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India will receive four Poseidon P-8I anti-submarine aircraft

India will receive four Poseidon P-8I anti-submarine aircraft

Marine aviation The Indian Navy in 2021 will be replenished with four American Poseidon P-8I multipurpose anti-submarine and reconnaissance aircraft, but it does not intend to stop there. According to the Hindustan Times, the Indian Navy intends to purchase six more aircraft of this type from the United States in 2022.

The $ 1,1 billion contract for the purchase of four Poseidon planes was awarded in early May this year, following approval from the Indian Defense Procurement Board late last year. The planned sale of aircraft will take place under the US Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program of intergovernmental foreign military sales.

India intends to acquire six more American Poseidon P-8I anti-submarine aircraft in 2022, negotiations on the purchase are planned to be held in the near future.

As noted, currently, the Indian Navy is armed with eight American Poseidon aircraft received in the period 2012-2015. All aircraft are operated by the 312th Naval Aviation Squadron.

According to military sources, India used Poseidon for reconnaissance flights over the line of de facto control, which held the concentration of parts of the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA).
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  1. Kurare
    Kurare 21 July 2020 10: 14
    It is very, very unfortunate that there is no analogue in Russia. And we really need it ourselves, and not only for possible export.
    1. And Makarov
      And Makarov 21 July 2020 11: 35
      Your truth. We first need to decide which aircraft to build on. And there have been plans for a submarine for a long time.
      1. Pavel57
        Pavel57 21 July 2020 23: 11
        There are not so many platforms - Tu-204 or Il-114. It seems that they decided to remake the Tu-204 fleet.
  2. Piramidon
    Piramidon 21 July 2020 10: 17
    Replacement of the decommissioned Tu-142ME
  3. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 21 July 2020 10: 22
    12 th
    And Poseidon still had the option of detecting American nuclear submarines off the coast of India or could only be found at the pier in Bombay.
  4. mdsr
    mdsr 21 July 2020 10: 23
    In the background are two old Soviet Tu-142s.
    It is very, very unfortunate that there is no analogue in Russia. But we really need it ourselves

    Not that word. This has been trumpeted for 20 years. During this time, a lot could be developed. An analogue of Poseidon could have been made on the basis of the Tu-204 or Tu-214, but, unfortunately, the corresponding search equipment has not yet been developed.
    1. orionvitt
      orionvitt 21 July 2020 12: 49
      Quote: mdsr
      no corresponding search equipment has yet been developed.

      Come on. Until now, it has been developed, has been exploited almost since the 60s on various types of aircraft, both in the near and in the far sea zone, it is constantly being modernized, but here on you, it has not been developed. It will be necessary, and develop a new one, and update the old.
      1. mvg
        mvg 21 July 2020 22: 21
        It will be necessary, and develop a new one, and update the old

        On the site, as a rule, they do not express themselves, but, reading you, the question about a sore head is constantly spinning. Purely spontaneous. Nothing personal, just sympathy. Throwing off the card number for treatment is not necessary, I will not give it.
        1. orionvitt
          orionvitt 21 July 2020 23: 35
          Quote: mvg
          Throw off the card number for treatment,

          Leave it to yourself, it will come in handy. An extremely narrow-minded person can grind nonsense that systems for detecting submarines (and not only) have not been developed in Russia. Before that, they flew for 50 years, discovered, accompanied, and somehow normal. And with magnetometers, and with radars, and with hydroacoustic buoys, and with torpedoes, and all this in close cooperation between different types of troops. But people like you, as you probably know better, of course, you have everything "cotton country", nothing.
          Nothing personal, just sympathy
          For empathy, look in the mirror.
    2. Pavel57
      Pavel57 21 July 2020 23: 13
      It makes sense to buy Tu-142.
  5. Alien From
    Alien From 21 July 2020 10: 28
    Poseidons are very serious vehicles. Hindus are like an affectionate calf, they collect gesheft from all boobs ...
    1. orionvitt
      orionvitt 21 July 2020 12: 57
      Quote: Alien From
      Hindus are like an affectionate calf, from all the titties

      Let the Indians watch, whatever happens to Iraq, with their French radar stations, which in 1991 were turned off by pressing one button, from somewhere from NATO headquarters .. The Indians also risk, in the case of the USA, not being left with modern anti-submarine aircraft , but with a bunch of expensive, high-tech scrap metal. Moreover, Washington is not entirely satisfied with the Indians.
  6. Hydrography Bay Golden Horn
    Hydrography Bay Golden Horn 21 July 2020 10: 58
    Great plane. With the help of such Pakistan has locked all submarines in India at the bases
    1. bad
      bad 21 July 2020 11: 25
      Now India will answer.
  7. lopuhan2006
    lopuhan2006 21 July 2020 12: 19
    Maybe through India and for Russia we will buy 40 pieces?
    At the same time, E-3 and Hockey.
    1. mvg
      mvg 21 July 2020 22: 26
      buy 40 pieces

      It would be nice, but the price tag is the same as that of the TU-160M2. And I would consider the issue with the Japanese counterpart, it is more interesting.
      1. lopuhan2006
        lopuhan2006 22 July 2020 01: 11
        There is a god level) We have something more mundane. Of course, the situation with PLO aviation is sad, as well as with AWACS. At one time, they made a bet on the An-148, otherwise the Il-114 would have been closer. Well, okay, at least there is a storehouse. Once again, the USSR is helping out.
  8. Volzhanin64
    Volzhanin64 21 July 2020 12: 27
    I think that we ourselves need an updated submarine, but we should not sell it to "friends". In the export version, it is unlikely to suit buyers, but in the configuration for the aviation of the Russian Navy, it is not worth it, otherwise "friends and all will merge" with "partners"
  9. Koval Sergey
    Koval Sergey 21 July 2020 17: 45
    I see that India has taken seriously the strengthening of its anti-submarine forces.
  10. Vasyan1971
    Vasyan1971 21 July 2020 19: 19
    The $ 1,1 billion contract for the purchase of four Poseidon aircraft was awarded in early May this year.

    It will be funny if, at the most interesting moment, it all turns off due to some kind of sanctions ... wassat
  11. Radikal
    Radikal 21 July 2020 23: 25
    Quote: Pavel57
    It makes sense to buy Tu-142.

    The stump is clear - in addition to the T-34s from Laos, to redeem them as well, and generally a great idea to start redeeming, though our Soviet, but ... junk, which is on its territory, on abandoned storage bases and airfields, an unmeasured amount! sad