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Military exercises to calm Poland and the Baltic countries

Military exercises to calm Poland and the Baltic countries

The United States once again defends Europe from its aggressive eastern neighbor. Once again, globally. I’m talking about the defender Europe 2020 exercises (Defender of Europe 2020), which were carried out, but nevertheless held, albeit in a scanty version. After the statements on the largest exercises in 25 years with the participation of 37 thousand soldiers from 18 countries, what we see today does not really look very impressive.

Defender Europe 2020. Doctrines not needed by the military

Agree that about six thousand soldiers (including two thousand from Poland), 100 tanks and more than 230 combat vehicles, artillery and missile systems, as well as aviation (total of about 2000 pieces of equipment) - this is not a global combined force of NATO countries. And the venue, the Drav Landfill, is incomparable with those territories that were planned to be used in several countries at once.

On the other hand, we are used to the tricks of our “partners”. And everyone knows about a simple way to circumvent international teachings control treaties. That is why several exercises are held simultaneously. Just remember what happened a little earlier. Along with the cancellation, or rather, the transfer, of the Defender Europe 2020 exercises, several more were canceled: Dynamic Front, Joint Warfighting Assessment, Saber Strike and Swift Response.

Look at the composition of the participants in the exercises. Poland: the 12th mechanized brigade from Szczecin, as well as the military personnel of the 6th airborne brigade from Krakow, the 9th Braniewski cavalry brigade, the 2nd engineering regiment, the 2nd engineer regiment and the 5th engineering regiment. F-16 planes from the 2nd wing of tactical aviation and Mi-24 helicopters from the 1st brigade of the ground forces aviation will take part in the exercises from the Air Force. USA: about four thousand soldiers from the command of the 1st Cavalry Division, the 2nd Brigade Combat Group, the 3rd Infantry Division, and the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade. In addition, units of the Czech and Lithuanian army will be involved.

Three reasons for Defender Europe 2020

Why do Americans need such teachings? Let's try to answer this question. What are the American troops participating in the exercises? Tankers (1st Cavalry Division), motorized infantry, and US aviation will train the Poles. What to teach, I think, is understandable.

US military businessmen decided to pre-train crews for American military equipment, which they plan to sell to Poland and the Baltic countries. Nothing personal, just business. A sort of master class on the possession of "the world's best military equipment and weapons" from the United States. This is the first task of the ongoing war games.

The first, but not the only one. American compounds are based in the United States. After the stunning results of the mass transfer of troops by Russia, the Americans naturally really wanted to know the real capabilities of their own army to transport large formations across the ocean. It turned out that the problems that need to be solved yesterday are higher than the roof.

If you look at the situation with Defender Europe 2020 a little more broadly, in the context of considering the exercises already held earlier, the third task is also visible. At a time when Germany in every possible way shows its unwillingness to continue to cooperate in the United States, the Americans are forced to look for territories to base their forces in Europe. This place may well be Poland and the Baltic countries.

Agree, talk about flying time, the speed of reaction of ground forces to enemy actions and other horror stories that scare Europeans cannot be taken seriously. The battalion group, with the support of the air squadron and the naval group, will be able to restrain the advance of the army. Is funny Meanwhile, it is precisely this idea that is being introduced into the heads of Poles and citizens of the Baltic republics.

Moreover, if we consider the main event of the Defender Europe 2020 exercises - crossing the water barrier, the Neman and Daugava rivers, an association is very unpleasant for Poles and Baltic states. Americans are true to themselves. They again plan to fight with the wrong hands. And to fight in Europe, not Russia. Consequently, the main burden of the war must again lie on the Europeans.

Baltops 2020 as part of the Defender Europe 2020 exercises

Another fact speaks in favor of this concept, another doctrine that ended literally a few days ago. Baltops 2020 (“Baltic Operations 2020”). As they say in NATO, the main event of the year in the Baltic Sea. 17 NATO countries and 2 partner countries are participating. 29 maritime units, 29 aircraft and up to 3000 people. This is the 49th teaching!

I will quote the NATO website (about what the command poses for these exercises):

Key training areas include air defense, anti-submarine warfare, naval prohibitions and landmine operations.
This exercise enhances the flexibility and interoperability between the allied and partner countries in order to strengthen the joint response capabilities, and also demonstrates the international determination to ensure stability and, if necessary, protect the Baltic Sea region.

And what do these smart words hide? What should a European citizen hear? And he should hear the following. In the event of a conflict between Russia and NATO, the alliance is able to completely block the Baltic Fleet and the Baltic sky. Thus ensuring the security of Europe from the north.

But even clearer is the hint for citizens of the Baltic republics and Poland. Live calmly, the alliance will not allow the landing of Russian marines and paratroopers in your countries! It is clear that these are purely political statements. The military on both sides are well aware that the sea and air blockade of Russia in the Baltic is impossible today.

Why exercises are held right now

Does it not seem strange to you that the more or less large NATO exercises are clearly tied to some significant events in Russia. Be it the celebration of Victory Day, Victory Parade, as is happening now, the Olympics, the World Cup, summits of heads of state or something like that. Why is this done? By the way, this is openly talked about in our Foreign Ministry.

In particular, Deputy Foreign Minister Lavrov Alexander Grushko spoke on this subject:

It’s no secret that NATO’s exercises, for example, Defender of Europe, the largest in recent years, were built on Cold War tracing paper and planned in such a way that the peak of activity, that is, with the greatest involvement of both equipment and personnel, was for the period around May 9th. It is a fact.

In NATO, they probably think that it is on holidays that our military serve much worse than usual. Moreover, if you delve into the recent stories, this thesis has been tested even by military means. Very unfortunate for NATO. I mean the war 08.08.08. It is very strange that such obvious things have reached the western military personnel for so long ...
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 24 June 2020 05: 29
    Online exercises? Small groups solve specific issues. recourse Yes, times ....
  2. Dimy4
    Dimy4 24 June 2020 06: 03
    It is very strange that such obvious things have reached the western military personnel for so long ...

    History shows that they do not reach at all.
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 24 June 2020 06: 05
    Teachings, doctrines ... so it is necessary to carry out. Well, check the interaction with the allies.
    Where the center of activity will move or many centers will be created ... look from the side, it will not be superfluous.
    1. Poetry
      Poetry 24 June 2020 10: 08
      It is necessary to know: to whom in what direction to break, if what.
  4. Egoza
    Egoza 24 June 2020 06: 28
    The allies need to show why America is taking money from them. Again, to report to your Senate - "we are acting, give more to provide" But it is imperative to keep an eye on these figures.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 24 June 2020 07: 39
    Nothing personal, just business.
    ... it's in the US in the blood ...
  6. knn54
    knn54 24 June 2020 07: 41
    A NATO structure designed to support the US military-industrial complex.
    During the "quarantine", sales fell, so they often started with "PR exercises."
  7. To be or not to be
    To be or not to be 24 June 2020 08: 13
    1.Military exercises to calm Poland and the Baltic states "
    Aboriginal problems do not concern the American sheriff ..
    2. Major NATO exercises are clearly tied to some significant events in Russia "
    .. NATO exercises are conducted according to the 5-year plan and the annual plans. they are all planned ...
    3 ... ". This is not a global joint force of NATO countries ..
    .. always a part of the troops is involved in exercises (maneuvers) involving troops ..
    ..the main issues of operations in the theater are worked out by the command staff method. which we usually don’t see ...
    It has long been shown that all NATO exercises are united by a single plan and plan.
  8. Gaubvaxta
    Gaubvaxta 24 June 2020 09: 45
    That's what men think, what will happen to Poland, the Baltic states, the Czech Republic, etc. in case of serious conflict?
    Everyone understood correctly .. These are punishers, worse than invaders. And they need to be wetted first and foremost ..
    This time they will already cut everyone out.
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 25 June 2020 12: 14
      Of course. They were not shy even in that War. The Hungarians left such a memory of themselves that even the SS fade. But these countries will be a strategic foreground. That is, we will fight with the USA there.
      In the territory of these countries. Given modern weapons, there will be deserts, and that’s all. And they know that.
      Simply, when we abandoned them, refused protection and assistance, they had to look for a new owner, and there was practically no choice. All their hope that it will be possible to live longer, that the war will move a little further into the future. Well, those who are richer, save up dollars. Escape WHEN BEGINS.
  9. Poetry
    Poetry 24 June 2020 10: 06
    Ahead is "Field Marshal" Stoltenberg,
    Which mentally plunged us all.
    He breathes noisily, clenches his fists
    He wipes heavily misted glasses.
  10. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 25 June 2020 12: 07
    The battalion group, with the support of the air squadron and the naval group, will be able to restrain the advance of the army. Is funny Meanwhile, it is precisely this idea that is being introduced into the heads of Poles and citizens of the Baltic republics.
    Yearning. Gentlemen (and ladies), the so-called "experts" despise their audience so much that they just feel sick. Apparently they were bitten by members of our government. No, the author, the inhabitants of these countries will be smarter. And they, of course, do not keep this stupidity in their brains.
    Of course, the Poles are aware that the battalion of US troops will not protect them on their own. But they know very well that the battle between our troops and the American battalion is a war between Russia and the USA! And they reasonably hope that the presence of an American battalion on their territory will serve as an additional (and very serious) deterrent.
    To whom does the author of the article turn to make such children's statements? To reasonable people? Well, no. I read this plague, and no longer read it - there is no need. Reasoning at this level does not interest smart people. There’s enough talk and advertising. Then who is the audience of the author? Hemp with eyes? So they practically do not go here. Concussion.