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The early tests did not pass: on the K2 Black Panther tank, they plan to change the transmission


South Korea plans to complete work on the main combat transmission this year tank K2 "Black Panther". The system did not pass earlier tests, which is why its development was required.

As you know, the modern battle tank K2 "Black Panther" was adopted by the South Korean army in 2014. It was developed by experts from the Agency for Defense Development (ADD) and Rotem (a division of Hyundai Motors) to replace the American M48 tank, which is in service with the ground forces of the Republic of Korea. I must say that the Koreans worked on the combat vehicle to fame, but the Black Panther was the most expensive main battle tank in the world.

The EuroPowerPack engine-transmission unit with the German MTU MB-2 Ka-883 diesel engine (engine power - 500 hp), manufactured by MTU Friedrichshafen, and the Renk automatic five-speed transmission, also from Germany, were installed on K1500. In addition, the tank is equipped with a gas turbine unit with a capacity of 100 hp.

Then the Defense Procurement Programs Agency of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Korea (DAPA) thought about the need to replace the foreign engine with a South Korean one, which was planned to be developed for the second round of serial production of the combat vehicle. However, as it turned out, the South Korean transmission S&T Dynamics EST15K did not meet the standards, so we settled on this scheme: a domestic engine developed by Doosan Infracore + German transmission from Renk. Such a Korean-German pair showed pretty good results on tests.

As for the transmission, South Korean specialists continued to work on it, in connection with which the start of the engine with a domestic transmission was postponed for three years - from 2017 to 2020. During 2020, the South Korean arms procurement agency plans to test the domestic transmission and determine whether to start mass production with it, or continue to refine it.

If testing is successful, the next batch of K2 Black Panther tanks will go into production with a fully domestic engine and transmission. This will be a great success for the South Korean military industry. Indeed, until recently, South Korea did not even participate in international arms exhibitions with its tanks, since the tanks were manufactured under an American license. Fully domestic-made combat vehicles open up new opportunities for the South Korean military industry.

Following the establishment of mass production with domestic engines, the cost of the tank may fall, which will allow not only to supply a large number of Black Panthers to the ground forces of South Korea, but also to organize an export line for the supply of tanks to other states. Indeed, now the export of K2 Black Panther is restrained, first of all, by its extremely high cost for the main battle tank.
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  1. Victor_B
    Victor_B 16 July 2020 10: 38
    Expensive prodigy turned out. However!
    One of the most expensive in the world.
    1. Fibrizio
      Fibrizio 16 July 2020 11: 54
      The satellite antenna was tuned to our ship in Busan so that the sailors could better show the TV set. For his services, a peasant with a signal meter took either 3 or 4 bucks (in recalculation). In 30 minutes of work. Everyone's jaw dropped (there was a warranty service, the owner didn't care, but we fell out).

      So for them this tank is no more expensive than for us a tank of 72 years old with the latest bells and whistles.
      It makes no sense for them to buy or rivet old stuff, they have money, and the country is small, they won't be able to press on with quantity. And the terrain is such that such wedges cannot pass. We need the notorious 15% better, albeit twice as expensive.
      1. blackice
        blackice 17 July 2020 05: 05
        At the expense of the RFP in South Korea, not everything is so rosy.
        No, they are high, but not so much as to compare the T-72 and K-2 PEs with the RFP ratios and their costs.
  2. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 16 July 2020 10: 49
    When Kim Jong-un combines both Koreas under the leadership of the North, these tanks will come in handy.
    1. Alex_You
      Alex_You 16 July 2020 10: 54
      Do you want South Koreans to be godlords?
      1. paul3390
        paul3390 16 July 2020 11: 16
        I wonder how southerners would have flourished if they had been declared a complete trade blockade for 70 years? But the Jucheans survived, and even Avon - they bombarded the nuclear bomb with missiles .. And you don’t rivet the microwave ... If Kimov hadn’t been riled like that, it’s still not known who would have lived better ..
      2. Sergey Averchenkov
        Sergey Averchenkov 16 July 2020 12: 47
        Well what are you ... I want them to be prosperous communists.
    2. mark1
      mark1 16 July 2020 10: 54
      So far, this tank is not in line with the Juche idea.
      1. svp67
        svp67 16 July 2020 11: 09
        Quote: mark1
        So far, this tank is not in line with the Juche idea.

        Which are not very different from the ideas of the southerners ... So that they work a sledgehammer, polish it with a file and fit
    3. unaha
      unaha 16 July 2020 11: 08
      "When Kim Jong-un unites both Koreas under the leadership of the North" - without going into the realism of such a development of events, why do you actually need it? Will this help the RF in some way?
      1. Tank jacket
        Tank jacket 16 July 2020 11: 09
        But is the unification of the two Koreas something that will hinder Israel?
        1. Volodin
          Volodin 16 July 2020 11: 47
          Quote: Tank jacket
          But is the unification of the two Koreas something that will hinder Israel?

          From the cycle "the surprising is near": even in the news about the South Korean tank in some incomprehensible way they fished out something about Israel laughing
          1. Tank jacket
            Tank jacket 16 July 2020 11: 52
            laughing I’m not on purpose, it somehow somehow came out ... recourse
          2. megafair
            megafair 18 July 2020 13: 28
            Quote: Volodin
            even in the news about a South Korean tank, in some incomprehensible way, they fished out something about Israel

            Both are US henchmen, so no surprise.
            Even the same tanks were in service with the M48
  3. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 16 July 2020 10: 56
    Quote: Alex_You
    Do you want South Koreans to be godlords?

    Was there such a thing in my post?
    1. unaha
      unaha 16 July 2020 11: 43
      And this is an old joke:
      Dad, at school they raise money to help the starving in Guadeloupe. Give me the ruble, please.
      Son, ”answered the pope,“ there are no starving people in Guadeloupe. ” They harvest two crops a year, there is a wonderful climate.
      The next day, the son again approaches his father:
      The school is raising money to help the Communist Party of Guadeloupe.
      Father gives his son two rubles.
      And why two, dad, they collect after the ruble.
      Take it, son. If there is a communist party in Guadeloupe, then there are starving people.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 16 July 2020 10: 57
    Now the export of K2 "Black Panther" is restrained, first of all, by its extremely high cost for the main battle tank
    Is this the only author? Who exactly can line up for a South Korean tank?
  5. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 16 July 2020 10: 58
    Quote: mark1
    So far, this tank is not in line with the Juche idea.

    Hong Kong is also different from mainland China, but this is one country. Hong Kong is China!
  6. Freedim
    Freedim 16 July 2020 11: 05
    (c) Mom bought a conic, and a conic without a leg ...
  7. dali
    dali 16 July 2020 11: 29
    Quote: Tank jacket
    But is the unification of the two Koreas something that will hinder Israel?

    Well ... the Israelis are not in vain worried ... they don’t need an even stronger competitor in the international market ...
    1. alpamys
      alpamys 16 July 2020 14: 14
      you probably don’t know, but the Jews have the same salad, the Renk, MTU and the Rheinmetal gun, the motor and the gun are licensed from America. wink
  8. Andrea
    Andrea 16 July 2020 11: 36
    Well, no creativity. To call a tank "black panther" is pathetic, but stupid. As if "pink hippopotamus" would sound, the enemy will be shocked and disoriented.
    We can arrange a competition. laughing
    APASUS 16 July 2020 11: 41
    It is interesting to read such Old. This is South Korea with their technical and financial potential problems, K2 Black Panther tanks with a transmission, and here everyone is starting to make armored vehicles. Estonia decided to become a tank power
  10. Free wind
    Free wind 16 July 2020 21: 21
    The author is trying to somehow turn everything around. They began to make engines, boxes do not meet international standards. What are the standards? The engines are made in Germany under license, they were quickly organized. The Hyundai tanks themselves can easily spank a hundred a year, which they demonstrated with the Panther K-2 of the first sample. Why such a powerful auxiliary engine of 100 horses is needed, this is a generator of at least 50 kilowatts. Probably in ambush, lying on its belly, the tank will be able to fire without starting the main engine. 50 kilowatts, it seems to me, is enough to support all systems, that is, the operation of the automatic loader, the work of turning the turret and stabilizers, etc.
  11. blackice
    blackice 17 July 2020 05: 12
    I read comms.
    It's boring.
    And such a question, how much will the K-2 PE become cheaper after the FS gets into it?
    How to fight without electronics?
  12. u123uuu
    u123uuu 17 July 2020 14: 40
    Slap a fugasin between the tower and the hull above the carrier and then the entire transmission with it will fall off