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Wehrmacht stoned

Wehrmacht stonedNovember 9 1939 years
Dear parents, brothers and sisters, I serve in Poland, it is difficult here and I ask you to understand when I will write only every 2-4 of the day, today I write only to ask you to send me pervitin.
Your henrich

This is a letter from the future Nobel laureate Heinrich Böll to his parents and it was not unusual - the Wehrmacht soldiers were given Pervitin, Benzedrine and Isophan for energy, and when they lacked Pervitin, they asked their parents to send it to them. It was not difficult for parents - in the Reich, pervitin was sold openly, even in the form of chocolates, which were nicknamed "pansher chocolate" - "tank chocolate "because soldiers were willing to buy it.

The first testers of Pervitin were 90 students who, under the supervision of military doctor Otto Ranke, took the drug in 1939 and expressed confidence that the pills help them to be vigorous and energetic, then tankers and drivers received it before the invasion of Poland began getting pilots. Ostensibly it was Pervitin, Benzhedrin and Isophane that contributed to the success of the Blitzkrieg in Europe
In April-July alone, the Wehrmacht 1940 received 35 million tablets from Knoll with instructions for applying up to 2 tablets per day for vigor.

In 1944, a new wonder tablet D-IX for submariners was tested at Sachsenhausen camp. It included 5 mg of cocaine, 3 mg of pervitin and 5 mg of oxycodone (pain killer). By the way, the tested prisoners were not gangers at all, but fattened sports-looking guys. Thanks to the D-IX tablet, submarine crews could go without sleep for up to 4 days.

It's funny that the creators of the miracle pills after the war were exported to the United States, where they created "cheerfulness pills" for the troops in Korea and Vietnam. On the basis of pervitin naturally. Only in 1966-1969, the US Army swallowed 225 with millions of dextroamphetamine and pervitin tablets. It is believed that American soldiers no longer officially "hang around" in 1973, in reality - who knows?

PS An excellent documentary on this topic today in 20: 15 will repeat the ARTE channel a second time.

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  1. Captain45
    Captain45 5 May 2012 15: 25
    Drugs, what to take from them? That's why it's stale .... all the war. Toli our business is 100 grams of "People's Commissars" and it raises the tone and is more useful for health, if not abused.
    1. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 5 May 2012 15: 31
      LSD was also developed as a means of developing creativity. In the SA, too, the GRU special forces also had the means for "cheerfulness" and also, for sure, narcotic ones. The Germans were just the first to start, by the way, the primacy of the "assassins", who even got the name from the drug hashish. So I see no particular reason to call German soldiers drugs. Ours also used 100 g of "front-line" soldiers. There is too much stress at the front and everyone relieves it in their own way, otherwise "the roof will move down"
      1. Uruska
        Uruska 13 July 2013 11: 38
        Stress is a serious matter. It must be removed!
  2. MP
    MP 24 September 2012 10: 24
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  3. Roots
    Roots 15 August 2013 16: 19
    It is no wonder, because the soldiers sat in the trenches for a week, and sometimes more, then changed - whoever sat in the trenches was sent to the bathhouse, fed ... This tactic appeared after the soldiers who had been sitting in the trenches for months against each other for months did not want to shoot at the enemy ... So right, they gave the guys preparats and sent to bring down adversaries ..