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Persons of the first Chechen war: "double basses", "crickets"

Persons of the first Chechen war: "double basses", "crickets"

The war in the Chechen Republic. The first Chechen. This year is the 25th anniversary of the most intense battles and major operations of the conflict, which was called local. And still there is no exact data on many events of the war, on the number of dead and wounded. Many Russian servicemen are still listed as missing.

Persons of the first Chechen war. They are different. These are 18-year-old conscripts. These are seasoned officers with Afghanistan behind them, with orders and medals on their chests. These are "over-conscripts", contract soldiers - "double basses", "crickets" who carried their load during the war in the North Caucasus.

Military contractor Alexander Sladkov tells about contract soldiers in his film. According to him, young conscript soldiers are more enthusiastic, more willing to go to war. But “crickets” are a special category. They already have something to lose - many families, children, certain plans for the future.

The film on the channel "Sladkov +" shows the simple way of life of Russian fighters who opposed international terrorism 25 years ago.
The video demonstrates smoking scenes. "Military Review", like the Ministry of Health, warns: smoking is dangerous to health.

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  1. mdsr
    mdsr 16 July 2020 18: 33
    Somehow the state began to be ashamed to recall these very participants in the Chechen war. Remember those who laid down their lives in order to preserve the integrity of the country. Just think how many young guys and grown men went through these hellish millstones of death. Land to you in peace, Heroes of the Motherland, intentionally forgotten and betrayed by worthless power.
    1. mdsr
      mdsr 16 July 2020 18: 41
      For me, the faces of the Chechen war are my godfather, seriously injured in 1995, who spent 7 months in the hospital and then was commissioned from the army for health reasons. These are generals Rokhlin and Romanov, who have earned the respect of their subordinates, showing the human face of our generals. This is Colonel Budanov, contrary to the order of the command, sent tanks for rescue to the soldiers who were ambushed and surrounded. These are the Pskov paratroopers who got in the way of the gang of Khattab and Basayev in the gorge. I bow to you all.
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      1. mdsr
        mdsr 16 July 2020 20: 30
        Quote: divanka2021
        and ... tolerate

        General rules of conduct on the site. Forbidden:
        m) Use of derogatory vocabulary or nicknames in relation to Russia and its inhabitants
    3. Grading
      Grading 18 July 2020 08: 42
      Don 100 48 OP business trip first Chechen pension from the state 3500
      1. GRANATE-19
        GRANATE-19 13 August 2020 18: 03
        This is not a pension, but monetary compensation for refusing benefits and half "for rent" ...
        I get it myself.
        1. Grading
          Grading 13 August 2020 21: 12
          For me it makes no difference what they call it
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  3. SARANCHA1976
    SARANCHA1976 16 July 2020 19: 35
    "Military Review", like the Ministry of Health, warns: smoking is dangerous to health. Here the boys would have laughed at such a joke
    1. Lynx2000
      Lynx2000 16 July 2020 21: 30
      Quote: SARANCHA1976
      "Military Review", like the Ministry of Health, warns: smoking is dangerous to health. Here the boys would have laughed at such a joke

      Our platoon commander said: "Smoking is dangerous to health and leads to death at night."
  4. divanka2021
    divanka2021 16 July 2020 19: 39
    10 th
    Quote: mdsr
    Remember those who laid down their lives in order to preserve the integrity of the country.

    which one? I just want to clarify, after the Belovezhskaya Pushcha four-year underdeveloped (sorry for the lack of independence) neoplasm? or until in the formal boundaries of the RSFSR? so Ichkeria did not enter there ..
    1. demo
      demo 16 July 2020 21: 09
      Ichkeria never entered anywhere.
      Ichkeria (Chech. Nokhch-mohk) is the name of the historical region in the southeast of the present Chechen Republic. Often Ichkeria mistakenly calls the entire territory of Chechnya.
      Although your message is clear.
      The purpose of this military operation is as follows.
      15 union republics had every right to secede from the USSR.
      Although the exit procedure was not prescribed.
      Autonomous republics at that time were part of the territories and regions.
      And they did not have such independence.
      During the existence of the USSR, all autonomies were incorporated into various territorial entities.
      The goal was not so much to keep (what independence could we talk about?) How to help develop competently.
      By the way.
      My senior comrade, mentor, the cleverest man, built and launched a furniture factory in Grozny, in Ordzhonikidze.
      And not only built, but trained and educated personnel.
      After the union republics began to separate, it was decided to raise all autonomous republics in status to state constituents.
      I can not judge whether this action is right or wrong.
      But Chechnya concluded for itself that it is not on the way with Russia.

      There is a small remark.
      Recently, media reported that in the city of Sochi, Russian nationalists erected a monument to the conquerors of the Caucasus.
      Which naturally caused a nervous reaction of Circassians, Circassians and even Abkhazians.
      Historically, the Circassians (a generalized nationality that unites many peoples) who did not agree to live "at the hand of the Russian tsar" went to immigration. Some to Turkey, and some further.
      The remaining ones swore allegiance and received all civil rights. And with them, responsibilities.
      But in relation to them it is impossible to treat as people in a low position.
      They are equal citizens of the Russian Federation.
      And do not poke your eyes with the fact that we "broke you over the knee."
      Broke. Yes they remember. But constantly reminding, in the form of a monument - this is not the case.
      The Chechens, in contrast to the Circassians, after the capture of Imam Shamil, decided to "sit out in the trenches."
      Thinking, at the opportunity, to deceive the naive Russians.
      And such a hope, from their point of view, they had at the time of the Nazi attack on the Caucasus.
      They considered that this was their "finest hour".
      How such naivety ended we know - the deportation of a whole nation.
      The entry of Chechnya into the Russian Empire is a rather complicated procedure.
      I did not come across materials that would shed light on this issue.
      But the fact that the Chechens laid down their arms, completed the gazavat, ceased to engage in robberies and killings, and during the First World War they took an active part in volunteers in the regular troops, says that they considered themselves citizens of the Republic of Ingushetia.
      This is not a simple story with Chechnya.
      And Ichkeria is a piece of Chechnya.
      1. Boris ⁣ Shaver
        Boris ⁣ Shaver 16 July 2020 22: 40
        Quote: demo
        But constantly reminding, in the form of a monument - this is not the case.

        In Tatarstan, in our Kremlin, an entire mosque was erected in honor of the imam who fought with the Russians so that Kazan would not become part of Russia. What should we do now?

        Quote: demo
        in relation to them can not be treated as people in a low position

        In any republic, the top is national. What a lower position here. Even where the number of Russians is comparable to the "local". It turns out that if you are Russian there, your prospects are cut off. This, for some reason, is not interesting to anyone.

        Quote: demo

        Is that what it's called now?
        1. demo
          demo 17 July 2020 07: 54
          It seems to me that we, Russians, are, not only in a hunched over state, but also in that state of mind when we do not want to straighten up.
          Not only are they not given, but we ourselves are lazy.

          All these "parades of sovereignties" had only one thing - to create a noise curtain in order to divert the attention of the people to war and loss of life.
          This is a time-honored tactic.
          When the "state, titular nation" (I put it in quotes for a reason) is absolutely rejected from its right to govern its own state, then we can say that national republics can only flourish with local chauvinism and exclusion of Russians from government.
          1. Boris ⁣ Shaver
            Boris ⁣ Shaver 17 July 2020 10: 52
            Quote: demo
            Russians, we are, not only in a hunched state, but also in that state of mind, when we do not want to straighten

            Quote: demo
            "state, titular nation" (I put it in quotation marks for a reason) is completely rejected from its right to govern its own state

            You will be thrown from one extreme to the other. We have perished on the battlefields for centuries, so that we’re not hunched before anyone. And they always succeeded.
            The point is the freedom that we traditionally give to our (I repeat - to our) rulers. And in how they manage it.
            1. demo
              demo 17 July 2020 18: 39
              I do not agree with you.
              In addition to two troubles of roads and weak-minded (Russia cannot be written otherwise), Russia has one more. Not a disaster, but a state of relaxation, or something.
              That's when the universal misfortune comes, then we, the whole world overcome it.
              And again we go into hibernation.
              All invasions, all military attacks on Russia, the Russian Empire, the Russian Empire, the USSR, we withstood and expelled the adversaries.
              But let's look at how the interaction of society and the supreme power developed.
              It would seem that for the fact that the people drove the Poles out of the Kremlin, for the fact that both princes and commoners in a single impulse liberated their land from the invaders, the tsar should have been grateful to them, "the coffin of life."
              That did not happen.
              There was a rapid increase in population control to speed up the collection of taxes.
              How to drive with excesses.
              Yes, with those that had to start a special order to "analyze complaints against strong people."
              Even the expansion of Russia did not occur as a result of a planned policy, but because of the desire of people to remain free, and to drain wherever their eyes look. Ie east.
              So we reached the Pacific Ocean, and then over the ocean jumped.

              Our relations with the authorities live on the basic principle - closer to the kitchen, away from the authorities.
              Army principle.
              And there is nothing surprising here.

              But I have not figured out the "representation of freedom to their rulers".
              No one has given such freedom to anyone as now.
              But what then to do?
              1. Boris ⁣ Shaver
                Boris ⁣ Shaver 17 July 2020 20: 23
                Quote: demo
                relaxed state

                Vasily Osipovich Klyuchevsky spoke well in this regard:

                “The Great Russian is sure of one thing - that it is necessary to cherish a clear summer working day, that nature gives him little convenient time for agricultural work and that the short Great Russian summer can still be shortened by an untimely unexpected bad weather. it’s time to get off the field, and then be idle for autumn and winter.
                So the Great Russian got used to excessive short-term exertion of his forces, he got used to work quickly, feverishly and quickly, and then to rest during the forced autumn and winter idleness. Not a single nation in Europe is capable of such an intensity of labor for a short time as a Great Russian can develop; but nowhere in Europe, it seems, will we find such a habit of equal, moderate and measured, constant work as in Great Russia. "

                But in vain you are collecting the habit of "long rest" and patience in one, and even so inappropriate term - relaxation. The first was taken apart. Now let's talk about the second.

                Quote: demo
                But let's look at how the interaction of society and the supreme power developed

                The poet said (through the lips of his hero): "God forbid seeing the Russian revolt - senseless and merciless." No matter how brilliant poet Alexander Sergeevich was, he could not understand the truth of these words for one simple reason - he was a nobleman and could not feel the true nature of such movements of the people's soul.
                But the meaning and background of ruthlessness is simple - to whom much is given, much is asked.
                The Russian people have always given their rulers tremendous power. This was necessary in the conditions of our country, which, due to the peculiarities of its position (on a plain open to all enemies, in a harsh, unfriendly climate) and dissimilarity to the countries around us (for example, in the matter of faith), could exist only thanks to the feat of its people . A feat in the fight against nature, in the fight against enemies. And a feat that has been accomplished for any length of time requires enormous patience and, which is also important, trust in the one who leads you to this feat.
                For example, precisely because of the described character traits, our soldier at all times was especially steadfast on the battlefield. It was because of them that our rulers received power over the people, unthinkable for European monarchs. But such, almost unlimited, power often corrupted our rulers. They turned it into harm, not for the good of the people. As a result, the people, who gave a lot to the authorities, could not stand it and, in proportion to what was given from the authorities, "asked".
                As a nobleman, Pushkin could not understand the size and seriousness of the debt of his estate. And therefore, he considered rebellion pointless and merciless.
                I hope that I managed to bring you to the idea of ​​what the patience of our people is and where it comes from.
                1. demo
                  demo 17 July 2020 21: 18
                  Gorgeous answer.
                  I love those. Like a cool dinner in a civilian restaurant.

                  It seemed to me that you had lost sight of the fact that the life of the peasant in the offseason was not so volatile.
                  To cut wood for the winter, dung, chop it is still a pleasure.
                  Harnessing horses to repair - this skill is not easy.
                  By spring, either build new equipment or repair old - time, material and skill are required.
                  Again, the house requires a master's hand. Without it, the house collapses.

                  The peasant has no time to sit.
                  But a minute stood out. There are no urgent cases.
                  And lay down on the barrel. And dozed off. When else is this provided?

                  My mother, 15 in the family, talked about amazing things about her father, my grandfather.
                  If at night there was a moon in the sky, and there were no clouds, then grandfather could not sleep.
                  He went out into the garden and dug up the earth.
                  And it was already Soviet power.
                  That is, the thirst to work, the thirst to manage to do as much as possible in that short moment called life.

                  Lyrics aside.

                  You can try to talk about the personality traits of a particular ethnic group only when you are a specialist in this field.
                  I am not one and I do not belong to them.
                  But can you judge the source by a drop of water?

                  Those. studying myself for almost 50 years (we do not take barefoot childhood into account), in view of how I changed, how my priorities changed, how my psychology changed, I observe interesting metamorphoses.
                  As a character, he was forced to abandon everyday pleasures and a quiet pastime for the sake of purposeful, sometimes too tedious actions.
                  But they were needed for me, living at this time in this place.
                  And like what previously seemed so necessary, gradually turned into a completely uninteresting empty lesson.

                  Just as a person in prenatal development transforms from a larva into a human individual, so a society in its development undergoes turning, transformational stages.

                  I will try to specify.
                  Mongol invasion of Russia.
                  Separated princes fighting among themselves. Killing subjects of their rivals.
                  There is no single community - the Russian people do not. There are specific principalities where "my house is on the edge."
                  Then 300 years of a humiliating and burdensome yoke.
                  And then not only the unifying prince appears, not only the cunning and businesslike figure, but a community of people appears.
                  Not the prince, at his whim, sent ambassadors of the Horde to such a mother.
                  He knew what he was doing and what happened.
                  He knew, clearly knew that there was a community behind him - the Russian people.
                  Those. a wonderful coincidence of popular support and strong-willed qualities of the prince.

                  Mikhail Romanov. Poles drove away. The people in their impulse did what others did not undertake to do.
                  But the king is uninitiated. Fainthearted. Seeking calm and solitude.
                  And the people understood - the king is far from the people. And the oppression of the very people began, thanks to which the king took his place in the Kremlin.
                  Peter 1.
                  The king is a reformer. A carpenter. The ship. Innovator.
                  He drove thousands of people into the swamp, where he decided to lay a new capital.
                  Battles won.
                  Shaved his beards.
                  The archers themselves chopped heads.
                  Yes, a despot. Yes - cool temper.
                  But the people understood the main thing.
                  At the helm of the country was a man who not only leads a state ship, but also knows the route.
                  And it's expensive.
                  And the people believed in the king. Although sometimes he got the "first number".
                  It was Peter who began to introduce serfdom, i.e. slavery.

                  We do not take women into account. Although they have done a lot for the country.
                  Reformer. Many of his undertakings, if they came to life, could benefit both the people and the state.
                  But the people of Paul did not have a clear idea.
                  And the people at that moment did not have a patriotic enthusiasm.
                  As a result, we have what we have.
                  Let's move on to the beginning of the 20th century.
                  Civil War.
                  The victory in it was determined not so much by the talents of the Red commanders as by the presence in the Red camp of precisely those who believed and walked towards a new life. Although he did not know for certain and did not understand what would happen.
                  The peak of the unity of the people and the authorities can be considered the time of Stalin.
                  This was most evident during the Great Patriotic War.

                  And then the decline.
                  And superimposed: on the apathy of the people, the hopeless stupidity of the leadership.

                  Let's move on to today. The completely ugly mediocrity - Yeltsin - is replaced by a business-like, sober, mobile Putin.
                  The people breathed a sigh of relief.
                  But the last president of the Russian Federation was not destined to "make a fairy tale come true."
                  He too cleverly began to create his empire in ours.
                  You know, there are such living beings who use someone else's body so that their descendants develop there and feed on this body at the same time.
                  This is how I see the situation with the people and with the person in a rather long history of my country.
                  Today's aspirations of the people, their aspirations run counter to what Putin is doing to the country.
                  And it’s not that he’s an evil will. He is far from the evil Absolute.
                  He is a program. It is aimed only at one thing - to completely reject the people from any opportunity to manage their own state.
                  And we are in the final part of this drama.
                  1. Boris ⁣ Shaver
                    Boris ⁣ Shaver 18 July 2020 01: 34
                    Quote: demo
                    the life of a peasant in the off-season was not so free

                    Undoubtedly, for a modern person, this is generally hard labor, not life. For me, a good illustration of the winter labor of a peasant was the story of a knowledgeable person about how much substance must be moved per day to ensure that the cow stands in the barn in winter (in winter, the cow does not go to herds). You pull buckets of water there, hay for food, straw on the bedding, you clean back and take out the manure and old straw, don't forget to milk while milking, etc. And if the cow is not alone? And this is just one of your many tasks for a short day of winter "rest".
                    But in the summer, the peasant, nevertheless, was much harder. So what happened in winter can be called a vacation. It's just hard for us to understand.

                    Quote: demo
                    There is no single community - there is no Russian people

                    It’s quite there. Princes - princes, and the people felt themselves united. Faith contributed to this in no small measure. It was the presence of this community that served as the driving force for the forthcoming reunification of the principalities into a state. If it were not for her, nothing would have happened.

                    Quote: demo
                    The victory in it was determined not so talented red commanders

                    In which deputies were often found former king's generals.

                    Quote: demo
                    The peak of the unity of the people and the authorities can be considered the time of Stalin.

                    By the 41st year, Stalin was in power even less, Putin today. People voting for Putin today had the 90s, but no matter how bad they were, they could not be compared to the civil war. And even if today, after 20 years, people still consider Putin’s merit worthy of the fact that we are not in the 90s, imagine how people in 41 who survived the civil war and daily thought about Stalin processed by much more powerful propaganda than today. Stalin then had a war, after which the number of his merits in the representation of many increased even more. But this does not mean that both then and now there are few sane people in the country. I think the unity of the people and Stalin, at least, is greatly exaggerated. Like the people of Putin today.

                    Quote: demo
                    You know, there are such living beings who use someone else's body so that their descendants develop there and feed on this body at the same time.

                    Great analogy.

                    Quote: demo
                    And we are in the final part of this drama

                    When the day was canceled, the peasants also thought. But 1833, with its Code of Laws on the State of People in the State, which deposed the peasant to the status of a thing in the hands of the owner, was still far ahead.
                    1. demo
                      demo 18 July 2020 06: 18
                      It is difficult for us to understand those who "just yesterday" built Magnitka and Dneproges. What can we say about earlier times.
                      The transformation of the social order over the course of one (last) century is simply enormous.
                      Because of this, many things seem to us either strange or wild.

                      Faith is such a thing, then it is not so easy to try on in any case.
                      I love Russian language. I am very interested in reading Russian proverbs and sayings.
                      They have the concentrated wisdom of the people, their true attitude to many things.
                      God will not betray, the pig will not eat.

                      As God is, so is the candle.
                      Whoever lies a lot, he swears a lot.
                      God sees the truth, but he will not say it soon.
                      Pray to God, but hold on to the good of mind.
                      Hope for God, but don’t be bad!
                      God endured and told us to.
                      God - whatever he wants, man - what he can.
                      God gave, God took.
                      Holy God will not help plow.

                      And so on.
                      Maybe a different principle worked after all?
                      One cannot explain everything by one single belief.
                      This is by the way.

                      I do not know for certain how the relationship between the Red commanders and their assistants, from the former Tsarist officers, developed.
                      Our propaganda has cleaned out everything that could help form an opinion on this issue.
                      Could and live, "soul to soul", and could "like a cat and a dog"
                      The fact that there could be such and such is beyond doubt.
                      But the main question was not where to strike, or where to reflect it from.
                      The main question is the question of achieving the ultimate goal.

                      I focused on the fact that the Reds had a goal - a bright future.
                      Thus, even the smallest deviation from the general line was denied.
                      The old past is an unacceptable solution.
                      But the opponents of the Reds could not offer anything like that, sparkling and light.
                      Only a return to the hateful past.
                      The ideological message is completely different.
                      Although it was the same on both sides.
                      The truth with faith was different.
                      The workers, the bulk of the future Red Army soldiers, were not an obvious champion of the Orthodox faith. And they were young enough.
                      Opposing them were at a more mature age. And faith, for them, was not an empty phrase.

                      After I put my party card on the table in the district committee of the party in 92, along with a statement, I had, after a while, a conversation with my mother.
                      And she told me about a very interesting family history.
                      One of her grandfathers (i.e. my ancestor) was a serf.
                      And his mother conveyed his way of life in detail.
                      In the summer he went to work.
                      I am not aware of his specialty.
                      But in the fall, he returned to his village and came to the landowner, to whom he gave tithes from his earnings.
                      This went on for several years.
                      In one of the parishes, my great-grandfather started a conversation with the landowner about what he would like to buy "free" for himself.
                      The landowner inquired about the reason for this desire.
                      To which he replied that he would like to marry. And he wants his children to be free from birth, not serfs.
                      The issue price is 5 rubles.
                      It was a lot of money in those days.
                      Made up a document. Paid the money.
                      And my great-grandfather, plucking up courage, asked the landowner to help him in matchmaking to a girl from a neighboring village. Which was also a serf.
                      The landowner, the owner of this village turned out to be the cousin of the landowner.
                      A day later, my great-grandfather, along with his already with the former landowner, drove to a neighboring village in a gig.
                      They bought a girl from a landowner.
                      They took her from her parents and got married in church.

                      I sat with ears hanging and listened.
                      And then everything boiled in me.
                      How so, I say.
                      After all, a serf is a slave, disenfranchised, a thing!
                      Something does not fit your story with the fact that I was hammered into my head during the lessons of Marxism-Leninism, the history of the CPSU.
                      And why didn’t you tell me about this before?
                      Mom was a very wise woman.
                      She said, and then you would have to live with this knowledge, but truly believe in what you believed in to this day?
                      Did you believe in building a classless society?
                      Did you understand that what you do is necessary for people?
                      But what if you knew about what happened 150 years ago?
                      And the fact that the events of that time were godlessly distorted?
                      How would you feel about those who are hanging on the walls of the district committee, city committee, regional committee?
                      You would start fighting for the truth!
                      And that would be your end.

                      Those. with age, a person begins to more easily choose from the array of information that is at his disposal exactly the one that not only helps, but also protects the younger generation from rash steps.
                      1. Boris ⁣ Shaver
                        Boris ⁣ Shaver 18 July 2020 20: 29
                        Quote: demo
                        serf - a slave, disenfranchised, thing!

                        Look at the surviving estates. Often the manor house is made of wood, and the church and school are often large brick buildings. And if the church was often built by the peasants themselves, with their own donations, then the school is almost always the merit of the landowner. Undoubtedly, not all landowners were animals. Many of them were aware of the responsibility for the people entrusted to them. They sought, among other things, to educate them, as the key to a better future. But the law that I mentioned was exactly what I wrote about. The fact that many landowners did not take advantage of the liberty given to them was their personal choice. And it was by virtue of that law that a neighboring landowner could forbid that girl to marry your ancestor. Previously, he did not have such rights.
                        I do not identify serfdom with slavery. On the contrary, I am glad that my people are almost the only one in history who did not get dirty in this shame. However, serfdom is also a very bad thing, bringing peace to the elite and suffering to the people.
                      2. demo
                        demo 18 July 2020 21: 03
                        I agree that not all landowners were Soltychikha. Some were counts of the Sheremetyevs. yes
                        But the bulk of the landowners was somewhere in the middle.
                        Although ..... This is already out of speculation.

                        And one more remark.
                        The abolition of serfdom highlighted an interesting problem.
                        People did not know what to do.
                        Previously, they were led by a manager.
                        And here no one forces you to do anything.
                        Serious troubles arose in the life of the people.

                        Somehow, a year ago, I decided to reread, not in a school presentation, but in full Nekrasov's poem "Who Lives Well in Russia".
                        Nekrasov’s style is heavy, but the narrative is exciting.
                        Read if you haven’t read.
                        I learned a lot for myself.
                        This is especially true of the period of the abolition of serfdom.
                        And highlights the problems that have arisen among the people and the state.
                      3. Boris ⁣ Shaver
                        Boris ⁣ Shaver 18 July 2020 21: 54
                        Quote: demo
                        The abolition of serfdom highlighted an interesting problem.
                        People did not know what to do.

                        Those who did not know what to do were especially cut into several pieces, and even in unsuitable places (swamps, slopes, etc.). This made it impossible to farm on the allocated land. And they still had to pay huge amounts of money for these pieces of swamps. Here any hands will drop. And this problem, it seems, was massive.
                        As for me, the analogies with modern lawmaking are very clearly traced: the law is adopted, by name and by the accompanying speeches of politicians, necessary and important, and the subtleties of its content, on which the practice of its implementation will depend, not only nullify, but more often even create the effect of the opposite of what was expected.
  5. Boris ⁣ Shaver
    Boris ⁣ Shaver 16 July 2020 23: 17
    Well, I’ll add a little more.

    Quote: demo
    a decision has been made to raise all autonomous republics in status to state constituents.

    States without sovereignty. That is how our constitution defines them.

    Quote: demo
    trick naive Russians.
    And such a hope, from their point of view, they had at the time of the Nazi attack on the Caucasus

    And she appeared in the revolution. And in restructuring. Only, for example, during perestroika, when this "naivety" was allowed to go especially far, the matter was not limited to gaining freedom from Russia. Some of them instantly combed their hands to seize foreign lands, and the militants entered Dagestan. Do you remember what goals they proclaimed in doing so? Dagestan, in their opinion, should have been just the beginning.

    Quote: demo
    Circassians (a generalized nationality that unites many peoples) who did not agree to live "at the hand of the Russian Tsar" went to immigration

    Well, actually, this policy, let’s say, was greatly facilitated by our policy regarding the Circassians. If this is not a series of efforts, there would not be such a massive relocation. No such active efforts have been made towards Chechens.
    1. demo
      demo 17 July 2020 07: 57
      If only a series of efforts were being made, there would not have been such a massive resettlement.

      The Circassians were more influenced by Turkey than the Chechens.
      Therefore, among the Circassians, reconciliation with RI simply could not be included in their plans.
      It is better to live in a foreign land than to obey the "giaours".
      1. Boris ⁣ Shaver
        Boris ⁣ Shaver 17 July 2020 10: 46
        Quote: demo
        Therefore, among the Circassians, reconciliation with RI simply could not be included in their plans.

        I will write more specifically than in the previous post: modern Circassians speak of genocide.
  6. Ros 56
    Ros 56 17 July 2020 08: 04
    Thanks for the sensible and competent explanation, I think many have read this for the first time. hi
  • Hikaro
    Hikaro 16 July 2020 21: 10
    What clarified decided sick ??? Ichkeria remembered! And how there they mocked the Russians, cut them out, drove them into slavery, and then received the Khasavyurt peace, and went to war in Dagestan! Do not stain with your filthy comments, the memory of soldiers who honestly gave their duty to the Motherland !!
  • The comment was deleted.
  • Boris ⁣ Shaver
    Boris ⁣ Shaver 16 July 2020 22: 30
    Quote: divanka2021
    Which one?

    The best in the world.
    Despite everything.
  • 2 Level Advisor
    2 Level Advisor 16 July 2020 21: 18
    Quote: divanka2021
    Quote: mdsr
    Remember those who laid down their lives in order to preserve the integrity of the country.

    which one? I just want to clarify, after the Belovezhskaya Pushcha four-year underdeveloped (sorry for the lack of independence) neoplasm? or until in the formal boundaries of the RSFSR? so Ichkeria did not enter there ..

    sickly .. right now I'll go to the farm for horseradish-vegetable .. and you follow me .. in small steps ..
  • Chonkin
    Chonkin 16 July 2020 21: 27
    The guys honestly carried out the order.
    Who is alive - health!
    Who is not - Eternal Memory ...
  • Million
    Million 16 July 2020 22: 35
    The video demonstrates smoking scenes. "Military Review", like the Ministry of Health, warns: smoking is dangerous to health.

    He laughed. In the film about the war, one must be wary of smoking scenes ...
  • Terenin
    Terenin 16 July 2020 23: 25
    This year - 25 years of the most intense battles and major operations of that conflict,

    Congratulations to colleagues on the anniversary hi ... his mother ... (March 2000, the village of Komsomolskoye, Urus-Martan district soldier ).
    Then the village was rolled out on a log, and Ruslanchik Gelayev was still missed. And to hell with him. We ourselves can’t imagine how alive they remained in that hell. Thanks aviation. And, it would not be known who captured whom.
  • tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 17 July 2020 07: 35
    The video demonstrates smoking scenes. "Military Review", like the Ministry of Health, warns: smoking is dangerous to health.
    Reminded! I'll go bum a cigarette and a kurna.
  • serg.shishkov2015
    serg.shishkov2015 18 July 2020 15: 31
    For me, the face of the Chechen war, lieutenant colonel of the Internal Troops Alexei Barinov! he won for my whole class! I myself have not seen, classmates told, during the First Chechnya, he was shown on TV. In Mozdok it was
  • Sergey Kovalev
    Sergey Kovalev 3 September 2020 18: 49
    The Chechen campaign is not over, our stupid predecessors started it, and we have to rake it up. There should not be a state within a state. even if this suits the Commander-in-Chief, the situation is changing that the Commander-in-Chief himself has ceased to suit the critical part of his army. Changing the Commander-in-Chief is not easy - but it is necessary and precisely from this that one should dance.