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The operation to free Shatoy: the realities of the First Chechen campaign


In June, 25 years have passed since the end of the operation of the federal forces to liberate Vedeno and Shatoy from militants. It would seem that there is not much time on a global historical scale, but we have to admit that today in our country less and less is spoken about the battles of the First Chechen Campaign, and therefore less and less people know and understand what was happening in the country at that time.

On the channel of the war correspondent Alexander Sladkov “Sladkov +”, material was released that is dedicated to the events in Chechnya 25 years ago.

In May 1995, federal troops from the lowlands of Chechnya approached the mountains and virtually blocked all roads that led to the south. This allowed to cut several key communication paths of the militants. As a result, they were locked in the mountains.

General Troshev:

The troops reached their starting positions, blocked all gorges, entrances, exits, and now bombing and assault and artillery strikes are carried out on the congregations of militants located outside settlements.

It is important to note such a component of the campaign: often in the combat zone there were such journalists (including foreign ones), whose publications and reports became an important information component for the terrorists themselves. That is why the Russian officers involved in the planning of operations tried to evade direct communication with those reporters whose confidence they did not feel reliable. But there were, of course, those who, being at the epicenter of events, presented data on realities, bringing the cruel truth about the war.

Report by Alexander Sladkov:

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  1. certero
    certero 4 July 2020 11: 14 New
    Too little time has passed for it to be objectively discussed.
    1. Terenin
      Terenin 4 July 2020 11: 40 New
      Quote: certero
      Too little time has passed for it to be objectively discussed.

      Thanks to Sladkov for the video materials. It was as if he had been there again.
    2. sabakina
      sabakina 4 July 2020 11: 54 New
      Quote: certero
      Too little time has passed for it to be objectively discussed.

      And when can you objectively? In 100 years? You know a lot about the Suvorov campaign through the Alps? Sit in a hatch and do not shine!
  2. k174oun7
    k174oun7 4 July 2020 12: 59 New
    Enough time has passed to name and pay tribute to the heroes, defenders of Russia, and also to name and pay tribute to the traitors, bribe takers and other villains that General Troshev spoke about. But everything is hushed up by the actions of higher ideologists and legalists. And already the “new Russians”, high-thieves, villains and corrupt officials behind the backs of normal Russians in civilian life are doing every day what their unnamed and unpunished predecessors of the times of the Chechen war did. And some of them are the same.
    1. Lynx2000
      Lynx2000 5 July 2020 02: 15 New
      It seems to me that these "predecessors" of the so-called the creators of the "moratorium" in '95 and the "Khasavyurt Agreement" and now in power.
      There is a good song:
      Then was August '99. In the second round. In a couple of months, my demobilization will be exactly 20 years old. Shali-Kurchaloy-Agishbatoy, Ersenoy - Tsa-Vedeno, Vedeno, Dyshne-Vedeno, places traveled. From Vedeno, if I remember correctly the road to Chatoy via the Makhkety.
      Then, a few years later, a business trip with an o / authorized officer.

      Sladkov’s reports on his channel are a private initiative.

      Those who need it remember. If you look at the records of database veterans and participants, including those "database participants who have been traveling for a couple of days" with a "syndrome", it turns out that every 20th passed through Chechnya ... They remember.
  3. certero
    certero 4 July 2020 15: 38 New
    Quote: sabakina
    And when can you objectively? In 100 years? You know a lot about the Suvorov campaign through the Alps? Sit in a hatch and do not shine!

    I already read about Suvorov and his victories in the first grade. And you still don’t seem to know nichrome. So sit in the hole where you got out, you fool.
    At 95, NTV probably listened to Masyuk and assented, and now he patched up a patriot. Do you want more war inside Russia?
    Fresh wounds do not need to be picked.
  4. certero
    certero 4 July 2020 15: 51 New
    Quote: k174un7
    Enough time has passed to name

    Do you want to fight? So forward to the Lndr. No need to pick fresh wounds.
  5. BigBoss
    BigBoss 4 July 2020 16: 18 New
    All about that war was told by General Lev Rokhlin
  6. Arthur Schwartz
    Arthur Schwartz 6 July 2020 19: 50 New
    The operation to free Chechnya from the Chechens? And not only from them, before the war, under Dudaev’s power, people of various nationalities lived in Chechnya, a huge number of Russians lived in the same Grozny. But what is there before the war, after the 1st war, almost all of our Russian and non-Russian (I myself Dargin) neighbors were in the city. And now under Kadyrov there are almost no Russians (and non-Russians too), some Chechens. At the same time, the Chechens themselves flee from the Republic. So from whom and why were Chechnya freed?