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In the USA, a “mysterious” night training involving helicopters and tiltrotors is being discussed


Mysterious workout discussed in US aviation. It is reported that in the area of ​​settlements along the Oregon coast at night (local time) on July 1, a group of Osprey helicopters and convertiplanes flew at a fairly low altitude - about 20-30 m.

From a post on the American blogosphere:

It was quite unexpected. In the middle of the night there is a large group of helicopters and other aircraft. Many townspeople are now talking about this. When the buzz was heard, I thought the Chinook was flying. It was so loud that excited a lot of people.

In the publication of The Drive, citing an expert, it was reported that the aircraft moved at high speeds. From material:

There were several helicopters. People who live in that area report that their homes literally shook with a rumble. Local residents also say they have never seen helicopters fly so low and fast.

The same material notes an additional nuance of training: in Oregon and other states of the northwestern United States there are no aviation units with Osprey convertiplanes. The closest convertible base is located in southern California. At the same time, it is noted that at one time, convertiplanes were transferred to the Oregon area for conducting a training landing operation. This time, eyewitnesses do not report a landing.

“Mysteriousness,” as the American press and the blogosphere talk about this operation, adds that while the Pentagon has not commented on the exercises that have awakened thousands of Oregon coastal residents.

The Oregon Military Department even declined to comment even for American journalists, noting only that all aircraft located at the state’s bases were on the ground by 23:00 p.m.

After some time, statements appeared in the US media that helicopter training "in the region of the country's nuclear facilities" was planned in late June and early July in the northwestern United States. In particular, we are talking about training in the area of ​​the Columbia nuclear power plant (Washington state). However, this station is located quite far from the Pacific coast.
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  1. Samara_63
    Samara_63 2 July 2020 07: 44
    The 75th Rangers regiment is trained from land MTRs, apparently they want to capture the leader of a country, I think we can assume that the leader of this has a residence off the coast
    And so the 75 Rangers regiment over the past 2 years has seriously strengthened, 2 more battalions equipped with intelligence equipment of stunning ranges have been added, there are wiretap and scanning, and electronic warfare ... Apparently the role of the regiment has grown to the Delta level
    1. NDR-791
      NDR-791 2 July 2020 08: 21
      Heh, interesting version. But why scare people? They have few coasts, their ...
      1. Samara_63
        Samara_63 2 July 2020 08: 37
        Well, maybe the landscape is like
        If such a quantity of helicopters arrives, let alone convertiplanes, then it’s 100% MTR, Rangers, they started to train carefully, because the past is tragic, helicopters are the evil rock of the US special forces, Delta’s creator Charles Beckwith, being a Green Beret, fell 10 times on a helicopter in Vietnam, and in Iran in 1979, almost died when helicopter propellers cut open a fuel tank for a refueling tanker
        1. 5-9
          5-9 2 July 2020 13: 03
          STA, MTRs fly on brittle and mellow Osprey, which is enough for a couple of holes from AKM .... ???
    2. nPuBaTuP
      nPuBaTuP 2 July 2020 08: 33
      Police liquidated the self-proclaimed "Autonomous Zone of Capitol Hill" in Seattle, Washington. This was reported by ABC News. The dispersal of protesters and the cleansing of the "autonomous zone" took place on Wednesday July 1 by order of the mayor of the city.

      Well, as if there are other reasons they have .... all are fighting with niggas
    3. KCA
      KCA 2 July 2020 08: 35
      Well, the level of "Delta" is below the plinth, it is not so difficult to reach it
      1. Samara_63
        Samara_63 2 July 2020 09: 01
        I have a different opinion, its level is cosmos, nobody works like that professionally, this is primarily strategic intelligence, and when you need elements of psychological warfare (Syria, Georgia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Bulgaria) or anti-terror (leader Igil Baghdad)
        1. KCA
          KCA 2 July 2020 09: 08
          Perhaps all successful Delta Force operations are classified, but everyone knows about the epic failures whether Delta has anything even a little comparable to Operation Storm 333 by Alpha and the Muslim Battalion in 1979 in Afghanistan ? With minimal losses and 100% completed task?
          1. Samara_63
            Samara_63 2 July 2020 09: 24
            I do not comment on our operations, you mean the work of special forces, and Delta is not only special forces, it is built into the framework of the MTR, it is a mini-CIA completely autonomous organization, you do not understand the idea, are fixated on the work of the power component only
            Even the power plan of Charles Beckwith in the framework of the Eagle Claw operation was talented and amazing and quite feasible, helicopter pilots from the Marine Corps summed up, they were not ready for flying in the desert
            1. KCA
              KCA 2 July 2020 09: 31
              The idea is an idea, but there is a real result of the operation of the MTR, and it is customary to blame responsibility in any units of any country where helicopter pilots are to blame, where the wind blew from the wrong side, etc.
              1. Samara_63
                Samara_63 2 July 2020 09: 40
                Again you are not there
                Then in 1980 there was no MTR, MTR is completely the idea of ​​the United States, it is their ideology, so Delta has its own helicopters and pilots
                And so they are successful, I brought you above the country, there they put the right people, the head of the Alkaida and the igil were liquidated, and 10 countries including Russia hunted for them, and they got the US MTR
                1. KCA
                  KCA 2 July 2020 09: 50
                  Have you got it? Yes, and it looks amazing the elimination of the foster USA Bin Laden and Baghdadi, where are the corpses? It’s just that the MTR of Russia would have spent a lot of time and money to prove the elimination, since genetic examinations would have been carried out 100%, and the Americans, like, drowned and everything doesn’t grow together, somehow
            2. tikhonov66
              tikhonov66 2 July 2020 17: 16
              Even the power plan of Charles Beckwith in the framework of the Eagle Claw operation was talented and amazing and quite feasible, helicopter pilots from the Marine Corps summed up, they were not ready for flying in the desert

              - Well, of course !
              These same "pilots" are typical trousers of a "bad dancer", or "general frost" of the Nazi generals of 1941!
              After all, even Napoleon's power idea as part of his operation "March to Moscow in 1812" was talented and amazing and quite feasible - the intendants let down, they were not ready to supply the army during the Russian winter, on the territory completely ruined during the summer offensive, in the conditions hostile local population and total guerrilla war ... But otherwise, the beautiful marquise - all is well, all is well!
  2. Charik
    Charik 2 July 2020 08: 07
    Apparently someone worked at night
    1. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 2 July 2020 10: 33
      Quote: Charik
      Apparently someone worked at night

      Or they are going to work for someone. winked At least the mattresses have a manic need to eliminate Maduro, in relation to whom they unsuccessfully carried out a number of activities from the coup and physical elimination, to the attempt to organize the capture and removal to the United States. By the way, Bolton was kicked out of office precisely because of the failure in Venezuela.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 2 July 2020 09: 49
    At night, several helicopters flew low and at high speed. almost panic - who, what, why? The military is obliged to study day and night fulfilling various tasks. It is normal and not scary to smash cities and beat lonely whites, and in this case they suddenly got excited.
    1. iouris
      iouris 2 July 2020 12: 28
      Quote: rotmistr60
      The military is obliged to study day and night fulfilling various tasks.

      Such "training" of the military is subject to severe restrictions. If these things happen, then something out of the ordinary is taking place.
      The publication must contain hypotheses. Ichtamnet.
  4. Oleg83
    Oleg83 2 July 2020 12: 53
    Oregon is the main state of American anarchists, as well as a large number of antifa
  5. L-39NG
    L-39NG 8 July 2020 21: 31
    Not so long ago, they also trained to export from the Moscow Kremlin, in nets under helicopters, and why?