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In the exercises over the disputed territories near the borders with China, India involved the Su-30MKI fighters


Indian media reported that the country's air force conducted large-scale exercises in the airspace near the border with China. The Indian Air Force planes carried out the tasks assigned by the command over the Ladakh region, where clashes between the forces of India and China took place a few days ago. Then both sides suffered losses.

Instead of moving on to de-escalate the situation in the disputed region, both sides continue to take measures that may lead to new problems. Thus, India accuses the Chinese side of continuing to build new infrastructure off the shores of Lake Pangong. Indian at the same time aviation appears over the region, trying to make China understand the seriousness of his intentions.

According to Indian press reports, Su-30MKI fighters were involved at the final stage of the Air Force exercises. According to some reports, some of them appeared over Ladakh with aircraft-based BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles. At the same time, no official reports on the "demonstration" of BrahMos rockets have yet been submitted.

Against this background, the opposition political forces of India accused the country's defense minister Rajnat Singh of "failure to organize patrols and defense in the Galvan Valley." The country's defense ministry called on people not to politicize defense issues and not try to earn political ratings in the difficult situation near the borders with China.
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  1. Nikolay Ivanov_5
    Nikolay Ivanov_5 28 June 2020 14: 04
    now stupid children will play matches
    1. Doccor18
      Doccor18 28 June 2020 17: 11
      now stupid children will play matches

      Far from being stupid and not at all children. China has been energetically redesigning its military over the past 30 years. Now is the time to conduct reconnaissance in force. Reconnaissance - big, combat - small. At the same time, to decide who is worth what, to draw conclusions about their own capabilities and to check the Indians "for weak". India feverishly answers the calls, but the nerves of the brahmanas are at the limit ...
      1. Nikolay Ivanov_5
        Nikolay Ivanov_5 28 June 2020 17: 15
        And taking into account the incessant losses in all areas of its leadership, only the United States is profitable to push such titans foreheads.
        1. Doccor18
          Doccor18 28 June 2020 17: 18
          The United States would be happy with the war between them, but
          pushing such titans foreheads.
          not so simple. Yes, and it is doubtful that the Americans tried here. The Chinese decided to play muscle.
          1. Nikolay Ivanov_5
            Nikolay Ivanov_5 28 June 2020 17: 21
            Where the Americans are not looking for and who just do not push in the confrontation with China. In vain they will not call China the enemy number 1.
        2. Nosgoth
          Nosgoth 29 June 2020 07: 07
          Probably the United States forced the narrow-eyed to climb into the disputed territory as at home, right?
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 28 June 2020 14: 17
    Well, all right, the superintelligent Brahmins brought the situation to a tough standoff on the brink of war. And what do the wise Chinese do? Who knows what they share in the mountains? And in general, did this area go to China after the occupation of Tibet? Or annexation? wassat
    1. Kosh
      Kosh 28 June 2020 14: 48
      There are no borders defined since the time of British India. The de facto fact that India considers its own is that the British drew on maps at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, while no government in Beijing recognized these border lines, starting with the Qing dynasty before the 1911 revolution.
      1. Nosgoth
        Nosgoth 29 June 2020 07: 10
        Many borders with post-Soviet states are also not fully recognized officially, so what? Do you now need to enter the troops on their territory and build military bases?
        China just goes nuts on the quiet, and is building itself a regional dictator with the prospect of expansion ...
        1. Kosh
          Kosh 29 June 2020 11: 35
          If the borders have not been defined at all and the parties cannot even agree where exactly in certain places the not fixed line of actual control runs, then why did this territory become "theirs"? That is, there, due to the inaccessibility and remoteness of the high-mountainous regions, in many areas there was a situation that for years both Chinese and Indian patrols went to the same places for years. As a result, both sides wrote that this was the zone of their actual control, and when these patrols crossed, clashes arose. In recent years, due to the development of infrastructure on both sides, there are more and more alpine camps and more and more patrols, so clashes have occurred more and more often.
    2. donavi49
      donavi49 28 June 2020 15: 04

      Well, there is more to the principle. Both countries want to become leaders, and if you step back, no one will take such leaders seriously. Well, among themselves - it’s worth giving 100 meters there, as in the other the same scenario will also go.
      1. Tusv
        Tusv 28 June 2020 20: 03
        Quote: donavi49
        Well, there is more to the principle.

        If I were a Yankee, I would add fuel to the fire between 3,5 lards of the world's population. Both of them to the Kremlin. Ice cream sea, Modi is a little easier. Tanks and planes. Both countries are definitely not "partners"
  3. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 28 June 2020 14: 27
    Another fight of the Nanai boys. Window dressing ... I do not believe (s).
    Are they also fighting with sticks and stones in the air?
    And right away, somehow everyone forgot about the riots in Hong Kong and about the murdered black man ... Bravo, well done ...
    1. Ravil_Asnafovich
      Ravil_Asnafovich 28 June 2020 17: 38
      Do you want a full-scale war? Me not.
  4. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 28 June 2020 18: 13
    Quote: Ravil_Asnafovich
    Do you want a full-scale war? Me not.

    Ravil, welcome hi I do not want a conflict and did not want to offend your feelings. I just wanted to note the supranational management of the alleged "conflict". In my opinion, this is a lightning rod, the same as with Kim Jong-un, when the aircraft carrier SGA moves to the shores of North Korea. Simple crowd distraction ... bully
    You just have to alternate, so that the crowd hawala ... Here Kim, there Yemen, then, China and India, in turn. And people hawala ...
    So happens supranational governance crying
  5. Africaner79
    Africaner79 29 June 2020 00: 17
    Indians have not yet received from the Chinese