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India accuses Pakistan of shelling its positions in Kashmir

India accuses Pakistan of shelling its positions in Kashmir

Armed clashes between the parties continue on the Indo-Pakistani border. According to the Indian newspaper The Hindu, on Tuesday morning, Pakistani artillery bombarded Indian positions in two areas in the Punch sector on the line of control in northwestern Kashmir.

According to the newspaper, in response to the shelling of the Pakistani army, the artillery units of the Indian armed forces "were forced" to return fire on the positions of the Pakistani artillery. At the time of the release of the material, artillery firefight in this section of the border continues. There is no reported loss on either side.

The Indian Ministry of Defense said that the Pakistani army, opening artillery fire, violated the ceasefire for the eighth day in a row. In just the last two weeks, about 20 clashes have occurred on the section of the Indo-Pakistani border.

Meanwhile, in the northeast of Kashmir on the border with China, India continues to concentrate additional army units, tanks and artillery.

The Indian army deployed T-90 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles in this northern direction, deployed 155-mm howitzers and a mountain rifle brigade of 4 thousand troops in response to the concentration on the line of actual control of the 50-thousand PLA group. Indian troops are tasked with preventing possible Chinese aggression from the Aksaychin region

- write the Indian media.

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    APASUS 28 July 2020 12: 22
    There you can't figure out who started it, you only have to wait for who's nerves will break down and go on the offensive.
    1. Civil
      Civil 28 July 2020 12: 37
      Sly Indians were left without allies in the face of a war on 2 fronts.
      1. svp67
        svp67 28 July 2020 13: 20
        Quote: Civil
        Sly Indians were left without allies in the face of a war on 2 fronts.

        Well, not really ... Bangladesh, in principle, with them
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. svp67
      svp67 28 July 2020 12: 55
      Quote: APASUS
      You can't tell who started there now
      This is what the "wise" national policy of Great Britain means ... "Rule Britain ..."
      Quote: APASUS
      It is only worth waiting for who the first nerves will not stand and go on the offensive.

      On the Indian side, it would be a huge stupidity, having a strong Chinese grouping on the flank and an epidemic in the country ... They only lack war ...
  2. svp67
    svp67 28 July 2020 12: 29
    India accuses Pakistan of shelling its positions in Kashmir
    Hmm ... Considering the epidemic that has now swept over India, its situation cannot be called simple. You don't know where to spend your money, on medicine or weapons ...
  3. horus88
    horus88 28 July 2020 12: 31
    I do not see any benefit for the Indians from a war on two fronts in a pandemic. So here the Chinese are obviously stirring up the mess with the packs. They want to squeeze out Kashmir on the sly. There is no other way to explain what is happening.
  4. Thrifty
    Thrifty 28 July 2020 12: 32
    On both sides, Pakistanis and Chinese, let's go eat India! More precisely, these are all Chinese, just shit from their own and from Pakistani territory!
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 29 July 2020 17: 45
      India in the early 70s. managed to divide Pakistan into what is now Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  5. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 28 July 2020 12: 33
    Will the Indians pull 2 ​​fronts?
    1. Thrifty
      Thrifty 28 July 2020 12: 38
      There, someone's nerves will not stand it, and atomic weapons will be used. .. and about 2 fronts, the Pakistanis are strong in feeding the Chinese, if you cut off the oxygen in your mind, then India will fight only against China. ..
      1. tralflot1832
        tralflot1832 28 July 2020 12: 48
        I would not be surprised if Pakistan fires with arteleristic systems made in China.
  6. Eldorado
    Eldorado 28 July 2020 12: 38
    India, hold on! We are with you! soldier
  7. Kosh
    Kosh 28 July 2020 15: 00
    In skirmishes, incl. with the use of artillery on the line of control between India and Pakistan, you will not surprise anyone, this has been going on there for decades.
  8. Gloomy skeptic
    Gloomy skeptic 28 July 2020 15: 17
    How can you shoot from artillery so that both sides of the conflict have no losses at all?
    Or did they simply shake the air, call up smoke and count it as "fighting"?
    As in a joke:
    - Well, what is going on there in Ukraine?
    - We are at war with Russia!
    - And sho, there are losses?
    - And yak: many tanks and infantry fighting vehicles have been lost, so many coffins have already come from the front!
    - And what are Russia's losses?
    - Yes, you know, she did not come to the war at all !!!
  9. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 29 July 2020 11: 18
    Again the "fighting roosters" were dancing ... And why do they not live peacefully, as in the Empire at one time? :)