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S-300 in Greece: against whom were the Russian air defense systems going to use


Greece is one of the few NATO countries armed with the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system. This circumstance cannot but raise the question of how and against whom the Greeks are going to use this air defense system.

SAM S-300 strengthened the Greek air defense

Two divisions of the S-300PMU1 air defense missile system were transferred to Greece "by inheritance" from Cyprus. Back in 1999, Cyprus purchased anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia, for the deployment of which several military facilities were urgently built.

The emergence of such powerful air defense systems in service with the Cypriot army caused a sharp discontent in Turkey. The United States, which at that time still had quite acceptable relations with Ankara, also began to put pressure on Cyprus. As a result, the Turkish-American pressure led to the fact that Cyprus in 2006-2007. handed over the S-300 to Greece.

The Greek military command redeployed the S-300 from Cyprus to the Greek island of Crete. In 2013, Greece fired for the first time with the S-300, which became the first in stories countries by testing a Russian-made anti-aircraft missile system. Then the air defense missile system participated in the NATO exercises "White Eagle", held in Crete in the same year, while no questions from the command of the alliance's combined forces arose about this fact.

Interestingly, as part of the air defense of the Greek Air Force, the Russian S-300 air defense systems in the amount of 12 launchers are adjacent to the American Patriot (36 launchers), as well as the French Crotale NG / GR complexes. At the same time, the S-300 air defense system became the first anti-aircraft missile system in service with the Greek army, capable of hitting ballistic missiles.

It is worth noting here that although Greece is one of the key NATO members in the Mediterranean, this country has its own military-political problems that make it pay more attention to equipping its armed forces. We are talking about a difficult relationship with Turkey, which seems to be a NATO ally of Greece, but at the same time is considered by Athens as the most likely military enemy. It is a challenge for Americans to maintain peaceful relations between their two important allies in the Mediterranean region.

Possible enemy - Turkey

There is no doubt that the S-300PMU1 were acquired by Cyprus, and then transferred to Greece precisely for use against Turkey in the event of a possible military conflict. After all, Greece has no problems with other neighboring states that could lead to an armed conflict. Since Turkey has more military potential than Greece, Athens has always been concerned about protecting the country's airspace from the Turkish aviation... The S-300 complexes are quite capable of solving this problem, albeit in part.

The deployment of the S-300 air defense system on the island of Crete, which is not so far from Turkey, also indicates the intended purpose of using an anti-aircraft missile system. Since a conflict between Greece and Turkey, if it does arise, it will most likely be associated with the unresolved problem of Northern Cyprus, Greece needs a strong air defense of the island territories. In the event of an aggravation of the situation in the region, the S-300 air defense systems will be covered by Greek ships and aircraft moving between Cyprus and the Greek island territories.

Interestingly, the American leadership, which caused a scandal to the whole world over Turkey's acquisition of the S-400, turns a blind eye to the use of the S-300 by the Greeks. This fact did not even become an obstacle for plans to supply new F-35 fighters to the Greek Air Force, although, as we know, the United States refused to supply aircraft to Turkey precisely because of the purchase of the S-400. Meanwhile, Turkey, purchasing the S-400, immediately referred to the fact of Greece's possession of the S-300 air defense system. But the Americans were not impressed by the arguments of the Turkish side.
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  1. Eldorado
    Eldorado 22 July 2020 13: 16
    I'm afraid there might be some kind of mess.
    1. Finches
      Finches 22 July 2020 13: 19
      This is a weapon of defense, not attack, and the Greeks have someone to defend themselves against - from some aggressive brothers from NATO ... laughing
    2. alone
      alone 22 July 2020 13: 25
      Well, how to say ... Actually, in this region, the turmoil is not beneficial to anyone. Everyone can suffer from this ... imagine the general turmoil begins. The Turks close their straits, Egypt closes the Suets Canal. And that's all - to the world economy, which is already barely breathing because of pandemics, in general, it will be difficult. So I don’t think it’s going to get into a serious mess.
      1. Free wind
        Free wind 22 July 2020 15: 03
        Due to the fall in fuel prices, some shipbuilders go around Africa, if you do not take into account the time, then at current prices, it seems like it is more profitable than paying to Egypt. Egypt receives 6-8 lard for using the channel. Will not overlap. Turkey, at its borders there is a war, it itself takes part in the war. According to international agreements. at any time can block the passage of military ships through the straits, and ships carrying military cargo.
        1. mehan
          mehan 22 July 2020 18: 47
          We went around Africa immediately after raising the toll on the Suez. It turned out to be cheaper.
      2. Charik
        Charik 24 July 2020 00: 23
        Northern Sea Route as an option
  2. Cyril G ...
    Cyril G ... 22 July 2020 13: 20
    S-300 in Greece: against whom were the Russian air defense systems going to use

    Well, how is it against whom! Against the Turks, and who else!
    1. Charik
      Charik 24 July 2020 00: 24
      Mr. Obvious laughing
  3. Avior
    Avior 22 July 2020 13: 33
    ... The deployment of the S-300 air defense system on the island of Crete, which is not so far from Turkey, also indicates the intended purpose of using an anti-aircraft missile system.

    Actually, the island of Crete is remote from Cyprus, Turkey and mainland Greece.
    Not the best place for the air defense system, which is going to be used in the alleged by the author of the hostilities between Greece and Turkey
    1. Charik
      Charik 24 July 2020 00: 32
      yes, on the island, sabotage is more dangerous and from under the water from the water from the air you can catch it, although if only one complex is still cranky, it's better to cover Athens with them
  4. qaz
    qaz 22 July 2020 13: 35
    Another chaos!президент-рф-в-путин-возвращение-монумента-подвигу-русских-солдат-в-адлерском-районе-сочи?pt=AVBldGl0aW9uABrGZQEAAAAAXw0hq6JSYyAzODQ4YWRkYQ%3D%3D&source_location=topic_page
  5. Pavel57
    Pavel57 22 July 2020 14: 03
    Why would the Americans object, they and Israel flew over the S-300 perfectly to develop tactics for overcoming air defense,
  6. fn34440
    fn34440 22 July 2020 14: 14
    Whom did Greece not allow to train against the S-300 batteries and to inspect and study the mechanisms of the S-300 in detail, from Israel and the United States to Georgia and the Baltic sprodel.
    At the same time, aged traitors from the UkroVPK always take part in consultations and reviews, because they also have old Soviet S-300PT and S-300PS in service.
    So that I would not root for either the Turks or the Greeks, but wish success to both of these NATO members.
    1. paul3390
      paul3390 23 July 2020 14: 48
      There is a match Germany - Saudi Arabia .. The old Jew is watching him emotionally. They ask him:
      - Monya, who were you rooting for so much?
      - You know, until the last minute I hoped that both of them would lose ... laughing
  7. Prisoner
    Prisoner 22 July 2020 14: 26
    The Greeks themselves have no interest in stirring up the war. The Turks could, but today they have enough problems even without the Greeks.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 22 July 2020 14: 46
      Quote: Captive
      The Greeks themselves have no interest in stirring up the war.

      An excellent option to solve numerous political and economic problems
      1. Prisoner
        Prisoner 22 July 2020 14: 55
        what Dealing with the mess in the house by burning the house is, of course, a common method, but I do not think that the Greeks will dare. Although the NATO godfather can advise, for a certain fee, to play on the nerves of a zaberevshy Turk. Then the Greeks will have a hard time.
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 22 July 2020 15: 00
          Quote: Captive
          Although the NATO godfather can advise, for a certain fee, to play on the nerves of a zaberevshy Turk. Then the Greeks will have a hard time.

          The "game" is already in full swing. And the Greeks are quite lively.

          And at stake is not the approval of the "godfather", but a living denyuzhka. Hydrocarbons. By the way, Israel muddies more there than "godfather"
      2. Charik
        Charik 24 July 2020 00: 35
        Greeks will not sniff until the Russians give lula - kebabs
  8. smaug78
    smaug78 22 July 2020 15: 07
    Another delusional opinion of Polonsky
  9. mehan
    mehan 22 July 2020 18: 49
    Three hundred is not a threat or interest to amers.
    Yes, and they will extinguish it at the moment, than with a low-flying one.
    1. Tugarin
      Tugarin 23 July 2020 08: 56
      By itself, of course, will not pull. Yes, she does not have such a task. Air defense should be comprehensive and layered.
  10. Drugov
    Drugov 23 July 2020 20: 52
    And again the owl on the globe. Something incredible must happen so that these neighbors decide on a large-scale confrontation. The Turks already have problems above the rooftop to shoot themselves in the foot starting a conflict within NATO.