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Greetings. Is not news, not an article, but a story, true or not, you decide. I wrote it back in 2014 in the wake of the battle for Slavyansk, but I did not publish it, I don’t even know why. Maybe at that time it was impossible to surprise anyone with such a story, but now it’s a different time, and we began to forget. To forget how the Ukrainian Nazis bombed the cities and towns of Donbass, how they killed civilians, including children. In general, you are the judge.


Serega was fifteen. He lived on the outskirts of the glorious city of Slavyansk. An ordinary kid, one in millions. He studied at school, loved mathematics, but in physics was not the last. What else? Oh yes, he liked to “cut” into computer games. After school, he ran home, threw a school backpack and, forgetting to change clothes, plunged into the world of “Stalker”, “Call of Duty” and other shooters. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the computer world replaced the real world for him. There, behind the screen, he became a stalker, a warrior, explored other worlds and, together with other fighters, smashed hordes of fascists or aliens.

All the latest news about the "Maidan" in Kiev, about the executions of people passed by the mind of Sergei. School and the world of computer games occupied all his time. Speeches in Kiev, a referendum in his hometown, the outbreak of war - everything flew by. But the war was inevitably approaching ...

First, Sergei dismissed his mother and older sister, who asked him to go to the grocery store: “I'm busy!” But one night, hearing the sounds of flying shells and tears, the quiet crying of his sister and the prayers of his mother, he realized: in this house he is the only man who can and must protect his women. He's a man! What is a man doing? That's right: he protects his family and provides it with products. It's time to become an adult!

Slavyansk fired from all sides. Artillery, Grad, aviation. Walk down the street, and not just walk, run - it was already a feat. And he consisted of not dying and bringing food and water to the house. After all, you live on the outskirts, and the troops in which your former compatriots are serving are hammering in there first of all.

Sergey was running. I ran for food, then for water. He deepened the cellar, where mother and sister hid during shelling. He was a breadwinner. He also ran to roadblocks, brought water to the militia - however, they drove him out of there. There is no place for boys on the front line.

He even asked the militias who defended Slavyansk from the Nazis of the Ukrainian flood. Did not work out. They said: son, grow up a little more, and then come on to us. Sergei was not upset, because his primary task was to save his mother and sister.

And then hell came. One day the militia left Slavyansk, and on the same day the APU Grad shell hit the house. Sergey went to get water, while mom and sister were in the house. They did not have time to go down to the cellar. Seeing the ruins at the place of the house, Sergey rushed to the ruins. Peeling his nails, he threw away bricks, not noticing that his fingers were bleeding. Everything was in vain ...

Having pulled his relatives out from under the rubble, Sergey transferred their bodies outside the house to the garden. Finding a shovel in the barn, he dug a hole in the garden. Shallow - enough to be enough for two. He pulled out the remains of window curtains from the ruins of the house, into which he wrapped the bodies. Gently laid them at the bottom of the grave and sat next to it. Hands did not rise to fill them with earth ...

Footsteps were heard from behind. Sergey turned around.

- Ek, that's how, Serezha, it turned out ... Come on, help. - A neighbor, Grandfather Slava, an almost ninety-year-old veteran of the Great Patriotic War, came closer. - You are this, granddaughter ... you cry. - Grandfather sank heavily next to Sergey. “A tear, you really need it.” She relieves pain. - Grandfather took a handful of earth in his palm and threw it into the grave. - May the earth rest in peace! And you cry, it will be easier. And your mother and sister are in paradise, they are innocent killed. Do not be afraid for them, everything is fine there, but you have to bury them. It’s a pity that there are no priests, but this is not a problem, I’m going to church, I’ll hang out. - Grunting, grandfather got up from a pile of fresh land.

- Come on, Sergey, we will bury your family, as expected. Throw a handful of earth, say goodbye.

Sergei, as if in a dream, got up, typed in the palm of his hand damp earth and threw it on the bodies of his relatives.

- Grandfather Glory, but doesn’t it hurt?

- No, son, they are not in pain, they are not here, their bodies are just here.

Grandfather took a shovel and began to throw earth at the grave. Sergei stood nearby and silently watched his relatives cover the ground. I wanted to cry, but there were no tears. There was a void, which every minute more and more filled the soul. He stood like this all the time, while Grandfather Slava fell asleep and made a neat mound over it. I woke up only when my grandfather put a shovel on the ground and spoke.

- Come on, son to me, we will spend the night, and tomorrow we will make a good cross, and we will establish it on the grave. I have material, too, for myself a shore, but it’s obvious that it’s not fate ...

But Sergey silently shook his head, and then said:

- Grandfather, you go, and I'll stay here.

- That's right, son. - Grandfather ran his hand along the Serezhkin whirlwinds. - Sit, say goodbye, and I, if anything, will be near, call.

He went limping towards his house.

But Sergey was not going to call him. He silently crouched near the knoll. The shower was empty. Everything he believed in disappeared in an instant. Everything disappeared: the house, the family, there were only the ruins of the house and a neat mound hiding underneath those whom he loved more than his life. Clasping his hands over the mound, Sergei pressed his cheek to the ground and mentally said:

- Mom, Oleska, I will come to you soon. You wait for me there.

And then it broke through: tears flowed in a stream, irrigating the earth, but Sergei did not notice them flowing down his cheeks, he said something, promised something to his relatives lying there, under the cover of the earth. In this state, his grandfather Slava found him, who almost by force took Sergey to his home, where he put him to bed.

And in the morning a battalion of the new National Guard of Ukraine entered the city.

The morning sunshine first timidly made its way into the gap between the curtains on the window, and then brazenly ran right over Sergey's face, forcing him to wake up. Running his hands over his face, driving away the insolent ray, Seryozha opened his eyes and looked around in bewilderment.

He was lying on a bed, on a feather bed, under a duvet, and around him was a completely unfamiliar room. On the wall opposite the bed, there were two black and white photographs depicting a young man in military uniform during the Great Patriotic War and next to him a smiling woman, apparently a spouse.

Not having time to properly examine the photo, Sergey heard footsteps and a soft cough, and after that Grandfather Slava entered the room. He caught the eye of Earrings and, smiling, said:

- It's me with my wife, Maria Semenovna. We read, we fought together for two years. She was a sister from the medical battalion, and I served in intelligence. Together we liberated Ukraine from the Nazis, and, apparently, we did not completely liberate it, if the fascist creature has now raised its head. - Grandfather smiled. - Did you get enough sleep, granddaughter? Then get up, the matter is urgent with you, you need to fix the grave, and go to the priest.

Two days passed for Earrings, as in a fog. Either they and grandfather Slava ruled the grave in the courtyard of Serezhkin’s house, put up a self-made cross, then went to church, where the priest buried the dead mother and Oleska, they simply sat in the upper room of the grandfather’s hut and were silent, they were silent, each thinking about his own.

And on the morning of the third day, Sergey realized that everything that his grandfather spoke about the Nazis had returned. First, Grandfather Slava for some reason cleaned his tunic with orders, and then just sat down at the table in the kitchen. He did not say anything, only occasionally he sighed and shook his head. From the street came drunk laughter, then single shots. A premonition of trouble as if a heavy cloud was going over the house and was about to threaten to fall down with its whole mass. And shots and laughter, and even a wild neighing were heard closer and closer.

Grandfather suddenly raised his head:

- Run, Earring, they’ll come here now.

- Who, grandfather?

- Stepanovna was killed like. - Grandfather Glory crossed himself. - Now they will come to us.

Just a couple of minutes from the kick kicked out a dilapidated gate and four Ukrainian nationalists in military uniform with machine guns burst into the yard, smiling. Three immediately went to the barn, where the grandfather had pigs and a bird, and one, having thrown the machine gun on his chest, went to the house.

Without bothering to knock, he unceremoniously entered the house and immediately threw his grandfather in the face:

- Oh, yak zustrich! Well, stump, Muscovite? Your hour has passed, now, you, rosyan, will be driven in. Well, de your medals? Come on, take it easy, and I will marvel at the fact that I am Ukrainian for my Moscow construction.

Grandfather Glory calmly got up from the stool and said:

- I understand you, the Nazi scum. Wait, I'll put it on. - And went into another room.

The soldier calmly leaned on the doorway and looked at the Earring:

- A quiet? Musically tezh moskalenok? Don’t fight, we won’t drive you any more! - And, pointing a finger at Sergey, he said: - Pooh! Ty killed, Muscovite virodok. - After which he calmly removed his AK-74 and leaned it against the doorjamb. - Well, scary? Infection with Moskal dіdom roseberemy і until you come an hour. It will be taken with you, you will read Ukrainian language, and then you will noticeably bite against Moscow. Glory to Ukraine!

The earring did not answer anything to this speech of the soldier, but only scoffed and turned away silently. He did not want to talk to these geeks.

In the next room, grandfather Slava was rattling something, but the “Bandera”, not paying attention to it, throwing Sergei away with his hand, began to search the kitchen, kicking and scattering furniture to the sides. The earring wanted to be indignant, but, having not had time to say anything, he got a boot in the stomach and flew off into the corner of the kitchen, where, bending over, he tried to restore his breath.

- Goat! - whispered and immediately received another blow to the stomach.

- Lie down, puppy! Don’t think to rip, I’ll shred your shmatka!

And he turned away.

There was a click from the side of the room. Grandfather Slava came into the kitchen in a military tunic and with all orders and medals, and in his hands - a hunting double-barreled gun, which he immediately aimed at the fighter.

- Go away! Otherwise I’ll drive you into the belly now! - Grandfather waved his gun. “And so that your spirit is not here!”

- Everything, everything, did! Infection! - Natsik took a step back, looked at the machine, which he left near the door jamb, then again looked at his grandfather and, apparently making a decision, threw his hand to the waist holster.

He managed to grab a gun from his holster and make a shot, but his grandfather Slava also did not fail. Shots rang out almost simultaneously. Sitting in a corner, Seryozha watched in horror as a red spot spread on the chest of Grandfather of Glory, but the enemy, wheezing, fell to the floor.

- Grandfather, grandfather! What's the matter? - The earring rushed to the old man.

He, having released the gun from his hands, whispered:

- I won back, son, the fascist shot me. - Grandfather took a deep breath. - Remember me granddaughter, I’ll go to my grandmother, she was waiting for me. And you run, there is a hole behind the shed in the fence. - On the lips of grandfather, blood bubbled and he exhaled, froze.

The earring glanced at Bandera, but he was no longer breathing. Fraction turned his head, killing on the spot. "Run, run!" - the thought was beating in the brain. Just where? The earring threw himself up from the body and saw the machine gun that the fighter had left near the door jamb. Rushed to him. Thanks to computer games: Earring immediately recognized in the AK-74 machine, with which he had repeatedly there, in the Stalker, he beat the pseudo-dog and bureurs. Thanks to the game, which brought to him all the mechanics of the machine.

There were screams from the side of the gate, and Seryozha realized that he wouldn’t have time. Will not have time to escape, but will have time to take revenge. For everyone. For mom, for Oleska, for grandfather. It is only necessary to take the machine and take revenge. Grabbing weapon, he crawled on his knees to the corpse of a soldier and, as if in a game, removed three spare stores from him. “Well, let’s fight.” He jerked the AK shutter and directed it towards the gate, from where the Natsiks fled, he whispered, pulling the trigger ...

- Ti marvel, a puppy! Trekh our bowing, pokidi shot. Moskalenok! Let me kick the yogo once more, but don’t die!

The earring felt almost nothing, only his hands burned from the red-hot trunk and somewhere in the back of consciousness there was pain from the bullets that hit him, the bullets that stupidly hit the body, and he was already running along the solar path, running to where he Mom and Oleska were waiting, to where his relatives were. There, ahead, they were waiting for him ...

- Mum! Olesya! I am coming to you!
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  1. Lipchanin
    Lipchanin 28 June 2020 10: 30
    How scary to read this ....
    1. iouris
      iouris 28 June 2020 10: 48
      Quote: Lipchanin
      How scary to read this ....

      It is scary when there are no tools to stop this.
      1. mdsr
        mdsr 28 June 2020 14: 06
        Quote: iouris
        It is scary when there are no tools to stop this.

        Missing opportunity or political will? Or maybe it is beneficial to someone that the situation becomes such and remains the same? So we are ready to defeat America and NATO, but we can’t crush Bandera scum? Good great power, however. But on TV in Syria, we are driving the bearded in the tail and mane. But so there are the Syrian brothers, they need to be rescued. And here there is only a 15-year-old Russian boy Seryozha and a 90-year-old veteran who fought for us with the Nazis. Of course, you don’t have to choose here, you definitely need to help one bearded man kill other bearded ones. And let the Americans help these Russians, or the Turks with the Germans?
        Seriously, I have a question for you, author. Why is this story written? It's not the year 2014 in the yard. Normal people have long understood everything. In 2014, I almost went to the Donbass as a volunteer in the ghost brigade of Alexei Mozgovoy. The issue was already resolved, but His Majesty fate decided otherwise. The fact that this story is invented, I have no doubt. But beautiful, emotional. Absolute evil is shown on the one hand, and absolute good on the other. Well done, bravo. One could only tell about a real tragic story. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such people. Yes, she would not be so beautiful, but she would be real.
        I am almost equally disgusted by the Ukrainian government, which is killing Russians on its territory, and our government, which uses it for political purposes and does not stop these killings. In the days of the Soviet Union, this would be hard to imagine. But the current oligarchic power is as much an enemy of its people as the Ukrainian Nazis or American globalists.
        1. Lipchanin
          Lipchanin 28 June 2020 16: 06
          Quote: mdsr
          But on TV in Syria, we are driving the bearded in the tail and mane. But so there are the Syrian brothers, they need to be rescued.

          A legitimate president called us to Syria.
          Who called us to the outskirts? Or will we become like a striped one and get in there ourselves?
          Well, and then how will we differ from them?
          Are you sure that they will be happy there? Are you sure they won’t shoot in the back?
          Can you recall how many family and friendship ties from beyond Crimea were completely torn?
          And if we naturally fit into the vocals, what will happen?
          Even those who still respect Russia will hate us.
          And the preclown will immediately ask for help from Nata. Are we ready to butt buta?
          Well, the cherry on the cake.
          Then already for the whole world we will become a real aggressor and those few who are still friends with us will turn their backs on us
          1. Mordvin 3
            Mordvin 3 29 June 2020 00: 36
            Quote: Lipchanin
            A legitimate president called us to Syria.
            Who called us to the outskirts?

            1. Lipchanin
              Lipchanin 1 July 2020 00: 15
              Quote: Mordvin 3

              What does he have to do with it?
              But on TV in Syria, we are driving the bearded in the tail and mane.

              I answered precisely these words
          2. bayard
            bayard 29 June 2020 01: 50
            Its legitimate president, Yanukovych, called you to Ukraine.
            But the Russian authorities preferred to come to an agreement ... "with business" ...
            And agreed!
            Quote: Lipchanin
            Are you sure that they will be happy there? Are you sure they won’t shoot in the back?

            I'm sure .
            That will be glad.
            And those who will not be happy, and on the contrary, will be caught, bandaged themselves.
            The army of the former Ukraine would not have shown any resistance in 2014. I know.
            And people would be greeted with flowers.
            How do I know?
            Because I am writing from Donetsk.
            But I ended up in Donetsk only in 2014 ... after an exchange of prisoners ... after the arrest of the SBU ... in another region - the Western Donbass ...
            And I know the mood of that time very well - neither the army, nor the police, nor even the SBU would have rendered any opposition. They would simply bandage all the Nazis themselves.
            And they would accept Russian citizenship in the same way as their colleagues in Crimea did.
            Russia had a golden card of Yanukovych ... but for some reason the authorities decided to recognize Poroshenko ... who, on the second day after the election, bombed and seized the Donetsk airport and started a full-scale massacre in the Donbass.
            Someone believed in a cunning plan ... Someone still believes ...
            But the bourgeoisie are the same everywhere ... and therefore, the Russian bourgeois sold tank engines and spare parts to the Ukrainian military-industrial complex at the height of the battles in the Donbas 2014-2015.
            Instead of reuniting the single state of the Russian People ...
            You would have shot nobody in the back - we would have done everything ourselves.
            We were banned.
            1. Lipchanin
              Lipchanin 1 July 2020 00: 17
              Quote: bayard
              Its legitimate president, Yanukovych, called you to Ukraine.

              And I quote you
              But on TV in Syria, we are driving the bearded in the tail and mane.

              Where is Yanukovych and where is Syria.
              And I answered precisely these words
          3. Boris ⁣ Shaver
            Boris ⁣ Shaver 30 June 2020 22: 36
            Quote: Lipchanin
            Who called us to the outskirts?

            Blood was calling.
            And the legitimate Yanukovych in the background.
            But Middle Eastern hydrocarbons did, but not blood.
      2. NordUral
        NordUral 29 June 2020 12: 06
        The most terrible thing is that Moscow oligarchic does not give a damn about these Earrings.
      3. Boris ⁣ Shaver
        Boris ⁣ Shaver 30 June 2020 22: 32
        Quote: iouris
        Scary when there are no tools

        It is scary when there are such tools, but at the right moment they are gathering dust on a shelf, in the absence of someone's will.
    2. Avior
      Avior 28 June 2020 11: 47
      I don’t know whether to write about it.
      But reality is always more cruel than a fictional story.
      It has less pathos and more unsightly prose of life.
      The protagonist has a very real prototype.
      His name is Stepan, he was 16 years old, he was a football player, goalkeeper.
      He was killed in 2014, knocking out his teeth before being shot. He had a ribbon on his backpack that his killers did not like, and youthful restraint in words.
      His killers are known by name, his mother, she is a citizen of Russia, although she lived in the Donbass, has been seeking punishment for them for six years. To no avail. But I doubt that we will see a story about him here. His tape was not the same. Inconvenient, let's say bluntly, tape .... :(
      1. Slavs
        Slavs 28 June 2020 11: 57
        Quote: Avior
        The protagonist has a very real prototype.

        I think the prototype hero is not one or two .... War.
        1. Basil50
          Basil50 28 June 2020 12: 37
          In Europe, ALWAYS purposefully raised bastards. Who did not crawl into the bastards he worked to arm this bastard.
          Those who choose * Euro values ​​* anywhere in the world, even in Africa-Asia-America, must prove to their master the right to serve and always begin to prove their readiness for villainy from their fellow citizens. So they are trying .......
          In RUSSIA, this was in the North Caucasus, and this was most evident among the Chechens, when they began to seize slaves and neighbors-kinsmen there.
          In Poland, the Baltic states, even today they have already raised their cattle in the outskirts, now they are very diligently proving their owners' readiness .....................
 28 June 2020 15: 40
          Only, on the contrary, the prototype of an airman would have been more pleased with the Ukrainian army. Those who killed the boy, his family, and grandfather in the story. So his comparison is inappropriate here.
      2. DeKo
        DeKo 28 June 2020 14: 43
        Ukraine has long been a country of victorious fascism. And the fact that there are some who allegedly saw the light is all crap. Simply, once again they decided to join Russia for free again.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. dgonni
        dgonni 28 June 2020 19: 55
        Well, good fellows that they did. They don’t know the plus stories! (Stepan Chubenko died: July 23, 2014, in his backpack, fighters of the DPR group found a ribbon in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and a scarf from the Karpaty football club in Lviv).
        Right now we are looking at the return;)
        1. Cristall
          Cristall 28 June 2020 22: 18
          Quote: dgonni
          They don’t know the plus stories!

          At first I thought that there was corroborating data. But then I saw a bunch of inconsistencies (well, aggressive propaganda in a fantasy form for emotional upset)
          And then he took and re-read the chronology of Slavyansk.
          And found this
          On April 22, two bodies were found by local fishermen in the waters of the river in the vicinity of Slavyansk, with stomach openings and other signs of torture. One of the bodies later identified the missing member of the Gorlovka City Council, a member of the Fatherland party, Vladimir Rybak, who had disappeared shortly before this. Earlier, the deputy tried to go to the city executive committee and remove the flag of the Donetsk People’s Republic, but at the entrance to the building he had a conflict with representatives of self-defense. The second body belongs to a 19-year-old student from Kiev Yuri Popravko

          they won’t write about it here either.
          In general, war is war. And for the authors, instead of real cases, for some reason, they are tempted to write some kind of science fiction with "fascists and children."
          And that’s all in 2020 .... Even for the frenzy of 2014, it would be tense.
          I'm afraid the modeling of one side by the light knights, and the other by dark elves will not work.
          Both sides are so dark (more precisely three sides) that it’s difficult to wash.
          And there is no winner yet, and accordingly there is no single version.
          The avior wrote so carefully about the prototype ... I first thought about St. George’s tape even .. (and the tape was Ukrainian)
          Stepan Chubenko was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.
          The son of a Russian woman from Magadan "Stalin".
          Here it happens. Thanks to Avior for such a fact. I honestly did not know about this.
      5. NordUral
        NordUral 29 June 2020 12: 09
        His tape was not the same. Inconvenient, let's say bluntly, tape .... :(

        Tell Avior what the tape was. I don’t get it.
        1. Avior
          Avior 29 June 2020 12: 23
          Dial Stepan Chubenko in Google
          1. NordUral
            NordUral 29 June 2020 13: 26
            Boys should not be killed with any ribbons, Sergey. But the story with this boy is rather muddy.
            1. Avior
              Avior 29 June 2020 14: 17
              No there is nothing muddy
              Except for the personalities of the killers, perhaps. In cold blood, not everyone can kill a sixteen-year-old schoolchild in a situation where a boy was threatened with a belt at the rear.
              The killers were not lucky that his mother turned out to be a Russian citizen, made her way personally to Zakharchenko and he could not shrug off her — they found the corpse of the child, gave it to the mother, and established the identities of the killers.
              This case is special in that it does not fall under the propaganda fabrication - it is recognized by all parties.
              However, it is not known how everything would have turned around if it had not been for the citizenship of the mother.
              I recalled this incident when I read this story full of propaganda cliches.
   29 June 2020 13: 52
            And nothing really, besides the fact that an ardent dill, and a handful of confusing evidence, we will not find
            One thing is clear, he was related to ultras and really wanted to PS
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 28 June 2020 10: 45
    Thanks, major071, for the article. I believe the truth will win.
    1. igor67
      igor67 28 June 2020 13: 40
      Quote: aszzz888
      Thanks, major071, for the article. I believe the truth will win.

      but I don’t believe it, it’s written beautifully patriotically, but there was a war veteran in the room, boy Sergey and a military man, all died, where did he know what they were talking about? argued and what did you do?
      1. Avior
        Avior 28 June 2020 13: 48
        The fact that the story was made up was obvious
        Now it’s interesting to follow up on the net whether it will pop up like a real case somewhere ....
        1. igor67
          igor67 28 June 2020 13: 51
          Quote: Avior
          The fact that the story was made up was obvious
          Now it’s interesting to follow up on the net whether it will pop up like a real case somewhere ....

          the story was invented, if you read it carefully, then the grandfather put on a tunic with orders and waited for the Bendera soldiers, and when the soldier was already in the hut, his grandfather suddenly was already without a tunic. I went to the sod room to wear a tunic with orders, I understand that I wanted to be patriotic, but it’s clear that I’ve invented
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. sgapich
            sgapich 28 June 2020 17: 50
            You read inattentively:
            First, Grandfather Glory for some reason cleaned his tunic with orders, and then just sat at the table in the kitchen.
          3. businessv
            businessv 28 June 2020 23: 16
            Quote: igor67
            the story was invented, if you read it carefully, then the grandfather put on a tunic with orders and waited for the Bendera soldiers, and when the soldier was already in the hut, his grandfather suddenly was already without a tunic.

            The key in your post - READ CAREFULLY!
            First, Grandfather Slava for some reason cleaned his tunic with orders, and then just sat down at the table in the kitchen.
            I don’t put it on, I cleaned it, and then sat down at the table.
            1. igor67
              igor67 29 June 2020 00: 03
              Quote: businessv
              The key in your post is READ

              The key is a made-up story, for inciting hatred and so stupid war between Russians
              1. bayard
                bayard 29 June 2020 02: 19
                The story has collective images, not a documentary presentation of one particular story. I have seen enough of crippled children - victims of this war. Including children from Slavyansk.
                My friend, a surgeon, took two seriously injured children — a boy and a girl of 3 and 5 years old — from Donetsk to Shakhtyorsk, just because he could not operate such kids without a pediatrician ... But it was at night, I didn’t have to call a doctor could ... and the children died in his arms ...
                There were many such and similar cases in this war, especially at its beginning, when the front line was not yet. To bomb cities, and sometimes meanly - at night or at dawn, when people were sleeping, these ghouls began from the very beginning.
                And there were VERY many victims among women, children, the elderly - this is the most densely populated territory of Europe ...
                And how Ukrainian tanks shot cars with refugees on the road ... torn arms, legs ... on the sidelines ... They were having fun.
                Remember the shots of how a little boy was pulled out from under the plates of a house that collapsed from a Ukrainian air bomb?
                In Horlivka.
                The bomb was dropped at 4 in the morning ...
                True, true stories are much worse and disgusting.
                And these are collective images ...
       29 June 2020 13: 49
                Since when did the adherents of Bandera become Russian ??? Yes, there is a certain part on both sides who have been brainwashed. But the source of all this turmoil lay originally in western Ukraine.
  3. Clear
    Clear 28 June 2020 10: 51
    Not to forget then, not to forgive and not to lose ... V.Vysotsky

    Specification by wording.
    And in the morning I entered the city battalion of the new national guard of Ukraine.
    ... a battalion of Bandera punishers ...
    Fighter calmly leaned on the doorway
    The killer is calm ...
    but also enemywheezing fell to the floor
    but also a fascist, wheezing ...
  4. Same lech
    Same lech 28 June 2020 10: 54
    Reptiles came to kill someone else’s house ... how all this reminds of the Volyn and Lviv massacres of civilians by Bandera villains ... you can’t leave this unpunished.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  5. impostor
    impostor 28 June 2020 10: 56
    To whom is war, to whom is mother dear? True war is harsh, not romantic and not beautiful. So, Earring, there is no sun path. Mom and Oleska are not waiting for you anywhere. In the Hollywood gladiator, relatives are waiting for the hero in sunny wheat fields, but on real land there is simply nothing. No one will go to any paradise. This romance is not needed, but society on planet Earth is needed, for which everyone’s life is the highest value.
  6. oldman.
    oldman. 28 June 2020 11: 01
    Yes, life can change instantly.
    In our villages on the Terek and in Grozny, things have not yet happened, but it’s unfashionable to recall that genocide ...
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 28 June 2020 11: 25
      In our villages on the Terek and in Grozny, things have not yet happened, but it’s unfashionable to recall that genocide ...

      That's not the point ... too much dirt and bad information will spill out ... no one in the Kremlin wants to delve into it.
  7. The comment was deleted.
    1. Slavs
      Slavs 28 June 2020 12: 05
      Quote: revnagan
      for an explosion of hate

      Don’t worry, they took care of the explosion of hatred for a long time ... In the 41st, for example ... Yes, in other matters, every time they came to this land with a sword ...
      Quote: revnagan
      patriotic "farts"

      The word and concept "patriot" is nowhere else but in Russia and the Russians themselves are not mocked, I noticed long ago on this site ... Although the site is patriotic ... Probably ... It was.
      So far, Alyosha, the fart has pulled only at you.
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. BAI
      BAI 28 June 2020 14: 27
      Does it hurt my eyes? Well, of course, Bandera ass licking nicer and safer. LDNR does not fight with children and the elderly.
      1. Avior
        Avior 28 June 2020 15: 35
        The truth is an uncomfortable thing
        And war is a dirty thing.
        Anything can happen.

        His name is Stepan Chubenko.
        Calling :(
 28 June 2020 16: 34
          Lay out his biography in more detail, screenshots from social networks, whether he was in Kiev during the Maidan, tell
      2. revnagan
        revnagan 28 June 2020 16: 12
        Quote: BAI
        Does it hurt my eyes?

        Yes, yes, yes, the truth, and documented by the personal presence of the author at this event. As the truth about the "crucified boy." "I believe, I believe" (from the Armenian cartoon). And the ukrokaratel also killed the author, but the author survived in spite of all the deaths laughing .
        Quote: BAI
        Well, of course, Bandera ass licking nicer and safer.

        If you do this, then you, as a specialist, know best. Although, if you do not persuade yourself, yourself, without me.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. DeKo
      DeKo 28 June 2020 14: 39
      Ukrainians are a strange ethnic group. An example of this is revangana. For cookies and lace panties, Ukrainians abandoned the memory of their great grandfathers that they smashed fascism. Unfortunately, the VSSU soldiers only can fight with unarmed and children. But when they get captured, they immediately sculpt that they are cooks and bread-cutters.
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. DeKo
          DeKo 28 June 2020 17: 04
          Let's turn to tyrnet. In Ukraine, SS Galicia’s division was officially recognized as heroes of Ukraine. It is a fact. Monuments to Soviet military leaders are demolished, this is also a fact. People were burned in Odessa. Also a fact. They accuse Stalin and Russia of having unleashed the Great Patriotic War. And yet .... I communicate very closely with ukrogastarbyterami. And I see how UkroReykh breathes. I loved Ukraine and Ukrainians. Very. But in 1992, you were bored. And yet, you live in UkroReich, see for yourself your news. It's just that the truth hurts your eyes. And you, like all Ukrainians, Russia is to blame for everything
          1. Cristall
            Cristall 28 June 2020 22: 24
            Quote: DeKo
            In Ukraine, SS Galicia’s division was officially recognized as heroes of Ukraine. It is a fact.

            The symbols of the SS Galicia division are Nazi. This decision was made on May 27 by the Kiev District Administrative Court. This, as clarifies, said the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Maxim Buzhansky.
            The actions of the Institute of National Remembrance were declared illegal, as well as the demonstration of the symbols of the 14th Waffen-SS Galicia division. That's all, they arrived, the solemn funeral in German helmets and SS suits ended, under the applause of the local authorities, "the website quotes Buzhansky.

            So ... the "fascists" banned the "fascists" through the courts ...
            and so everything is described (about the demolitions of monuments and the accusations of starting a war) I read from Russia, Russian authors and news.
            There is no special difference. It’s just that Ukraine is more loudly emotional. And in the Russian Federation it is quiet and from under the floor.
            1. DeKo
              DeKo 28 June 2020 23: 16
              And what does the Russian authors have to do with it? Turn on any channel. There Turchinov, Phareon and other Yaytsenyuhi constantly call for terrorist acts in Russia.
              1. Cristall
                Cristall 29 June 2020 15: 58
                Quote: DeKo
                There Turchinov, Phareon and other Yaytsenyuhi

                all three have not been on TV for a long time.
                Turchinov except that reminds himself of the comments.
                And calls for ter. I generally read acts from VO. However, calls here to ter. acts and in Ukraine is enough. As well as calls for a large-scale war, the shelling and capture of Kiev, Lviv, etc.
                1. DeKo
                  DeKo 29 June 2020 17: 57
                  You perfectly understand that if Putin needed your Ukraine, then we would have captured it long ago. But we do not need a poor and hungry country.
  8. parusnik
    parusnik 28 June 2020 11: 26
    Penetratingly, thanks.
  9. Li17
    Li17 28 June 2020 11: 51
    Quote: revnagan
    A huge "minus" propaganda article written in the style of Comrade Ehrenburg. Especially ... "fluff, fluff" ... had to be in place. Although, yes, for an explosion of hatred and patriotic "farts" just right. "Crucified boys", sorry, there is no article. Author, burn.

    and you’ll write your article .... Write an article about Odessa on May 2, write about scum who are running at the moment and kill residents and journalists, I’ll write about your showdown, about your bastard essence which lick your overseas asses, write about your successes in the economy , write about your medicine and education, which just turn you into cattle and doom to extinction! This is not mine, these are your affairs and your realities, about which you yourself also vote! Shche not vmerla? Well, go ahead, write!
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  10. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  11. Slavs
    Slavs 28 June 2020 12: 07
    Thank you for the article.
    On such examples, and it is necessary to educate generations.
    That would not be allowed to repeat ...
    And if allowed, then they did the right thing.
  12. Egoza
    Egoza 28 June 2020 14: 19
    Thank you Vladimir! How many we did not have time to warn, teach, assemble in time ... How painfully these children taught life.
  13. DeKo
    DeKo 28 June 2020 14: 33
    Ukraine - UkroReich. APU is UkroVermaht. Ukrainians are Ukrainos. Damn you, Ukrainian geeks. Up to 10 knees. And Seryozha, this one, rest in peace to him, went straight to Paradise. Hero.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. DeKo
        DeKo 28 June 2020 16: 59
        Are you talking about your Ukrainians? Let's count: where is the Russian army that is fighting in New Russia. Where are the 52 Armat tanks that the Ukrainian fascists captured or destroyed? Where are the 100 dead Ukrainians who died as a result of the nuclear shelling of Ukraine by Russia? This is your Geletey stated. Where are hundreds of Russian troops who fled to you, UkroVermaht, to fight against Russia? (this is all the data from UkroSmi) instead there are burned in Odessa and the dead civilians of Donbass
  14. DeKo
    DeKo 28 June 2020 15: 03
    By the way, among Ukrainians there are such Vasyls and Petrukhs. Heroes Who kill helpless peers and helpless old people
  15. Kronos
    Kronos 28 June 2020 16: 42
    Quote: revnagan
    No one has ever voted on this site, everyone who has the strength, gritted their teeth and are working to pull the country out of the terrible pit that it fell into in 2014. And we will pull it out, not looking at either the Natsiks or the spiteful neighbors.

    There is nothing to pull the government further as you robbed and will rob in other matters, like in almost all post-Soviet countries
  16. Cristall
    Cristall 28 June 2020 22: 31
    This is neither news nor an article, but a story, true or not, you decide. I wrote it back in 2014 in the wake of the battle for Slavyansk, but I didn’t publish, I don’t even know why.

    Key phrase of the article.
    And all that carelessly missed it.
    So the usual test for emotions.
    Who wants to see the Nazis against the Nazis crucified boys, he believes.
    Who wants the opposite picture, denies everything.
    Who wants to understand whether it is true or not, is looking for facts.
    So do not rush to get divorced into emotions. Because the purpose of such stories (and this is precisely the story, and not a statement of a true case) is to evoke emotions.
    Just revenge. Hate negative storytellers.
    So those who are divorced from emotions do not give a report whether they rightly set the goal of retribution of one or another.
    Because through emotions they control. They direct and use.
    Frequent reception.
    but in this war, permanent.
  17. major071
    major071 29 June 2020 07: 01
    Thank you all for evaluating this story, even if negative. This is even more valuable than eulogies, because they show what the author missed. This is not my first literary experience, but the first that has been put up for discussion. Whoever has been on the site for a long time knows me on the other hand, as a person who makes fun of something in poetic form. It will remain, it will not go anywhere, because Muse sometimes still visits me. That's just either I have no time, or she ... hi
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 30 June 2020 13: 39
      major071 (Vladimir (for good friends - major)) Yesterday, 07:01 .... Who has been on the site for a long time, knows me on the other hand, as a person who makes fun of something in poetic form. It will remain, it will not go anywhere, because Muse sometimes still visits me. That's just either I have no time, or she ... hi
      Glad to welcome, Major hi ! I am always looking forward to new "visits to the Muses"! Success and health! Come on, be always, Major !!! soldier
  18. Dedok
    Dedok 29 June 2020 09: 02
    the further the solution to this problem moves, the more obvious it becomes - the toothlessness of our policy
  19. Pasha
    Pasha 29 June 2020 11: 50
    Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.
    These words should burn forever in memory.