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Soviet years. Inca pyramid in the country


Historical photograph taken in April 1988. Author on the land allocated to the Penza Polytechnic Institute for summer cottages

The truck turned into a dacha village and stopped in front of a small, ivy-covered dacha. The chauffeur and his assistant threw down the sides and began to unload things, while Olga opened the glazed terrace. A large neglected garden was visible from here. In the back of the garden was a clumsy two-story shed, and a small red flag fluttered over the roof of this shed. Olga returned to the car. Here a lively old woman jumped up to her - it was a neighbor, a milkmaid. She volunteered to clean up the cottage, wash the windows, floors and walls.
A. Gaidar. Timur and his team

History and documents. It is summer now. It is hot and periodically thunderstorms. Sometimes it is very hot, more than 37 degrees, though not everywhere. And those people who did not go to the beaches in Sochi and Anapa and do not spend their days at their work, rest and work, of course, at their dachas. Or, at least, they go there on Saturday and Sunday. Or, like pensioners, they live there all the time. Save themselves! So I visit my dacha quite often and for a very long time. And then I thought: “After all, we have here, on“ VO ”, a series of memoir articles“ Back to the USSR ”. And if so, then why limit, for example, only food and clothing, and why not remember about the dacha? " No sooner said than done! And today we will have just material on this topic. Not a fundamental study with data from the State Statistics Service - God forbid! Not a "dissertation" with numbers and percentages, but simply ... memories of one person that he knew about summer cottages in the USSR era, what he saw summer cottages, his first cottage, and quite a bit about the second one today. There are few documentary photographs from that distant time, but they are. And all the others are placed here primarily for the sake of beauty. After all, it is beauty, as they say, that will save the world!

* * *

And it so happened that, living in a big old house, which had a really huge yard and garden, I somehow did not even think that there could be some kind of dacha. For me it was an empty phrase. Probably, I first learned about the fact that this happens from Gaidar's story "Timur and His Team", and saw in the same movie, and, perhaps, in the 1940 movie "Hearts of Four." There were shown beautiful dachas near Moscow, and when I read Gorky's "Dachniki" already in high school, this was exactly their dacha I imagined. However, already in 1966 this work was filmed, so a picture was added to the text. True, I got acquainted with the products from the dacha back in 1961. Then my mother took me to see Leningrad to a relative-general. We lived in his apartment, while his whole family left for the whole summer to the country. Well, it is clear that I soon fell ill with a sore throat there and, in addition to treatment, they began to feed me strawberries from their dacha, very large and tasty, which no one had ever seen in Penza. I am very sorry that at that time I did not see the general's dacha in Leningrad, but later, around the year 70, my school friend invited me to the "officer's dacha" near our city. In what rank his father was, I don't remember now, but, most likely, he did not reach the colonel. The house is two-storey, but small and built from materials collected from the pine forest. The plot itself was not large, but there were so many planted there that it was impossible to walk on it, and it is clear that all this (after my garden, where it was possible to play hide and seek!) Did not make an impression on me. Poverty, not a summer residence!

Soviet years. Inca pyramid in the country

We had no money for a house, and we erected such a "structure" on the site: four pillars without a roof (a piece of tarpaulin served as a roof), X-pillars and a tabletop on them, which I literally miraculously saw and picked up in the forest. As a result, all our neighbors began to ask us to eat. But I had to sit on thin logs ...

In 1976, our old house was demolished (which my young wife really regretted, she liked it so much) and given an apartment in a stone house of four rooms. None of us thought about getting a dacha. Stepfather's dacha was located ... in the middle of Rostov-on-Don and was quite small in size. There were wonderful plums growing there, but the house itself was an ordinary barn. And again, I didn’t like this “dacha” at all.

Surprisingly, my 13-year-old daughter loved working on the land.

Then, already in graduate school in Kuibyshev (now Samara), I got to the dacha of my friend in Dmitrovgrad. His dacha had an area of ​​only 3 (!) Weave and everything there was planned out so as to get the maximum from each piece of land. A small house - a shed for a sofa and garden tools, a toilet of the "outhouse" type - that's all that was there from the buildings. There you could either sit on the sofa in the barn, or work. Of course, I appreciated the diligence of my friend, who managed to turn these three hundred square meters into "this", but personally I did not like this "dacha" at all. Still, I wanted to rest there sometimes ...

And here, one might say, I was extremely lucky. A certain Muscovite, a model tanker, invited me to visit in 1987, and I had to live in Moscow for at least a month, work in the capital's archives and in Leninka. Well, I went to him, and I tried to take advantage of the opportunity: I left the house at 8 am and came at 8-9 pm, so I didn't really bother them very much, and the apartment there was like that, that it was not difficult to get lost in it. "And on Saturday we will all go to the dacha!" They warned me. I didn’t go to Leninka that day, but went to “a typical dacha near Moscow”. Like Gaidar's ... Only it turned out not quite like Gaidar's. First of all, it turned out that as a result of the different family and marriage relations there, the family of my owner moved over the area "one-eighth of the academic dacha." "And how much is it: an academic dacha?" - I asked, and was downright discouraged by the answer: "Hectare!" This is how our academicians were valued in Soviet times: became a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences - get a hectare of land near Moscow in possession and build any mansions there! Arriving, we greeted some people behind the fence, where a dense forest grew and where, according to them, they were picking mushrooms for breakfast. "And what's in there?" - I asked and the answer again surprised me all: "There is the dacha of Academician Fersman." That is, this forest, which did not shine through from one end to the opposite, is this most notorious academic hectare? Great, you won’t say anything! And then I saw a two-story house standing there and immediately decided that this was the way it should be. After all, an academician ...

May 1988, a plot near the village of Shnaevo, Penza region

However, the plot of one-eighth of the academic dacha also made a strong impression on me. It was not that big, but there were mast pines, a bed of strawberries, a bed of flowers on it, and there was also a garage, a barn and a stone house with a glazed veranda, a shower room, a warm toilet and ... three rooms. It was a pleasure to live there, but the pine trees made a lot of noise at night, because the wind was ...

They took me to show the village itself, and then I saw a strange and very large house, which somehow resembled an Egyptian tomb and a narrow-gauge railway leading to it. "What is this?" - "Dacha of the Minister of Defense!" - "Why a narrow-gauge railway?" - "Materials were transported along it directly from the station, and there - from Finland!" "But don't we have a wild stone or a tree?" - "So no!"

This seemed to me a little redundant. It is clear that the Minister of Defense was not like any academician, but after all, he was also a communist, an example for his subordinates. And then the narrow-gauge railway and building materials straight from Finland!

I told about all this at home. My wife just shook her head, and in the spring of next year she called me in Kuibyshev at the hostel: “Come! At our institute, land plots were distributed for summer cottages, and I took one for you and me. On Sunday we go to the place ... to post! "

Today everything is a little different for me ...

What a woman wants, God wants! I grunted, asked for time off at the pulpit and drove home, and the next day, having stocked up with a shovel, an ax, a saw and nails, I was shaking in a stuffy train with my colleagues in order to finally become a summer resident. It took about forty minutes to go to the town of Shnaevo, where our institute was allocated a plot for summer cottages. Then it was necessary to go through the village, cross the stream, climb the mountain and walk four kilometers along the edge of the forest to the first ravine, a small and shallow ravine. Then a pine forest, behind which was a second ravine, deep, like an anti-tank ditch. And on the opposite side of it were the land plots allocated to us, professors, associate professors and assistants of the Penza Polytechnic Institute. Solid loam and stones, by the way.

And I myself, and my daughter, and my wife, we all really love lilies and lilies on our site we have a lot. There are such ...

Our site was not so far from the ravine: the second from the edge on the second street. Everyone immediately rushed into a nearby birch grove and began to "cut down the forest": chop poles and fence off their plots. They dug holes, put pillars in them (fortunately, the stones were right there at hand!). And that's how everyone fenced in, but the grove, of course, disappeared.

There are such…

I ask the "senior": "Where is the water?" - “There is a stream in the ravine. We will dam it up - there will be a pond and we will pump water from it through pipes ”-“ And the electricity? ” - "Let's put up the pillars and hold ..." - "And when?" - "Two years from now ..."

Local craftsmen immediately approached and began to offer to cook a tank: a container for water. Price - 150 rubles. For a graduate student, it is unaffordable. And pour to the brim - the same amount. And this is the salary of an associate professor. But I remembered that the Incas in ancient times provided watering of their highland fields with cairns of stones. A human-sized pyramid was folded with vents, and due to the fact that water from the air got into it, it watered up to 50 square meters. meters. And then there were heaps of stones. True, my pyramid came out small, up to the waist. But this was enough for our five hundred square meters!

There are pink ...

Spring, you need to plant. So I went with my daughter to get strawberries in one of our state farm. And we are told: go to the fields and dig. The price is 10 kopecks. bush. Well, we dug for 4 rubles, and then again on the train, again five "keme" to the dacha, and then (and it was on May 1) it suddenly began to snow. And we also bought a black film to plant under it. What to do? They lit a fire, and I began to burn holes in the film with a smut, and then plant seedlings in them. Tomato seedlings were also planted like the Indians: horizontally, from north to south, and secured with wire brackets. Corn was also planted like an Indian: two or three grains in one hole on top of a freshly frozen anchovy fish.

There are pale white ...

And the very first year gave an excellent harvest of strawberries and corn. Moreover, in the middle of summer we generally went to the south to rest. We come back, and our neighbors-colleagues happily inform us: "And you have overgrown the whole area with weeds!" It was overgrown, but ... under the weeds there were delicious tomatoes, many and all bright red. Once again I was convinced that our people in trouble will sympathize with you and even help you. They can’t survive someone else’s success, especially if an assistant does something better than a venerable assistant professor.

And a very exotic look ...

And the dam that was built for the dam was demolished by a flood in the same autumn: they built the Dnieper Hydroelectric Power Station, but here they did not manage to dam up the ravine. And we stayed with our pyramid for another two years. As soon as you leave for the summer - so from the harvest the horns and legs, all the "birds ate", but even if you collect the same potatoes - diarrhea with buckets five kilometers from the station in a backpack! You’ll break your whole back. So in 1990 we gave up our first summer residence ...

Our petunias, like many others, grow in car tires!

The second and last one was bought six years ago. Now you can no longer take what they give you for free, but buy what you like.

We chose 19 kilometers from the city, within walking distance from the bus stop, which is convenient in all respects. The area is seven and a half acres, with a finished house, which made it possible to talk about prospects. True, the former owner did not really understand us when we started talking about flowers: "They don't eat them!" He himself planted potatoes and strawberries there, and all this was for sale. And one more thing that surprised me: in the corners of the site, and everywhere, there was some kind of rubbish. Bricks, rolls of rusty wire, rotten boards, and the barn was full of empty paint cans and dried brushes. Why he kept all this is unclear.

Roses, and very different, we also have a lot

It took a long time to fight all this, but now there are no more traces of the "collective farm" left. Paths of stone tiles have been laid, the house is sheathed with metal-reinforced plastic, and there is a similar fence. Three greenhouses with automatic opening vents: one for tomatoes, one for peppers and one for cucumbers. In addition, they also grow a lot of all "herbs", from basil to arugula. Well, flowers, of course. Although they are mainly engaged in my daughter, and I just admire. Indeed, in my old wooden house of Soviet times, there were also a lot of different flowers planted by my grandmother. I got used to them. Light, water - everything is there, in a word, live and rejoice, although for some reason some are surprised at me: “At your age, people sell summer cottages, and you started ...” By the way, in our suburban area there are a lot of houses much cooler than mine. And there are no abandoned dachas at all, and the summer cottage village stretches for many kilometers! This is me talking about how people in our country after 1991 “become poor”. And so they all "become impoverished" that in place of the old houses on the plots, new ones are being built everywhere, greenhouses stand in rows, and some are erecting real mansions with tennis courts for you. In a word, well, just a huge array of suitcase dachas has grown near Penza, the owners of which are all listed as “needy”.

"Tea roses"

Correct planting and good care allow, despite the sandy soil, to get good yields. Therefore, two refrigerating chambers of two refrigerators in human growth are crammed to capacity in our country, up to grated frozen carrots, which have not ended until today. Sometimes we only buy bread and milk in the store. If you need something from the rest, then for this there is a market with farmers-producers, whom I know and who will not sell me bad things.

Well, you can't do without the most delicate whites!

But I can't write at our dacha. The Internet works strangely there ... at the level of my head, but does not accept reception at the table. But maybe it's for the best. Here you dig - and here in the city you write ... Everything is according to Marx, who even when he wrote about the coming creative division of physical and mental labor.

Hydrangea on the background of apple and apricot. Nice, isn't it?

PS I was always attracted by the image of the landowner Kostanzhoglo from the second volume of Gogol's "Dead Souls". And so I tried to work in this direction, and albeit on a small scale, but everything worked out ...
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  1. Svarog
    Svarog 26 July 2020 15: 14
    Everyone probably had different things .. but the fact that in the first photo is something laughing During haymaking, we made tents stronger and more reliable ..
    With dachas, everything was quite simple, of course, provided that there are relatives in villages where there is a forest .. My father, got a piece of land of 6 acres, virgin land .. was, but next to the lake, which pleased me, so how I love fishing .. so, my grandfather, lived in the village and made an agreement with the forester, he allocated a forest for a summer cottage, then the whole family made a log house and transported it from the village to our city .. As a result, over the summer a wonderful dacha, practically for nothing ... the biggest expense was paying for a car from the Ulyanovsk region to N. Chelnov ..
    1. The leader of the Redskins
      The leader of the Redskins 26 July 2020 16: 13
      My baht, like the rest of the depot workers, including the head, was allocated 6 acres on such a mixture of sandstone and loam that even people far from farming understood that potatoes cannot be grown here ...
      True, everyone tried it together for several years ... We played with peat there, with humus ... In the final, they realized that trees and grass are better)))
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 26 July 2020 15: 16
    A summer cottage is .... an option, either a rest, or a sirloin to the top, in an effort to fulfill a food program for one family. But when the house is in the village, and the lines of the hem are called once, this is no longer a vacation. Although, everyone chooses the option to their liking !!! I'll go and Ivotinka conquered, without this in any way!
    Yes, we have enough flowers! Occupy areas that the hands do not reach, process and replace with something edible!
    In short, beauty, petting, and homemade testicles to boot. soldier
    PS to attract descendants to agricultural labor, it still needs serious "efforts" !!!
    1. Svarog
      Svarog 26 July 2020 15: 26
      Quote: rocket757
      A summer cottage is .... an option, either a rest, or a sirloin to the top, in an effort to fulfill a food program for one family.

      Dachas now, and even in the 90s, helped and help a lot to survive. Now they are really taxed, because of this it becomes unprofitable to use the dacha and we have a lot of ads for sale ..
      But I still hope to finish building a house in the village .. 10 years ago I bought a plot and I can’t finish building everything .. and live there for old age with my own farm .. otherwise, you’ll get stuck .. with such pensions.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 26 July 2020 15: 36
        I just ran away from their city and do not regret not once !!!
        The only thing .... inconvenience, I can't save the whole crop, I don't use chemistry in principle. But you can pick it off from the bush and ... you need to wash everything, dust and rain are not the most harmless from the point of view of ecology. Moreover, the city of great chemistry is nearby!
        PS construction, renovation, modernization in the village, this is so eternal that I have already resigned myself. I have plans to put perhaps a generator, the mini solar power plant works, it is convenient when the light is turned off.
        In general, success in construction and forward to the village postorals!
        1. Svarog
          Svarog 26 July 2020 15: 39
          Quote: rocket757
          In general, success in construction and forward to the village postorals!

          I also go to this dream laughing Sometimes I want to give up everything and want to sell it .. but I’m stubborn .. I’ll finish building ... and a windmill, solar panels are great .. the less you depend on the state, the better laughing hi
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 26 July 2020 15: 46
            If you do everything yourself (make a plan / project, assemble and assemble some nodes) it is also beneficial. Not a freebie, but when they name the price of solar power plants, with installation, in hundreds of thousands, my ten spent seems ridiculous. The wind turbine will also make their old car generator! I will not buy this miracle for a hundred, another one.
        2. WIKI
          WIKI 26 July 2020 16: 21
          Quote: rocket757
          I have plans to put perhaps a generator, the mini solar power plant works, it is convenient when the light is turned off.

          Sometimes it even makes me happy that the lights are turned off. What are you doing all day and evening? Work, TV, computer. And when the lights are turned off, you are forced to become a bum. This is the very time when you can just calmly, take your time; lounging in a chair to think about something. I wanted to install an uninterruptible power supply, but out of self-pity, I changed my mind. And we plant our own on the ground not because we cannot buy. I am afraid of chemistry, which you just have to be close to, so as not to use it for growing products for commercial purposes. I want to die healthy. Today I visited my brother. He and many have again bees dying from the cultivation of fields by farmers .. Then this chemistry will be in honey. Is it someone at the top who cares. There, the main goal is to show "Kuzkin's mother" to the West, by trumpeting about high yields in the country.
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 26 July 2020 17: 00
            Quote: WIKI
            Is it someone at the top who cares. There, the main goal is to show "Kuz'kin's mother" to the West by trumpeting about the country's high yields.

            The boom is considered after the fact.
            Do farmers DON'T KNOW that there are rules for the use of pesticides ???
            Just an example from the locals, a friend has a father of a hundred and ary, an honored beekeeper! He insured the apiary / bees and when the local agricultural company threw such a pod on him, poisoned the bees, without warning, he turned to the insurers and .... really SOLVED THE QUESTION.
            For the injury, the bees were paid and the schedule of field cultivation, AGREED, he now has! If there are changes, they warn, which is easier, many have telephones, faxes. This is much cheaper than paying a bunch of fines and other joys that can be grabbed, even under our laws.
            You see, I can't stomach the current power, BUT, the slogan "the cat abandoned the kittens, it means ... it is known who is to blame" seems to me far-fetched, often not justified !!!
            And what about the HEAD themselves, just wear a hat ???
            It is clear, from everyone and everything, do not protect yourself, but much can be ... bypass from the side, t.s.
            Take the same wind generator! By law, it cannot be installed in a residential area! But this applies to propeller-type models ... there is another type of wind turbine that does not apply such restrictions! So I am going to do it, because it is almost impossible or very expensive to agree on the installation of the classic model.
            That's it.
            1. WIKI
              WIKI 26 July 2020 22: 28
              Quote: rocket757
              He insured the apiary / bees and when the local agricultural company threw such a pod on him, poisoned the bees, without warning, he turned to the insurers and

              I reviewed a lot of material on the Internet, but that would not be involved in the payment of the insurance, I did not meet. Compensation was paid either with a personal appeal to the court, or the administration of the territories at their own request.https: // gibel-pchel Or court -smert-pchyol "The Law on Agricultural Insurance with State Support (Federal Law No. 260) provides for the possibility of insuring bee families, but only against natural disasters and diseases. The so-called anthropogenic factor is excluded, while a potential insured event this summer was caused by the use of pesticides and chemicals ".
              Quote: rocket757
              he now has a field processing schedule, CONSISTENT!

              "Owners of bees must promptly notify rural settlements, neighboring farms about the location of their apiaries at the hospital and during transportation. It is impossible to do this, then it is necessary to isolate the hives: close the entrance with a net, pour syrup into the feeder, put water in. Open the entrance at night. The return movement of bees is possible after the flowering of the treated honey plants stops, but not earlier than 5-7 days after the end of treatment. " And it is not easier to prohibit the use of pesticides of 7, 10 hazard classes.
              1. rocket757
                rocket757 26 July 2020 23: 48
                Quote: WIKI
                Beekeepers, having received a notification about the upcoming pesticide treatments, must take the bees at a distance of at least 5-7 km from the cultivated fields, and if this is not possible, then the hives should be isolated:

                Not an expert, I understood that the bees are not allowed to fly away from the hive or are taken away.
                Probably last season it was insured, but an agricultural company or a farmer, that's not certain, a company is a farmer, it makes no difference to me. So there next to the "Gardens of Pridonya", which there are still not in the subject. And so, until September it will not work, she will probably come to the honey fair.
                But, he is a serious man, he is unlikely to joke like that.
                Yes, and he has super honey.
                Quote: WIKI
                And it is not easier to prohibit the use of pesticides of 1, 2 hazard classes.

                And here I am only FOR! But they won't ask us ...
    2. BAI
      BAI 26 July 2020 20: 10
      That's when the house is in the village,

      A house in a village is the most reasonable option. Land - 35 - 50 acres, with neighbors asses you do not push. When, in 1984, parents received 6 acres for free for a dacha, a house in the village could be bought for 350 rubles. A fatal mistake - they did not buy a house in the village.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 26 July 2020 20: 29
        The village house is good. But it is even better when there is a capital road and it is not far to large cities. Because big cities are an opportunity to have a good job, and the fruits of agricultural labor are much easier to realize. Our local products are in good demand among the townspeople. Even apples slightly spoiled by pests are bought with greater pleasure than beautiful ones in the store .... people understand that there is NO chemistry in them!
        And life in a rural house is not a problem at all now at the level of urban dwellings. When there is gas, then everything is quite simple ... if you have money, of course.
        We have this type, that ... but the prices of houses, plots, oh, how they bite !!! You can easily change for a good apartment in the city.
      2. Sergej1972
        Sergej1972 26 July 2020 22: 29
        If your parents in 1984 did not join a collective farm or get a job at a state farm, or work in any organization in the countryside, they would receive no more than 15 acres of land if they bought a house. And not the fact that a single site. Perhaps they would have received 2-3 acres near the house and 10-12 acres at a distance, perhaps a few hundred meters from the house. This is if they lived in a village, and not in a dacha association.
        Another option - it was possible to buy this house in the village, disassemble and reassemble in a summer cottage of 6 acres
        Until 1988, a collective farm yard could have from 20 (rare) to 50 (most common) acres of land, depending on the republic and local conditions, since 1988, according to the new Model Collective Farm Charter, the collective farms themselves determined this size.
        The Land Code of the RSFSR of 1970 consolidated the practice of individual land use for all categories of the population that had developed over the previous decades. Citizens could receive land plots for use on the basis of decisions of the administration of agricultural enterprises, industrial enterprises or institutions that acted as the main land users. At the same time, the following norms were established:
        for collective farmers - in accordance with the Charter of the collective farm - up to 0,5 hectares; permanent workers, specialists and employees of state farms - up to 0,3 hectares per family; workers, employees, specialists living and working in rural areas - up to 0,25 hectares; workers, employees, pensioners, disabled people living in rural areas - up to 0,15 hectares (Article 66). The size of the household plots, taking into account local conditions, by decree of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR could be increased to 0,5 hectares. Workers and employees who live in rural areas and do not have personal plots were provided with vegetable gardens with an area of ​​up to 0,15 hectares per
        семью (ст.69).
        By the way, I already wrote to you about this, in other words, for some reason you did not believe me and minus the answer.) Naturally, since the 90s. all these norms have ceased to apply.
        1. Sergej1972
          Sergej1972 26 July 2020 22: 48
          In non-chernozem villages, the situation is often common when houses stand side by side, in front of a house two or three acres of land. And most of the site is located a few hundred meters away. Another option is in the former state farm and some collective farm villages, when the house is two-apartment or four-apartment, again small plots right in front of the entrance to their part of the house and the main plots at a distance, sometimes quite large. My relatives have encountered all such options in practice. At one time, the parents had a situation like this - a garden of 3-4 acres around the house, more precisely, in front and on the sides, there were onions, garlic, berries, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, flowers, shrubs, several plums, cherries, apple trees, some potatoes the early ripening was planted. It is still there, and it is also used. There was a large plot of acres 30 meters 400 from our house, exclusively for potatoes. And there was a smaller plot, 10 acres, in a neighboring village, 4 kilometers from the house, potatoes were also planted there. Now, however, those two plots are owned by other people who are closer to them, and my mother and sister have a large plot of 50 acres right behind the house, behind the sheds. True, they actually use 15 of them, and potatoes, in turn, take up a smaller part. More cabbage, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, melons, watermelons. the rest is fallow or sown with grass. And 10 years ago there was more than a hectare, there was also a plot of land for the parents and a plot for the sister, allocated by the village administration for use, like other residents, in an unofficial manner. True, now these unofficial plots have passed to local farmers. But no one held on to them, many had not been processed for several years.
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 27 July 2020 00: 02
            We have a village, the former brigade number ** of the state farm. Plots up to 22 acres next to the houses. As in the cadastre "household plots for personal use".
            Naturally, people still cut their land for themselves, because around the beam, the inconvenience of the former eriks WERE. After falling asleep, leveled and used. As a child, I used to fish 30 meters from our fence, and now there is a full-fledged area.
            Now the plots are being divided and sold ... so on these halves such houses have been planted ... I cannot live like this.
            Yes, the land was inherited by me .... it took a long time and dreary.
        2. BAI
          BAI 27 July 2020 12: 48
          By the way, I already wrote to you about this, in other words, for some reason you did not believe me and minus the answer.)

          To me? In my life I have not put a single minus (plus, too).
          1. Sergej1972
            Sergej1972 27 July 2020 17: 50
            Sorry if I'm wrong. I am not offended by the minuses if they are exposed by those who disagree with me in their views. It is not clear to me when they sometimes put downsides for clarifying information of a reference nature.
  3. Stalker84
    Stalker84 26 July 2020 15: 24
    Dear author, you have intrigued me terribly with the "watering" pyramids oh. How does it work? Where can you read about the Indian planting system in general? By the way, about the acadesikrv. In the American TV series Chernobyl, Academician Legasov is shown as a kind of scared niche. But in life he was a strong-willed man and very well-off by Soviet standards.
    1. Aviator_
      Aviator_ 26 July 2020 15: 58
      This is not an "Indian planting and irrigation system". This agrotechnical technique - collecting atmospheric moisture for irrigation, was widely used in Crimea by the ancient Greeks in Chersonesos. Works where it is hot and humid during the day (naturally, this is not in the steppe Crimea, but on the coast), and cool at night. Here dew settles on the stone pyramids. For small areas, it is quite a budget irrigation option.
      1. Servisinzhener
        Servisinzhener 26 July 2020 22: 41
        At the beginning of the 20th century, this method was returned. The foundations of the Siebold's Cups are still preserved in Feodosia.
    2. kalibr
      26 July 2020 17: 41
      It is arranged simply: any stones, but preferably smooth, not porous, are folded into a round pyramid there so that there are vents between them. And that's all ... And where to read it? I will remember - I will write!
      1. Aviator_
        Aviator_ 27 July 2020 09: 11
        Estessno, not porous, as there moisture will remain in the pores, and it is needed in the ground. In the middle lane, almost all stones are smooth, there is no shell rock, which is good for this purpose.
    3. kalibr
      26 July 2020 17: 46
      I read about the Indian landing in the children's book "Bachikawa Cave"
  4. Van 16
    Van 16 26 July 2020 15: 34
    Good evening! Lilies are great, we also plant a lot of all sorts of different, beauty)) that's exactly the yellow one))
    And about the pyramids, I'm also interested.
  5. Dr. Frankenstucker
    Dr. Frankenstucker 26 July 2020 15: 37
    I did not know that the photos of flowers and other country crap on VO were in place. Damn, so soon the site will roll down to cats.
    1. kalibr
      26 July 2020 17: 37
      Alexander! The site contains a series of articles: Memories in Life in the USSR. Games and toys of Soviet children, food, clothes, interiors ... this is interesting, and people have something to remember, given that there are many military men who have traveled all over the Union, and who have changed apartments and dachas, and know a lot about that. that was at the same time in the North and that in the South. This is a collective memory of a country that does not exist and never will. You NEVER understand. So this is both informative and useful ... And you will read about military glands here more than once. Go to my profile - there are a lot of articles about them!
      1. Dr. Frankenstucker
        Dr. Frankenstucker 26 July 2020 18: 03
        I believed that the slogan "back to the USSR" on VO had a military-political content, and not sentimental nostalgic nonsense such as dachas and toys.
        1. kalibr
          26 July 2020 18: 23
          Quote: Dr. Frankenshtuzer
          I believed that the slogan "back to the USSR" on VO had a military-political content, and not sentimental nostalgic nonsense such as dachas and toys.

          You are mistaken. Anything that arouses interest and a positive reaction from readers takes place. Have you watched the rest of the comments?
          1. Dr. Frankenstucker
            Dr. Frankenstucker 26 July 2020 18: 35
            Quote: kalibr
            Have you watched the rest of the comments?

            not. And what's in there? Summer residents bragging about their gardens? Share compost recipes?
            1. kalibr
              26 July 2020 18: 51
              And in vain. Reading only yourself is a big mistake. And don't look down on other people. They, like you, have the right to their own weaknesses.
              1. Dr. Frankenstucker
                Dr. Frankenstucker 26 July 2020 18: 59
                Quote: kalibr
                And don't look down on other people.

                I didn't quite understand where I gave a reason to talk about arrogance.
                Quote: kalibr
                Reading only yourself is a big mistake.

                By God, it's funny to hear similar maxims about narcissism from you, comrade Shpakovsky)
                Quote: kalibr
                They, like you, have the right to their own weaknesses.

                of course. Nobody prejudices anyone's rights to weakness. But why here?
                1. kalibr
                  26 July 2020 19: 30
                  I see you want to quarrel with me? Not worth it. You still won't prove anything to me. And if something really bothers you - write to the site administration. Not for me. But this is really funny: "By God, it's funny to hear such maxims about narcissism from you, Comrade Shpakovsky" And I am already amused. You yourself wrote that you do not read the comments of other readers, although you should. For all my "narcissism" I read them all. And why "here" has already been explained to you. And with words and ... cons! Negative rating 7770 from May you need to be able to earn!
                  1. Dr. Frankenstucker
                    Dr. Frankenstucker 26 July 2020 21: 06
                    ... You yourself wrote that you do not read the comments of other readers, although you should

                    I read it without fail when they deserve it. There are a lot of subjects where comments are more interesting than an article - who, if not you, as an author, know this)
                    Swear with you? Come on, I just expressed my doubt about the appropriateness of all these summer cottages on VO, no more. You explained that gardening is acceptable on this site - thanks, now I'm aware)
                    I have no questions)
                2. kalibr
                  26 July 2020 19: 43
                  Quote: Dr. Frankenshtuzer
                  I didn't quite understand where I gave a reason to talk about arrogance.

                  With this: Have you watched the rest of the comments?
                  not. And what's in there? Summer residents bragging about their gardens? Share compost recipes?
  6. Lelik76
    Lelik76 26 July 2020 16: 23
    Father was given a dacha in 89 - there was just a forest (taiga) not far from the Angara Bay. So there were no problems with the wood and the original lumber at all. And now there is the same forest around, some pines were left on the plots. Berry, mushrooms, fern are finally within walking distance from the site (we have the penultimate from the forest). And from the city 8 km on asphalt.
    1. Aag
      Aag 29 July 2020 06: 08
      "And from the city 8 km from the city" ..
      Irkutsk, Alexandrovsky tract?
      1. Lelik76
        Lelik76 12 August 2020 13: 09
        Road to Melnichnaya Pad
        1. Aag
          Aag 13 August 2020 05: 01
          Thanks. I get it. drinks
  7. Van 16
    Van 16 26 July 2020 16: 55
    The concept of "garden" flew past my childhood, all summer - a pioneer camp plus a village with my grandmother. The garden appeared in 87, classic, Soviet six acres. But the place is cool, in the forest. So now I can't imagine life without a garden))
  8. Old26
    Old26 26 July 2020 16: 57
    Yes, you, Vyacheslav, know how to stir up your soul and make you remember the past. It would seem such a trifle as a summer residence. Grew up and went to school in Stavropol. There were three boys in the yard of 10-11 apartments. Until now, we meet from time to time, it was lucky that everyone settled in Stavropol. Two have changed apartments in high-rise buildings in decent areas for their own houses. Not often, but we are going to barbecue. Why am I doing this. In the 60s, when he came on vacation to his grandmother in Stavropol (his father was then serving in Ukraine), one of us (he was the only one) always spent at least a few days at his dacha. What then was the dacha of the average person? The same famous 6 acres. Small house where you could overcharge, outside shower. On a tree (EMNIP it was a pear) a comrade's platform was made, where we, the boys, had a rest during the day. The "mulkoy" of the dacha was a pool lined with wood with a depth of a meter and a half and an area of ​​0-12 meters. I don’t remember what was planted there for years.

    I ran into a "real" dacha on a business trip in the mid-90s in the Moscow region. It was necessary to deliver the cargo from the center to Vnukovo, and an acquaintance took me through the "back streets" of the Moscow region. And there, for the first time I saw with my own eyes, and not in the movies, the old cars near Moscow, about which you wrote
    I probably first learned about the fact that this happens from Gaidar's story "Timur and His Team", but I saw in the same film

    As for another time. The mother-in-law received a plot for a tacha somewhere in 1992-1993. Relatively close to the city. Near the village, which has now become one of the districts of the city. But the time was such that there was no time for construction. I had to survive. Therefore, the father-in-law put together a "hut 3x3 meters, sheathed it with boards. They kept inventory there, it was possible to hide from the rain. They dug a well (the water was close, it cost about 2,5-3 meters. Each of the summer residents solved their problems himself. Someone built a one-story a small house, someone two-story. Someone used the body from the PAZ bus as a country house
    Then the health of the father-in-law with the mother-in-law became worse, the dacha was abandoned, especially since before that someone had burned the reeds and burned the buildings. Although in the most difficult years of the 90s, she was helpful.

    Now my father sometimes regrets that when he moved to Stavropol, he had the opportunity to buy a dacha on the outskirts. Already with fruit trees, a house, electricity and water. Now, on Saturday-Sunday, it would be nice to get out to such a place, especially since now it is already within the city limits. But after the fight, they don't wave their fists.

    Those friends of mine who have summer cottages have already "gone" from planting potatoes. it's easier to buy now. And at their dachas they have strawberry (raspberry) bushes, a house, a swimming pool and a place for barbecue. So that you would like to come there to relax, and not work hard ...

    Quote: Leader of the Redskins
    My baht, like the rest of the depot workers, including the head, was allocated 6 acres on such a mixture of sandstone and loam that even people far from farming understood that potatoes cannot be grown here ...

    My father-in-law is from the Ryazan region, during the war they, the children, were allowed to survive with potatoes. Therefore, he treated him with reverence. Although, of course, there was no harvest year after year. You could take quite a decent potato as a crop, or you could take "peas"
    1. kalibr
      26 July 2020 17: 33
      I write about life, without embellishment, so, apparently, it worries. We, too, did not plant potatoes for two years, but in this one we planted a little for the "country soup". We are already digging a bush. The harvest is good so far.
  9. Catfish
    Catfish 26 July 2020 16: 59
    Well, thanks, Vyacheslav! hi The article is right for my wife, I called her, I read it right away and joins my thanks.
    A few photos from our gardening life. smile

    The last photo shows the "Cherepanov brothers' steam locomotive," built from half a gas cylinder and used to cook shashlik and "correct" pilaf in a cauldron. smile
    1. kalibr
      26 July 2020 17: 20
      You have a lot of land and a lot of land, which pleases. But the photos are springtime, aren't they?
      1. Catfish
        Catfish 26 July 2020 17: 25
        Not all, but a couple - yes.
        1. Pane Kohanku
          Pane Kohanku 27 July 2020 10: 59
          Not all, but a couple - yes.

          Uncle Kostya, where are the nymphs in the sheets on the pond? winkdrinks
          1. Catfish
            Catfish 27 July 2020 11: 52
            Nymphs are already in business, and do not think of something seditious, they plow in the garden and in general, all in different ways. wink
  10. Aleks2000
    Aleks2000 26 July 2020 17: 13
    ABOUT! family photos and flowers in the country. Where are the Seals?

    Kotikov! The very thing for VO!
    1. kalibr
      26 July 2020 17: 28
      I have them! My cat Barsya for a walk ...

      1. Aleks2000
        Aleks2000 26 July 2020 23: 48
        Fine! So serious!
    2. Catfish
      Catfish 26 July 2020 17: 34
      You are inattentive, there are Seals on guard of the property entrusted to them for the protection.
      If you want Voshnoy specifics - please, in the same place, two km away. from the village.
  11. 3x3zsave
    3x3zsave 26 July 2020 18: 04
    Thank you, Vyacheslav Olegovich!
    Good stuff, but unfortunately incomprehensible to me. I'm an urbanist, from the word "absolutely". request
    1. kalibr
      26 July 2020 18: 27
      Dear Anton! I, too, have been an urbanist for many years. When I got to the bought summer cottage for the first time, I whitewashed the apple tree and thought: "What am I doing here?" I don’t think so now. I just arrived, ate a plate of large, sweet raspberries with milk, and now I am writing another article. And for dinner there is cottage cheese with basil and olive oil and Italian zucchini pate. All his own, added strength, head - fresh ... People change with age!
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. Sergey Averchenkov
    Sergey Averchenkov 26 July 2020 18: 45
    In some ways we are similar to you, dear author.
  15. Van 16
    Van 16 26 July 2020 18: 53
    By the way. I don’t know how anyone, but I have this observation - the more I am, the closer to old age, the less area is devoted to, so to speak, healthy crops, tomatoes, cucumbers and other eggplants. And the more space you leave for ... well, let's say, for the soul. I planted junipers, thujas, a Christmas tree, there are no words about flowers at all, I made a playground, with a pool, a hammock, a sandpit .. today I bought a basketball ring, I don’t know where to attach it, but I’ll do it somewhere. Something like this ..
    1. kalibr
      26 July 2020 19: 40
      Ha! Funny observation and it makes sense. But it’s a little different with me: my daughter plants flowers in our country house, although not only flowers. I just admire them. I plant "greenery", potatoes, I know the "cock's word". But I love flowers, although I don't even know their names. But I have a lot of them, although they do not prejudice the "other eggplants". These are also ... full. I also like to work with my hands. Now I have made ventilated shutters on the windows from the heat, doors to the veranda. That is, it is also a place for needlework ... My wife planted two trees ...
  16. Korsar4
    Korsar4 26 July 2020 19: 51
    Interesting memories. And the methods of sowing and planting Native American are interesting.

    Kamazoglo's scale was different.
    Lomikovsky is considered the prototype.

    Master. And he successfully planted the forest.
    1. Korsar4
      Korsar4 26 July 2020 20: 06
      Kostazhoglo. Radish phone. Only supervision and control.
  17. BAI
    BAI 26 July 2020 19: 51
    In 1976, our old house was demolished (which my young wife really regretted, she liked it so much) and given an apartment in a stone house of four rooms.

    4-room, this is a family of at least 5 people. We have 4 - three rubles. Why 4 rooms, if not a secret? An additional room was reserved for doctors of science.
    became a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences - get a hectare of land near Moscow in the possession and build any mansions there!

    Or you can become an ordinary collective farmer and get half a hectare for a personal farm.
    Or a dissident - and get 2 hectares in the Abramtsevo nature reserve near Moscow (where Aksakov and where any construction is prohibited) and keep there a house where “25-40 people were constantly eating”.
    then why be limited, for example, only to food and clothing

    It is a pity that the topic about food is over. I picked up such photos from a book in 1957!
    1. kalibr
      26 July 2020 21: 26
      Quote: BAI
      It is a pity that the topic about food is over. I picked up such photos from a book in 1957!

      Not over, no ... just a lot of topics, so keep them with you - they will come in handy.
      An interesting question about the apartment. Person 5 - grandmother and grandmother and there are three of us: me, wife and daughter. So everything is according to the law. We were offered either two apartments, but then the grandfather and grandmother two, and we ... one (logic, right? "They are the owners of the demolished housing!") Or 4. They took, of course 4 ...
  18. Alien From
    Alien From 27 July 2020 10: 22
    Thank you for your articles, it's nice to read!))) "I fancied everything too, a secret movement in gloomy silence ....." Gaidar remembered for memory, don't scold .....) nostalgia ......)
    1. kalibr
      27 July 2020 10: 59
      And just when I write them, I try to imagine how people read them ... and I really see how ... (the forbidden word in VO) disturbs them, while others, others (like you) like them. And there are more of them than the first. And it pleases.
  19. iouris
    iouris 27 July 2020 10: 32
    Uncle Shpakovsky, are you ... a defender?
    1. kalibr
      27 July 2020 10: 57
      And YOU, too, at your leisure "sway the goats"?
  20. Alt 22
    Alt 22 27 July 2020 11: 37
    I know - the dacha will be!
    I know the garden will bloom!
    Our people are capable
    Do not sleep, do not drink, do not eat,
    Carry a brick under your arm
    Confused in debt for a century
    To build a nest for kids
    The devil has horns.
    1. kalibr
      27 July 2020 14: 00
      If this is yours, then +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
      1. Alt 22
        Alt 22 27 July 2020 17: 45
        Not mine, honestly stuck on the Internet, but I could not post it here)
        1. kalibr
          27 July 2020 19: 30
          Well, but to the point, which is also good!
  21. akunin
    akunin 28 July 2020 17: 00
    His dacha had an area of ​​only 3 (!) Weave
    I go out to my "gigantic" plot (I used to think that it was 4.2 acres, but the cadastral engineer upset it - 3.7 acres). The plots were cut in 1972, the gardens were considered thieves - the regional consumer union. Was younger - sharpened fangs on the neighbor's plot (I wanted a ranch), now the neighbor has abandoned the plot and sells it ... laughing
    The house is a shed for a sofa and garden tools, a toilet of the "outhouse" type - that's all that was there from the buildings

    not mine (for the atmosphere), my white from the old doors. on the account of the shed for the sofa I do not agree (sofa - four,
    Rosenlev refrigerator (Finnish, good)
    - two. In general, according to the old Soviet tradition, he took all the trash (there is even a "Ural 57" radio on the go) laughing
  22. xomaNN
    xomaNN 29 July 2020 21: 13
    The author hooked on a topic close to many. We also had it in the "half-starved" post-perestroika years. (Thank you Gorbi hi ) The salary of 2 engineers from the aerospace p / I did not allow to feed a family of 3 people adequately. And also, 30 km from the city, plots of 6 acres were allocated in a former collective farm field after reclamation. And it also began with a bench and a meter-by-meter hut. Then an iron box from a bread truck appeared. That was also an epic: it was necessary to organize a caravan from a KAMAZ and a truck crane. Given that, in addition to money, it was necessary to pay off with 10 bottles of vodka (it was already on coupons). And only in more normal years (1996) they bought a dacha with their parents in the city. 20 min from the final mountains. transport. There was already a 2-storey brick house, completely finished. But the previous owners did not use it. Therefore, no special trash and smells interfered. And we have already arranged a lawn with designer furniture. The garden and the vegetable garden allow you to maintain your tone. Without fanaticism.

  23. Zaitsev Nikolay
    Zaitsev Nikolay 1 August 2020 23: 34
    Well, isn't it cool? Where can you order a supply of technical water for a construction site? Found on the Internet the site of the Bioecosystems company, Does anyone know about the company?
  24. Zaitsev Nikolay
    Zaitsev Nikolay 5 October 2020 13: 20
    Cool how. I wonder where you can order the supply of industrial water to the construction site? Found the website of the Bioecosystems company, Are they doing their job well?