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Domestic large-caliber machine guns: the Soviet school


Russia was and remains one of the leaders in the world production of large-caliber machine guns. Heritage armory School of the Soviet Union gives an advantage in the field of creating reliable and ultra-efficient small arms.

On the channel "Kalashnikov Media" material was released, which tells about the development of the weapons direction associated with the creation of large-caliber machine guns. The development of this direction begins in the 20s of the last century. Then large-caliber machine guns were created as a means against enemy airplanes. Over time, such machine guns have become an effective factor against both manpower and lightly armored vehicles and shelters.

In 1938, a 12,7 mm DShK machine gun appeared in the USSR. This machine gun went through almost all armed conflicts at the end of the first - the entire second half of the XX century. These are the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, the Yom Kippur War, the Persian Gulf War and many others.

The Kalashnikov Media article describes this and other large-caliber machine guns, including the P-5, DK and KPVT. The narration is led by Ulanov and Onoko, experts in the field of weapons.

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  1. Catfish
    Catfish 19 July 2020 12: 14
    As for cocking the DShK with the foot - everything is absolutely correct. In our regiment on the T-54, these machine guns stood on the loader's hatch, it was impossible to cock it with a hand, turned their backs to the target, clasped the barrel and a sharp kick with their foot. Only our machine guns had removable handles for loading and they hung from the side literally on "toilet" chains, if anyone remembers the old plumbing fixtures of the sixties. But the thrill of shooting is awesome! Having shot a full box of 50 rounds at a target, I got off the tank like a drunk and without any vodka; the thick posts on which the target was attached were cut off to an edreni hair dryer. Not a machine gun, but a fairy tale! good
  2. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 19 July 2020 12: 41
    During the Second World War, the Red Army also had American 12,7-mm M2 machine guns ... there were not so many of them ...: 400 easel (infantry) pieces and more than 3000 anti-aircraft guns ... In aviation, the "assortment" is 12,7 -mm machine guns were, in my opinion, "richer" than in the infantry! "Before the war, a 12,7-mm Berezin aircraft machine gun appeared, which was going to be used in the infantry version, but the outbreak of the war prevented these plans ... however, a certain number of Berezin's 12,7 mm machine guns in infantry and anti-aircraft versions were used in the defense of Tula ...
    1. Vovk
      Vovk 19 July 2020 15: 44
      Quote: Nikolaevich I
      ! Before the war, a 12,7-mm Berezin machine gun appeared, which they were going to use in the infantry version, but the outbreak of war prevented these plans ....

      As for the infantry and anti-aircraft options, I read in the memoirs of the shooters of the IL-2 attack aircraft about their meeting with the weapons factory workers ... and so, according to the workers, there was a very large percentage of defects in the manufacture of the barrels of the 12,7-mm Berezin aviation machine gun ... therefore their production was enough for a maximum of aviation. Well, in essence, aircraft machine guns and cannons "worked" very badly on land, they required special cartridges, well, let's remember the problems with arming the T-60 aircraft cannon ...
  3. beeper
    beeper 19 July 2020 13: 14
    Well, why is it about large-caliber domestic machine gun of the SOVIET MACHINE-BUILDING SCHOOL - NSV (NSVT) "Cliff" Ulanov and Onokoi are not a word or a word (and they don’t talk about the Berezin-BS, Shpitalnoy-Vladimirov-ShVAK aviation machine guns, the Afanasyev-A-12,7mm multi-barrel machine gun why ?!) ?! smile
    Is the continuation of the "large-caliber serial" the dear Authors conceived ?! winked
    1. beeper
      beeper 19 July 2020 13: 56
      In general, of course, Ulanov and Onokoy are not satisfied with the demonstrated superficial knowledge (or the obvious inability to popularize them ?!) of the subject, do I really have a "deceptive" impression of a sort of impromptu "for fun" from this video ?! winked

      "The lads were walking along the street, they were bored, when-ba, this is a museum, let's go in, let's tell a thread about the first one that caught our eye, DShKM on Kolesnikov's universal machine-about him and" bungle vidos "without any preparation (that is, without any respect for your audience!) ... carelessly, we will demonstrate, takskat, dull crumbs of our knowledge ??!

      At least, for the beginning of the conversation, we touched on the basics of any weapon - its cartridge, domestic 12,7 mm (in short, at least, and what is its difference from the Browning one).
      If they were gutaring "about the DShK", they would have told about the shpagin drum-type feeding of cartridges to the DShK and the slider-to the DShKM, well, at least these basics (and readers interested in new details would have already "dug up" more informative information and videos for themselves) ! smile

      I believe that the declared topic . ... heavy machine guns: a Soviet school ... The authors of the video did not disclose at all and, probably, they should not have so pretentiously called their "tales about machine guns"! request
  4. Free wind
    Free wind 19 July 2020 13: 28
    I did not know before what DShK began to do before the war. There were very few of them unfortunately; Why there were so few anti-aircraft machine guns in the army, the question is The superiority of fascist aviation, this is not only a few of our fighters, but also a small number of anti-aircraft machine guns. For the war, 6000 pieces were made, this is a drop in the ocean. On tanks began to put anti-aircraft machine guns at the end of the war. Let's say Rudell's hind leg was shot from an anti-aircraft tank machine gun.
    1. Vovk
      Vovk 19 July 2020 15: 52
      Quote: Free Wind
      I did not know before what DShK began to do before the war.

      I was always surprised that for the air defense of the land division stood out only 9 pieces of infantry fighting complexes. Unfortunately, you can tell from the archives how many DShK machine guns were in the troops during the initial period of the war, and how many were in a pile in a warehouse.
      In general, there was a murky history with the DShK in the initial period, when they seemed to have done a bunch, but in real life, even the sailors after the combat exit handed over their DShK to other ships entering the battle.
      1. Igorpl
        Igorpl 20 July 2020 02: 33
        Courts, or will offend many
        1. Vovk
          Vovk 20 July 2020 09: 35
          Quote: Igorpl
          Courts, or will offend many

          Then there are warships.

          But I was always surprised by the fact that the country, which until the end of the war produced the outdated Maxim machine gun of the 1910 model, mastered it well in production, but on its basis it never created a serial large-caliber water-cooled machine gun for the fleet ... time borrowed their counterparts from the allies to cover the northern convoys.
          It turned out to be a paradoxical situation before the war ... the ground army and the navy had practically no air defense in the form of large-caliber machine guns.
          I have strong suspicions that the industry of the USSR even produced barrels for PTRD and PTRS with great difficulty ...
    2. max702
      max702 20 July 2020 10: 51
      In those years, there was no understanding of the role of such a caliber in the DB .. It was believed that 12.7 expensive, and 7.62 quite copes with the tasks .. By the mind it was necessary to build a dozen factories for the production of 12.7 machine guns and still it would not be enough for the war .. It later turned out that there is no air defense in the spacecraft as a class, as a result of which colossal losses from aviation were suffered. It is a strategic mistake in assessing threats on the battlefield .. So if yes, 12.7 would quite cope with 41g armored vehicles, and would not give an advantage to the German infantry destroying their main striking force MG-34 \ 42, and even from aviation losses by an order of magnitude less it was both on land and at sea .. A similar picture and in calibers in artillery everyone wanted to save the same 76.2 mm was considered sufficient for all occasions .. Reality proved otherwise and now we have less than 122mm, while the west has 155mm and has nothing. It is better to give once with a sledgehammer than a thousand times with a boot hammer ..
    3. serg.shishkov2015
      serg.shishkov2015 21 July 2020 10: 48
      We got acquainted with the power of DShK enti ,,,, back in Brest! only 7 Fritzes, including three officers, went to the second attack on the area where the DShK was stationed together with * Artsturms *! the rest were scared! there is evidence that the defenders of Brest knocked out one * Artshturm * with single shots from the DShK, with single shots, because only 7 cartridges remained for the DShK
  5. Cetron
    Cetron 19 July 2020 21: 21
    A good machine gun is the one that is at the right time in the right place. What is the use of creating a bunch of different machine guns when they weren’t in the army. The Germans have only two types and all troops are fully provided! The Americans have two types and a bunch in the army !!! Our only drawings in the factories !!! They fought with tanks with bottles of gasoline, although with 200t meters of DShK with an armor-piercing bullet at 41m they could fight almost any Wehrmacht armored vehicles. Could invent, could not do!
    1. hohol95
      hohol95 21 July 2020 09: 08
      The Germans have only two types and all the troops are fully provided! The Americans have two types and a bunch in the army !!!

      Announce the list of only two types of machine guns for the German and the American!
      Unless you include manual samples.
      1. Cetron
        Cetron 21 July 2020 21: 20
        The German has a single MG34 / 42 and a large-caliber MG131; USA - Browning M1919 and M1921 large-caliber, everything else from the evil one!
        1. hohol95
          hohol95 21 July 2020 21: 24
          large-caliber MG131

          Is this "trunk" land-based? Or aviation?
          What heavy machine gun did the Wehrmacht use?
          In large quantities !!!
          Do not offer ZB-60! And do not offer Hotchkiss M1929!
          Only German development!
          1. Cetron
            Cetron 21 July 2020 21: 58
            MG-131 was originally aviation, but was completely transferred to the ground forces after it was replaced by cannons in aviation.
            1. hohol95
              hohol95 21 July 2020 22: 07
              Wasn't MG-17 transferred to the infantry?
              They passed it on.
              Do not grind nonsense.
              Conversion of aviation weapons into land - ersatz! Full!
              The German did not have a large-caliber machine gun of his own design for use on land! Aviation only!
        2. hohol95
          hohol95 21 July 2020 21: 28
          Do you want to remember MG-151?
          In 15 mm version!
          1. Cetron
            Cetron 21 July 2020 22: 07
            MG151 / 15 was mainly used as an anti-aircraft gun on makeshift installations at airfields. He was not officially transferred to the troops.
            1. hohol95
              hohol95 21 July 2020 22: 09
              Didn't we use ShKAS on handicraft machines or UB Berezin?
              Used. And there are photos.
              And they also were not transferred to the armament of the ground units!
              These are simple wartime ERZYTS!
              Not an ersatz - DShK!