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The second BGK of project 23370G was delivered to Sevastopol for completion

The second BGK of project 23370G was delivered to Sevastopol for completion

image of the second boat of the series from KAMPO

The second one built for the Naval was delivered to Sevastopol Marine Plant for completion fleet large hydrographic boat-catamaran of project 23370G "Alexander Firsov". This was reported by the press service of the manufacturer "KAMPO" (Moscow region).

As stated in the message, BGK "Alexander Firsov" delivered to the "Sevastopol Marine Plant", where it will be completed. According to the plans of the enterprise, launching the boat on water will take place at the end of July, after which the boat will go to undergo the required tests. The launch of the boat in the Navy is scheduled for October this year. He will be part of the hydrographic service of the Black Sea Fleet.

BGK "Alexander Firsov" was founded in August 2019. He is the second in the series and the first production after the head boat Mikhail Kazansky, which became part of the Baltic Fleet in December last year. The boat is named after the hydrograph - captain-lieutenant Alexander Firsov, who served in the Great Patriotic War.

In total, according to the contract for KAMPO, a series of three boats will be built in three years. It is noted that during the design of the BGK all the most modern requirements of the Navy's High Command for ships of this type were taken into account.

Vessels of the 23370G project are designed for pilotage and hydrographic work, setting (shooting) and servicing floating warning signs, delivery of maintenance personnel, repair crews, food, fuel and other cargo to coastal facilities, including those located on an unequipped coast. Boats have the ability to quickly measure depths with the use of an echo sounder in places where floating signs are placed.

The modular hydrographic boats of the catamaran type of the 23370Г project are the new version of the multipurpose vessels of the 23370М project. The displacement of the boat is about 140 tons. Boats are built in the interests of the Navigation and Oceanography Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for use by the hydrographic service of the Russian Navy.
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