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Kofi Annan washes his hands

Kofi Annan washes his handsIt would seem that 13 years have passed since the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. However, people still continue to die through the fault of the Nato-Fascists, who organized the barbarism. During the clearance of the unexploded NATO bomb in southern Serbia, two sappers were killed. It was a cluster bomb killer. And how much more explosives lie in the long-suffering Serbian land! Already after the bombing, more than 200 people died from it. Who allowed this barbaric military operation, which continues to kill people after so many years?

One of those who did not even try to stop the hand of the aggressors then was the then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

And this year, the world community commissioned him as a new mission - the UN special envoy to resolve the conflict in Syria.

At first, it would seem, his mission had a chance of success. She was supported by the UN Security Council, Russia and China actively assisted her, and she accepted the proposals of Annan and the Syrian leadership. And in April, even a brief and fragile resemblance of a truce was established.

But ... that's it, what's the similarity? Why did this happen?

Imagine the unlucky cook: he put the pot on the stove, poured water, added salt and sugar, and stirred diligently. But nothing comes out of him - he forgot about the most important thing - to put cereals.

So the hapless peacekeepers "forgot" about the most important thing, without which the settlement is impossible: that the truce must concern both sides!

All this time we have heard in the west heart-rending cries that “it is necessary to increase pressure on the government of Bashar al-Assad in order to force him to fulfill Kofi Annan’s peace plan.” But, unfortunately, I have never heard: “We need to influence“ the Syrian free army so that the rebels fulfill Kofi Annan’s plan ”.

Always, no matter what happens in Syria, whether supporters or opponents of the government, ordinary civilians who are not involved in politics, or foreign journalists died - the West accused only one side - the leadership of Syria. It even went so far as some zealous media blamed Bashar Assad for the death of their closest associates on July 18. True, the United States did not support this version, and the State Department spokesman later even stated that he agreed with the suicide bomber who committed this.

But not one of them has ever condemned any bloody atrocities committed by “fighters for democracy,” even if they themselves took responsibility for their attacks. Like, they can, they are fighting for freedom.

So how can you hope for the implementation of any peace plan, if there is a game with only one goal, if only one side is forced to the world? Does the other side receive support - informational, political, and moral? It is clear that with such a "peacemaking" porridge can not be cooked.

So, what was the Annan plan and who tried to fulfill it?

The plan consisted of 6 points:
1) on the immediate cessation of violence by the government and opposition forces;
2) on the organization of the process of monitoring the situation in the country;
3) unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid;
4) on the support of the mission of the UN Special Representative and the League of Arab States Kofi Annan;
5) on the unacceptability of external interference in the internal affairs of Syria.
6) about the beginning of a broad national dialogue


1. The Syrian government has abandoned offensive operations against the rebels. The army had hands tied. And the terrorists continued their attacks on the soldiers and civilians - and there were more than 4 thousands of such cases of violation of the Annan plan by the rebels.

2. Syria hosted an observer mission. They were met here as friendly as guests. They were settled in the best hotels of Syria, and the soldiers, often risking their own lives, provided them with security. While the rebels several times subjected observers shelling. For example, when in the beginning of June, in the province of Hama, the rebels tried to arrange a provocation, the “second Hulu” - to massacre and blame government forces - observers who tried to come there to assess the situation - the rebels were shot at. After all, they were counting on a lightning success of provocation and did not want the lie to be exposed too quickly. Observers were also attacked in other areas - I personally saw the UN mission in Homs and the burned-out UN car in the Midan quarter — the rebels did, while the army defended and protected the observers - it was responsible for them.

3. As for humanitarian aid, Syria allowed the Red Cross mission to problem areas, but again, too often the mission was attacked by insurgents, particularly in Homs.

4. Kofi Annan himself was very hospitable to Syria - he was received several times at the highest level, by the President of Syria. He gave a press conference in Damascus, he was given all the conditions. His mission was welcomed by the leadership of Syria, despite the fact that it created many problems for the Syrian army. The rebels, from the very beginning, hesitated for a long time before at least formally accepting his plan, then, gritting their teeth, were forced to do so, but constantly stated that they refused to carry it out, under various pretexts.

5. Despite the fact that the unacceptability of foreign intervention is contained not only in the Annan plan, but is an inviolable pillar of international law, it is the forces hostile to Syria who blatantly violate this principle, supporting the Syrian militants, putting constant pressure on the Syrian government, introducing stifling sanctions. And the rebels, knowing that the people do not support them, and therefore they have no chance of defeating on their own, call on the West to introduce a no-fly zone over Syria. Just like in bled blood of Libya.

6. The Syrian Government welcomes the national dialogue. A new constitution was adopted in a nationwide referendum. Parliamentary elections held on a multiparty basis. Two representatives of the opposition entered the government - Kadri Jamil and Ali Haydar. These are those oppositionists who did not run through the bushes with machine guns and did not sit out in Turkey and Paris. These oppositionists waged a political struggle in their homeland, by legal means. But Western-backed rebel terrorists are not satisfied with such opposition. They killed the son of Ali Khaydar for the fact that the politician agreed to participate in the elections. And these scumbags from the very beginning were not going to conduct any negotiations, they openly declare that they need the head of Bashar al-Assad.

As we see, all the points of Kofi Annan’s plan strictly followed the Syrian leadership and refused to carry out “freedom fighters”.

And why did they refuse to carry out the plan, supported by the UN Security Council? So, they sensed the support of powerful forces, otherwise where did such self-confidence come from?

Of course, in such circumstances, the Annan plan could not work. The United States and Western countries, which formally supported the plan, agreed to this not without Russia's participation, from the very beginning expressed skepticism about him - but they wanted and want to blame for their breakdown not on their militants, but on the legitimate President of Syria.

Russia’s regrets about leaving Annan (first by V. Churkin and then V. Putin himself) were expressed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Syria, which accused the state of Annan’s mission of hindering the situation in the country.

And what voices in connection with this sound in the West?

The White House did not find anything better than ... blaming Russia, China and Bashar Assad for disrupting the mission of Annan.
Assad is guilty of not being surrendered to the mercy of the rebels and the forces behind them. Well, Russia and China are to blame for not allowing a new “crusade for democracy” to be launched yet and not giving permission for breaking another country with Tomahawks and cruise missiles.

In one of the previous articles, I wrote about the release of Italian citizens abducted by gangsters by the Syrian army and wondered if the Italian ruling circles would show elementary gratitude for saving the Italians? The answer did not hesitate to wait: Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi said that “Annan’s departure confirms the need for pressure on Bashar al-Assad.” Although the same minister thanked the Syrian army for saving the abducted Italians, from whom, by the way, the “revolutionaries” took away all the property, everything that they had earned in a few years of a contract in Syria. Mr. Terzi, why don't you declare the need to put pressure on the so-called "opposition"?

The French ruling circles that were actively inciting the conflict in Syria were also quick to join the general chorus: the permanent representative of France to the world organization, now the chairman of the Security Council, Gerard Aro, said that in his opinion the mission of observers should be curtailed. And this may mean that the supporters of military intervention will untie their hands.

Kofi Annan, who was out of Pilate’s hands and washes his hands, finally said that Assad “will have to leave sooner or later.”

Mr. Annan, we all have to leave once, and not only from the post, but someone leaves with his head held high, and someone - bent over, "with a tail between his legs."

Unlike the chairman of the previous mission - the observation mission of the League of Arab States of Sudanese General Ahmad Dhabi, who gave an honest report and was dismissed by Qatar pressure on Sudan - Kofi Annan could not leave with dignity and name the true culprits of his failure.

The people of Syria are concerned with the departure of Annan restrained and almost indifferent. Here people are worried about completely different problems. Here is your grief. After all, the rebels continue to kill, they do it every day, killing both the military and civilians. So, they shot one of the best civilian pilots aviation Syria, Feraz Asafi. This happened when he was driving along the road from the airport to Damascus. The terrorists ambushed. This is another bloody act from their plan to destroy the best national cadres ...

And yesterday, an attack was made on the Palestinian Yarmuk camp in a suburb of Damascus. The terrorists coolly opened fire on people. Killed 12 people, dozens of injured. This is revenge for the Palestinians not supporting the insurgency.

And in the village of Al-Khajeb, Aleppo province, an almost curious incident occurred. The rebels tried to undermine the building of local government. But one of the improvised explosive devices detonated at the time of its installation. There was an explosion, which killed all the unlucky bombers. Fortunately, there were no people in the building, and therefore, apart from the bandits, there are no dead. But the building suffered a lot of material damage.
And so every day: explosions, abductions, murders ... So many ordinary Syrians hope that as a result of Annan’s departure, the army will have more “hands free”, and it will be able to more resolutely fight terrorism. And compared to this, even the threat of external aggression fades.
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  1. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 4 August 2012 08: 41
    The impudent Saxons once again tried to push through this "eggplant" the permissions they demanded for crap democratization. It didn't work out. "Eggplant" took offense and left .. they did not let him carry out a repetition of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya.
    1. andrey586
      andrey586 4 August 2012 09: 01
      After Annan visited Syria and looked at what was happening there with his own eyes, he took the side of Russia and China, and the amers "asked" him to leave, and a more cynical and frostbitten man was appointed in his place.
      1. antiaircrafter
        antiaircrafter 4 August 2012 15: 00
        Quote: andrey586
        and will be appointed in his place

        I propose to appoint Kadyrov.
        1. Tatars
          Tatars 4 August 2012 17: 50
          Russia is slowly surrendering, does not supply weapons to Syria anymore, but the West supplies
          1. Plus 36,6
            Plus 36,6 4 August 2012 19: 36
            ALL download the TOR browser prog, all bypass the bans and create 3,5,10 accounts
            Verified and approved by the Neighbor!
            Let's give a shit to the marshals and administrators
      2. Uncle
        Uncle 6 August 2012 13: 14
        Quote: andrey586
        he sided with Russia

        Why did you decide this?
    2. beech
      beech 5 August 2012 12: 37
      but what we want, he is nobody, nothing depends on him, it would be wrong to scold this dude, everything comes from amers !!
  2. with
    with 4 August 2012 08: 46
    The thing is that in Syria the old is fighting the new. In this case, Assad should not be considered "old", but the "new" rebels. Western methods of influencing the situation and attempts to force countries to live according to orders, and if not, bomb immediately, look old in this story. This obsolete method is now undergoing testing with new trends, when the “old and new world" is invited to reckon with new realities and new centers of power that are entering into force. These new centers of power are paving the way for their difficult future, as we see with fights.

    The rebels, along with the Western powers, are precisely the outdated old. This follows from the fact that the West is ready to support and arm anyone, if only to prevent changes in geopolitics. This flawed method is part of the well-known divide and conquer. It is inherently very characteristic of the post-British world order and is only one more link in the chain of British sunset. The United States here is not the authors of this novel, but merely replicating the old British model.
    1. darig
      darig 4 August 2012 12: 32
      I agree that America is gradually weakening and losing its leverage over the world. Therefore, trying to wreak havoc wherever possible. So far, unfortunately, they have succeeded! Syria must withstand, otherwise the whole Middle East will blaze !!!
      1. wax
        wax 5 August 2012 16: 57
        America, unfortunately, is not weakening, but is trying to lay the foundations of its dominance for the next 50 years. The method is simple: while Russia and China are not able to fight the United States (except for survival, then nuclear weapons will be used), to crush all other countries. We would need to become as active as possible in South America as opposed to Washington’s Asian activity, until they figured out Iran and forced to keep a close watch on their backyards.
        1. darig
          darig 6 August 2012 04: 10
          You misunderstood me! I wanted to say that Americans are beginning to hate all over the planet! Thus, they lose the leverage of managing countries. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Americans to control the political elites of these countries. Having created chaos in a country or region, they destroy political institutions, people plunge into minor wars, and Americans take control of what they need (basic resources, strategic facilities, etc.). If they destroy the centers of power and establish control over resources, then they will continue to dominate the planet for the next 50 years or more. Chaos is the most effective weapon to achieve this!
          1. Che
            Che 6 August 2012 08: 26
            Hatred of amers just rolls over. If ordinary people can no longer tolerate their chewing gum in the box and in the newspapers. sick of their moronic life. wassat
    2. esaul
      esaul 4 August 2012 16: 29
      Quote: met
      In this case, Assad should not be considered "old", but the "new" rebels. Western methods of influencing the situation and attempts to force countries to live according to orders, and if not, bomb immediately, look old in this story.

      Greetings, colleague and happy to put a plus to such words! good
      1. with
        with 5 August 2012 01: 18
        Quote: esaul
        Greetings, colleague, and with pleasure I put a plus to such words

        Good night, I'm sorry that late, the content switched. and then fiddled with the router for a long time!)) bully
        But better late than never !!))) drinks
    3. Che
      Che 6 August 2012 08: 23
      Everything is mixed up now, Amers have been turned upside down - they have turned democracy into shit democracy, good into evil. How do they dodge scum. For the sake of power, they commit any crime. Assad is likely to restore constitutional order, destroy Amer’s rats and carry out extensive reforms.
  3. Petrovich-2
    Petrovich-2 4 August 2012 08: 47
    Kofi, my dear, you won’t wash your hands from blood, no matter how much mine.
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 5 August 2012 15: 24
      It was necessary to name the article K.A. Washes his hands again.
      KO's grandfather was leaked from the UN, now from Syria, and his hands are still black on top and white below.
  4. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 4 August 2012 08: 53
    Elena Thank you. America is the main terrorist center, which spreads around the world like cancer cells. If under Bush the terrorists fought with the amers, then today they carry out their orders, so you need to answer. Caffeine dumped, the place was vacated, maybe Zhirik will put in his place, and that is also an option. He will meet with the leaders of the Free Mercenary Army and explain to them the essence of the matter. But seriously, Assad extinguish these bearded without any mercy am
  5. vezunchik
    vezunchik 4 August 2012 09: 11
    The main task of the UN is to prevent Western countries from resisting! Every time - the same scenario!
  6. vol46an
    vol46an 4 August 2012 09: 16
    Since the fall of the USSR and the establishment of a unipolar world, the UN has become a branch of NATO.
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 5 August 2012 15: 26
  7. anchonsha
    anchonsha 4 August 2012 09: 27
    Yes, the UN was actually under the wing of the United States. All UN-led executives sang to the tune of the United States, although they were the largest debtors to maintain the UN itself. Kofi Annan held a strange position for some reason, as if implicitly and unintentionally taking the US position. So in the mediation between the Syrian armed opposition and the official power, he held the same implicit positions, accusing the official power of Syria of all sins.
  8. Pit Bull59
    Pit Bull59 4 August 2012 10: 15
    This is all because of the Merikans ... I don’t understand what the UN is needed for in its current form? To scratch your tongues? It seems to me, in order to restore the whole world against any one power.
  9. Archer
    Archer 4 August 2012 10: 27
    The UN has long transferred its functions to NATO
  10. volcano
    volcano 4 August 2012 10: 57
    Thank you Elena.
    Thanks to your articles, much more understanding comes of what is going on in Syria.
    I wish the people of Syria and Assad courage and success in the fight against terrorists.
    Thank God that so far we can block all attempts at military intervention, but the Syrians need to hurry.
    Sooner or later, these g ... ki will find a way to bypass the UN Security Council and enter Syria with their "peaceful" planes, tanks and very peace-loving US Marines
  11. rock09
    rock09 4 August 2012 11: 02
    The United States and its NATO allies could influence Annan’s departure, although Annan cannot be trusted because when he was UN Secretary General he allowed war in Yugoslavia
  12. surveyor
    surveyor 4 August 2012 11: 09
    The UN has long transferred its functions to NATO.
    This is a long known fact.
  13. Tsar Ivan the First
    Tsar Ivan the First 4 August 2012 11: 21
    the fact that Annan leaves means the way it should be, let him go, as the author said, he could not prevent the bombing of Yugoslavia. And then you thought that he would be able to stop "NATO AND SATELLITES" they are NOT and this did not happen request so we will wait for the Syrian Army to launch a full-scale offensive and defeat "NATO AND SATELLITES" in their country. GOOD LUCK TO you SYRIANS angry
  14. DNA
    DNA 4 August 2012 11: 22
    The UN, which was once created on the initiative of the USSR, became a real henchman of Western ideologies. Created once for the settlement of relations between countries, it is now a hotbed of war, to which the war in Yugoslavia confirms. The United States now has more and more influence over the United States, and why do we need such an organization that cannot cope with the conflict and lead both sides to a peaceful dialogue (although what a peaceful dialogue with terrorists and killers of the civilian population of their own country).
  15. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 4 August 2012 11: 24
    It is no secret that the main funding for the UN falls on the United States.
    They are doing very badly right now. Therefore, the UN is interested in strengthening greenery, and for this, the amers need to strengthen their influence on BV.
    That's probably all the arithmetic - "You to me, I to you"

    "People are dying for metal!"
    Money and nothing more, everything else is not important to anyone!
  16. patsantre
    patsantre 4 August 2012 11: 54
    "gouge another country with Tomahawks and cruise missiles"

    Immediately felt female letter
    1. Colonel
      Colonel 5 August 2012 11: 02
      This does not change the essence. Elena is smart.
  17. ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 4 August 2012 12: 20
    Kofi is over, right now everyone will go to the bitter ...
    1. Hysnik-Tsuzoy
      Hysnik-Tsuzoy 4 August 2012 13: 47
      Your coffee is consistent in the middle kind - in relation to Anan Fioletich - that's right. The middle-class policy is neither this nor that.
  18. sahha
    sahha 4 August 2012 12: 22
    On NTV this morning there was news that the rebels allegedly captured several tanks in Syria and something else, trouble ... not ice at all No.
    1. Hysnik-Tsuzoy
      Hysnik-Tsuzoy 4 August 2012 13: 49
      These tanks most likely from Turkey came under their own power and many other former Soviet heavy equipment hailing from Eastern Europe.
  19. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 4 August 2012 12: 24
    It should be noted that Annan often washed his hands. One assumption creeps into the mind - aren't those who are not at all interested in resolving the conflict in acceptable non-military ways asking for it? ..
  20. Shooter308ful
    Shooter308ful 4 August 2012 13: 33
    I can’t understand, if Assad supports the majority of Syrians, then why does this inside Syrian conflict last so long?
    For the benefit and tranquility of the majority of the country's population, the Syrian Armed Forces with all available means of fire destruction (excluding weapons of mass destruction) of the rebels should actively, systematically and continuously until completely destroyed. Example: Second Chechen.
    At the same time, not allowing any foreign missions there that do not allow the army to fulfill its combat mission quickly, efficiently and on time.
    Why did Bashar delay the solution of this problem so much, why does he look back at the "world community" washed out by NATO propaganda, which only plays into the hands of the protracted conflict in order to use the main "democratizer" of states - the missile and bomb strikes of NATO forces?
    So Bashar has little strength, and there is someone to ask, but Iran is also overlaid by the United States and its mongrel. Iran is waiting for a military strike by Israel, or aggression of all NATO forces after a cheap provocation.
    Russia and China remained. Isn't it time for us (Russia and China) to apply the same unified and active position to protect our strategic interests in the Middle East and further in the world as our potential common "friend" of the United States does?
    1. Che
      Che 6 August 2012 08: 33
      The sun is weak and poorly trained. The hands are tied by the active actions of the natofascists. The help of Russia and other countries is needed, understanding what the overthrow of the legitimate government of an independent country leads to.
  21. Bosk
    Bosk 4 August 2012 16: 04
    There are two ways out .... to fill everyone’s face or let them pound themselves thoroughly, Annan kicked it and washed his hands.
  22. Robin_3ON
    Robin_3ON 4 August 2012 20: 59
    MAVRA merged, will soon democratize Syria and Iran, everything goes to this or lead ...
    Russia urgently needs to build modern weapons and train fighters (specialists), but there is no money (money is paper exchanged for real resources), they are all in foreign banks, assets, bonds and other "securities" (analogue of a toilet). RUSSIA as a STATE and rich citizens of Russia who have assets abroad are on the hook !!! (Even the stabilization fund of RUSSIA and that works against RUSSIA). I think that WE ARE ALL WHO LIVES IN RUSSIA, (no difference what nationality and faith), we will soon start HEROICALLY crawling out of the deep ass where short-sighted (corrupt) politicians and other OUR "friends and well-wishers" have thrust us into. I think the "interesting time" is coming. It's scary not so much for myself, but for our children and relatives.
    Maybe I misunderstand something or set out incorrectly, but EVERYTHING that is happening in the world is definitely not to my liking.
    1. Bosk
      Bosk 4 August 2012 22: 25
      Everything is normal in the world ... the strong presses the weak to become even stronger.
    2. Varron
      Varron 5 August 2012 11: 31
      Here I am very solidarity with you, unfortunately. If you try to imagine a kind of general panorama of the world situation, you get something very bad.
  23. Robin_3ON
    Robin_3ON 4 August 2012 21: 59
    MAVRA (Kofi Annan) merged, will soon democratize Syria and Iran, all go to this or lead ...
    Russia urgently needs to build modern weapons and train fighters (specialists), but there is no money (money is paper exchanged for real resources), they are all in foreign banks, assets, bonds and other "securities" (analogue of a toilet). RUSSIA as a STATE and rich citizens of Russia who have assets abroad are on the hook !!! (Even the stabilization fund of RUSSIA and that works against RUSSIA). I think that WE ARE ALL WHO LIVES IN RUSSIA, (no difference what nationality and faith), we will soon start HEROICALLY crawling out of the deep ass where short-sighted (corrupt) politicians and other OUR "friends and well-wishers" have thrust us into. Putin and Medvedev are running all over the country, the bureaucrats do not have time to distribute podzhopniks. I think the "interesting time" is coming. It's scary not so much for myself, but for our children and relatives.
    Maybe I misunderstand something or set out incorrectly, but EVERYTHING that is happening in the world is definitely not to my liking.
  24. sd34rwesgf
    sd34rwesgf 5 August 2012 12: 12
    The authorities of our country have done a lot, but this is already too much.
    I generally accidentally found him
    Here is information about each of us, for example: relatives, friends, correspondence from social networks.
    And most importantly, it is accessible to everyone, I was really scared at first - you never know what moron there will climb
    Well, the truth is that you can delete all
  25. Pripyatchanin
    Pripyatchanin 5 August 2012 22: 56
    Double standards: the United States is trying to dictate its terms to the whole world, but does not even know what this could lead to
  26. The gentleman
    The gentleman 6 August 2012 17: 49
    thanks to the author. but democracy as always comes to us and the most unpleasant thing is that tomorrow it can knock on the door. Assad must be tougher or leave, but put in place a military man, not a traitor!