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The United States has found a buyer for the V-22B Osprey, which will help fight China


The United States is expanding the supply of convertibles Bell Boeing V-22V Osprey abroad. The other day, the US Department of State approved the sale of 8 convertibles to Indonesia. The contract value was approximately $ 2 billion.

Why do Indonesia convertiplanes

Indonesia will become the second after Japan buyer of American convertiplanes. The decision to purchase convertiplanes for the needs of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces was made in Tokyo in 2014, and in 2015 was approved by the American leadership. Now Indonesia has taken the path of Japan - another large island nation in the Asia-Pacific region.

For Indonesia, given its geographical specificity, tiltrotors are indeed a worthwhile acquisition, so the Indonesian leadership did not spare $ 2 billion to buy the Bell Boeing V-22B Osprey. The possibility of vertical take-off and landing, the ability to withstand heavy loads are very valuable for Indonesian conditions: on the 17 thousand islands of which this state consists, this type of air transport is optimal.

In peacetime, Indonesia will use tiltrotors primarily for emergency and rescue operations in the face of natural disasters, which occur quite often in the country.

US Marine Sergeant fires a machine gun from a convertible plane MV-22B Osprey

In addition, the Indonesian leadership expects to use the V-22B Osprey to combat radical groups that have been terrorizing the country for more than a decade. As you know, in Southeast Asia, as well as in the Middle East, there is a surge in terrorist activity of local branches of Al-Qaeda (banned in the Russian Federation).

Convertiplanes are the best suited for counter-terrorism operations of the Indonesian army, as they allow for the quick transfer of commando units to their destination. Given that militants often move between small islands, where they equip their bases in the jungle, the use of conventional aviation for counter-terrorism operations in Indonesia is more of a challenge.

What are the benefits to the United States from the sale of the V-22B Osprey

Since Indonesia is a long-standing US strategic partner in the Asia-Pacific region, Washington was also interested in strengthening the defense capabilities of the Indonesian state. And the point here is not only in jointly solving the tasks of combating terrorism in Southeast Asia, but also in confronting China. The US is trying to form an “anti-Chinese” belt around the Celestial Empire, a coalition that would include most of the states of the region, from Japan and the DPRK to Indonesia and even Vietnam, which has long-standing hostile relations with China.

If the situation in the South China Sea is seriously destabilized, then the United States will be able to use the military infrastructure of its partners in the Asia-Pacific region. The geographical position of Indonesia in this vein is already very favorable, and the appearance of the country's own convertiplanes, if necessary, greatly facilitates the solution of many combat missions on the islands of the South China Sea.

Japan Self-Defense Force Convertibles

Another undoubted benefit of the United States from the supply of convertiplanes to Indonesia is economic: Boeing will increase Osprey production by supplying convertibles not only to the US Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, but also to foreign armies. Japan, Indonesia, and the next in line may be other US allies, including, for example, the rich oil monarchies of the Persian Gulf.

But since the V-22 remains a very expensive technique, their acquisition will not be affordable for most states. Tyler Rogowey, the author of The Drive, believes that in Arab monarchies, where the boundaries between state and business are often very blurred, tiltrotor planes can also be used for civilian purposes, as fast, safe and high-quality transport for moving kings and princes from palaces to yachts, and so on .
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Twitter / US Pacific Fleet, US CENTCOM
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  1. Borik
    Borik 7 July 2020 15: 37
    Nevertheless, the Americans squeezed the Indonesians and it seems they will not buy our DRY. And then the State Department would not have approved the deal.
  2. Hwostatij
    Hwostatij 7 July 2020 15: 38
    250 million for the device? Rich Pinocchio ...
    1. Holgerton
      Holgerton 7 July 2020 16: 10
      In the West, military equipment, especially aircraft, is usually sold complete with a solid supply of spare parts, training for maintenance personnel and crews, weapons and auxiliary systems, additional equipment for on-site service, some stock of critical units (power plants, radar, OELS, avionics), as well as warranty service and those. support for 10-15 years.
      Hence, it happens that the cost of some new F-16s can reach up to $ 90-130 million per unit, especially if the purchasing country has not operated them before.
      There is a similar situation.
      1. Hagen
        Hagen 7 July 2020 17: 02
        Quote: Holgerton
        In the West, military equipment, especially aircraft, is usually sold complete with a solid supply of spare parts, training for staff and crews, weapons and auxiliary systems,

        What the buyer is willing to pay will be sold to him both "in the West" and any other seller. And it is absolutely true that the cost of a product should not be linearly compared according to publications of dubious sources without decoding the specifications of orders.
    2. Avior
      Avior 7 July 2020 16: 13
      The price of the contract is usually much higher than the cost of the aircraft itself.
      Spare parts, training, service and repair systems, stands, special equipment and more.
  3. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 7 July 2020 16: 30
    Substantial assistance to Australians. This happened famously among the Americans, one cannot but admit. The very sale of this junk is already a miracle, and even in the army, which will fight with a potential ally! Guys are able, they know how ...
    APASUS 7 July 2020 17: 04
    , safe and high-quality transport for moving kings and princes from palaces to yachts, and so on.

    Well, yes, is it safe? What they have been doing for 20 years and cannot finish it ...............
    In 2012, Osprey Park was declared combat-ready. At that time, the program pumped over $ 60 billion from the US treasury. And the convertiplanes themselves deserve unflattering reviews from the pilots and marines. In particular, it was believed that in case of equipment failure or defeat, it was virtually impossible to escape the crew.

    There is a certain amount of truth in this kind of bias. So, during the work and operation, nine tiltrotopes were lost, 39 people were killed. True, in these statistics there are only two combat losses. But in fact one Osprey was shot down - in January of this year in Yemen, in a raid by American special forces. Another K-plan fell in Afghanistan back in 2010. The Pentagon attributed it to the category of combat losses, but later it became known that the cause of the accident was a technical failure.
    1. Jack O'Neill
      Jack O'Neill 7 July 2020 18: 03
      > 350 units produced, of which 16 units were lost for various reasons (~ 5%). In my opinion, a completely safe car. The numbers don't lie.
      And considering that the device is technologically new, then ~ 5% is just a drop in the Pacific Ocean.
      1. Avior
        Avior 7 July 2020 18: 35
        Moreover, this loss is not only for technical reasons
        Osprey in fact took part in the hostilities
        1. forpost
          forpost 7 July 2020 18: 52
          Science doesn’t know about the brought down Osprey. On the contrary, on November 9, 2017, Yoshihide Suga, Secretary General of the Japanese Cabinet of Ministers, demanded that the United States ensure an adequate level of security for the Osprey convertiplanes used by the US Marines against the background of the fact that they are highly accidental.
          PS. Senator John McCain, - V-22 looks great ... when it’s not idle for repairs.
          1. Avior
            Avior 7 July 2020 21: 23
            Casualties are not necessarily shot down in battle
            And about avrtynost-
            Su-24 is considered quite difficult to pilot a machine and has a high accident rate. Only during flight tests were lost 14 Su-24 and Su-24M. After taking the aircraft into service, 5-6 accidents and catastrophes occurred annually, in particular, during the period 1988-1992, 27 aircraft crashed [1].

            Nobody refused even in that case.
            Aviation does not happen without accidents.
            1. forpost
              forpost 8 July 2020 09: 13
              In this case, the participation of the osprey in hostilities is no different from ordinary flights. What is falling so that way.
              1. Avior
                Avior 8 July 2020 09: 26
                How different
                Other flight conditions
                Under fire Or the threat of fire, there is a high probability of a hard landing, pilots are stressed, the load on them is different from peacetime, they don’t choose the conditions and time of flights, etc.
                1. forpost
                  forpost 8 July 2020 17: 29
                  want to say fear fall? Nenuacho, also an option ..
                  1. Avior
                    Avior 8 July 2020 18: 05
                    No, from extreme operating conditions
                    1. forpost
                      forpost 8 July 2020 18: 11
                      Well, if the device initially relies on such conditions, and it crashes from this, it’s better to have a helicopter .. although
                      1. Avior
                        Avior 8 July 2020 18: 37
                        And who said that they count on him for long-term extreme conditions?
                      2. forpost
                        forpost 8 July 2020 20: 09
                        if he was not counted on for military operations, then what is he for? dress technique?
    2. Grazdanin
      Grazdanin 7 July 2020 19: 08
      And the last accident was in 2017. With the introduction of new technology, and in this case a fundamentally new class of aircraft, losses are inevitable.
    3. APASUS
      APASUS 8 July 2020 08: 59
      Quote: Jack O'Neill
      And considering that the device is technologically new, then ~ 5% is just a drop in the Pacific Ocean.

      First flight March 19, 1989
      Start of operation June 13, 2007

      New, brand new
  • Vasyan1971
    Vasyan1971 7 July 2020 18: 32
    fast, safe and high-quality transport for moving kings and princes from palaces to yachts, and so on.

    And the usual helicopters are no longer listed? From "palace to yacht", anyway, it will be more agile on a helicopter ...
  • Gato
    Gato 7 July 2020 19: 31
    I also do not quite understand why helicopters are bad for them. V-22, albeit a pontoon, but far from the easiest machine in both piloting and maintenance. And for the spread of guerrilla warfare, some AC-130 complete with the same helicopters would be much better.
    1. Mitroha
      Mitroha 7 July 2020 20: 40
      No, well, you won’t sell the elephant laughing
      1. Gato
        Gato 8 July 2020 18: 13
        "Sell, buy and sell again - but more expensive" (C) laughing