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Bold plans of Ukraine. Two hundred and fifty promising R&D!


Armored vehicles on trial. Photo of TsNDI OVT ZSU

In recent years, Ukraine has been trying to develop its military industry and create new types of weapons and equipment. Regularly reports on new developments of one kind or another, on their outstanding prospects and early rearmament. However, in practice, everything turns out differently: new samples often do not reach the series and do not affect the state of the troops. However, research and development work continues.

250 projects

On July 24, the publication of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine "Army Inform" published an interview with the head of the Central Research Institute of Arms and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces (Central Science and Preliminary Institute of Defense and Military Equipment - TsNDI OVT ZSU), Major General Igor Chepkov. The head of the institute cited very interesting data on the current work in the field of AME.

I. Chepkov asserts that TsNDI OVT currently provides support for approx. 250 development projects of various kinds - to create completely new samples and modernize existing ones. The Institute collaborates with the National Academy of Sciences. With its help, in the first half of 2020, 21 research projects were completed, and 25 projects were transferred to the stage of scientific and technical support. Current R&D covers all major areas and areas. Work is underway on samples for the ground forces, air force and naval forces.

One of the works of the Central Research Institute of Arms and Military Equipment. Graphics TsNDI OVT ZSU

By the end of the year, the Central Research Institute will complete 15 research projects on the issues of military-technical policy and the development of weapons and military equipment. 9 new samples will be submitted to the defining departmental tests, 30 products will go to preliminary tests, another 44 will go to state tests.

In the interests of the combat arms

In addition to general figures, I. Chepkov named specific developments for certain types of troops. So, for the ground forces, a completely new main tank and a modernized version of the T-64BV, a heavy infantry fighting vehicle, a Bogdana self-propelled howitzer, an updated version of the Shturm-S ATGM, a self-propelled mortar based on a car, etc. are being developed. The modernization of MLRS "Grad" and "Smerch" is underway. The development of several lines of ammunition for cannon and rocket artillery was launched. New armored vehicles of several types, infantry weapons, etc. are expected.

In the near future, the MiG-29 aircraft and the Mi-8MT helicopter, which have been modernized according to their own Ukrainian projects, will be submitted for state tests. In the future, they will enter service with the Air Force.

BREM-84 is one of the modern Ukrainian developments. Photo by Ukroboronprom Group

The modernization of the Kub air defense missile system was completed; soon the updated complex will be released for state tests. Not so long ago, research work was completed to determine the prospects for the S-300V1 air defense system. It was found that he can continue to serve, but needs modernization. Upon receipt of the relevant order of the Ministry of Defense, the TsNDI OVT will launch the ROC.

The main development for the Navy at the moment is the 360MTS anti-ship missile system with the Neptune missile. An over-the-horizon radar for detection and target designation is being designed. Also, new landing assault and missile boats are being developed - "Centaur-LK", "Lan", etc. There is a project to convert the trawler into a reconnaissance vessel. Plans to create and build their own corvettes remain.

New and ready

The brief report of the head of the Central Research Institute of Armaments and Equipment looks extremely interesting. It shows that the leading research organization of the Ukrainian military industry is overloaded with work and actively accompanies projects of various design bureaus and factories. However, not all is well, and the Ukrainian industry is haunted by various problems, which are based on objective factors.

Problematic self-propelled mortar "Bars-8MMK". Photo by Ukroboronprom Group

First of all, it should be noted that the number of open R&D or R&D projects does not always coincide with the number of real samples. Within the framework of one project, several R&D projects can be carried out on different components and components. Thus, the current 250 R&D projects in the future will not lead to the appearance of 250 ready-made models of military equipment.

A characteristic feature of the development of Ukrainian military equipment is a high proportion of projects for the modernization of finished samples. Now, as before, we are talking about the modernization of the MiG-29 and Mi-8, the Kub and S-300V1 air defense systems, tanks T-64, etc. Basic samples were created back in the days of the USSR, but even 30 years after its collapse, independent Ukraine continues to modernize them, incl. and because of the impossibility of developing new products from scratch.

There are a number of projects that are positioned as new and independently created - however, in these cases, available developments or components of various kinds are used. Thus, the Typhoon-1 rockets are offered for use with the serial Grad MLRS, and the Neptune anti-ship missile system is based on the old X-35 and some other components.

Tests of the Typhoon-1 missile. Photo of the General Staff of the Armed Forces

However, there are also completely new developments. These include the family of armored vehicles "Otaman", ATGM "Corsair", several types of armored vehicles, incl. MBT, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc. In a number of cases, such projects are implemented not only by our own enterprises, but also with the participation of foreign colleagues.

Work results

A typical problem of the Ukrainian military industry throughout the entire period of independence is the lack of large orders from its own Ministry of Defense. The situation began to change several years ago, but the general state of affairs leaves much to be desired. Due to limited interest from the army, most new developments do not progress beyond the testing stage. More successful samples go into series and get into the troops - but their number remains insufficient to meet the needs of the army.

For example, MBTs of several types of independent Ukrainian development were built in only a small series, no more than a few dozen. The epic with Otaman armored personnel carriers continues right now. The Ministry of Defense first expressed its readiness to purchase them, and then changed its mind. The prospects for this development are still unclear. By the end of the year, it is planned to adopt the Neptune anti-ship missile system, and then build and deploy several batteries. Whether it will be possible to fulfill these plans is a big question.

Launch of the Neptune anti-ship missile system. Photo by Ukroboronprom Group

Another problem that hinders the achievement of the desired success is the low quality of some types of arms and military equipment. The problems with the armor of the BTR-4 are still not forgotten, among other things, which caused an international scandal. There were also problems with the Molot mortars - with casualties among the personnel. Not so long ago it became known about the defective self-propelled mortars "Bars-8MMK". These machines have received substandard weapon and did not receive a shooting table. Therefore, they were put into storage until the identified deficiencies were corrected.

Wishes and opportunities

In accordance with the adopted political course, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is trying to develop the armed forces, incl. through the creation and purchase of new weapons and military equipment. The key role in this process is played by TsNDI OVT ZSU, which recently reported on its work and success. At the same time, as it is easy to see, the real results of the Central Research Institute and the military industry as a whole are very far from the desired ones.

The reasons for this are quite simple and understandable. For a long time, Ukraine did not pay due attention to the development of the military industry. In addition, enterprises suffered from the severance of industrial ties - and after the events of 2014 they received another blow of this kind. With all this, the country's military budget is limited (5,4 billion US dollars) and does not leave a lot of funds to finance promising developments or the massive purchase of weapons and military equipment. Moreover, the efficiency of budget utilization is negatively affected by corruption schemes at practically all levels.

The proposed appearance of the Lan missile boat. Graphics

Of course, attempts are being made to improve the situation, and certain positive results have been obtained in recent years. So, the number of promising R&D projects has increased, attention is paid to previously forgotten areas, and some samples even reach the troops. However, a host of problems remain in all areas.

It can be assumed that the Central Research Institute of Arms and Military Equipment will continue to work and help design and production organizations in the creation of new models. However, the future of new developments is questionable from the outset. Now we are talking about 250 promising R&D projects in the interests of our army. But it is not known how many of them will leave the stage of development work and reach production. Most likely, the share of successful projects will not be high.
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  1. Sahalinets
    Sahalinets 28 July 2020 05: 13 New
    The more chaos and theft they have, the better for us.
  2. Sancho_SP
    Sancho_SP 28 July 2020 06: 48 New
    What's the difficulty? The student chooses new democratic tires for the BTR-60 as his diploma practice - this can also be brought under R&D.
    1. spech
      spech 28 July 2020 08: 05 New
      but if the "genius" Rostik is connected and given more cardboard ...
  3. Herman 4223
    Herman 4223 28 July 2020 07: 07 New
    The boobies do not understand that they are not defending their homeland, but the American unipolar world. All these scientific developments for organizing the murder of their own tribesmen and there is nothing to be proud of.
    1. nickname7
      nickname7 29 July 2020 15: 08 New
      ... they are not defending their homeland, but the American unipolar world

      Russophobia is well paid.
      The money they are paid does not smell for this work. Additionally, there is a handshake in the load.
      1. Herman 4223
        Herman 4223 29 July 2020 16: 25 New
        Prostitutes are also paid, but they will not receive respect in a decent society.
  4. bober1982
    bober1982 28 July 2020 07: 38 New
    The MiG-29 has been modernized since 2001, in twenty years it was brought to the MU-1 (on paper), except for the ostentatious flights.
    There is a lot of work, you can bring MU-1 to infinity, MU-2,3,4,5 .......
    1. sg7s
      sg7s 29 July 2020 16: 17 New
      "Do not shoot the pianist - he plays as best he can ..." Years show that our guys are playing (Two dear uncles, aunt, brothers in Kiev, Zhenya the sister, three children, his wife has a brother - a colonel general there) ... weaklings, yesterday I only told them ... Before they kicked up, but now - nothing, they resigned themselves ... I will congratulate the 3rd Uncle Pasha with others, cool man, MS in rowing. and Kolka, too, MS (me in the hydropark so loaded, the muscles are still groaning ...) They were not lucky ... Banderie came in large numbers, did not wave it off ...
  5. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 28 July 2020 07: 41 New
    ,, cooperates with the National Academy of Sciences ,, Everything! No further! I immediately have an association: embroidered shirts, a hopak, a tattoo in the form of a trident on the forehead ,, AcadEmikov ,, and a pigsty on the territory of AcadEmia, with grunting pigs ...
    1. Avior
      Avior 28 July 2020 08: 36 New
      ... cooperates with the National Academy of Sciences ,, Everything! No further! I immediately have an association

      Didn't you have an association with Academician Paton? And you know, he is still the president of this Academy of Sciences for the last 58 years smile
      1. Potter
        Potter 28 July 2020 08: 54 New
        And at 102, full of young ideas and energy? From what, in the country where the president of the academy is a welder, problems with the welding of armored hulls? Or is it a general degradation of the level of science?
        1. Avior
          Avior 28 July 2020 09: 45 New
          Do you think this is the fault of Academician Paton personally?
          And you cannot argue with the general degradation of science since the times of the USSR in the post-Soviet space, it is
          1. Potter
            Potter 28 July 2020 17: 09 New
            This is not the fault of Academician Paton personally, who is a worthy son of his father. Russian and Soviet engineer, who created the Institute of Electric Welding, designed more than 50 bridges, including the introduction of welding in bridge construction. And during the war years he contributed to the introduction of automatic welding of tank armored hulls. This is the fault of the system, which ruined both national production and science for the sake of delusional ideas. As for the problems with welding, they also existed during the years of Paton Sr.'s life. Let us recall the history of the construction of fully welded cruisers of the 68bis project. Dzerzhinsky was the first in Nikolaev, and Sverdlov, later laid down in Leningrad, became the leader. Why? Yes, because due to problems with electric welding and numerous cracks that appeared, the bottom sections of the Dzerzhinsky hull had to be disassembled and essentially rebuilt. And the presence of an electric welding institute in Kiev did not help.
            1. Avior
              Avior 28 July 2020 17: 24 New
              If there is no personal fault, why are you asking me a question about him? Moreover, it was obvious from the very beginning.
              As for cruisers, you don't know the USSR well. It did not matter where which institute or plant was located, the whole country was a single complex in terms of all-Union plants.
              If you thought it right to work out a new technology in Nikolaev, it means that they worked out in Nikolaev, and then used it in Leningrad. It could have been the other way around.
              If the Paton Institute participated in this, it could have taken part either in Nikolaev or in Leningrad.
              Why are you writing all this to me?
              That there were also technical problems in the USSR? well, there were, and so what? Decided ...
  6. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 28 July 2020 08: 03 New
    Good article, balanced. Of course, now a competition will begin who will surpass whom in jokes of humor and will "nominate" more in revenge, but the author's main idea is shown correctly:
    Thus, the current 250 R&D projects in the future will not lead to the appearance of 250 ready-made models of military equipment.
    After all, OCD also includes the creation of a mathematical model that young specialists can execute on computers. The main thing is to issue it as R&D, and not a term paper or diploma. At the school, the teacher "wooed" us to a similar one - to calculate the angle of meeting of various types of ammunition with tank armor using higher mathematics. That would then be the engineers already thinking about differentiated booking and methods of confrontation.
    1. Pereira
      Pereira 28 July 2020 20: 17 New
      Something for a long time I have not heard about the project of the destroyer of Armata from the research institute of the "Azov" battalion. Tirex, if memory serves.
      Then it was also said about the mathematical model. All sorts of pictures were shown.
      Is she included in the 250 OCD?
  7. Putnik119
    Putnik119 28 July 2020 08: 11 New
    Damn, what for are these fables published? Every day "Crimean bridge destroyers" rockets "create" nuclear weapons. But they cannot remove from the coast in Odessa a rusty trough that pollutes the Black Sea. It seems to be a resource in Russia, but publications here suck.
  8. Boris ⁣ Shaver
    Boris ⁣ Shaver 28 July 2020 08: 34 New
    Why is this agitation here?
  9. atos_kin
    atos_kin 28 July 2020 08: 48 New
    The Central Research Institute of Military Equipment ZSU is a dummy, which is not engaged in scientific research, but in "accompanying" everything and everything that is associated with the creation and production of weapons of all types and branches of the armed forces, but ultimately produces only papers on the move for puffing the cheeks of the ukrovermacht leaders. In fact, it is a sump of retirees who "accompany" the old woman of the USSR military hardware across the road there and back.
  10. Aviator_
    Aviator_ 28 July 2020 09: 23 New
    There is a project to convert the trawler into a reconnaissance vessel. Plans to create and build their own corvettes remain.

    It is especially touching to keep plans. Did they also retain Khrushchev's plan for building communism by 1980? And do they really have at least one trawler?
  11. Viktor Sergeev
    Viktor Sergeev 28 July 2020 09: 33 New
    They take the best from the USA: allocate money for the project, plunder and close it as unpromising. All the money and end up in R&D.
    I suggest that they start developing the "Star Destroyer", the completion date is 5000 years, money can be allocated every year.
  12. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 28 July 2020 09: 37 New
    for figurative / fantastic thinking, Sumerian 250 is even not enough ... as they eat the cradle ... so R&D climbed ... but if you seriously raise the defense archives inherited by the proto-ukram during the division, then perhaps more can be dug up ... there were serious enterprises there. .. and in many industries ...
  13. Maks1995
    Maks1995 28 July 2020 09: 42 New
    But someone recently wrote - everything, kapets, they have nothing, and will not, and will not develop.

    Shows the level of the hohslush experts.

    And there are plenty of projects that have not gone into business. We, for example, too. (Yadren cruiser is worth what ...)
  14. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 28 July 2020 12: 17 New
    BTR, LME and RK they may well create, bring to mind and produce - just like anti-ship missiles and ATGMs - materiel and factory brains - are not lost. But something more complex and large-sized (like the same long-suffering corvettes "Vladimir the Great") - alas.
  15. K-50
    K-50 28 July 2020 12: 44 New
    I. Chepkov asserts that TsNDI OVT is currently supporting apprx. 250 development projects of various kinds - to create completely new samples and modernize existing ones.

    Where did the money come from, Zin? belay lol
  16. Lexus
    Lexus 28 July 2020 14: 10 New
    Two hundred and fifty promising R&D!

    Where are they before us. Russia has a "plan" anyway longer. Plus "cPilkovo" with red is available. Uryayaya! tongue
    1. Bersaglieri
      Bersaglieri 3 August 2020 11: 07 New
      Duc, and the budget is an order of magnitude and a half more, as well as industrial capacity. So, even taking into account "sawing", "how much" and "rolling back" - everything is being built. Although, of course, this "trinity" would - for felling.
  17. Escobar
    Escobar 28 July 2020 17: 17 New
    To be honest, we also allocated money for all sorts of wunderwaves like the aircraft carrier Storm and the nuclear super destroyer (in fact, a missile cruiser without any "super") Leader
    1. Bersaglieri
      Bersaglieri 3 August 2020 11: 08 New
      But, nevertheless, they changed their minds and decided to make an enlarged "Gorshkov".
  18. TermNachTer
    TermNachTer 28 July 2020 18: 06 New
    Rzhu nimaga)))) why not plan? Well this is what room for theft of budget funds. But real mechanical engineering is dying. Geyropa forbade Banderland to protect its engineering industry from external competition))))
  19. tank64rus
    tank64rus 28 July 2020 21: 05 New
    Projects and drawings are good, dreaming is not harmful, but not productive.
  20. DominickS
    DominickS 29 July 2020 05: 42 New
    Why do the Kokholam need an over-the-horizon radar? I don't quite understand. Beyond this very horizon, they have all their friends-comrades, supposedly, and from Russia or Crimea the flight time is so funny that there will be little sense from ordinary radars. More like the next wet fantasies of the ukroboronprom.
  21. credo
    credo 29 July 2020 16: 22 New
    Quote: Sahalinets
    The more chaos and theft they have, the better for us.

    One could agree with you, but the quality of military-industrial complex products does not depend on theft and chaos in a particular country, but on the presence of a built-in military-industrial complex system and the country's financial capabilities. Now in Ukraine there is neither one nor the other, so let's hope that the military-industrial complex there will never be reborn to the level of industrialized countries.
  22. Ham
    Ham 12 September 2020 10: 39 New
    and only one, the most important question, no one can answer - where to get money for all this splendor!
    and yes - there are a lot of plans ...
  23. sevtrash
    sevtrash 15 September 2020 18: 22 New
    Underestimation is always harmful. I think that in Ukraine there are still institutions and production complexes that can produce good products, including military-technical ones. After 1991, the Antonov Design Bureau created an38, An70, An140, An148, An158, An178, and these are just those that took off. Engines from Sich. Of course, with serial production, nothing happened, which is understandable - the main customer could be the Russian Federation. And about a third of the components were from the Russian Federation. So the competence in aircraft and engine building has been preserved, which few countries can boast of. And what about turbines for ships?
    Kharkiv Khartron was one of the three enterprises of the USSR to create control systems for intercontinental ballistic missiles, Energiya, automatic docking for the Zarya module to the ISS.
  24. The comment was deleted.
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