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In the US, they argue over whom to develop a tracking system for hypersonic weapons


The American leadership is dissatisfied with certain points in the activities of the United States Missile Defense Agency. Because of this, the structure responsible for missile defense can be reassigned to another deputy defense minister.

The United States Missile Defense Agency is currently subordinate to Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Development Michael Griffin. It is his actions that raise questions in Congress. As analyst Nathan Straut notes, questions have arisen, including on the proposal to create a space low-orbit sensor layer of sensors that track hypersonic weapon probable adversary. Note that the Missile Defense Agency requested $ 2020 million for 157,4 to develop hypersonic missile defense.

Throughout 2019, Michael Griffin, with the support of the presidential administration, defended his point of view on the future of the program “Hypersonic Ballistic Tracking Space Sensors, HBTSS”. Congressmen argued that the Missile Defense Agency should assume the full responsibility for the development of the system, while the White House believed that it was worth sharing the load between the Missile Defense Agency and the Space Development Agency, which also reports to Deputy Defense Minister Griffin.

As a result, Congress managed to defend its position, after which all responsibility for the development of the system was assigned to the Missile Defense Agency. However, then questions arose for the agency itself, as congressmen felt that it was not investing enough in the HBTSS program.

Derek Tornir - Director, Space Development Agency

At the same time, interestingly, their own work on creating a system for intercepting hypersonic weapons is being carried out at the Space Development Agency. Its leader, Derek Tornir, announced work to create a large constellation of low-orbit satellites, which are said to be able to detect and track Russian and Chinese hypersonic missiles.

After that, questions arose in Congress regarding the actions of the Space Development Agency, which moved forward with its developments, without waiting for the missile defense agency to submit a plan for the deployment of the system. But Derek Tornir reacted to the congressmen's questions rather harshly:

You start a debate about what happened before - a chicken or an egg. We are going to deploy both systems simultaneously. I’ll say that neither of them is more complicated than the other, and both systems are necessary for the United States,

- emphasized the head of the Space Development Agency.

In any case, the debate itself over who will be responsible for the sensor program and for its financing is unlikely to damage the future of development. It is clear that the United States is extremely interested in creating a hypersonic missile tracking system, especially considering that even American experts acknowledge their country's lag in hypersonic weapons from Russia and China. Moreover, it is precisely this reason that explains the increased interest of congressmen in the development and their desire to streamline the development and achieve the greatest possible efficiency and effectiveness in creating such a system.
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  1. Invoce
    Invoce 23 June 2020 13: 33
    While the American leadership is dissatisfied with someone’s activity on this issue, at this time the crisis in the USA deepens, separatism is growing ...
    It may happen that the "last" US president does not agree with the Pentagon's requests (for economic reasons), or there will be no country like the US
    1. Sergey39
      Sergey39 23 June 2020 13: 55
      In anticipation of the collapse of the United States, all this looks a lot like the division of finance and resources.
      1. Tom Johnson
        Tom Johnson 25 June 2020 22: 27
        Don't hold your breath
    2. Vicontas
      Vicontas 23 June 2020 17: 17
      As folklore says - "The seven nannies will have a child without eyes"! But let it be only their problems.
  2. Doccor18
    Doccor18 23 June 2020 13: 34
    There was a heated debate on budget development ..
    1. bk0010
      bk0010 23 June 2020 14: 16
      Some state general said: "The Russians are the opponent, the enemy is the fleet!"
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 23 June 2020 13: 57
    Everywhere and always opportunistic affairs / showdowns. However, they can also "cheer" for the cause.
  4. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 23 June 2020 13: 58
    Covid 19 would be handled, otherwise they may not need anti-hypersonic weapons.
  5. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 23 June 2020 14: 18
    It is possible to create a system of detection, tracking, guidance against hypersonic weapons and without the use of spacecraft! This system is local and "individual" ... although the protection of ships in the "wake" of the "leader" is not excluded ...!
  6. Vrungeli
    Vrungeli 23 June 2020 17: 07
    Here you have the "Putin cartoons" stirring in the aspen's nest ... And then the "gas station" latched Russia ... Move gentlemen and catch up if you can ..
  7. faterdom
    faterdom 23 June 2020 21: 43
    The main thing who needs to allocate money for this from the budget is African-Americans! Anything else will be flagrantly unfair! They also want to cut the Pentagon's budget, because it is the largest!
  8. Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson 25 June 2020 07: 50
    Xtop I am an American I could say beware, but you cannot protect your nature gas line