which the leaders and representatives of the Azerbaijan Republic are constantly repeating, deliberately misleading the international community and world public opinion.

      At the same time, as a result of hostilities between Azerbaijan and the NKR, Azerbaijani troops occupied in 1992 and are currently occupying about 750 square meters. km of the NKR territory, which is 15 percent of its area. We are talking about the entire Shahumyan region (600 sq. Km), as well as parts of the Mardakert and Martuni regions.

      Again, white is black, black is white.
  10. uranium
    uranium 3 August 2020 19: 33
    I hope Armenia paid with real money or again at the expense of the Russian Pension Fund laughing
    I got used to asking Russia for armaments for nothing and without a repayable loan lol